5 Essential uses of a Hot Glue Gun

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One of the most necessary items for your indoor DIY tasks is undoubtedly the hot glue gun. Manufacturing tasks require frequent product assembly or packaging. You can rely on hot melt glue guns, making any hesitation in those cases. Now, you might be thinking, what’s wrong with the solvent-based adhesive items, or why not use other fasteners? The reasons are simple, due to the faster action, intense but prompt gluing capability along with smoother disposal make the glue gun more pickable adhesive over the other alternatives. This gun is not only suitable for your small crafts, or home DIY projects, but also capable of doing mega-scale industry-based tasks as well. These all-rounding, versatile features have made the glue gun a must-inclusion toolkit of every professional and DIYer.

5 Essential uses of a Hot Glue Gun

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Uses of Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun has versatile applications. Once it’s started, the list seems to be not ceasing at all. From such a big list, I am here to point out five applications that are more common and frequently required in daily life. So, here we go.

  1. Woodworking and DIY Furniture Projects: You can use a hot glue gun for your indoor wooden furniture making and assembling purposes. They have vast applications in the woodwork industry as well. Tasks like small wooden joints adhering and mounting are solely dependent on glue guns. You can also use the gun in case of more extensive surface lamination while furniture manufacturing and cabinetry construction. The joints get more robust than ever due to the usage of the glue gun. Hot glue has incredible bonding strength with many materials than wood, like foam, fabrics, particleboard, cork sheet and board, light metallic body, HVAC, vinyl, plastic, etc. So, not only in woodworking, a hot glue gun is an integral tool for almost all your DIY projects and furniture works.
  2. Building and Construction Industry: Builders can use glue guns in tons of different applications in their building and construction ventures. Flooring, carpeting, tiling tasks are best done using a reliable industrial glue gun. Using the glue gun while installing a new floor brings an aesthetic look in your home decor. It’s better than other alternatives like using staples or nails in the flooring scheme. You can also install wall tiles on vertical surfaces using this gun. The stable adhesive features of this glue gun make it one of the best options for setting up your room doors and windows. Present the best resilience to your sweet home.
  3. Use in Packaging Purposes: Hot melt glue gun is a prevalent option used worldwide in the packaging industry. For example, if you want to seal any box or carton, very few adhesive objects can be as handy as the glue gun. Short bonding time, great adhesive quality, and water resistance features make the hot glue guns top listed adhesion material in the packaging industry. In case of valuable electronic appliances like TV, PC, Fridge, Air Conditioner, or other items that tend to be broken or damaged, they need to be heavily protected by hard cartons or solid packaging. A hot glue gun can solve this issue and ensure the most solid packaging of all your valued items from store/shops to your house, or even when you’re on the move. Not only these, but glue gun can also make sure the best sealing and assembling of end of line packaging items. You don’t need to worry about your folding box, wraparounds, and other shelf-ready packages if you own an excellent brand hot glue gun in your tool bag.
  4. Leather Works: Any leather industry, for example, the shoemaking industry, can profit using a hot melt glue gun. Typical tasks in the footwear industry like attaching the rubber insoles of the shoes, fixing foam inside the loafers, or adhering other necessary accessories to the shoe exterior require the strong adhesive feature. Which can do such tasks as better as a hot glue gun? This glue can fix itself with stronger bonding with almost all types of leather and fabrics. Use it without any doubt.
  5. Repairing and Fixing: Last but not least, let’s come to the most common application of any glue or gum related appliance, the repairing/fixing application. The hot glue stick is also great in such restoration operations. For example, if you have tattered books with torn pages, you can quickly fix it with a hot glue gun. You need to run the glue in a few straight lines at the edge of the torn pages and then hold the book cover firmly for a few moments. Then, Voila! Have your book as if nothing ever happened to it. Again, if you’ve any broken vase, toy, ceramic pots, plates, glass, etc. or any rug on your floor, you can easily repair them all with this gun. How great is that!

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Wrapping Up

A hot melt glue gun is an excellent appliance-no doubt. Using it for different projects is a pretty fun job to do. But there are a few things you need to be very careful about. Getting burned while handling this gun is a pretty common phenomenon. The temperature of the glue gun can be up to 300 degrees, so burning would inevitably cause a hell of pain. But, if you handle it carefully, you won’t get scorched very easily. Keep your kids away while using the gun. Be watchful.

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