7 Tips to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Systematic maintenance of the exhaust fan of your bathroom is very important to maintain a healthy and fresh bathroom environment. This job is not less important than another cleaning job of your home like cleaning the washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

In fact, cleaning a bathroom exhaust fan is more important than any other cleaning job of your home since it has a long term and serious impact on your life. A dirty exhaust fan cannot vent out the inner air properly rather it may cause moist air accumulation inside your bathroom.

The following tips will help you to clean the exhaust fan of your bathroom easily and within a short time:

7 Tips to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan

7 Tips to Increase the Longevity of Bathroom Exhaust Fan


  1. Do not forget to Turn off the Power Before Starting the Cleaning Process

Before starting the cleaning process you should turn off the power completely to avoid any kind of accident. After turning off the power take a dry cloth and pat the fan properly.

  1. Observe the Fan’s Assembly System

Then carefully unscrew the fan’s grill. If it is attached to the surrounded wall you have to use a knife to disintegrate it.

Since after completing cleaning you have to assemble the exhaust fan you should observe the assembly of the fan properly during disassembling, otherwise you may face problems to assemble it later.  To observe the assembly system properly you should remove the fan along with the metal bracket in which the fan is encased.

  1. Do not let The Motor be Wet

You can wash the fan cover to clean it but never try to clean the motor with any kind of solution. Even after cleaning the fan cover with liquid solution dry it properly before starting the assembly process.

  1. Check the Functionality of Your Exhaust Fan

The cleaning process does not include only removing the dirt and debris, checking the proper functioning of the exhaust fan is also closely related to the cleaning process. If the fan does not function at full swing even after cleaning, the purpose of the cleaning process will not be achieved.

So, conduct basic checks or repair to ensure that the fan is performing at full swing.

  1. Check Air leakage

Air leakage is a common problem of the bathroom exhaust fan. Since the air vents soak the moisture at a constant rate the concrete line around the frame of the fan may become loosen and as a result air leakage occurs.

Air leakage may cause annoying vibration and hot air may enter into the bathroom from outside due to air leakage.

To prevent air leakage you should ensure that fan is installed properly and firmly in its place.

  1. Lubricate the Motor

For proper functioning and to increase the life span of the motor of the exhaust fan lubrication is very necessary. Lubrication also helps to reduce the annoying sound coming from the exhaust fan.

  1. Choose Lubricant Wisely

You cannot go to the market and just pick up a lubricant for your exhaust fan. You have to choose the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer of your exhaust fan.

After purchasing the lubricant put a few drops of the lubricant along each end of the motor shaft or if there are lubricant holes for proper lubrication drop the lubricant into those holes.

When to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Every time you may not see the dust on the outer cover of the exhaust fan to understand that yes it is time to clean the fan.  But, the fan may get dirty inside and it may need cleaning.

To check the efficiency of the exhaust fan of your bathroom take a piece of toilet paper and hold it up to the fan. If you notice that the toilet paper is getting sucked up by the fan, you have to understand that it is working efficiently.

If you notice dust on the exhaust fan you should take initiative to clean the exhaust fan.

If the mirror is foggy, you have to understand that the efficiency of your exhaust fan has been decreased and you should take the quick initiative to clean the fan.

You should clean the exhaust fan at least once or twice every year.


If you take care of your bathroom exhaust fan properly it will take care of the air of your bathroom and consequently the health issue of you and your family member or another user of the bathroom.

Cleaning an exhaust fan is not a big deal to be carried out. If you become worried after reading articles regarding clean bathroom exhaust fan throw that worries away.

Cleaning exhaust fan is an easy task but it is a serious matter to be taken care of and to make you understand its importance emphasize is given to clean the exhaust fan of your bathroom regularly which should be at least once a year and does not need to do more than twice a year.

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