8 Ideas to Organize Power Tools–Read To Know

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Sometimes it feels as if your garage is taken over by power tools.

Cords are hanging here and there; tools, bits, and other accessories are scattered down on the surface. It looks really haunting, doesn’t it?

Actually, there is no magical formula for organizing tools. Properly storing tools can save your money and time as well. So, I brought 8 ideas to organize power tools in your workplace. These basic organization hacks will easily get your job done.

8 Ideas to Organize Power Tools

1. Make Specific Zones for Each Tool Groups

First and foremost, the thing for organizing power tools is to do an in detail listing. Once your tool listing is in your hand, now you can divide them into categories. Create your power tool types in a way so that you can find them easily such as cordless drills in a row, palm sander in a row, and so on. After that, make zones of each item wherein you can keep the same tools together.

Here is a storage cabinet design for cordless tools and screw equipment. While planning a storage layout, this type of cabinet can be a good option. At first, it might seem so trivial, but it’ll enhance the comfort of the space.

2. Setup a Battery Charging Station

Power tools are fantastic as long as they don’t finish their chargers and batteries. Build a cabinet charging station that installs on the wall with some sockets. This is an ideal option to store your most used power tools.

Set a power strip on the top, to ensure plenty of outlets for your chargers meanwhile make the space functional. To deliver the juice to your recharge station, these kinds of strips will do the magic. Plus, it puts an end to hanging cords everywhere while you are trying to charge the tools.

Even adding a drawer is a wonderful decision for keeping all of your screws, bits, drills, and other accessories. However, this organizing idea can work well for a small number of tools. But if you have more cordless collections, then you might need something bigger or substantial space.

  1. Pegboard Solution

Pegboards are the most comprehensive and simplest way of storing your power tools and accessories in one place. Not just it can be easily fitted to any wall but also they’ve holes to hang up your tools.

From power tools to small accessories, everything you can see hanging using this wonderful idea.

  1. Hanging Idea with PVC Pipes

DIY users can agree that nothing is satisfied other than a work that utilizes materials you already have. This storage idea of using PVC pipe easily fits your bill.

Using this PVC pipe easily can hang any kind of power tool or saws. Just slit the PVC pipe and keep the power tool head in the center. Use larger diameter pipe for large tools such as circular saws. With this, you can get an instant organized look and free up shelf space.

  1. Rolling Workstation

Many users struggle with organizing their power tools which they often use, especially when they’re in the middle of a large project. If you want to finish your struggling problem, considering a rolling workstation is a must.

You can make it yourself or purchase it as well. The best part of adding wheels is that it allows you to move your tools whenever you want. The idea of such a workstation includes ample space for large and power too, hanging space. Try to create as much storage space as possible, so the top space remains clear and clutter-free.

Even you can put a lock on your workstation to stop children from getting access to dangerous tools.

  1. Magnetic Tool Holder

Magnetic storage hanger or tool racks are a wonderful option for storing small tools like hammers, screwdrivers, snappers, and so on. You can mount the magnetic holder under your workstation.

Firstly, you require a strong magnet which is capable to hold the weight of your tools. Take a piece of metal sheet and make a frame for the magnet. Using the magnet, fold up the sides of the frame. Now, attach it under the shelf by drilling a screw. And, now, your magnetic tool holder is ready.

However, it’s a very budget-friendly and superb idea for knowing what your particular tool is.

  1. Tools Cabinet with Pegboard Idea

Not every user likes to keep their tools in an open place. There is a threat of thief while expensive tools are visible from outside of the garage. If this is the scenario, organize tools inside the cabinet can be a great idea.

The tossing of your tool inside the cabinet is over. Now, you can organize them neatly by using a pegboard. To do that, simply interior your cabinet wall with pegboard.

  1. Reuse a Coat Rack

You might have a coat rack hanging in your garage. It’s time to reuse it for your storage solution. Not only it’s a cheap storage solution but also an amazing way to hang your tools and cords.

If you don’t have any coat rack on hand, use some hooks onto a piece of wood. Using this idea, you can make your creative storage system for your tools.

How Can I Organize My Power Tools?

Well, from our above 8 organization ideas, untidy tools shouldn’t come back to disturb you.

We suggest you keep a listing of your power tools and others. Now make a specific space for each tool you have. This is the best way to place your power tools, hand tools, and electric tools organized. Overall, it’s the key way to prolong your tool’s life.

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