About Us

What is PickTheTools.com?

It is an ultimate platform to get knowledge on different types of tools. And obviously, all the updated and latest tools products are brought up here.

As we are from the engineering field, we know well how tough it can be to choose a perfect tool for your work. And correct information about tool appliances can give you more relaxation.

This site is solely dedicated to giving you all the essential information on Power Tools and Hand Tools (such as wrenches, saws, drill presses, welding machines, and other accessories).

Even you will find the latest tools here. And all the tools we recommend here have proven performance and quality.

We know you face many problems at the time of using different types of tools. And then you become crazy to find out the solution. Yes, you will get your particular solution here.

Our Team

Here is a fact you can rely on us. Yes, this blog is run by two enthusiastic engineers who have real-time experience in this field.

The initiative was taken by Md. Hassan Morshed who is a mechanical engineer and Tariqul Islam who is an electrical engineer. Truly, the site is based on the first-hand experience of both of us.

Here is also a team. And every team members have long years of experience in their field. There are dedicated members for every sector- product research, product selection, web research, content writing, and content editing.

So after all, it is teamwork to give you the latest information.

Our Mission and Vision

You already know both of us are engineers. And we have vast experience in the engineering field for about 10 years.

To complete the engineering project we needed various tools. These tools make the task easier and save time. But selecting the wrong tools can make different types of hassle. Even the wrong selection can cause bad workmanship, time wastage, accident, etc.

Then one day a thought peeped in our mind- why we are not starting sharing our experience with others? And then we started this blog.

From the very beginning of our blog, we have been trying to give the best idea about the quality tools and proper guidelines to use them.

And to keep our quality, we spend huge time for sorting out the quality tools from the market. And for that, we are to go through several steps including product research, product testing and lastly content writing.

We know the proper guideline of using these tools is the most important thing that you look for. Keeping this in mind, we always try to put on the latest information and problem solutions on our blog.

Our vision is simple; we want to make this site an ultimate destination for all tool users. 

Who can get benefits from this website?

Simply everyone will be benefited from our platform, we believe. Whether you are a DIYers, technician, woodworker, plumber, electrician or just an amateur, you will get your desired tools from here.

Finding a perfect tool is not a watery task. You may have to toil much wasting huge time to find the perfect one for you. But when you are on this platform, you can be worry-free. We are working to ensure the best product for you.

You may have lots of questions regarding using tools in your respective field. We have designed our blog in such a way so that you can get the solutions of your all problems that you face in tool working.

What type of information we are providing?

First of all, we put on here all the latest tools. You will find all the power tools and hand tools of renowned brands.

We make our product list based on intensive research and testing. Then we describe all the essential information of these products including features, pros and cons so that you can pick your one easily.

As we have been working on this field for many years, we know what information really you need. So we bring up many informative contents.

What you will do if you need more Information?

You know it may happen. Though we try to provide all the effective information to you, you may not find your desired information.

But nothing to worry. As our only aim is to help you, we are always ready to help you.

Just let us know what information you are looking for and what type of problem you are facing with your tool. We will obviously provide your required information through well-researched information.

Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed as we have the first-hand experience of every type of tool.

We update this website often

The world is rapidly changing. And the same thing also happens in the tools industry.

To keep pace with this change, we always try to make update our blog from time to time. We observe what changes the tools industry is going through. And thus we update our platform following the latest technology.

Stay Connected with Us

We wait to hear from you. Our readers are our priority. So let us know what you are thinking about our blog.

You can stay connected with us through our social profile. You can also send us your feedback and requirement through our official email id: [email protected]

We believe, with your valuable suggestion, we can enrich our blog more.