Best Socket Wrench Set Review and Buying Guide-2022

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Do you really need the best socket wrench set? I mean, what in the world are you gonna do with it? The answer is not that difficult. Best Socket sets are important if you want to do any type of home or car repairs. If you are not into the repairing profession and looking to hire people to do the job for you, then socket sets are not important for you. But if you are a professional mechanic or a DIYer, then you will need to have it. It will help you out big time. In this article, we are going to help you to find the top quality socket wrench set. So let’s get down to business.

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All the products that we have mentioned are unique in their own way. But in the end, there can only be one winner in a contest. So in our list of the best socket set, we have picked the best socket set that is slightly better than other products. The name of that product is Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Sets.  One of the reasons why we have chosen this product is because it has tools that are easy to use. Plus, the brand is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Furthermore, the price is very reasonable. But keep in mind that all the other products are great. All of them are nifty and dynamic.

What Are The Best Socket Wrench Set?

Here are some of the best socket wrench set we found:

1. Best Socket And Wrench Set: Stanley 40-Piece Socket Set , Chrome (1)
2. Best Socket Set For Mechanic: 69-Piece Black Chrome Mechanics Tool Set
3. Best Beginner Socket Set: TEKTON 1/4-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 5/32-Inch – 9/16-Inch, 5 mm – 14 mm, 51-Piece | 13001
4. Best Professional Socket Set: TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 5/16-Inch – 3/4-Inch, 8 mm – 19 mm, 45-Piece | 13101
5. Best Socket Set For The Money: 69 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet, Chrome (92-824)
6. Best Socket Set For Home Use: DEWALT Drive Socket Set, SAE/Metric, 1/4-Inch Drive, 25-Piece (DWMT73805)
7. Best Automotive Socket Set: Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 36165

Top 07 Best Socket Wrench Set Reviews and Buying Guide

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1. Best Socket And Wrench Set: Stanley 40-Piece Socket Set , Chrome (1)

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STANLEY, a company that has been operating for over almost 170 years, has been producing some of the most creative and helpful products. Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set is another masterpiece produced by Stanely. Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, it will not let you down. It has all the necessary things that you need. It is a type of product that you can easily recommend to someone.


  • Here are some of the features of Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set-
  • Ergonomically shaped ratchet handles.
  • The carry case is durable and long-lasting.
  • No need to worry about corrosion because of its full polished chrome finish.
  • Quick-release mechanism.
  • Meets ANSI specifications.
  • Stanley sockets feature Max-Drive design.


  • The quick-release mechanism makes sure that you can easily change the socket (with just one hand).
  • Easy to use.
  • The carry case is easy to carry.
  • The max-Drive design provides 15% more torque in order to tighten fasteners with ease.
  • Max-Drive also aids to reduce slipping on frozen fasteners.


  • Some customers complained about the carry case for not being sturdy enough.
  • The sockets fit really tight in the case which can be annoying for some people.

2. Best Socket Set For Mechanic: 69-Piece Black Chrome Mechanics Tool Set

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‘ Awesome’- if anyone uses  Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set, this will be the first word that will come out of his mouth. Stanely is used to this type of compliment. Nevertheless, it keeps producing this kind of product. We have already talked about one best socket set from Stanely. Now it is time to talk about this one. And it is as terrific as any other product from Stanley. You will like it, you will live it, and you will surely endorse it. In the end, you will have plenty of reasons to buy it.


  • Max drive design.
  • Customers will get a Limited lifetime warranty.
  • The case is blow molded.
  • Black chrome finish.
  • Ratchets and other accessories of this best socket set exceed ANSI(American National Standards Institute) specifications.
  • The ratchets feature a Quick Release mechanism


  • Manufactured with high alloy steel to give the best performance.
  • The warranty makes sure that it is a reliable product.
  • It is easy to use the ratchets because of the quick-release mechanism
  • The max-Drive design provides 15% more torque which makes sure that you can tighten fasteners easily.
  • The case is durable like any other Stanley case.


  • For some people, the color of the case can be a bit bland.

3. Best Beginner Socket Set: TEKTON 1/4-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 5/32-Inch – 9/16-Inch, 5 mm – 14 mm, 51-Piece | 13001

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  • Every single tool is made from high-quality chrome vanadium steel which has a mirror chrome plated finishing.
  • You will get tools that are most rare to find in any setting.
  • It has a universal joint with an extra-long extension of 10 inches.
  • The high torque has 6 point sockets with a grip of flat fasteners.
  • The geared ratchet needs only a 5-degree working swing arc.
  • The carrier case keeps everything well organized and safe.
  • Includes 72-tooth ratchet.


  • A whole set of a variety of components.
  •  Superior performance with stylish design.
  • Loosen stuck lug nuts.
  • Good breaker bar.
  • Organized storage.
  • Strong carrier case with built-in trays.


  • Little expensive.

4. Best Professional Socket Set: TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 5/16-Inch – 3/4-Inch, 8 mm – 19 mm, 45-Piece | 13101

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Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  • Sturdy and compact carry case.
  • All of the tools are made from premium quality chrome vanadium steel.
  • Mirror chrome-plated finish.
  • Has a 72-tooth ratchet.
  • High-torque sockets.


  • The sturdy storage case is really good at keeping everything organized. If you are a professional, it is the most important thing in the world.
  • All the tools will give supreme performance.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The tools are easy to work with.


  • Some people think that the universal joint too long.
  • For some people, the case may not seem stylish enough.

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5. Best Socket Set For The Money: 69 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet, Chrome (92-824)

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If you want to buy a whole socket set at a good price, then this is a good choice with a whole set is worth buying. It is a money-saving best socket set. It is an excellent wrench set which you can keep at home.

If you do not want to buy the 69-piece set then, the 45-piece set is also available for you.


  • The socket set is made from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy.
  • The durability is awesome.
  •  Nut lugs and bolts are chrome plated and mirror polished.
  • There is a case to keep everything organized.
  • Includes both Metric sockets and English sizes.


  • Corrosion-resistant hand tools.
  • Budget-friendly with great features.
  • Organized in a box.


⦁    The Plastic box is not up to the mark.

6. Best Socket Set For Home Use: DEWALT Drive Socket Set, SAE/Metric, 1/4-Inch Drive, 25-Piece (DWMT73805)

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  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Has a 72-tooth ratchet.
  • The sockets have hard stamped markings on them.
  • Knurled ring.
  • Durable hand tools along with its locking stackable case.
  • The toolsets will also feature a removable inner tray.
  • Polished chrome vanadium finish


  • The tools are easy to carry and easy to organize because of the case.
  • The tools(along with the case) will last for a long time.
  • Full lifetime warranty ensures the high quality of the product.
  • For maneuverability, the ratchet will give a five-degree arc swing.


  • Few customers have had issues with the ratchet.


7. Best Automotive Socket Set: Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 36165

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Finally, we have Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Sets. Like all the products we have mentioned, this product is also a top-notch product that is convenient for professionals. The company has a good reputation for manufacturing power tools and a great socket set. Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Sets is no different.


  • 92 sockets come in three drive sizes – 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-Inch
  • 12 wrenches come in both inch and metric sockets.
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy case.
  • All the tools are well-built.


  • Dynamic set that is really easy to use.
  • Perfect for heavy-duty.
  • The hand tools will last for a long time.
  • The case is durable and good at organizing your tools.
  • Reasonable price


  • The ratchets can be a bit stiff.
  • The item is a bit heavy duty compared to other tools sets.

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How to Choose The Best Quality Socket Set?

It’s not easy to buy a socket wrench set that fits you. There are so many products and brands that it becomes difficult for a guy to choose the right one. So how are you going to buy the wrench set?  Here are some of the things you should consider before buying the wrench set.

  • Quick Release Mechanism

You should buy a socket wrench set in which the ratchet features a quick-release mechanism. If you want to find the wrench set, this is a feature that you must have. It means you can easily lock and release the socket. So your job becomes easy on your workstation. This feature has become popular and if you are professional, make sure that your ratchet features a quick-release mechanism.

  • Budget:

Your budget is probably the most important thing to consider when you buy a product. Eventually, it all comes down to your budget. You don’t have to buy the most expensive wrench set every time you go shopping. But make sure that your budget is not low. Do not buy a product that has some unnecessary things which you don’t need. It will be a waste of money and you will not find the wrench set for you.

  • Brand:

You should buy products that are produced by a good company or a brand. More often than not good brands will make good products. Companies that have been operating for a long time; companies that have a good track record are the ones that tend to produce decent products. Brands like Stanley, Dewalt are some of the brands you can trust. They have been making good products, and they have a decent track record. You should remember the fact that the best brand produces the wrench set.

  • Warranty:

If you buy an expensive product, you will want it to give you the service of a lifetime. But what will happen if you buy the most expensive socket wrench set and the tools are defective? Something that you did not expect when you saw the advertisement for the product. This is where you need a warranty. You can think of it as a kind of shelter that protects your money. Good brands will always provide warranties.

  • Cases:

The case of a toolset is important. It helps you to be organized. You have to carry all of your tools in the case. So you should make sure that the case is sturdy. It should look good so that you can look professional at your work. So the fact is that the Wrench Set should include the best case.

What is a Socket Wrench?

The socket wrench is an efficient and serviceable tool comprising of steel/metal. It is a kind of wrench  that has a socket annexed at one end and is typically used to turn a fastener. The most typical form in use nowadays is the ratcheting wrench, often informally called a ratchet.

By means of the ratcheting property, we are able to keep the wrench connected to the bolt and get rid of the necessity to fit it several times with every turn of the bolt. When we have limited working space, this feature is really helpful. Apart from our domestic use, the socket wrench is very useful for professionals like mechanics, carpenters, and many other tradespeople.

Types of Socket Set

If you are a mechanic, then you surely know about sockets. You also know that there are different sockets for different types of jobs. Whether you are a professional or DIYer, you have to know about them. So let’s take a look at some of the different types of sockets-

  • Hex Sockets:

These sockets are also known as ‘6 point’ sockets. These sockets are widely used. These sockets are mainly for six-point fasteners. These sockets can come in different sizes like deep, shallow, semi-deep. These sockets are fit for light mechanical jobs.

  • Impact Socket:

To work with the impact sockets, you need to have the impact wrench(Also known as impact guns, torque gun, air gun, rattle gun, air wrench). It is a powerful tool that has an inner rotating hammer that applies power and vibration so that it can remove fasteners. These sockets are usually used by professionals. There is a conspicuous difference between impact sockets and regular sockets. Impact sockets generally have an industrial surface finish. Because of this type of finish, the color of the sockets is black. These sockets need to have thicker walls, and the finish has to be non-corrosive so that the sockets can manage the powerful vibration.

  • Spark Plug Sockets:

The spark plug socket is another type of socket. When you hear the name, you can guess its functionality. You can use these sockets to remove spark plugs of an engine. If you talk about the size differences, you will find that these sockets are a bit longer than regular sockets.

  • Bit Socket:

Simply speaking, a bit socket is just a combination of socket and bit.

  • Star Socket:

Star socket is another type of socket that you should know about. There is not much difference between a star socket and a hex socket. Their shape is a bit different. Apart from that, there is hardly any difference. These sockets are used for wheel fasteners.

  • Pass-Through Sockets:

When the shaft is long, you will need pass-through sockets. These sockets have a pass-through hole in them. You will need a pass-through ratchet to use these sockets. These sockets may help you out if regular sockets can’t help you.

So these are the types of sockets that you should know about as a mechanic.

How to Use a Socket Wrench?

If you do not know the ways of using a socket wrench, then there will be no point in buying a wrench set. Many of us might probably have spent enough money to find the best socket wrench in the market. But without knowing the procedures of how to use it properly, we cannot get the best result. The following steps are quite helpful for a beginner to know exactly how to work with this tool:

  • Select and pick the right socket for the job:

The socket set we are about to use may contain a number of sockets for different sorts of jobs. Before starting the work we should be aware of the size of the socket as it is indispensable. When it comes to matching, we should emphasize matching the size of the nut with the socket. By knowing the size of the nut, we can find the actual metering labeled on the side of the sockets. In case of not being informed of the actual size, we should take a socket that looks identical, and therefore, we should apply it on the nut or bolt we want to turn to check whether it works or not.  A smaller one should be tried in the case that it is too loose.

  • Learning to adjoin the socket to the handle: 

After finding the appropriate match for the nut, the next step is all about adjoining the socket and handle together. For the purpose of attaching, it is necessary to get access to the square-shaped hole in the socket we have selected and affix the hole to the handle. Thus, the socket should be attached to the handle by sliding the square hole in the socket onto the square knob on the handle. We should hear a click when it’s fully in place because the sound of the click indicates that the socket is now properly attached to the handle and ready for the working purpose.

  • Figuring out the direction: 

After attaching the socket properly to the handle now, this crucial step is as regards the direction. Before we move the socket, it is required to set the switch which can be found on the side of the socket. The switch will give us the command about the tightening and loosening direction. We should turn the switch to the right for tightening and left for loosening.

Before commencing our task, the determination of direction is important. Excess pressure could cause extra tightening and impossible reverse.

  • Twisting:

When we get control over the socket and the handle, we should learn the art of twisting very well to give effect to the work.  The twisting of the socket means understanding the nut we are working with and how much rotation is required for the job. We should  not remove the wrench when we run out of space. Instead of this, we should simply twist it back in the reverse direction and repeat the process.

  •  Extensions:

An amazing property of wrenches is their reach. If we can not quite reach the bolt, still we can use an extension bar to attach the socket to. It will not only give us an extra reach but also give us leverage with a tenacious bolt.

  • Precautions: 
  1. First of all, we should make sure that we invest our money in a high-quality socket set.
  2. We should not use a socket whose size is much more than a fastener to get rid of any damage or stripping.
  3. We shouldn’t be worried in case of finding socket wrench indicated in metric sockets or SAE sockets sizes.
  4. When we will apply pressure, it is wise to be careful of the fact that the jaws of the ratchet are not damaged.
  5. We should also be careful about not  damaging the sockets by using normal sockets with impact tools.
  6. A good socket organizer can be used to ensure proper organization of sockets.

Last but not the least, we should pay attention to those things which tend to cause any problem and we should always try to avoid them.

Socket Wrenches Safety

For every mechanical tool, ensuring safety is extremely important. Without ensuring safety we may face lots of troubles to use the instrument and it can cause damage too instead of giving us the desired result. As a socket wrench is a special kind of wrench that includes a socket/handle and wrench along it ratcheting property, complexities will be created if safety measures are not properly followed while using it. So we should be careful enough to make sure that we are using this tool following all the necessary safety measures to derive the best result out of it.

The following points should be kept in mind while using a socket wrench to ensure safety:

  • Using the right wrench for a particular job: 

We should use the exact wrench for a particular job. For instance, pipe wrenches are used for pipes plumbing fittings, and general wrenches are used for nuts and bolts. Similarly, socket wrenches also should be applied where it is appropriate. It’s not wise to use it everywhere.

  • Inspection of the wrench: 

Before using the wrench we need to inspect it properly. W should make sure that it is not defected or damaged. We should never use worn, cracked or tweaked wrenches. We should replace them at once to avoid any kind of injury. we should be really careful.

  • Avoiding to straighten a bent wrench:

We should never try to make a bent wrench straight. Because if we do this, it can be weakened.

  • Wearing safety glasses or face shields: 

We should put on safety glasses or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles) where there is trouble with flying particles or falling debris.

  • Keeping the wrench free from oil: 

We should be careful of keeping  wrenches   clean   and   free  from  oil. If you do not do this,  there will be a chance that  they  may  slip. It can hinder your work.

  • Determining the way of turning a nut: 

Determining  the way  a  nut  should  be  turned is extremely important before trying to loosen it. Most nuts are turned anti-clockwise. It may seem obvious though the experienced people have noticed straining at the wrench in the tightening direction while wanting to loosen the nut.

  • Avoiding the use of hammer:

We should not use a hammer along with a wrench unless the wrench is particularly designed for such a purpose.

  • Positioning the body while working:

We should position our body in a way that will prevent us from losing balance if the wrench slips or something (e.g., a bolt) breaks all of a sudden.

  • Applying a little amount of pressure to the ratchet wrench:

Applying a tiny amount of pressure to a ratchet wrench primarily is helpful to ensure that the ratchet wheel  (or gear) is engaged with the pawl (a catch fitting in the gear) for the direction we are applying pressure.

  • Avoiding the contact of electricity: 

While working with a socket wrench in any electronic machinery we should always be vigilant that the power is switched off. Otherwise, it can bring about serious danger to us.

Benefits of Using The Socket Wrench Set!

Every socket set will give you a variety of tools that comes in another variety of sizes. Socket sets are varied by the number of sockets they contain. Starting from 13 piece socket set there are up to 573 pieces of sockets are available.

Though there every piece will not be a socket set. In the socket set, you will get screwdriver bits, nuts and bolts, tools, spanners, and many more socket related pieces.

The more pieces you will get in a socket set the more versatile your socket set will be. A socket set in a box will organize your work.

Here we are going to talk about the benefits of a socket set.


When it comes to extender arms, adapters, removable joints that help you to work with all kinds of nuts and bolts, a socket set is important for you. To hold the socket tightly, a ratchet is important. You will find a ratchet in the socket set. Adopters are important as their work is to fit the sockets. They link the drive sizes to each other. The reverse movements are necessary, they require adjustments.

    Flexible heads:

Flexible heads of any socket set are present on any socket wrench set which are useful for adding on or replacing parts that are necessary for customizing heads and using the right size socket depending on your need.

   Built to maintain high quality:

The material used to make sockets is chrome molybdenum. This does not make the socket vulnerable or breakable. It does not even shatter when it vibrates like any manual socket.

There will be no injury case if you use a socket set in this case.

    Different types of sizes:

There are two types of socket sets available. Hex socket set and in-hex socket set. Some socket sets come with both of them while most of them are sold separately. Most of the impact socket bits are constructed from one-piece only so that the vibration c does not crack it up as is the case with other socket sets.

    Efficient usage:

If you buy a whole socket set, you can use them in an impact socket wrench or any ratchet torque socket. But a manual wrench cannot be used as the same as this. It is more profitable to buy an impact socket set for both power tools and impact turning works. The greater torque can be applied with little force.


These tools work effectively and are smaller and robust. These are useful for car engines, tires related tools, nuts, and lugs.

Using tools is very important for fasteners, nuts, and bolts. We can fix broken tools and repair any stuff with everything kept in a socket set. A socket set will keep you organized and it will make your work very easy.

Socket Wrench Set Terminology.

It is not easy for you to buy the best socket sets because of your unfamiliarity with the terminologies associated with buying a perfect wrench set. Hence in this article, we have presented those ‘have to know’ terminologies so that the next time when you go to a hardware store to buy a wrench set, you can choose the perfect one based on size, measurement, adapter, bar, and so on.

  • Drive size

Drive size refers to the proportions of the four-sided hole situated on a socket’s top that fits the ratchet handles’ drive-nub into it. There is no connection between it and the socket’s bottom opening that sits onto the closure. The size is measured not from one corner to another rather from one side to another.

¼-inch, ⅜-inch, and ½-inch are the common drive dimensions for most of the DIY applications, and irrespective of the dimension standard of sockets. Relatively larger drive sizes like 1-inch and ¾- are also found in the market though very rare.

  • Metric measurement

This dimension standard denotes the measurements of the fasteners’ heads, and therefore the socket when weighed in millimeters across flats. Actually, ‘metric’ is the ideal fastener dimension all over the world as it is more precise than an inch’s fraction. Metric measurement is founded on millimeters, is an exact depiction of the length of the fastener’s head. Metric bolts have been being used for more than thirty years for imported cars.

When the maintenance of truck and car appears to head the path on the evolution to metric dimension standards for the fasteners, and hence this measurement system is used to loosen and tighten the sockets, a similar standard is adopted for the fasteners of all bolt of the world.

  • SAE measurements

The beginning of this standard emerges from the English method, and it is based on inches and the fractions of inches as well. SAE refers to the abbreviated form of ‘Society of Automotive Engineers’ was in widespread use during the decade of 70 as the ideal, mainly on the trucks and cars made in the U.S.A.

The sockets of SAE are generally sized in inches and divisions of inches. There are six-sided heads both in SAE and metric fasteners that can be rotated by socket, boxed, open-end wrenches. Among these only socket wrenches keep a continuous connection with all the sides of the bolt head, besides it features a ratchet method for relaxed and quicker operation in any of the directions.

  • Extension bar

Through, the extension bars allow the users are allowed to reach the fasteners who are in such positions where users find it difficult to swag a wrench or ratchet the handle to tighten up or slacken the fastener. The extension bars normally come in standard dimensions, irrespective of the sockets’ measurement standard. If the drive sizes of both extension and socket are alike, then a ½ inch drive extension and socket will definitely fit each other.

  • Swivel joint

Although the link of a socket and a ratchet handle does not allow any separation from the middle track of a drive, yet it is possible to adjust the angle of the drive to adapt to the conditions just by the addition of a swivel joint between these two. The more accurate the angle of the drive becomes, the less the fastener can be turned. Besides at angles that are bigger than almost a hundred, it is imperative to put a counter-rotation to the swivel point to stop the socket from sliding off the fastener.

  • Drive adapter

There are many reasons for a user to use driver adapters. But he or she must keep it in mind that the possibility of a bolt’s being broken increases by doing it as a grander rotation might be exerted with the lengthiest ½-inch drive notch.

  • Breaker bar

This is a simple lengthy handle with which fitting of a socket is possible. The bars are available in all drive dimensions, and in a number of dissimilar lengths. The purpose of the breaker bar is to put on more rotation to the fastener than the amount normally applied by the ratchet handle. But a breaker bar should never be put in use instead of a correctly adjusted torque wrench. Untying close-fitting suspension bolts and nuts, untying persistent wheel nuts are the usual functions of a breaker bar.

  • Ratchet handle

The handle is considered to be the foundation of any set of sockets. The ability of this handle in applying rotation in one way while permitting free-spinning all over the drive-point to the conflicting path stands it as the perfect instrument to hurry up the procedure of untying or tightening the fasteners. To choose a high-quality ratchet handle one needs to have a grip to find out its comfort level. The more the grip is comfortable, the less the chance of its being slipped off.

  • Deep sockets

The deep sockets are those instruments that possess a quite lengthier figure than regular sockets. This feature allows these to spread up unto extremely recessed fragments and closures. The usual functions of these deep sockets include the following: removing bolts of the cylinder head and injectors of diesel fuel, which can hardly be accessed using regular types of sockets. However, deep sockets are found in all dimension standards and drive dimensions.

  • Cr-V or CR-V

There are numerous producers of sockets who normally like to have either CR-V or CR-V letters on the products. These denote the resources mixed with the staple metal offer extra strength and defense against further decay. “CR” or “Cr” denotes the existence of Chromium that protects against decay, on the other hand, “V” denotes the existence of Vanadium that adds bonus strength.

In the end, it is crystal clear that purchasing the wrench set is not as easy as it appears to be. In order to own a good quality set, a buyer cannot but consider the above-discussed criteria giving much importance. Otherwise, he or she might be fooled either by own unfamiliarity of these terminologies or by the dishonest sellers.

How to Care the Socket Set for Getting Long Lasting?

No matter how good the product is, it won’t last if you do not take care of it. If you want your socket set to last longer, then you have to follow these tips.

  • Make sure to clean them

First of all, you should keep your hand tools clean. It’s probably the most common method. Whatever the product is, you should always keep it clean so that you can use it for a long time.

Your sockets will always get dusty and oily. Polish them with clean oil. Then, remove the oil using clean, dry clothes.

  • Organize them properly

Organizing your hand tools is another way to maintain your socket set. All of your tools come with a case. The case helps you to organize all the tools you have. Some of the tools are smaller in size. So there is a good chance that you may lose them. If you organize your tools properly, you will not lose them.

  • Do not overuse them

You buy a socket so that you can use it. But make sure that you don’t use the tools unnecessarily.

Different Uses of a Socket Set

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to know the use of a socket set. It’s not rocket science either. Fasteners and socket sets go hand in hand. When you need to work with fasteners, you need a socket set. So here are some of the common use of a socket set-

  • Engines and Equipment

Every type of engine has a complex structure. Everyone knows that there are fasteners in an engine. In most cases, a wrench can’t reach the position of the fasteners. So you have to rely on sockets.

  • House Maintenance

Just look at your house. There are so many types of fasteners that you can’t even count. So you have to have a socket set in order to work with them.

  • Electronic devices

Most electronic devices have fasteners of numerous sizes. So it is imperative that you need a socket set. As a matter of fact, it is imperative for you to have the wrench set.

Some Inquiries

  • Ratchet Tooth Size

If you have more ratchet teeth, then you will need less swing in order to move one click. At times, it can be a useful feature.

  • Socket size Markings

Socket size markings may not be the most important thing in the world as far as the professionals are concerned while they are active on the job. But it is a significant feature. It will help you to become organized. When you put the sockets back in the case, these markings are very useful. It is a new feature that has been introduced recently.

  • Six-Point or Twelve-Point Sockets?

Twelve-point sockets are good for household projects. On the other hand, when it comes to vehicle or motorcycle repairing, you should go for six-point sockets. It’s good to have 12-point sockets. But more often than not you will need a 6-point socket.

  • Flex Head Ratchet:

It is a type of ratchet that will make your job so much easier. The angle head is flexible and the handle is longer. So the ratchet will help you to get into tight places.

Final Verdict

Buying the best socket wrench set is not the easiest thing to do. You have to consider a lot of things. The tools and the case have to be made up of top-notch materials. It is imperative for a professional mechanic to have the best tools in order to be competent and efficient. So he has to buy the best socket sets wrench. Even a DIYer needs to know about this. It may also come in handy for him. So hopefully, this article has helped you out.

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What types of sockets are widely used?

Answer: Hex sockets are the most common and the most widely used sockets.

Is it important to have a sturdy socket? Should I spend extra cash on the case?

Answer: The answer is yes and no. The case helps you to organize your tools. Now if you are a professional mechanic, then you should spend some extra cash on this. Because when you are at your job station, you have to be organized. But if you are a DIYer and you are doing this for fun, then you should go for an average case.

What is the best material for sockets?

Chrome-molybdenum steel is probably the most popular material for sockets.

Is it possible to use a regular hex socket with an impact gun?

Yes. But you have to be a bit cautious. You have to keep the torque less. Otherwise, your sockets will get damaged.

How many teeth will you find in a ratchet?

Usually, you will find 72 teeth in a ratchet.

Are fine-tooth ratchets less durable?


What is ‘Quick Release Mechanism’?

A socket wrench has a ‘Quick Release Mechanism feature. It means that you can easily lock and release the socket.