Is ceramic coating good for your car?

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No matter what vehicle you have old or new, we always tend to or want to modify it in some way. Some people like me love the matte texture feels the body gives when you slide your hand over it.

There are different types of coating options available in the market for your car; the most popular one out there is a ceramic coating.

ceramic coating

What is a ceramic coating

According to bestnetreview, Ceramic car coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the car, specifically by hands.

The coating with its chemical properties bond with the car’s factory paint and gives it a layer of protection.

This coating is not a paint protection film substitute which is far more defensive than ceramic coating. It is a premium wax alternative that creates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with the vehicle’s original paint.

The coating does not wash away or break down after a few months, and it does not require to be applied every few months.


This article is all about if the ceramic coating is good for your car or not and for you need to understand its purpose first.

In general terms the ceramic coating adds an additional layer of protection to the vehicle’s exterior to help it look like new and with very low maintenance, this helps in making the car more resilient and easier to clean.

You can certainly say that ceramic coating is good for your car, but unlike every other thing, it has some pro and cons.

ceramic coating

Pros and potential flows

1.    Protection from UV damage/oxidization

You may have noticed that when a vehicle is often exposed to the sun directly, the paint begins to show signs of fading and dullness that basically means it has started oxidizing.

The ceramic coating adds an additional layer of protection so that the sunlight does not affect the paint directly and reduces the amount of oxidization.

2.    Protection from chemical stains and etching

There are a lot of pollutants out there in the atmosphere, and chemical staining is a danger for your car’s exterior.

The ceramic coating keeps the chemical containments from bonding with the original paint of the car; as result, the vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching.

This is possible when these containments are removed in a timely manner and not left for months which will affect the coating as well as the paint beneath it.

3.    Ease of cleaning

The most significant advantage of ceramic coating is that it is hydrophobic, which basically means that it has the capability to repel water.

When your car has a ceramic coating, the water will slide from the surface more easily, and it also means that the mud and grime will have a hard time bonding with the natural paint of the car.

When the car is washed, all the contaminants will be removed with not much effort.

4.    Gloss

You ever notice a car whose paints are shiny and glossy it either has a ceramic coating, or the owner got it polished but, in most cases, it’s a ceramic coating.

A good ceramic coat certainly enhances the reflective properties of the car’s paint and also of the clear coat, adding more clarity and glossiness to the exterior of the car.


1.    Scratches

There is a myth about ceramic coatings that prevent the car from scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips, but a myth is just a myth.

Ceramic does prevent the car from small scratches, but it is not immune to scratches that happen from rock chips and in the parking lot.

Furthermore, improper car washing techniques also lead to swirl marks on the surface of the car.

It is very important to understand that ceramic coating is not the substitute from scratch protection; there are other products for this purpose so, do not fall into the trap of this myth and spend money.

2.    Water spotting

Some people think that if the car ha ceramic coating will eliminate the chances of water spots because of its hydrophobic properties, it is true that water is repelled from the ceramic coating, but some droplets get left behind which creates the opportunity for water spots.

3.    Wash

People assume that after getting a ceramic coat on the car, they will say money from car wash because it does not need to be washed, but it is entirely false.

Ceramic coating means it will require low maintenance than the usual it never says any maintenance, the benefit of the ceramic coating is that it is easy to wash and you don’t have to get your car waxed every few months.

With low maintenance, you can have better results than you require, which won’t be possible if you choose not to do maintain the car.

There are hundreds of videos and guides available on the internet explaining the purpose of the ceramic coating and the dos and don’ts.

But before going for any coating research well about it and whether it is suitable for your car or not.

Final Thoughts

Yes, I believe ceramic coating is good for my car, and they definitely benefit me, and my car in a number of ways stated above, and they also add value. But they are not the one-stop solution for all your car’s exterior needs.

If you need advanced protection from everything like scratches and swirl marks you should opt for the paint protection film for your car and then go for ceramic coating.

This way, you will not have to worry about the scratches because you have applied the paint protection film on the exterior of your car.

So, in the end, it all depends on the car you have and needs you want to be taken care of. The ceramic coating is good for your car, and it won’t do any harm to the exterior, but if the needs do not match the product, then it is no go.

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