Dewalt vs Makita drill – Who Makes Better Tools?

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Cordless drills are important tools in a workshop because they not only enable people to drill holes on different materials but also fasten nuts and bolts. Although there are many brands on the market that manufacture cordless drills, Makita and Dewalt have made a mark by developing quality drills that can handle the toughest projects.  When it comes to cordless drills, you need a product that delivers good performance while at the same lasting for a long time. Therefore, cordless drills are an investment and thus, you should be sure to buy a product that will serve you for a long time. Before we begin our comparison, it is important to realize that the two brands make quality tools that get good ratings from customers. (Read more about tools from Tools Tract )

Dewalt vs makita drill

Makita cordless drills

Makita has been producing high-quality drills for years. Their drills are some of the most notable tools on the market and have impressive features. When it comes to power, Makita is very remarkable as it is able to deliver about 500 lbs. in. of torque. This comes handy especially when drilling on hard materials such as metal and concrete. To be able to handle different projects, the Makita is fitted with a 2-speed transmission system that delivers varying speeds. This makes the tool versatile and thus, you can handle different projects with ease. With the transmission, you can run the tool with a speed of either 600 or 1900 rpm.  

Those working in the dark will find Makita cordless drill is easy to use. This is because it is fitted with an LED light that illuminates the area that you are working on. Furthermore, the tool comes with an ergonomic grip that enables you to work with the tool for hours without getting your fingers numb.  

If you are looking for a powerful cordless drill at an affordable price, the Makita will prove to be an ideal tool for you. This is especially since the cordless drill produces a torque of 1090 inch-pounds that requires you to hold the drill with your two hands for a better grip. 

Also, once you turn on the device, you are going to discover that speed and power are the strongest selling point of the device. This is because the tool is loaded with a lot of power that is going to handle most applications that you put to it. The good thing is that you will receive minimal vibrations because the motor operates softly and smoothly. The battery is also impressive as it packs enough power to last for hours without losing juice. 


  • Powerful drill that produces a lot of torque
  • Variable speed trigger allows you to operate on different speeds
  • The LED light allows you to work in the dark
  • Brushless motor technology reduces power consumption. This enables the battery to last longer
  • The lightweight device that minimizes fatigue during work.
  • Affordable tool for those on a budget


  • Auxiliary handle makes it hard for one to hold the device
  • The device shakes in action

Dewalt cordless drill

Just like Makita, Dewalt cordless drill delivers impressive performance on most applications that you put it into. With high-quality construction, the manufacturer has been able to come up with a drill that stands the test of time. This is even when put under high-stress applications. One of the main features of this cordless drill is that it is fitted with a brushless motor that operates more efficiently than the other types of motors.  

To make it easy for one to use the device for many hours, the makers of the Dewalt have made the tool lightweight at only 3.6 pounds. As a result, you can use the tool for many hours without getting fatigued. Also, you can use the drill to perform different tasks as the Dewalt comes with 2-speed settings that allow it to run at 600 and 2000 RPM. 

Many users say that they love Dewalt DCD791D2 cordless drill because of the amazing runtime that the device has to offer. Also, this tool relies on a clutch with 11 different setting that delivers different amounts of torque. Also, you will find that the location of the controls is convenient for anyone’s reach. And to enable the tool to operate in the dark without disturbance, it is fitted with an LED light that illuminates for 20 seconds after the trigger has been depressed. This provides enough lighting for the user to see in dark places.  


  • The longer run time when compared to other cordless drills on the market
  • Variable speed thanks to a convenient clutch system
  • Controls located in convenient locations
  • An effective and powerful 3-speed transmission system


  • People feel that the build quality is not up to standard
  • The drill feels heavy
  • The power is not ideal for heavy-duty applications. 


Both the Dewalt and Makita are great cordless drills that will be able to complete most of the projects that you have in your home or workshop. Makita, however, is a powerful drill that sells at an affordable price. This makes it very attractive to those shopping for a quality cordless drill on a budget. On the other hand, a Dewalt cordless drill falls short of power when compared to other cordless drills in the same category. However, this drill is loaded with user-friendly features that make it easy to use tool

After looking at the above makita 18v vs dewalt 20v comparison, we highly recommend Makita cordless drill as it is loaded with a more powerful motor but at a lower price. This makes it more cost-effective as it is able to deliver more value. Furthermore, the tool is able to pack a lot of power that is ideal for different DIY projects. Power is the most important thing when it comes to drilling and you need a tool that will not disappoint when the need arises. Makita is the best fit for this.

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