Different Types of Saws

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There are hand saws and power saws. For better power, accuracy, speed, and precision you can use a power saw for home use as well as fieldwork. These are the types of saw you can buy from depending on the material you want to cut at a depth. Among all the power saws, circular saw, table saw, and miter saw is the most commonly used. There are a variety of miter saws for side jobs and decorative cuts and trims. You can use these two types of power saws to get professional woodworking done. These are the types of power saws which anyone who wants to get at woodworking can use.


Table Saw 


They can be used inside your garage as well as by professional carpenters as they operate smoothly, work with greater speed, and precision. They come with customized options and features. This is one of the most effective cutting tools that makes deeper cuts with accuracy and precision. They are mostly used for woodworking to cut plywood and other types of woods of deeper density.

They can even cut metals like aluminum of thinner depth. A table saw has a circular blade that cuts with a lot of speed. You need to be cautious when using any of the power saws. You can use it along with miter saws to make dados and grooves. They are not portable as the circular saws and you have to be doubly cautious when working with them to prevent serious injuries.

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Circular Saws 

A circular saw is one of the most versatile power saw which is portable and gets a lot of work done quicker with precision and accuracy. Portability is one of its best features which makes it easier for home users as well as professional carpenters to use it for woodworking and cutting metals. These are one of the best types of the saw which are widely used for woodworking. A circular saw can also be used to cut through plastic, glass, and metals. A circular saw has a rotating blade and is a handheld saw that comes with a power chord. It takes less storage space and can be used for a variety of cuts. You need to set up guide trails with this tool to get precise cuts.

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Miter Saw 

This is a special power saw designed for specific jobs. This type of saw is used for making cuts up to an angle of 90 degrees. You can cut through the length of the wood using this type of saw. They are best suited to make angular and crosscuts. Though a drop saw can be used, this is the most versatile power saw for side jobs and trims. Make bevel as well as compound cuts with this saw to build cabinets, frames, and other types of furniture. They can also be used for crown molding jobs.

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Chop Saw

A chop saw is a versatile saw compared to the miter saw. It cuts not only through the wood but also through ferrous metals, brick, plastic, and concrete. They can be used for masonry jobs as well. These are mostly used by professional carpenters and masons as they can through a variety of metals. They are mostly used on crosscuts on a variety of materials. 


This is a handheld saw with comes with a powerful motor and cuts through a variety of materials. It is mostly used to cut wood. It is known for its speed, accuracy, and precision. You can cut through a large amount of wood within a short period. You must learn to handle its grip before you use it on any of the material. Though it can be used for long hours, it could cause injuries if you do not handle grip well.


These are used for making downward cuts and are built with a powerful motor. They are specifically designed to make twisted and curved cuts. You can use a jigsaw to make curved as well as straight cuts. You can create decorative and creative joints and pieces of furniture with this saw. They can be used to cut a variety of materials such as granite, tile, metal, plastic, and wood.

Traditional handsaw

You can rip large and small wood with this saw. It takes physical effort on your part, unlike the easy operation of any of the power saw. You can make cross and hybrid cuts with this saw. It can be used ideally to cut wood with hand. You can use a hacksaw if you want to cut soft metals. It comes with a comfortable rubber grip and high-tension which lets you cut through metals with fewer efforts. 

Coping Saw

You can make bevel cuts backward with this saw. You can install trims with this saw and use it for creating joints. It is ideally suitable for making cuts backward as well for installing crown molding. It gives a professional finish for all bevel cuts.

Flooring Saw

This is a portable saw used for building flooring in wood and laminate. This is a portable saw which comes with many special tools to give a neat and professional for all flooring jobs. It is easy to use it on-site for all flooring jobs.

Radial Arm Saw

A radial arm saw can be used for all the applications of a table saw. It is made in a different design and has a different style of cutting compared to the table saw. You can use it to cut wood lengthwise and grain wise. It comes with an adjustable blade that lets you manipulate wood while cutting it. 

Reciprocating saw 

Its function and operation are similar to that of a jigsaw. You can use it for cutting plastic, wood, and tubing. It is used mostly used for demolition work.

Reciprocating saw also known as Sawzall. There are many types of Reciprocating saws that we can use. But the most popular types of Reciprocating saws are here- Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Corded reciprocating saw, Portable Reciprocating Saw.


These are the different types of saw you can choose from for woodworking and cutting through various materials at different cuts and angles. Build furniture or remodel it using any of these saws. You can also use them to cut through metals, plastic, glass, and concrete.

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