How to Build Tool Racks and Organize Your Workshop

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In a workshop, you need to keep so many tools. So, normally if you do not organize these tools in the right way it will become a complete mess.  And a messy place decelerates the progress of your work. It consumes much time and also damages the condition of your tools because of storing in an unorganized way.

On the other hand, when everything is in the right place, your work becomes easy and fast. Keeping your tools in an organized way increases their longevity. Legend Handyman says that tool rack is one of the best solutions for organizing tools in an efficient way.

Building a tool rack is an easy task; you can do it by yourself following some simple and easy steps.

How to Build Tool Racks and Organize Your Workshop

3 Easy and Simple Steps to Build a Tool Rack for Your Workshop

Step 1:

You need a band saw, impact drill with driver bits, drill press or corded drill, drill with a pair of drill bits calipers or marking gauge, measuring tape, measuring equipment like measuring tape, pocket hole jig with stepped bit and square drivers, and glue.

If you have the above equipment in your collection we can go to the next step.

Step 2:

The next step is to collect a piece of hardwood with which you will dye the tool rack.  You can use maple or other hardwood as the base.

Step 3:

Now it is time to build a rack for your tools. If you want to decrease cost you can use spare woods for building racks.

You have to make several types of racks for organizing different types of tools. For example-

  • You can insert wooden pegs into the hardwood that you are using as a base to hang hammers and mallets.
  • You can build a small shelf to store your screwdrivers into it.
  • To organize your chisels you can make holes with a jigsaw.
  • To store the planes you can create a holder using grooved wood.

After creating all the necessary shelves your woodworking tool rack is ready to organize your stuff.

5 Tips to Organize Your Workshop

  1. At first, you have to clear all the clutter from your workshop. It will help you to sort out all the other necessary tools.
  2. Clearing the clutter sort out the similar items in the specific It will help you to find out all the necessary items easily and quickly. Keeping all the similar items in a group will also save your space.
  3. You can keep the most frequently used items hanging on the wall. You can also organize your stuff overhead to save space.
  4. You can also create specific zones for specific items in your workshop.
  5. If you use the box for storing small items, it is better to label those boxes. You can also use boxes of different colors for easy recognition.


A properly organized workshop is a functional workshop that is helpful to increase your work efficiency. Among hundreds of workshop organizing solutions, the woodworking tool rack is considered one of the best garage storage systems.

You can organize and pick up all of your tools easily and quickly from your tool rack. Moreover, it does not cost so much and easy to dye. You can also customize it easily whenever you need it.

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