How to Install Glass Fireplace Doors by Yourself?

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Cold nights may be torturous, especially when a home isn’t properly warm and cozy. That is why a cozy fireplace comes in handy during these cold nights. While the fireplace brings warmth and delight, it may still be a liability. It loses this impressive feel when you have to wait for the fire to die out before you can go to sleep. Leaving the fire burning can be risky, especially when the fireplace has no doors. This is why you need a fireplace door, which allows you to leave the fire burning without the risk of spreading. There are various types of Custom fireplace doors, metallic, aluminum, and glass. Glass fireplace doors present with a chance to retail the natural look of your fireplace and keep you safe. A glass door will also allow those luminous fire frames to light up your room. It makes it perfect for a cozy night or a romantic date.

How to Install Glass Fireplace Doors by Yourself

Installing a glass fireplace door is easy, even when you are alone. You just need to follow a few steps and be careful with the tools. While you could hire someone to help, it feels better to do it yourself. It will also save you some change. Here are the steps for installing a glass fireplace door by yourself.



The process is even simpler if you are dealing with a rectangular or square brick firebox. You will only need to fit the glass door into its opening.  The first step is to attach the clamps. At this point, try to hold the door firm. You can clean the glass door by holding it into position. Alternatively, you can stand your door on its bottom edge as you work on the clamps.

  • Adjusting the clamps 

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws located at the back of the door. In most cases, there are four screws. Two of them are at the top, and the other two are at the bottom. After unscrewing these screws, put them in a safe place because you will use them to attach your clamps. Now assemble your clamps and attach them to the top of the door. One good thing to note is that the clamps are adjustable. The screws fit into the clamp slots. Thus, they allow you to adjust your clamps up and down. Consequently, you can align them to the lintel at the top of the firebox. Now start to drive screws at the upper frame of the door. You will also need to screw and tighten the L-brackets at the bottom of the door. In some instances, people make the mistake of laying the glass fireplace door on its front. This often results in a damaged door. Thus, do not make this mistake of installing it on its front.

  • Drilling holes for the anchors

While marking and drilling the holes, it is better to have a droplight. It will aid you in the process (fireplaces could be dark, considering the small opening). Fit your glass door carefully into the firebox opening. At this point, you should be careful not to scratch the finish. Align it carefully into the opening. Once you have aligned it, hold the door firmly with one hand and reach inside with the other hand. Use a marker to mark the points where the brackets reach the floor. Make them through the bracket’s grooves. Once you have marked the points, remove the door carefully, and set it in a safe place. It is better to keep it at a distance to avoid breaking it while working. Now arm your driller for the next part. Use a 5/16-inch masonry drill to drill a 2-inch hole into each of the marked parts. The two-inch holes will be adequate for fitting the screws.

  • Inserting lead anchors 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the drilled holes. Use the same vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust inside the holes. Now hammer the lead anchor into these holes. You should use a gentle tap to avoid breaking or damaging the wall. Tap it until it is flush with the brick’s surface. One important tip for a stronger anchor is to drill it into the brick. The mortar often scrambles, which makes it weaker support for the anchor. The brick, on the other hand, is more sturdy. Again, ensure that you have drilled straight down, which makes it easier to get the screws in.

  • Insulating the Glass Door

Most of the glass fireplace doors come with their isolation fiberglass. Using a pair of gloves. Unroll the insulation and tear off some pieces that fit in the channels at the side and top of the door. Stuff the insulation fiber into these channels. The fiberglass should be fluffy, which is effective for various reasons. It prevents the smoke from seeping out and prevents the heat from destroying the finishes on the door frame.

  • Screwing the door 

The next part is screwing the door into the firebox. Now you can bring your door closer after you have completed the preparation. Considering that you are alone, you will have to use your two hands effectively. The first step is to slide the door into the firebox carefully. Again, check and ensure that there is no insulation material that sticks out of the door’s frame. It is evenly important to check that the door is flush to the firebox’s face. Now reach inside using one hand while holding the door with the other. Twist the sheet-metal screws through the L-brackets and into the anchors. Use a socket wrench to tighten the screws into the brick. This will secure the unit and anchor it effectively. Again, moderation is essential while dealing with glass items. Do not tighten the screws too much. This is because you can loosen the anchor or break off the top of the crew.

  • Clamping the door to lintel

Once you have had the door in and screwed the L-brackets, the next step is to clamp the door into the metal lintel. In simple words, you can adjust the clamps holding the door to the top of the firebox. Position your clamps effectively to span the lintel’s depth. Considering that you are holding the door and positioning at the same time, you may need to improvise a little. Finger-tighten the screw to the clamp first. This allows you to attach the hardware to the metal lintel, which provides support. Now that you have some support, you can use a pair of pliers to turn your screws. Tighten it hard enough to achieve firmness but avoid overdoing it. It can destroy the door or bend the clamp.

Once you are done with the process, look at your work. You should take a closer look at your interior design and see if it matches with the new changes. The glass doors are often compatible with a variety of interior themes and present a unique feature in the house.  Again, you should confirm if the glass door is well aligned and the insulating material is well contained. If everything seems to be fine, it is time to enjoy your new fireplace. The process should take you less than two hours. However, take your time depending on your working speed.

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