How to Rip Narrow Boards with a Circular Saw Effortlessly?

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I hope all of you’ve been doing well. I’m also quite enjoying my summer vacation. For some reason, my dinner plan with granny got canceled and so, I thought why not write about something instead of getting bored.

So, today I’ll be talking about a very common question that people ask me these days. My email is full of requests to write about an easy method of using a circular saw and ripping narrow boards. So, here I am, using my moments to do so.

How to Rip Narrow Boards with a Circular Saw

How to Rip Narrow Boards with A Circular Saw

Most of us are familiar with using a regular or hybrid table saw for the process. I have dealt with many narrow boards using my favorite Ryobi table saw earlier. These days I’m using my grizzly table saw more frequently, even if they both do an excellent job at ripping boards.

However, that’s not today’s point anyway. We need a way to use a circular saw and deal with narrow boards. Let’s Go for It!

What You Need for Rip-Cut

You won’t need a bunch of expensive materials for rip cutting, just a few basic regular tools. Here’s a list!

  1. A regular pencil for marking.
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Two clamps for attaching.
  4. A huge piece of board with enough wideness and a-bit extra longer than the narrowness you want.
  5. Stand
  6. Square

A Bit Consideration for Board Measurement

  • Now, this is a point where you should worry and be a little attentive. You need to choose a board depending on the condition. Let’s assume you need a result with 1×2 inches of narrowness. Then add two extra inches for the beginning. Which means, the board should be 2×4 inches with the same thickness.
  • This extra piece would give you better freedom and control over the cut. It works as a guide for the process. You may want to use a cheap board for the process. The blade might cut guide.

Mark Down the Line

  • You need to mark down the ripping line for the beginning cut. For that, simply measure the wide side. In my case, I’m using a 1×2 narrow board. So, I’ll begin with a one-inch side.
  • While ripping, it needs to be half-inch from the end of the board’s wide part. It’s going to be the middle of the board.
  • Use the square and make sure all points are at a similar distance. Now using a pencil, you need to joint every point. It’s pretty much simple but if done wrong, this will ruin the ripping later. So be careful!

Clamp & Put on Stand!

  • Now it’s time to clamp the board you’ll be ripping with a guide. Simply attach them securely and make sure the tightening is enough. If the fitting is loose, it’s going to ruin this project.
  • You need to put the boards in a stand or large table now. Make sure this stand or table is good enough to hold the boards in place without moving while you cut.

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The Ripping Process

  • Now it’s time to rip down the board. You need to hold the circular saw by both hands. Hold it at the end of a narrow board. Now simply start cutting and use minimal pressure to do so. You should not try this with one hand.
  • Never force the saw forward. You should not take many breaks while the process. Try to finish the cut with one try if there is no problem ahead.
  • If there is suddenly any problem, simply turn the saw off. Let the blade stop rolling completely. Only then dare to take it out. This is one common moment where accidents tend to happen. Once you take it out, clear out any obstacles. Then place the tool where you left. Do the same process of cutting again.
  • Once you reach the end of the board, stop the saw. Just like before, let the blade stop rotating completely and then take it out. You are done with a perfect rip!

Some Safety Measurements:

It’s important to use an eye protector for the process. There will be a lot of flying particles that should not go into your eyes. For a similar reason, you should also invest in a good face mask.
Never do the cutting with a single hand. Always use both hands. ‘
Don’t keep the cords in the cutting line. Make sure it is safe from blades.
When you are not cutting, let the saw stay off. Keep the battery removed when not in use.
Check if blades are sharp enough before cutting the board.
Wear some ear protection as well. Especially, if your tool makes a lot of noise.


So, that was all about cutting a narrow board with a circular saw. It’s not hard, anybody can try this. Only make sure you are well prepared with proper safety requirements. Don’t ever take power tools as a joke! These are pretty dangerous and you should not be kidding with them.

I hope the tutorial was easy to understand and you’ll try it out. Let me know if there’s any confusion in the comment section below. I’ll be glad to help you out. Till then Good Luck!

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