How to Select the Right Shower Enclosures or Shower Doors?

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How many times has it been that a rejuvenating shower made all your worries melt away?

A relaxing soak in the tub or a long hot shower has the potential to wash away the down days.A dip in the bathtub is perhaps the cheapest way to loosen up and unwind after a tiring day.

But is a thorough clean up just as cleansing to your mind and body when your environment is a mess?

Not really! To make the most out of your Sunday soak, you must ensure that everything around you, from your shower doors to your bathroom tiles, radiates peace and beauty.

Relaxing showers are much more than simple soap and water.

It is not enough to simply grab an interesting book, light up some scented candles, and jump into the tub for a bath that truly recharges you.

If the interior of your bathroom is a true representation of a fancy spa, that is when you win the shower game.So whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, you need to pay close attention to its interior.

Since a shower is one of the first things the eye notices whenever you step into a bathroom, it sets the theme and the mood for the entire space.

That is why you need to be careful when choosing details related to your shower space, such as the type of shower enclosure and shower glass doors.

Why Should You Invest in Shower enclosures? 

You might wonder why do you need a shower enclosure? Does it increase the functionality of your bathroom?

While it is true that many well-functioning bathrooms do not have a separate cubicle for showering, having a shower glass door is always worth it.

In fact, these enclosures serve a variety of functions that you can’t take for granted.

  • Shower enclosure glass creates a multi-use bathroom space 

A tinted or textured shower glass door allows multiple people to use the bathroom at the same time without compromising on your privacy or modesty.

It allows your partner to brush their teeth while you are washing yourself up, therefore saving valuable time. Even if you prefer not sharing the bathroom with another person at a time, a textured shower door adds an extra layer of security.  But, don’t forget to lock the bathroom door before going into the shower.

  • Protects from soaking in your bath water

The other significant benefit of using a shower enclosure instead of a flimsy shower curtain is, it protects the rest of your bathroom from getting wet when you take a bath.

By doing this, it does not only manage to save you from having to dry the entire bathroom after a shower but also protects the wood and other sensitive materials from damage.

A glass shower door cuts down on bathroom accidents by making it less likely to slip on the wet floor of the bathroom when you walk in the next time.

What Type of Shower Door is Right for Your Bathroom?

Are you ready to get your bathroom a luxurious shower enclosure?

Well, well, well!

You will find a plethora of glass showers available in the market, making you feel overwhelmed to choose the right one. Remember, you need to pick a shower door that complements your bathroom’s design and size.

So, let’s find what different types of shower enclosures are available in the market. And which shower door is the best pick for your contemporary bathroom.

Popular shower enclosure Options:

  1. Quadrant shower enclosures for tiny bathrooms

Homeowners with small bathrooms will never want to waste any space by installing a shower enclosure in the center of the room. Thus, it is best to opt for tucked-away options that use as little space as possible – all the while serving their purpose perfectly.

This is where quadrant shower enclosures come in. Minimalistic and practical, they have their unique charm and are a delight to shower in.

Making use of a corner, they allow you to get the most out of a small bathroom while maintaining their viable and pragmatic ambiance.

  1. D shaped shower enclosure to exude poise and grander 

When saving space is not a concern, go all out with a D shaped shower enclosure.

D shaped enclosures are mainly used where the style is more concerned than size. These shower enclosures can be made into a fashion statement in an edgy bathroom to add oomph to your bathing experience.

D shaped shower enclosures emanate a feeling of opulence and class. These swanky, ritzy shower designs can add a ton of personality to your grand bathroom – upping the aesthetic scale by a great margin.

Here are popular shower door styles:

  1. Going frameless gives your bathroom a minimalist appeal

If you want a grand feel from your master bathroom and have enough budget, a frameless glass door is your best pick.

Having no metal rims, finishing, or borders, a frameless shower glass door offers your luxury bathroom a futuristic look.

With its radiating elegance and refined taste, a frameless shower enclosure glass gives a treasury treat to your space.

This choice has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially in the bathrooms of deluxe hotels and other high-end commercial buildings.

This shower door style is good for creating a more extensive, open shower space instead of a choked-up enclosure.

  1. Sliding shower doors are chic, aesthetic, and functional

A sliding shower door is an ideal choice when you want the perfect mix of style and functionality.

Although frameless glass shower doors are great for the appearance, they are not a very realistic option if you are on a limited budget.

Thus, you can opt for a sliding glass door to keep up the aesthetics while maintaining the functionality.

In addition to this, this style of shower doors also works best when you do not have a lot of space to work with. You can visit for a sliding shower door.

  1. Standard hinged doors are timeless yet classic

The standard pivot or hinged doors remain as much in demand today as they have been ever.

For lots of consumers, it is hard to move on from this timeless classic design, especially when it has been serving them so well all these years.

The fact that they are available in an endless variety of designs also adds to their popularity. With these hinged shower doors, you can add a royal vintage feel to your bathroom.

However, when opting for these doors, keep in mind that they are not very great at saving space. Hence, for small bathrooms, they are not the ideal choice.

For this, you may either opt for a sliding door or a stylish folding shower door. (Read on to know more about these.

  1. For a space-saving, smart approach, consider a folding door 

A bi-fold door is a comparatively newer design in the shower glass doors industry. As the name suggests, this door automatically folds in to open. Moreover, it does not require as much space as a traditional pivot or hinged door.

They allow the user to get in and out of the shower with ease, without hogging all the space in your bathroom.

In addition to that, they are stylish, modern, and exude a tasteful charm. What makes this style popular with the users is the simplicity and ingenuity of the design.

  1. Skip the door altogether with a fixed glass panel 

If the above options are not your cup of tea, go with a simple shower screen to get the best out of your bathroom. It keeps your shower space separate from the rest of the bathroom area.

These shower doors allow you to get in and out of the shower without opening a door. Thus, they are the best bet for someone who wants to keep the rest of their bathroom dry during a shower without dealing with the hassle of shower enclosures.

It is also the cheapest option on the list, keeping your pocket happy and your bank account full.

These are some of the trendiest shower enclosure glass options for your luxury bathroom space. Choose the one depending on your bathroom size and design.

Moreover, consider your bathroom’s texture when choosing a shower door. A frameless door might be an option for a minimalist look. However, a pivot door can be your best pick for bathtub enclosures.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for A Quality Shower Enclosure?

It may cost you as much as $12,500 to $15,000 for an average bathroom renovation, so you must get everything right, including the shower enclosures glass doors.

The prices of shower doors vary, depending on their style and size. Frameless, contemporary shower glass doors fetch the highest price. However, even when considering this style, there is a wide range that you can be looking at spending.

If you choose a simple frameless design, then you could be paying as little as the US $200. But as opt for the higher quality and elaborative design, a single, high-end frameless glass shower door may cost you around $650 or even more.

The cost of installing a new shower enclosure can range from the affordable US $200 to the astounding US $1000.

So, opt for a shower door that is friendly on your pocket.

Wrapping it Up

Though there are lots of shower doors designs and styles available, you have to choose the one that works best for your space. Your personal place also plays a part in what you should pick.

For a smaller bathroom with not much space to spare, you might be better off choosing quadrant shower enclosure, instead of a lavish D shaped one. Likewise, a sliding door or folding one is a more practical option than an older, hinged styled shower door. For the ultimate stylish revamp of your bathroom, you can even go with the hottest sensation of 2022 – frameless shower glass doors.

We hope this guide helps you pick the right shower enclosure for your bathroom space.

Check our catalog of minimalist shower doors to get the one at reasonable prices. You may also consider a custom cut shower door.

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