Safety Measures of Propane Garage Heaters

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Extreme cold causes damage to the vehicles, tools, and equipment organized in your garage. So during winter, it is important to maintain the temperature of your garage at an optimum level to protect your vehicles and other important equipment from the beat of cold.

Credit goes to garage heaters for helping us to warm up our garage in a smart way. And, Propane garage heater is the smartest example of this smart solution.

Every product has some advantages and some risks. To avoid the risks we need to take the safety measures. Research by DIY Tool Expert about the propane garage heaters, this article is organized focusing the risks and safety measures of this heater.

safety measures of propane garage heaters

Risks of Propane Garage Heaters

  1. Carbon Monoxide (CO) production

CO is a natural byproduct of the combustion of propane gas. This tasteless and odorless gas affects hemoglobin molecules in human blood and reduces the concentration of oxygen.

  1. Propane Gas Leak

When an appliance valve or gas line is left open unconsciously, leakage of propane gas occurs which may cause a serious accident.

  1. Flammable Vapor Ignition

If the propane heater comes in contact with the vapor of flammable products such as gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, and solvents the possibility of occurring ignition increases at a high rate.

  1. Odor Loss

Propane has a strong odor that lets you quickly discover a leak with a simple sniff. But, sometimes propane may lose its odor because of the inclusion of air, water, or rust in a propane tank or cylinder.If odor loss occurs it will be difficult for you to discover the leakage of propane.

  1. The risk with Pilot light

The pilot light is a small, constantly burning flame that remains inside the propane garage heater which ignites the main burner.  Sometimes pilot light goes out frequently or it becomes hard to ignite the pilot light which is a sign of a problem with your propane garage heater or propane tank.

Propane Garage Heater Safety Guide

Facts about CO

After turning on heater we generally close the doors and windows properly to prevent the loss of heat and the entrance of cold from outside. But this is a great mistake that can bring serious problems when you are using a propane heater.

It is true that you cannot prevent the generation of CO from your propane garage heater but it is not risky if there is enough ventilation. Risk arises CO stacks in an area due to lack of ventilation.

You may think that if you keep vent in your garage it will cause heat loss and allow the flow of cold air inside your garage. But, don’t worry dear. Propane garage heaters generate enough heat that a small amount of heat loss and the entrance of cold air will not be felt.

Since CO is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas it is a common question that how will you suspect the presence of CO.

A CO detector can help you to detect the presence of CO gas. There is a sensor in this detector that senses the presence of CO and alerts you with an alarm.

If you notice excessive moisture inside your windows and smell burning odor then immediately check the exhaust vents and your propane heater because there is pretty much possibility of such a situation occurs due to CO poisoning.

Moreover, if the propane heater is working and you suddenly feel a headache, dizziness, shortness of breath and nausea the reason behind is the presence of CO. If you feel such discomfort, immediately open windows, turn off the heater and if the case is very serious call 911.

To reduce the risk of CO poisoning check the propane garage heater and the exhaust vents annually with the help of a professional gas service technician.

Facts about Propane Gas Leakage

The leakage of propane gas may cause a serious accident.  So it is important to check the valve or gas line annually with the help of a professional technician.

Facts about Odor loss

Though odor loss is a rare case you must be alert about it to prevent any hazardous situation. To prevent the risk of odor loss it is better to check the fuel level periodically and if you notice that the fuel level is below 20% call immediately the technician.

Facts about Pilot Light

It is better not to ignite the pilot light by yourself. If you face any problem with the pilot light immediately call a professional to solve the problem.

Facts about Safety Features

The manufacturers always try to provide maximum safety by including new and latest safety features in their product. So while buying propane garage heater check that whether it is equipped with the latest safety features such as locking burners, heat-resistant burners, rain or wind-resistant shields, automatic safety devices, etc. or not.

Facts about Maintenance

Proper maintenance is very important to avoid an accident and to enjoy the highest benefit.

The main maintenance work a propane garage heater user must do is to check the ventilation system of a propane heater and propane tank at least once a year. If you suspect any problem or abnormal situation such as excessive soot or yellow flame instead of blue flame do not do late to call a technician.

For perfect maintenance, you have to follow some Dos and Don’ts except the above-mentioned cautions –

  • Do read the manual provided by the manufacturer no matter how much acquainted you are with your chosen propane heater as the manufacturer may bring some changes in their product.
  • Do place the tank upright and on a level surface.
  • Do keep the heater inside a fire-resistant cement board or drywall.
  • Do not keep any combustible spray or any source of ignition near the propane heater.
  • Do not keep the heater directly on plywood.
  • Do not let any physical damage occur on the hose and do not expose them to extreme heat.
  • Do not apply force to the pilot light as it may cause damage to the pilot
  • Do not keep your propane heater turned on if you are away from your home or if you feel sleepy.


Some propane heaters are designed for outdoor usage, not for indoor usage. So, while buying the heater check which kind of heater it is. Do not get overwhelmed by reading the risks of propane garage heater as your propane heater is designed to ensure maximum safety. You just have to remain conscious about its proper maintenance.

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