Table Saw VS Band Saw: Can a Band Saw Replace a Table Saw?

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Sometimes, you may get stuck to decide which one to invest in a table saw vs. band saw. However, it is quite understandable since most of the woodworkers face a similar situation.  Table saws may be very dangerous when not handled carefully compared to a very safe band saw.

Considering these and other features, you may find it hard to decide which one to buy. Therefore, in this essay, we are going to learn more information that will make enable you to come up with the right device. Let us begin by considering the main differences between the two saws.

Table Saw vs. Band Saw

Table saw vs Band saw- Differences


  1. Quality of the cut finish

The accurate machine that gives an incredibly quality cut finish is the table saw. If well-fitted using a sliding table like the one found on the panel saw. The table saw does not only provide a perfect cut but also easy to obtain parallel and square cuts. Besides, when well maintained, the table saw is capable of producing very clean cuttings.

In the case of a band saw, it becomes hectic to achieve the clean cutting even when set to the optimum standard. There is always some saw marks that will remain on the blades. Additionally, it may be challenging to achieve parallel and square cutting because of some obvious reasons.

  1. Set-up

The bandsaw comes with a design that is suitable for use, particularly in a serrated blade. It has a sharp-toothed and long blade. Besides, it is expanded within two major rotating wheels, which set them up hence appearing like the band. This is very crucial since it provides the blades with continuous rotation with horizontal and vertical functions.

On the other hand, a table saw is usually a cutting tool that consists of a circular blade. This blade usually protrudes and mounted from the table. What makes this saw more attractive for many users is its arbor controlled easily with a motor providing an allowance in which you can push the cutting wood while obtaining a straight and accurate cut.

  1. Type of cut

Band saws are the most excellent, especially for making curved cuts. This saw usually works less or more in a similar way, like those of scrolling saws. Therefore, they are appropriate for making scrolling cuts like cabriole legs as well as other cuts that require cool decorative.

A table saw, on the other hand, is useful in making accurate and straight cuts. It is possible to make such precise cuts using the miter gauge or fence slot.  Therefore, this precise cut usually makes the table saw the best tool in making both cross and bot rip cuts.

  1. Beveling power

If you have ever used a bandsaw and table saw, you can agree with me that a table saw provides an excellent Beveling power compared to that of the band saw. Therefore, it is good to look for a table saw if you want to make precise and straight cuts at a given angle.

Besides, you can make use of the manual book for a better understanding, especially on how to perform the best cuts. This will make your entire work more comfortable, thus leaving you with the excellent experience you have ever had. Therefore, make sure that you learn your saw to improve significantly on your touch.

  1. Kerf Size

When you compare the two in terms of kerf size, you will realize that the band saw features of thin blades than those found in a circular blade. As a result, you are therefore using a band saw which may lead to smaller kerf as well as less wood wastage. Additionally, you may get less resistance and sawdust immediately you select to rip through the wood.

On the other hand, those circular saws that come with table saw are more extensive in terms of the size. Due to that, the reverse is very accurate on the table saw. When using a table saw, then be sure of obtaining big kerf, very high resistance, as well as more sawdust.

  1. Depth of the cut

When comparing the two types of saws in terms of their cutting depth, the table saw emerges the winner with the maximum depth cut than that of the bandsaw. Usually, most of the table saw features a depth of about 3.5 inches, unlike the bandsaw used in cutting through most of the thick lumber. Therefore, the bandsaw is more versatile, especially when you compare it with that of the table saw.

  1. Cutting edges

Table saws are the most useful and essential for precise and smooth cutting. These cuts are very straightforward to fix, and as a result, they can give excellent alignment in some instances. On the other hand, the same may not be accurate in the case of the bandsaw. The bandsaw always gives very rough edges immediately after cut, which may be required in providing an extra finishing touch.

  1. Vibrations

Do you want a saw which can give a quiet sound when operating it? If yes, then a bandsaw is the best for the production of silent operation. This band saw is very quiet compared to that of its counterpart. On the contrary, if you require some noise in your workplace, then you can consider going for a table saw in that case.

  1. Cutting power

When it comes to the cutting power of the two saws, then a bandsaw is not much better than that of the versatile counterpart of the table saw. Usually, bandsaw cuts very slowly, making it take much more time than that of the table saw, and cutting power is evident irrespective of how big or small your cutting wood.

  1. Length

In case you need to pass the saw on the entire length of the cutting wood and splitting it, it is good to select a bandsaw. However, if, on the other hand, you want to make very short lengths, you can now go for a table saw.

Comparison table between bandsaw vs. table saw

Table saw

Band saw

No products found.

No products found.

Wide kerf size Thin kerf size
Has a circular saw blade Has narrow metal band blade in one side
Higher cutting power Low cutting power
Large cutting depth Smaller cutting depth
Very high Beveling power Lower Beveling power
Suitable for crosscuts, ripping and even grooves Suitable for scrolling and resawing irregular shapes
Produces high noise Less noise

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bandsaw and a scroll saw?

The main difference between the bandsaw and scroll saw is usually their purpose.  Scrolls are suitable for designing more detailed tasks while, on the other hand, bandsaws are useful in cutting metals and big wood.

What can I use instead of a table saw?

Sometimes, not all the power tools work as the table saw. However, there is an alternative device used in performing the same jobs. Mostly, a router table is the best alternative to use in the absence of a table saw in performing such similar work.

What is the best table saw for home use?

The best table saw suitable for home use is the SawStop PCS175 table saw. However, you can use JET 708675PK as an alternative.


To conclude, the choice of selecting whether the table saw vs. bandsaw usually depends on several factors. The most important being the budget and floor space in your workshop. The saws do not operate in the same way despite having some similar features which they share.

Therefore, as a woodworker, ensure that you select a model that provides you with an easy time when operating it. Before purchasing your best saw, it is good to list down your needs, and then you can go for an ideal saw that is good for you.

In addition to that, if you encounter any difficulties when using our saws, you can comfortably visit our website for more information. Our site provides legit information that helps our potential customers with ease understanding of the usage of the product.

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