Table saw versus Miter saw: which one is first need for DIY’er?

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Nowadays, the existence of power saws has dramatically transformed the woodworking industry providing the DIY’ers enough energy needed in creating large projects within a short period. Therefore, comparing table saw versus miter saw will be of great importance, especially when you want to get the best out of the two.

Miter saws and table saws are the most saws widely used in many workshops. If you want to engage in woodwork activities and gain carpentry skills, it is good to own either of the two saws. In this guide, therefore, we will discuss how the two saws differ so that to enable you to select your best.

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Table saw VS Miter saw

Comparison between a table saw, and miter saw (differences)

Before we look at their main differences, let us first begin to understand what a miter saw and table saw are.

  • Miter saw- this is a device that has a circular blade closely fixed to the arm of the swing and can be brought down to the entire workpiece so that to make any cut. It is almost the same as a table saw, but it uses a circular rotating blade in cutting wood. Besides, the miter saw is useful for specific tasks, unlike the table saw, which is too general.
  • Table saw- unlike a miter saw, a table saw is usually a flat table fitted with a saw blade that allows the user to make several cuts. The machine has a circular saw blade that originates from the surface of the entire table to the slit.

Therefore, below are some of the differences between the miter saw and table saw that you need to understand.

  1. Function

To begin with, table saws are suitable for use in the general purpose of cutting various tools. They are capable of cutting substantial materials but not known precisely. What makes the table saw the best is its capability of making crosscuts as well as long rip-cuts.

On the other hand, a miter saw is a powerful tool specially designed to make very accurate crosscuts. For instance, the average miter saw is capable of making crosscuts that lie between 6-8 inches, which may vary depending on the model. However, this device offers a minimal cut than that of the table saw.

  1. Working principle

For a table saw, the rotating blades are always in a fixed position. Therefore, to make a good cut, you need to move the wood stock near the rotating blades of the saw. In the case of the miter saw, you need to fix the entire inventory on top of the table and grab the wood for you to make the required cut.

  1. Portability

When it comes to portability issues, a miter saw emerges as the top pick since you can move them quickly from one place to another. Therefore, in case you have a variety of tasks located in different areas, then it is good to choose a miter saw in that case. Notably, the miter that has a rolling stand is very portable, which is handy to most professionals.

  1. Price

Generally, a miter saw and a table saw costs almost the same, especially when gotten from the same reputable brand. However, sometimes the price may vary depending from one shop to another where a table saw may tend to be costly than a miter saw. Therefore, you need to compare their prices despite the small range, which makes the difference.

  1. Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, a miter saw is the best, especially for those who need to have a bevel cut on the woods and precision miter cutting or even very soft materials such as plastic. Table saw are also the best in doing similar tasks like a miter saw, but produces high chances of making mistakes when trying to make precision cuts.

Additionally, when using a table saw to make such precision cutting, it tends to take longer than expected in miter saws. Usually, this table saw needs extra accessories such as miter gauge and sleds with the availability of extension, so that makes very precise crosscuts as well as miter cuts.

  1. Versatility

Under normal circumstances, a miter saw does not cut substantial pieces of wood like in the case of a table saw. Usually, a table saw is capable of making any cut with deficient levels of precision. You can buy several accessories for use with this table saw like miter gauge, which simplifies the work hence making cuts at a particular angle.

Therefore, it is good to understand that a table saw is highly versatile, which requires advanced skills and knowledge of carpentry. For the beginners of woodworkers, never attempt to make any beveled cuts or angles on the table saw since you might increase the occurrence of some risks.

  1. Level of danger

All power tools are dangerous, mostly when not handled carefully. Therefore when using them, ensure that you follow the instructions strictly from the manufacturer. However, table saws show high chances associated with risks than a miter saw.

Most of the injuries from miter saw occur due to kickback that results when the blades get into contact with the wood pulling the hands of the user closer to the blade or even throwing the wood near to their face. At times, the injuries associated with miter saws are a result of the user trying to remove the hand which holds the wood and, in the process, causes the injuries to occur.

  1. Level of precision

When comparing the two saws in terms of their level of precision, we can conclude that a miter saw is highly precise since it holds the wood snugly from the back of the saw for the entire cutting. In the case of a table saw, the wood is always in constant motion, and there are some variations in pressure, making the wood pushed to the blade.

Comparison table between a table saw, and miter saw

Table saw

Miter saw

No products found.

No products found.

Less precision More precision
Associated with a high level of risks Fewer chances of risks
More versatile Less versatile
Highly expensive Less expensive
Has a fixed blade position Has moving blade position
Relatively heavy Lightweight and portable
Suitable for build furniture and cabinet Suitable for framing and base molding

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better a miter saw, or table saw?

A miter saw is the best for cutting tools that are below 12 inches long. Besides, it is useful for cutting bevels and angles and used mostly in cutting trim

Should I buy a miter saw or table saw first?

It is advisable to buy a table saw first. This is because it can do anything that a miter saw does.

What is the best table saw for a beginner?

The best overall table saw is DEWALT DW745, followed by Bosch 4100-09

What can I use instead of a table saw?

In the absence of a table saw, you can use a router table in performing the same task.


After going through this article, I hope you can comfortably tell which saw is the best between the table saw and miter saw. When using this tool, remember to follow the safety instructions from the manufacturer to avoid the occurrence of any risks. From the above, you can agree with me that miter saw is the best to use by both beginners and professionals.

However, if you have any questions concerning table saw versus miter saw, feel free to visit our website for more information. On our site, you will find lots of details that will enable you to make use of our products maximumly.

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