What size drill press do I need: Need to know before buy

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Sometimes, a drill press helps to make work easy, whether you are using it to drill hogging mortise, cutting a piece of wood, countersinking pilot holes, or even hinging cup recesses. It is one of the most accurate and versatile tools needed by every woodworker. However, the question remains, what size drill press do I need?Bench

Therefore, to understand this better, we need to look at excellent and salient features that will enable us to get the right size for the drill press. Take your time to go through this article carefully to get a better clue of the correct size that is suitable for you.

do i need a drill press for woodworking

Factors to consider before choosing the size drill press you need to have?

To choose the right size for you, we need first to understand the following parameters before making the decision in which one to purchase. Let’s go.

  • Drilling capacity

When it comes to drilling capacity, there are two main measurements to consider, especially when sizing up your drill press. The first measurement to consider is the distance of the swing, also called the throat distance.

Also, on the second measurement, it results from the height of the support column defined as the maximum distance between the base and chuck. Therefore, the bigger the sizes of the swing and height, the more materials it can hold.

  • Availability of drilling speed

Some jobs require different drilling speed. For instance, you will always need to use a benchtop drill press with relatively high speed when drilling the wood or a hole saw with the same material. Besides, most of the drill press comes with different speed functions. However, the more extensive the range of speed, the higher its price becomes.

Alternatively, the more extensive speed range available, the better flexible the drill press becomes for performing a wide range of tasks. It is good to avoid purchasing a drill press that comes with a single-speed function or the one that requires stopping and swapping them for adjustment.

  • Modern features

Nowadays, various drill press features come with different features with delta 18 inches model demonstrating current whistles and bells. With this specific model, customers have the right to choose from 16 spindles, which matches different materials such as hardwood, brass, steel, Aluminum, and softwood.

Additionally, the instruction guide comes with an excellent chart, which is very useful in matching the speed of the drill press to the right combination of the material and bit.

The presence of Delta 18-inches provides an automatic tensioning, which allows quick and easy changes of the speed with the consistent alignment of the motor.

Also, another essential thing to consider in a drill press is the type of crosshair laser alignment, which gives the required accuracy to the owner. For twin laser beams, they are adjustable, ultimately thus projecting the bright crosshair target on the entire workpiece where the two come into contact.

  • Straight edge fence

Usually, a straight edge is a guide that is useful in mounting the support table of the drill press. At this point, you can move the workpiece closer to the fence on a straight line, thus making the user achieve drilling identical and repetitive holes on the stock.

To make such a fence, choose a straight board that will enable the workpiece to align in a very straight line. Determine the width of your drill press by measuring it on the work support table.

Next, crosscut to the required length with an addition of four. Screw the blocks on the edges of the fence to flush their outer edges with those edges of the board.

To use it appropriately, you can mark the lines on the holes which need to be drilled on the entire workpiece and immediately flush it to make the drill to be in connection with the point f contact. Begin by drilling the first hole and immediately slide the entire workpiece on the fence while continuing with the rest of the holes.

  • Chuck capacity

Chuck is usually the portion used in holding the drill bits during use. Therefore, any size that you choose will have some effects on the maximum length of the shank on the drill bits and other accessories that you are capable of using with the drill press.

The size of the chunk increases with an increase in the power of the motor in which it is fitted. With the presence of high power presses warranting, the chuck usually features the additional capacity with the torque for turning large drill bits.

Some of the standard sizes of chuck mostly used include 1/2’’ together with that of 5/8’’. Those large drill presses usually come with chuck capacity that is large enough about ¾’’. Mini drills have a small size of about 1/4’’ which is common despite having a small size and low power output of the motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 10 drill press mean?

It is usually the distance from the center of the entire spindle up to the edge of the column, and then you double it. For instance, if you measure 7 inches, then you will have a 14-inch drill press.

What is runout on a drill press?

Runout is simply the quantity of wobble found in the drill press when rotating. It is approximately measured in 1/1000 inch and tested with a dial indicator.

How many watts does a drill press use?

A drill press uses a very powerful motor that is electric in spinning the drill bits. Therefore, 212 watts is suitable for use.

How many watts does a hammer drill use?

A hammer drill usually uses about 550 watts that work perfectly well and provide more experience.


In general, deciding on the best size of the press drill requires extensive research on several factors discussed above. More critical, chuck capacity, as well as the drilling capacity, should be the priority to choose from.  Therefore, make sure you purchase the right size of the drill press that will always satisfy your tasks.

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