Best Air Impact Wrench Under $100 (2022- Reviews)

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Best Air Impact Wrench under $100

If you own a garage, car, or work in a construction site, an air impact wrench is one ideal tool you will not want to miss.  This tool comes in different sizes, colors, shapes, and power sources. Therefore, all these options enable you to pick the best gadget that will suit your work environment. This device has numerous uses, but one primary function is to tighten the bolts and nuts much quicker and easier.  Therefore, if you are looking for the best air impact wrench under $100, here is a list of the best tools in the market:

In our guide, we are going to review the top 5 air impact wrench tools available in the market. All these devices are well designed and equipped with incredible features, but our research directs us to the Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench. It’s the top tool to buy, and many professionals recommend people to buy this device since it accompanies incredible features and technology.

What Are The Best Air Impact Wrench Under $100?

Here are some of the best air impact wrench under 100 we found:

1. Best Cheap Air Impact Wrench: Campbell Hausfeld 1/2″ Impact Wrench, Air Impact Driver (TL140200AV), 550 FT/LBS Torque
2. Best Air Ratchet Under $100: AIRCAT 1076-XL 3/8″ Compact Composite Impact Wrench,Silver & Grey
3. Best Budget Pneumatic Impact Wrench: Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench – 450ft/lb
4. Best Air Impact Wrench For The Money: Berkling Tools 2443J Mini Compact 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench – Pneumatic, Light Weight, Jumbo Hammer, Composite Handle | Fits in the Palm and Easily Get Into Tight Confined Space
5. Best Budget 1/2 Impact Wrench: Aircat 1056-XL-1/2″ Nitrocat Composite Compact Impact Wrench

What are the Top 05 best air impact wrench under 100 dollars? The following 05 best air impact wrench under 100 have been tested and rated by professional mechanics:


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1. Best Cheap Air Impact Wrench: Campbell Hausfeld 1/2″ Impact Wrench, Air Impact Driver (TL140200AV), 550 FT/LBS Torque

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More often, our cars experience mechanic breakdowns, and this forces us to drag the vehicle to the nearest shop. However, you can prevent these embarrassments by buying an excellent air impact wrench like the Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench. This best cheap air impact wrench can sometimes help make repairs and modifications in the car. The tool comes with numerous features, as highlighted below:


With a decent air impact wrench, a user can without much effort fix brakes, loosen or tighten bolts, and repair exhausts. The Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench is such one product that will help you handle all these problems.

High-performing motor:

The incredible motor of this device, with the highest speed of 8500 RPM and total torque of 550 foot-pounds, is sufficient to do any car fix task rapidly and efficiently. The entirety of this power arrives in a small bundle that gauges a mere 8 ounces. The smaller and lightweight nature of the device enables users to manage the tool with prominent comfort and control. Currently, clients of all sizes and shapes may utilize this tool with minimal troubles.

Comfortable grasp:

Besides being amazing and light to work with, the Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV is agreeable also. This is all gratitude to its soft comfort grasp holds just as its light housing. This lessens worries and fatigue and permits clients to work for a long time without experiencing body cramps and pains.

Tension Accuracy:

The Best Air Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts is equipped with a three-speed power controller, which gives you the authority to manage the speed according to your prerequisite. Acquiring the precise tension is the principal intention anyway. Consequently, with three-speed power controller modes, you can manage the tight lug bolts with proper pressure and control. Additionally, they are effectively movable.


  • it is affordable
  • It has multiple speeds
  • Its equipped with 1,200 impacts per minute
  • It easy to carry.


  • Reported cases of power problems.

2. Best Air Ratchet Under $100: AIRCAT 1076-XL 3/8″ Compact Composite Impact Wrench,Silver & Grey

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This best 3/8 Air Impact Wrench is considered one of the top tools in the market. And in terms of performance and sound operation, its ranked top. A lot of experts advise people to buy this machine, and this is due to the numerous features and innovations it comes with. The company ensures that they equipped with the necessary components that will satisfy the needs of customers. Well, here are the features users will find in this tool:


Aircat’s Patented Innovation:

With regard to patented innovation, Aircat doesn’t let down. The company utilizes a licensed ergonomic structure to reduce signs of tiredness and stress on your hands. The licensed handle gives equivalent weight dispersion for a more excellent grasp and equalization. Hence, this innovation makes it simpler and progressively comfortable for the client, mainly when utilized over an extended time.

Another patented innovation generated by Aircat is the exhaust suppressor innovation. This ensures that the air has passed through with no backpressure. In actuality, it holds more power and less clamor, which makes this quality exceptionally helpful for its clients. Simultaneously, the protected exhaust configuration lessens any potential dangers clients can receive from breathing in the depleted air particles just as keeping any from getting into the eyes.

Patented silencing innovation:

This impact wrench is favored by numerous individuals all over the world. And this due to the patented innovation, the company consolidates in the machine to keep the sound levels low. The device is excellent at what it does, and that as well, without awakening the whole neighborhood.

Patented comfort grasp:

This impact wrench includes a protected, ergonomically made handle that assists with assuaging pressure and exhaustion on your hands, wrists, and arms. Besides, the covered handle gives equivalent weight dispersion for a better grasp and parity. Hence, this innovation makes it simpler and progressively comfortable for the client, mainly when utilized for a long time.

Jumbo hammer mechanism for solidness:

This feature enhances the impact and durability of the model while lessening vibrations during activity. During operation, the tool can create maximum torque of up to 550 flubs and unbelievable speed.

It’s portable:

The device is truly versatile and an excellent selection for those who like to move around a lot. With only a load of 2.5 lbs, the device is portable and straightforward to carry.


  • It’s simple to carry
  • The tool can generate variable speeds
  • It’s simple to use and affordable
  • This device is strong
  • It provides incredible performance.


  • Poor design
  • Can’t manage heavy tasks

3. Best Budget Pneumatic Impact Wrench: Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench – 450ft/lb

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Highlighting one of the slimmest impact wrench plans in the business, the best 1/2 pneumatic impact wrench  Astro ONYX 1/2” Nano is a preeminent decision for working in tight spaces and with negligible space for mobility. This Best Budget Air Impact Wrench displays the ideal balance of power (450 ft./lb. max torque) and low-profile design(3.85”) to serve car experts in transmission and motor situations, and beyond.


Great performance:

This Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench is simple to use, and it is equipped with a maximum torque of 450ft-pounds. This has a short profile and is amazingly lightweight. This arrives in a creative twin hammer design, and you can utilize it advantageously. In addition, this possesses three configurations, each for forward and reverse, and has experienced thorough tests for conveying better execution.

Ideal design:

This is likewise fantastically strong and improves any powerless points. This has conservative housing making it exceptionally simple to store. Moreover, it has excellent adjusting to the airline and has fluctuated speed levels. This will give you higher unwavering quality and carries out the work a lot simpler. This is additionally very affordable and allows you to have simple access to things. It is one of the cheaper and best impact wrenches to purchase.

Simple handling:

For a remarkable control system at all times, clients can depend on the ergonomic, customized grasp of the Astro ONYX 1/2” Nano Impact Wrench. With raised finger dividers and sufficient space for all hand sizes to position comfortably, it’s a generally impressive wrench!


With a load of only 3lbs, there’s no client tiredness included when utilizing the wrench reliably for the day. This assists with facilitating shop work and may improve the exactness of work to evade issues such as stripped strings or over-torqued jolts.


  • Simple to transport and carry.
  • It has an Innovative structure and multiple configurations.
  • Simple to use
  • The tool has better control buttons


  • The Accessories are often sold independently, not given with the bundle


4. Best Air Impact Wrench For The Money: Berkling Tools 2443J Mini Compact 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench – Pneumatic, Light Weight, Jumbo Hammer, Composite Handle | Fits in the Palm and Easily Get Into Tight Confined Space

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Next, it is this remarkable Berkling Tools 2443J Mini Compact 1/2” Air Impact Wrench. With a sticker price of $99.00, this tool is genuinely among the cheap tools to include in your list. Regardless of this affordable price tag, though, this tool has managed to incorporate many helpful highlights into this all-around designed gadget.


Patented Design one Hand F/R Switch:

The best air impact wrench under $100 is to persuade when using the machine also. Clients can, without much effort, alter the direction with one hand. The F/R selector lever is situated behind the trigger and is effectively thumb-accessed, mainly when using it in a squeezed room. Unique to this gadget is the ability to be used by the left or right-handed repairman.

Sturdy composite housing:

The housing of this 2443J tool is a secure and highly resistant composite plastic material. It is reliable and durable, and it can withstand incredibly under low-temperature surroundings. Similarly, it’s able to shield the device from any kind of damage. Another advantage of composite housing is it can protect cold air in the handle while chipping away at the undertaking.

Jumbo hammer design:

Small and sturdy, this 2443J 1/2” thickset mini wrench outfit with Jumbo Hammer provides powerful 850 ft-lb nut-busting breakaway torque, high capacity to-weight proportion: 550 ft. – lbs. of invert torque. The hammer structure is designed for excellent heated treated metal; make it extreme and intense can last a long time of regular usage.

Amazing nut-busting torque:

Despite its small size, this tool can generate 850 ft-lb nuts busting torque will make your most challenging task simpler.

Adaptable switch:

The machine has two Torque Switch configurations for maximum and low in forward and inverts mode. This button is additionally easily surveyed with one hand when in a small room.

Comfortable handle:

The tool has an ergonomics handle to forestall tiredness and cold touch.


  • More reduced and lightweight
  • Comfortable and easy to understand make
  • Decreases exhaustion on arms, wrists, and hands.


  • Very costly
  • Gets dirty quickly

5.Best Budget 1/2 Impact Wrench: Aircat 1056-XL-1/2″ Nitrocat Composite Compact Impact Wrench

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If you are looking for a good Best 1/2 Air Impact wrench, then this AIRCAT ½” Compact composite compact wrench is the top in the market. While not conspicuous, the gadget is powerful and actively build.


Patented Comfort Grasp and Power:

Also, this best 1 2 Air Impact Wrench has an ergonomically made handle to offer relaxation and keep the hands safe and reduce fatigue. Furthermore, the licensed through-the-handle exhaust eradicates debris and directs it away from the eyes when working. It additionally has a customizable power controller permitting you to changes speeds as you need for various tasks.

Solid Jumbo Hammer:

The best 1/2 inch air impact wrench is equipped with a drive air impact wrench that is finely designed to handle any tough works and bolts.

Patented quieting innovation:

The tool is much calm than most other impact torques, creating approximately 86db at most significant pressure.


  • It generates a quieter sound.
  • Can handle tough jobs
  • Durable


  • Reported cases of design problems

Our New Article:

Why Do We Use an Air Impact Wrench?

An air impact wrench is one such device that appears to be convenient. However, you might be reluctant to buy one. There are many ways that you can utilize this tool, and whether you are planning to use it at the shop, or work the variety available can help you complete tasks efficiently and faster. When planning to buy any of the above air impact wrenches, it’s vital to know its uses.

Loosening Tightened Nuts and Bolts:

First, any nut or fastener that is attached by a device is much stronger than the standard attachment of your handheld device. Even though you may be able to release one with a typical wrench, it will take time and effort and cause accidents. An air impact wrench has the strength and ability to quickly eject these fixed screws from the machine to simplify the process and speed up your activities. Your air blower helps these wrenches, so you undoubtedly have more power than your own hands and body. This implies that you can loosen these screw pieces immediately without injuring yourself.

Securing Heavy Items:

Locking tools such as a shelf in the garage that carries heavy equipment, brackets where bicycles are stored, and other heavy machines that may require the extra security of a more massive bolt to support the weight. Using an air impact wrench simplifies and speeds up configuration.

Fixing cars, Engines, and Lawnmowers:

Everyone realizes that to change a tire, the nuts must be secure and extremely strong to keep it from loosening while driving. An air impact wrench may assist you in securing the fasteners so that the wheel doesn’t come out while riding and ensure that the hub cap and wheels stay in place. You may as well utilize an air impact wrench when operating engines and machines like lawnmowers and other small motors that require a fixed nut or screw. The motors vibrate during operation, so they must be so tight that the sections do not fall out during use. An air impact wrench may assist in ensuring that your nuts are fast and secure so that you may have an excellent encounter instead of a separate fly.

Features to Consider When Buying an Air Impact Wrench

The need for a decent air impact wrench is critical. And with the numerous devices available at your disposal, it is imperative to select the correct item to save your time and guarantee you receive an incentive for your cash. Notwithstanding, picking a decent air impact wrench should not be overwhelming as you only have to look at the following factors:

  • Application

Various undertakings will need a different measure of torque; thus, the impact wrench you purchase ought to be perfect for the planned use. Likewise, the frequency of utilization additionally matters since some models are intended to withstand continual use, while others appear to lose power, the more you utilize them.  In any case, it is as well essential to remember that there are tools that are intended for multipurpose use and can deal with nearly anything you toss at them. In any case, these are frequently expensive.

  • Torque

The measure of torque that the air impact wrench gives additionally matters a lot as it figures out what you can utilize it for. Fundamentally, the higher the torque, the more powerful and flexible the device. However, more often, you may not even require a tool with an extremely high torque since even low torque air impact wrenches can, in any case, handle basic tasks such as slackening little jolts. Thus, before you pay out money on a high-torque tool, you should be sure that you will require such power.

  • Airflow

As the name depicts, the air wrench needs an air compressor to function, and thus, while picking one, you have to ensure it has sufficient airflow. A lot of producers will possess an airflow rating unmistakably marked on the device or in its portrayal; thus, while picking the device you want, you have to ensure it will fit for your designated use. Secondly, you have to monitor the base hose measuring and arrange it with the suggested adaptor embellishments. With this, you can ensure that no air is lost between the apparatus and the compressor.

  • Weight

The weight of this device matters a lot, and this is because it held in hand for a long time. A decent air impact wrench ought to be sufficiently lightweight so that it can move quickly and also enable the user to hold it for a long time without experiencing any fatigue on the hand.

  • Speed

With regards to the speed, you should carefully look at both the impacts per minute and no heap speed. Impacts per minute imply the number of hammers strikes that happen in a moment. With a maximum number of hammer strikes, the rate of the device therefore increases. The no heap speed then again must be low in light of the fact that higher burden speed will bring about lesser torque. This will identify with the less force and terrible showing of the air impact wrench.

  • Size

These devices are generally utilized in tight places. That is the reason the machine needs to possess a little profile. However, by the end of the day, your prerequisite and venture decide the size that will suit your necessities. While the littler ones are effective for little and tight areas, the drawback is that they have minimal power and torque. Henceforth, it is tied in with finding some balance between size and strength.

  • Ergonomics

It is essential to discover an air impact wrench that suits the grasp of your hand and is likewise agreeable to hold. The handle ought to be ergonomic and designed with top-notch material so it can forestall hand weakness and give you the best grasp.

How to Use an Air Impact Wrench? 

  1. The first step is to grease this air impact wrench before you start to use it
  2. Next, ensure that you have connected the compressed air hose pipeline properly
  3. Check the socket to a certain that it’s working correctly and in perfect working condition.
  4. Direct your air impact wrench to the targeted nut/ blot
  5. Press the trigger button to guarantee impact during fixing or loosening of the bolt etc.

Schedule Maintenance of Air Impact Wrench

Never utilize inappropriate sockets or Bits:

When you are using an impact wrench tool, the sockets orbit that go with it are similarly as significant. In the event that you utilize an inappropriate outlet, there will be a peril of breakages to other parts. Likewise, it can lead to accidents and mishaps.

Always check the Cords regularly:

You are recommended not to abuse any power device by dropping it or hauling it along. More often, hold the handle after making sure that it is turned off. Consistently monitor the codes for signs of wear and tear. As a user, you are always advised not to use a tool that has damaged cords. Therefore, it becomes vital to fix and replace the device instantly.

Monitor the Parts Regularly:

In the event that any pieces of the impact wrench display any signs of damage or are not adjusted appropriately, it must be fixed before further use. Always utilize the services of a certified professional for fix and guidance. If the device fails to start when you turn it on, you are recommended to have it reviewed and fixed.

Clean and Maintain Accessories:

Never store your device in wet places or extreme temperatures. Always make sure it’s extremely clean and don’t have any dirt.  Aggregated debris may lead to misalignment or sticking of the parts, which may damage the device itself.

Utilize just Recommended Cleaners and Grease:

Make sure that all the parts of the impact wrench are well greased with the producer’s recommended lubricant only. Grease up the impact tool, valves, and different sections according to rules in your guide. In the event that you have an oil-filled engine, replace the oil according to instructions. With air packed impact wrenches, it is essential to make sure that the right air flows with standard testing. You should preclude any breaks or damage to the device before utilizing it.

Never use Excessive Torque:

Using extra torque can distort the studs and attachments with which you use. This can prompt risky mishaps. Cover your device with a defensive cover to shield it from the components.


An air impact wrench will consistently make tasks such as tire rotation, exhaust fixes, and brake fixes quicker and more straightforward as it loosens and fixes bolts quickly. However, similar to some other power machines, you are always recommended to pick the best air impact wrench by considering the above features. What’s more, there is no need to go around looking for the top tool, as our air impact wrench review will direct you to the right tool. All you have to do now is pick the best air impact wrench under$100 that suits all your particular needs.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”When should you not use an impact wrench?” answer-0=”The wrench can almost fix anything, but if you have forgotten to oil it, you are advised not to use the tool. For safe usage, it becomes vital to oil the tool after and before use. Needless to say, you should as well not use a wrench that has distorted cords. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How powerful of an air impact wrench do I need?” answer-1=”The amount of power you need in a wrench usually depends on the errands that you do. If you want a tool for heavy tasks, it always better to buy at least 800-900 ft.lbs of power. For little jobs, 300-500 ft.lbs of power may be enough” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the best air impact wrench for auto repair?” answer-2=”Every model will be right for all people. You have to consider the above factors when shopping for one.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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