Best Battery Powered Pole Saw (Review – 2022)

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The battery-operated pole saws are available in different models and brands in the market. This has made it extremely difficult for buyers to identify which is the best battery powered pole saw for them. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best performing battery operated pole saw currently available in the market.

From our list of the best battery operated pole saw in the market, we did find The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw as the best performing. This pole saw emerged top due to its superior length of up to 14 ft that made it possible to reach high and difficult to get branches. It uses a lithium-ion battery which can work well on other tools that are compatible with Black and Decker tools.

What are the Top 05 best battery powered pole saw? The following 05 battery powered pole saw has been tested and rated by professional woodworker:

Top 05 Best Battery Powered Pole Saw Reviews

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Product-01: BLACK+DECKER LPP12022V MAX Pole Saw

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For decades now, Black & Decker has been known for supplying some top power tools in the market. One of their top products is the BLACK+DECKER LPP12022V MAX Pole Saw. This pole saw is capable of getting the job quickly done when it comes to cutting the trees and branches’ limbs.

This saw is well powered using a 20V battery that can be used on other tools that are Black and Decker Compatible. The battery offers power to up to 100 cuts. This is an indication that this pole saw is meant for serious tasks and it offers long-lasting performance.

Its extension is great for different situations and can be set to 6.5-10 ft.  This enables a total reach of 14 ft which makes it possible to prune and trim branches that are hard to reach.

Its lightweight design leads to a prolonged overheat that is used minimally thus tiring its users. The saw has also been designed to easily get to the spots that other types of pole saws are not able to get without putting lots of strain on its user.

You can always disassemble the saw and pack it up for convenient and easy storage. It also comes with a two year warranty period which covers you well in case of any technical issue.


  • Comes with a superior length of 14’ ft
  • Its lithium-ion battery can be used on other compatible Black& Decker Tools
  • Has a great cutting power
  • Very durable


  • The extension is restricted to two lengths


Product-02: DEWALT DCPS620M1 Pole Saw

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This is among the most affordable battery-operated pole saws in the market. It is a perfect choice for homeowners who are interested in something affordable to help them carry out their pruning and cutting tasks.

Although it lacks a super high reach, it comes with an extension pole that has a 15-inch reach. This ensures it offers a perfect height that should help in most of the pruning tasks around the home.

The DEWALT DCPS620M1 Pole Saw uses a brushless motor that can make up to 96 cuts in a single charge on a 4 by 4-inch pine wood that has been pressure treated.

It comes with a metal bucking strip together with a tree hook which offers a very long-lasting cutting grip and is easy to use in removing pruned branches. It also comes with an 8-inch low kickback that helps in complimenting the chain and bar.

It comes with a very secure and durable locking system that helps in ensuring the extended pole remains in place whenever making cuts.


  • It is quite affordable
  • Comes with a great locking system
  • Uses a brushless motor
  • Offers a long-lasting cutting grip


  • Not capable of cutting thick branches

Product-03: Greenworks 20672 2.0 AH Battery 8.5′ 40V Pole Saw

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The Greenworks 20672 is a top electric pole saw that is well fitted to offer you with power and freedom you will require whenever you are cutting high from a distance. The electric start will enable you to fire up the tool with very minimal effort.

This pole saw is also well powered by 40V lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and allows for up to 65 cuts on a single charge.

The lithium-ion battery can be used on other tools that are compatible with Greenworks. This makes it a valuable addition to the Greenworks tool users. This pole saw comes with an 8-inch bar together with a chain which makes it easier for you to trim branches from a certain distance.

In case you are in need of adjusting the chain, the chain system of this saw has been designed to enable easy tightening and adjustments that will help save you valuable time.

It comes with an aluminum shaft that extends to a length of 8 ft making it capable of getting to higher branches and reduces unnecessary strain and stretching when in use. This helps in preventing injury or soreness on the user.  This saw enables for plenty of use and its battery allows for quick recharge when compared to other models.


  • Comes with a 40V battery which allows for 65 cuter on a single charge
  • Has an automatic oiler that helps in keeping the chain and bar well oiled
  • Has a three-piece shaft that extends to 8ft


  • Uses oil very fast
  • Its use is very limited depending on the life of the battery


Product-04: WORX WG323 20V 10″ Pole Saw

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The WORX WG323 ranks way above the average standards of a pole saw since it can also be used as a chainsaw. Its double use is achieved by the use of the detachable extension pole which can get to a maximum length of 10ft. Its overall design weighs 10.4 pounds meaning it is a pretty lightweight pole saw hence, can be used for longer stretches without causing fatigue to the user.

It comes with an over the mold soft grip that offers enhances comfort helping in maintaining a great grip whenever it is being used. This helps in preventing fatigue on the hand. The 20V of this saw belongs to the Power share platform of the WORX. This makes it possible for the WORX owners to enjoy the extra benefit of having spare 20V batteries whenever they are using this pole saw.

The chain of this saw is well equipped with a lubrication system and an auto-tension system. This helps in keeping the chain well oiled for great performance as the latter helps in maintaining an ideal chain tension.

This pole saw is a perfect choice that helps in sheering away the high branches that are difficult to get to. It does not matter if it is a pruning job or a quick clean up job, this pole saw is capable of getting to the hard to reach places.


  • It can work as a chainsaw.
  • Comes with a long 10 ft reach
  • It has a highly rechargeable battery
  • Offers great performance


  • Charge time of the battery is not fast
  • Not that durable

Product-05: Greenworks PSPH40B210 40V Cordless Pole Saw

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The Greenworks has come up with another product again that has made it to our top five best battery operated pole saws list. The Greenworks PSPH40B210 offers lots of versatility and strength. It comes with a G-max 40V battery that acts as the power source.  This saw also boasts of having a 20-inch steel blade capable of powering through the tight branches with lots of ease and acts tough on tasks that not all the pole saws can act on.

It comes with an automatic oiler that helps in ensuring the chain and bar are well lubricated every time guaranteeing great performance. It comes with a translucent oil tank that makes it possible for one to be aware of the levels of oil to ensure you can always fill it whenever it is necessary. The chain has been tethered and has a chain tensioning system which helps in keeping the chain tension set to the right amount whenever it is in use. This helps in avoiding tightening and allows for the saw to work in the best way possible.

Its edge trimmer attachment offers a completely unique opportunity to the pole to work on the shrubbery and the hedges well. The tool is of multi-functional design and offers the best raw power which enables users to get the most out of it.


  • Comes with a powerful 40V battery
  • 20” steel blade employed enables heavy-duty cutting
  • The chain is well tethered and comes with a chain tensioning system
  • Has an automatic oiler


  • A bit heavier than other poles in the market
  • Quite expensive

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How to Choose The Best Battery Powered Pole Saw

Buying Guide

The wide variety of battery power pole saw in the market has made it difficult for buyers to identify which is the best for their task.  Whenever you are shopping for a battery power pole saw, the factors below will help you in narrowing down your options to one that suits your task best.


When we were looking at this factor, we did assume that the pole saw weight was as low as possible. This is a fact for almost all the garden tools out in the market. When doing our research, we did figure out that it was possible to cut more weight faster if you place the angle bar right and let it drop by itself as you place light pressure on the pole upwards. This is what made weight to be an important factor that any buyer needs to consider when shopping for the best battery power pole saw in the market. 


Variations in power are not that broad when it comes to batteries as the source of power is always limited. Batteries of low amperage are known to last longer but they always have less power as batteries with high amperage will have more power to cut although they will need to be recharged on a frequent basis.  Pole saw with a power output of 8 amps will make up for a good ideal ground.

Pole saws having high amperage with lots of weight and a user who uses the right technique will cut faster. This will mean you might end up using less battery than the amount of battery you would have used with a less powerful saw.


It is important that you ensure the saw you will be using comes with a battery with a long life. No person likes the idea of having to stop in the middle of a cutting task to recharge the batteries. Before you settle on any pole saw, ensure that you get important information concerning the power life of the battery the saw is using. You can also consider getting a charger which can quickly recharge the battery in case it runs flat.


The majority of the saws will be from 7 to 9 ft long. This enables one to easily reach out without getting unwieldy.  In regard to the type of tool, you will have to be very keen on how you position yourself whenever you are cutting or pruning. The use of telescoping pole suits most people as it offers one wide range of cutting positions.

Anything shorter than that means you will not be getting much of reach that a pole saw has been built for. If it is much longer, it means you will have something completely unwieldy that comes with the extra complications of a moving saw.

The Angle of Head:

The cutting angle head you opt for needs to depend on the type of task you will be using. The heads which are fixed at an angle are perfect for cutting the branch of a tree in a vertical position. It is good since the branch of the tree will be parallel to the head angle. This feature never applies to the horizontal cuts. This feature enables one to make cuts at tight spaces with lots of ease. 

Bar and Chain:

The Bar and chain are very important parts of pole saws. Ensure you always check the type of bar and chain length to ensure they are of good quality and durable enough. No one will want to take their pole saw to be fixed just because the bar and chain are not working well after a short period of use. Ensure the chain is of the perfect length and can cut the tree parts you need to cut well. 

The Warranty and Price:

It is advisable that you go for a pole saw that you can afford. Never break your bank just to purchase a pole saw. However, never rush to the cheapest pole saws in the market. Most are made using low-quality products which makes them not last for a longer period. One of the last things you need to put in mind is the price.

A warranty acts as proof of the pole saw quality. Saws with long warranty periods normally can last for a long period are made using high-quality materials.

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Safety and Precaution During Use of Battery Powered Pole Saw

There is a number of safety and precision measures you need to put in mind whenever you are using the battery power pole saw. Below are some of the top safety and precision measures you need to put in mind.

Go Through The User Guide:

One of the most basic things you have to do is read through the user manual. The user guide will offer you almost all the things that you need to know concerning your safety and how best you can use the power pole saw. Ensure you heed the safety precautionary measures listed in the manual.

Put on The Right Gear:

Ensure you are in the right protecting gear before you start using the pole saw. Some of the important gears you need to have are goggles, masks, hard hats, leather boots, work gloves, and leg chaps. Never forget to remove all jewelry and tying your long hairs.

Only Use It for Pruning:

Use the pole saw for its intended purpose is a very important safety measure that you need to apply. The pole saws are specifically designed to help in pruning and cutting of the tree limbs. When you deviate from that, it can lead to serious injuries and accidents. Never use it in cutting trees, bushes, plants, and shrubs.

Check The Entire Area:

Check the area for any type of obstacle. You can never use a pole saw in a windy, dark, or wet condition. Weather is an important consideration that you need to check before you resort to using the pole saw.

Check the state of the tress you intend to cut. Cutting drying or dead branches, decaying woods can pose a great threat to the pole saw.

Check The Pole Saw:

Ensure the pole saw is in good working condition before you start using it. Check if the string is well oiled and if there is anything that is missing or if the teeth are worn out. Check the level of damage on the direct bar and the sprocket. You can also try to run its security features to confirm if they are all working well.

Have The Surrounding Area Cleared:

Ensure you maintain a safety zone area that is around 50 ft in all directions. Never operate the pole saw in the presence of any pets, kids or bystanders nearby. You can have an extra person who prevents people from entering the 50 ft zone in all directions.

Always Keep It Upright:

Try to have the rod saw maintained in an upright position whenever you are using the pole saw. However, there are times when the machine can be very tough to handle especially when it is at an angle parallel to the floor. The more the pole saw will be manageable, the more vertical it will be.

Never Cut Over You:

Ensure you never cut the branches straight overhead even if you are a very experienced pole saw user. You can always perform some training and be aware of the top methods to help you reduce weight. Any slight wrong move and you will be crushed by the limb that you are cutting off. Always stay away from the branch you are cutting or pruning.

Ensure you keep a firm and nice base with the feet and that you are well balanced. Ensure both feet are on the ground at all times. Always use both hands whenever you are operating a rod saw and never use it with a single hand.


For sure, getting the best pole saw in the market entirely depends on the type of task at hand and what your preferences are. The best battery powered pole saw in the market is the one that offers flexibility and colossal comfort to its users.  In our guide, we have listed our top five best pole saws that are battery operated. We do hope that the buyer’s guide will help narrow down your options and settle on one that suits your taste and preferences. In case of any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What are the benefits of battery-powered pole saw for sawing?” answer-0=”Pole saws are known to offer several benefits such as being highly portable, having low maintenance and perfect for home use. However, there are some benefits that you can only enjoy on particular models like durability and power-saving ability. Always go for a model that will suit you with lots of benefits. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the longest electric pole saw?” answer-1=”The electric pole saws are available in the market at varying lengths. The longest saws in the market tend to measure up to 15 ft. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the lightest electric pole saw?” answer-2=”There are several electric pole saw in the market which is considered to be light. From our list, the lightest electric pole saw is the WORX WG323 20V 10″ Pole Saw ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the maximum diameter covered by the saw pole saw” answer-3=”Saws are in a position of cutting comfortably through a 2-inch diameter and below, any length more than that can easily damage it. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How long can a pole saw be?” answer-4=”Most of the pole saws in the market measure around 10 ft to 20 ft in length. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”What is the best pole pruner to buy?” answer-5=”There are a variety of pole pruners in the market. However, the one that is considered the best is the one that can effectively execute the task at hand. ” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”How long is the battery life?” answer-6=”The battery life primarily depends on the duration a pole saw takes in executing its operation. Majority of the pole saws are capable of lasting for 1-2 hours. ” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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