Best Cheap 20 Inch Chainsaw Reviews – 2022

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Depending on the nature of the work you intend to do, you require a chainsaw to make it more easy and comfortable. Usually, the best cheap 20 inch chainsaw will make your lifestyle convenient and more accessible whether you have light-duty work or heavy-duty like tree limbing, pruning, bucking, and even production of firewood.

Therefore, Husqvarna 20 inch 450 Rancher II gas chainsaw is the best among the brands because it comes with the most outstanding features of advanced technologies that reduce the consumption of fuel.

Additionally, various chainsaws have different price tags. However, it does not mean that the one with the highest price is the best then that one which costs less.

What are the Top 07 best cheap 20 inch chainsaw? The following 07 cheap 20 inch chainsaw has been tested and rated by professional woodworker:

Top 07 Best Cheap 20 Inch Chainsaw Reviews

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Product-01: Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

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Are you looking for a chainsaw that cuts any available task? Then try using the Poulan Pro 20-inch gas chainsaw. It is one of the best models which provide excellent features of the chainsaw, especially in terms of price.

The machine has an engine that uses a 50cc 2-cycle that supplies sufficient power to cut the branches of the tree.

Additionally, the engine is excellent since it also provides the user with more extended usage life depending on the care and maintenance practices carried on it. Besides, the device has a powerful engine capable of handling very heavy-duty jobs like cutting firewood as well as managing properties.

Also, the chain of the machine has an auto-oiler, which is useful in ensuring that the chain is in excellent condition so long as there is oil in the tank. The most important thing with this chainsaw, you can replace some of its crucial parts, especially when they show a sign of wearing out.

The presence of an Oxypower engine is essential because it ensures that the machine consumes low fuel with the reduction of emissions. Usually, the tool uses less fuel of about 20% and, at the same time, produces very few emissions of about 70% compared to other gas saws.


  • Purge the bulb to provide fuel to the carburetor and makes it to start quickly with few pulls.
  • Stop control ensures faster starting with high reliability
  • Combi tool with rear handle for maintenance purposes
  • OxyPower engine to supply extra power for any job.
  • The pull starter system reduces the pulling force so that you can start the machine quickly.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Powerful gas engine with 50cc 2-cycle
  • Has a protective casing
  • Tool-free access to services
  • Affordable repairs
  • Easy to start
  • Less rate of fuel consumption


  • Has inconsistent quality
  • Very heavy

Product-02: HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded 54.6 cc 2-Cycle Chainsaw

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Huyosen gas-powered chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws with outstanding features. It comes with a throttle valve switch that protects the safety of the user by minimizing the occurrence of the accident. The machine starts immediately with just a simple push of its button, making it suitable for pruning branches and limbs as well as trimming.

Besides, the chainsaw features a potent gas engine of 54.6 cc 2-cycle with a motor power rated at 2.8 kW and a current of 8 amp to provide consistent performance. The electric motor of the machine, the super system of air filtration, and the automatic oil chain prolong the service life of the device.

Furthermore, the model has a Guide Bar that is 20-inch with 75 drive links suitable for cutting very small and tiny limbs, wood, and branches with ease. Also, it features a rugged construction. It is simple to start the machine since it only requires gasoline as compared to other electric chainsaw devices.

The speed of the engine can run up to about 8500 rpm when in use making the entire task faster. In case you get stuck in installation and other starting steps, you can refer to using the manual book. Additionally, the model has an ergonomic design that features shockproof, anti-slip, and a slide free handle.


  • Safety a unique design to protect the user against accident
  • Push button for easy start
  • Quality displacement for consistent performance
  • Automatic oil chain for extended life services
  • 8 kw motor for handling heavy-duty tasks


  • Provides maximum safety when using the machine
  • Simple and easy to start the machine instantly
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • Suitable for cutting small limbs, wood, and branches with ease
  • Easy installation technique
  • Provides comfort during operation


  • Can only handle light-duty tasks

Product-03:Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-inch/20-inch Combination in 4 color carton chainsaw

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With this chainsaw, you will be sure of cutting branches of about 18 inches high. Usually, the device is suitable for homeowners but it has some other crucial features like a chain oiler that is auto, a low kickback range brake as well as a handle with ant-vibration.

It is readily affordable with very low price tags compared to other machines with similar features.

The Blue Max 8901 chainsaw has a powerful and high-performance engine of 45cc with a very high speed of cutting. Also, it comes with an air-cooled engine a clear indication that the chainsaw does not come with a separate tank for storing petrol and oil.

Usually, it again comes with the excellent features of an anti-vibration handle which is the best for modern chainsaws helping the user with proper control of the chainsaw as well as reducing the fatigue which may result from carrying your chainsaw for a long period than usual.

Additionally, it has a 14-inch bar and a 20-inch chain used interchangeably with one another. More important to the above features, is the auto chain oil which is useful in lubricating the chain for increased lifespan as well as obtaining the quickest cutting of the chainsaw.

Lastly, the device comes with an easy access pro tensioner which enables the user to make quick and proper adjustment of the tension without necessarily dismantling the chainsaw. For occasional users, you can grab this type of chainsaw for you.


  • Powerful engine for the highest cutting speed
  • Two-stroke air-cooled engine without separate tank
  • 20 inch and 14-inch bar and chain
  • Auto chain oiler for lubrication
  • Anti-vibration handle for proper control of the handle
  • Easy chain access tensioner for quick tension adjustments


  • Comes with an ergonomic design
  • Reduced kickback
  • Oil system that is automatic
  • Well balanced unit
  • Good value for budget
  • Easy to use
  • The high rate of cutting
  • Can use either oil mix or petrol


  • The machine provides less power than the rest of other chainsaws
  • Very heavy

Product-04:COOCHEER Chainsaw, 62CC 20’’ Gas Powered Chainsaw

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This is one of the best 20-inch chainsaws that offers the users with very smooth and steady working range. The machine features a great engine of 62cc providing the user with 8500 RPM on the top far end. However, with the right cutting attachments, the device is capable of dishing about 10000 RPM as the maximum.

Coocheer chainsaw has a total weight of about 18.48lbs since the entire body construction involves the use of plastic. Most of the users prefer using this model because of its fuel engine that is highly efficient. The engine is capable of saving up to 20% thus providing 8500 RPM.

Besides, it is capable of working in extra temperatures compared to the rest of chainsaws hence increasing the lifespan of the machine as well as making it resistant to water damage.

Additionally, it can allow you in case you want to obtain precision cuts since it has a guide plate to enable you to make exact cutting without any safety hazards.

Also, the chainsaw has a pull start that is more accessible since it features the highest wheel technology. Therefore, this is good especially when you lack the upper strength of the body; you may not have any challenge when starting it, unlike other chainsaws. Besides, this pull start is a highly reliable technology than that of push start.


  • Awe striking power that is light
  • Fuel efficient engine to save fuel consumption
  • Guide plates for precise cuttings
  • Pull start which is highly accessible
  • High-quality chain for high performance


  • Small and lightweight
  • Comfortable for use
  • Has an innovative pull start
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Smooth and high power delivery
  • Features extended lifespan


  • The plastic becomes easily brittle especially when exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

Product-05:OppsDecor XP2300 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw, 20 inch 2 Stroke Handed

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This chainsaw is easy to start among all the available chainsaw. It comes with an assistant spring pull cord jointly combined with a knob that is easy to use purposely for simple, easy and faster start using a few cords pulls. In addition, the saw features very high efficiency with low vibration

Additionally, OppsDecor gas-powered chainsaw has a powerful motor with two strokes which is very great in delivering high power. Usually, this engine is capable of reducing the consumption of fuel to about 20%.

Besides, the powerful engine can carry out big or medium-duty tasks cutting firewood, clean-up of storms as well as felling trees easily.

To ensure proper safety of the user, the machine comes with a stopping control to increase the safety of the user, an asymmetrical handle as well as an ergonomic trigger.

Also, it has back and front anti-vibration handles which makes it easy to control and operate comfortably. To add, the chainsaw has an auto-chain oiler and a system of air filter that is crucial in extending the chainsaw life.


  • Pull cord spring with a knob for a quick and simple start
  • Two-stroke motors for delivering high power
  • Stopping control to increase the safety of the user
  • Asymmetrical handle for comfort when working
  • Back and front handle for easy operations


  • Easy to start
  • High efficiency
  • Produces very low vibration
  • Ensures high user safety
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy operation and control
  • Extended lifespan of the chainsaw


  • Only suitable for big or medium tasks but not light-duty jobs

Product-06: Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

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The Husqvarna’s 20 inch is the most suitable for use to anybody who is searching for a chainsaw that is light if you have enough power.

The presence of advanced technology is very useful in reducing the consumption of fuel as well as increasing torque thanks to a more powerful injection of air.

You need to consider choosing this type of chainsaw since it features a smart system starter for foolproof with effortless startups. Despite its lower engine of 50.2cc, it has the ability to make 9000 RPM blades which makes it competitive in the market.

Additionally, the machine comes with other extra features such as an auto-chain oiler, chain brake activated inertial as well as a vibration dampening. Truly, this chainsaw is overall the best for whomever the cheap 20-inch machine without the sluggish and heavy handling.


  • Advanced technology to reduce the consumption of oil
  • Smart system start for foolproof
  • 2cc engine to produce 9000 RPM blade
  • Chain brake activated inertial for overall performance


  • Easy maintenance
  • High safety features
  • The powerful engine of 50.2cc
  • X-torq engine which lowers the rate of fuel consumption
  • Requires little effort to start the machine
  • Small and lightweight
  • Low fuel consumption


  • It is a relatively expensive device

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Product-07: CHAKOR 58CC Chainsaw, 20’’ Gas Chainsaw, 2 strokes

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This is another type of chainsaw that delivers constant power supply up to a 20-inch bar with a low kickback chain capable of carrying big jobs or medium-duty tasks like cutting of firewood, tree felling as well as cleanup of the storm with very high efficiency.

The gas-powered chainsaw is compatible with a 22 or 18-inch bar which is useful in extending the general life of the saw. Additionally, it has an ergonomic design that includes a slip-free paired handle to ensure the balance of the chainsaw and comfortability in its operation.

Furthermore, for effective and longer anti-vibration, it comes with an anti-kick chain.

Besides, the chainsaw comes with extra safety tools to prevent it from switching it on accidentally. The oil guide hole also plays a very vital role in securing the safety of sawing as well as improving the entire efficiency of your work.

In addition, it features a very high and quality chassis since it uses a plastic material which can withstand very high temperatures.


  • Slip-free handle for the general balance of the chainsaw
  • Back anti-kick for proper and effective vibrations
  • Assist-starting system for increased usability
  • Safety device for prevents accidental switch-on
  • Luxury handle for comfortable operation
  • Guide plate setting to prevent rusting of the chain


  • High-quality chassis
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Easy and simple to use
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent wear-resistant


  • The chain of the machine may rust quickly if not careful

How to choose the best cheap 20-inch chainsaw? – Buying Guide

Before deciding on the best cheap chainsaw that you want, it is good to consider a few factors so that to get the best product that will satisfy your needs and demands. Therefore, let us look at the factors below.

  • Durability

Whether you require the chainsaw on a daily basis or seasonal basis, you need to ensure that works perfectly well with the use of little effort. Usually, a chainsaw that has a die-cast body is massive but with time it gives the user a very sturdier device that deals when knocked over.

On the other hand, plastic bodies usually become brittle when exposed to varying temperatures. Durability depends on how best you look at your saw. For instance, the time you take in servicing and cleaning your chainsaw, the better time it takes to last in its performance.

  • Price

Price is the best factor you need to consider before making a decision on the type of chainsaw to purchase. The different chainsaw comes with a different price tag which occupies high, medium, and low price. Expensive chainsaws do not necessarily mean that they perform better than the ones with lower prices.

Before selecting, you also need to consider the fuel economy. Consider spending around $80-$100 which is the cheapest option but still works well though will not handle heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, you can select a chainsaw not because of how cheap or expensive it is, but the affordability of the model.

  • Care and maintenance

Sometimes, it is good to have a close monitor to your chainsaw. In order to ensure the topmost performance of your chainsaw and basic malfunction, you need to maintain them regularly.

Especially for a gas-powered chainsaw, make sure that you apply oil change as well as changing the plug at least ones in a month for smooth running.

Additionally, after using your chainsaw, remember to clean all the debris and dust so that to avoid blocking the carb. However, it may appear hectic, but it will always make your machine more ready and reliable for the next task.

  • Type of chainsaw

Power tools come in handy in two main camps. There are large powers tools whose bars are 15 inches and above while others have small bars of 14 inches and below.

Usually, small bar chainsaws come with an upper handle configuration suitable for use in tight spaces. On the other side, a large bar chainsaw features a rear handle which provides the highest control cutting.

Therefore, in case you are working in an environment with no access to electricity, consider purchasing a chainsaw powered by a gas. Consequently, when working near a building site, you can make use of a battery if there is an availability of power.

Usually, battery-powered has less maintenance compared to gas-powered.

If you are using a saw at your premises maybe once for a while, consider choosing a corded electric saw because they are very cheap and require little servicing.

  • Ease of use

Before settling on the chainsaw type, first, check how easy and simple is your chain to use. In case you want to buy a pull start saw, ensure to grab the top body strength. Furthermore, you can select a chainsaw with big wheel pulls since they reduce greatly the effort required to get it going.

If a pull is not good for you, you can as well go for a chainsaw that has a push start feature. However, one of the greatest limitations of a push-start chainsaw is that in case the starter fails, that is the end of it as in no other alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes the best 20-inch chainsaw?

The best 20-inch chainsaw include;

  1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20 chainsaw- the best overall
  2. Poulan Pro PR5020
  3. COOCHEER Ladyiok 62cc 20 inch chainsaw
  4. Husqvarna 20 inch 450 Rancher II
  5. SALEM MASTER 5820F 20 inch chainsaw

How big of a tree can a 20-inch chainsaw cut?

Chainsaw with gas-powered and length of 20 inches and above are highly effective in cutting large trees like birch, oak, hemlock, and beech which may have a diameter of about 30 to 36 inches.

Can I put a 20-inch bar on a 16-inch chainsaw?

Of course yes. Some models have better engine sizes that range between 50-64cc. some of these are much better and can take bars between 16-20 inches.

What is the best size chainsaw for cutting firewood?

18 inches is the best to choose. You need to have something larger in order to slice it once. It can be able to cut up to about 90% of trees. For the remaining 10%, you can use a 20 inches to a 24-inch chainsaw.

Why do loggers run chainsaw bars upside down?

The main reason for running the chainsaw upside down is to allow the owner to extend the lifespan of the bar by almost 50 percent. It further keeps the user more accurate and efficient.


In general, when purchasing a chainsaw, it is good to consider its durability, ease of use as well as handling technique. Besides, it is good to note that some chainsaws have replaceable parts which make them fantastic choices whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

However, if you are looking for the best cheap 20-inch chainsaw, do not hesitate to visit our website. We provide quality and excellent products and more details concerning chainsaw with other related services.

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