Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews – 2022

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At present technology has reached such heights that even tasks like woodcutting and carpentry have become easier than ever. Woodcutting was considered to be one of the most difficult tasks that demanded hardcore manual effort. But time changed and the efforts got minimized with the invention and rapid evolution of contractor table saws. Basically, the best contractor table saw is an upgraded version of the traditional saws. The contractor table saw comes with a cast iron table along with an open base and a motor.

No matter whether you are running a professional woodcutting shop or want to cut woods for your home, a contractor table saw is a must-have. But buying the best-suited contractor table saw can be quite challenging for a newbie even for experienced ones as the retailers most often don’t put the true information. Thus this content is published to help you select the best contractor table saw to give a fair shot to your purchase.

What We Recommend as The Best Contractor Table Saw

According to the lucid and well-researched review of the most dominating contractor table saws, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw should be the best one. This product is recommended for all the professionals and even newbies for its extraordinary output. Hence this product is extremely professional we couldn’t resist recommending the Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461 Contractor Saw for the beginners as it claims the least but flaunts a great output. But the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw is undoubtedly the best of all.

Top 05 Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews and Buying Gide

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Reviews are the most effective ways to get the best guideline before you make your purchase. A sincere review can lead you to a fair decision. No matter whether you buy your tool from online or any store, always make sure you go through the trusted well before taking any decision. Considering the importance of well-researched reviews, further content will illustrate some of the best contractor tables saw reviews. Go through the reviews and get to know about the best contractor table saw.

Product-01: Powermatic 1791227K Contractor Table Saw Reviews

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Powermatic is the pioneering contractor table manufacturing company as it flaunts an extraordinary line of strong, robust, and efferent tools. Powermatic 179122K is a complement to this brand. This powerful model comes with a motor of 1.5 horsepower and 115/ 230V. This tool is single- phase and flaunts left tilting arbor. This feature eliminates the risk of binding the workpiece under the blade by reducing the want for a sacrificial fence and helps the user to tilt away from the blade from the fence.

In accordance with most of the Powermatic Contractor Table, Saw Review, and our expert observation this machine is capable of cutting wood of any thickness regardless of the size. The 3VX belt creases efficiency and creates less vibration. Apart from the less standard belts, the T slot table saw miter gauge is appreciated by the users while dealing with wider stock.

The fence length is so accurate that it can always ensure a particular cut. The rip capacity is around 30 inches and capable of fast and precise cutting. Again the ideal fence size is appropriate for both home and shop. An interior spring is also there for the ultimate speed and accuracy. While not locked down, the spring makes sure that there applies constant pressure.


  • Motor: 1.5 horsepower and 115/ 230V.
  • Fence system: Accurate 30 inches to make sure the ideal cut every time.
  • Blade Tilts: Left.
  • Meter Gauge: T slot.
  • Dust collection: 4-inch dust collection shroud.


  • The cast-iron formula makes it extremely robust and sturdy.
  • weight of this tool creates less vibration.
  • Excellent work efficiency.
  • Dust collection shroud makes the maintenance process easy.


  • The user manual doesn’t come with any instruction. It may be extremely difficult to make the blade parallel to the miter without the instruction manual.
  • Miter parallel track issue may cause a safety hazard.


This machine is strong and creates less vibration thus it is very efficient and works fast. So, professionals who need fast working can opt for this one. Again the dust collection feature is something to emphasize. People who are not likely to clean the dust manually must give it a try.

Product-02: Makita 2705-Best Contractor Table Saw for The Money

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Makita is known worldwide for its leading-edge innovation and industrial quality industrial tools. Among the industrial tools, Makita has actually created a remark when it comes to contractor table saws. 

The machine puts the core focus on precision and accurate cuts thus is attached with an ideal extension table. This table allows a commendable working capacity and can cut around 4X 8 foot sheet of plywood. Again there is a 3/8X 3/4 inch T slot miter gauge attached to the machine. This T slot miter gauge comes with grooves and supports wide crosscutting jobs. The storage capacity is quite impressive and includes accessories such as push stick, miter gauge, saw blade, dado blade, wrench, safety guard, rip fence, and so on.

It flaunts a 15 amp motor and this motor with electric brake is capable of delivering around 4800 RPM. There is also a tool-less blade guard feature that comes with an adjustable dual side guard. Again the kickback pawls and the riving knife ensures thorough cutting. The cutting capacity is mentioned. This Makita 2705 model comes with a cutting capacity of around 2 to 1/2 inch at 45 degrees and 3 to 5 inches at 90 degrees.

This mode is a remarkable piece that reminds us of the engineering Excellency of Makita. The unique and world-class design is so enigmatic to give a shot.


  • Motor: 15 Amp motor with electric brake.
  • RPM: 4800; Ripping capacity: 25 inches maximum
  • Blade: It has 32 teeth blade that ensures easy and smooth cuts without any sort of disruption or anything. The teeth are as hard as diamonds and are capable of real large cuts.
  • It comes with a tabletop extension that allows more precision cut by enhancing the working space.
  • Perfect Cuts: The measurement process has been very easy with the adjustable dual slide guards. This ensures accurate cutting on a constant basis.
  • Safety: It has blade covers and anti-kickback pawls to ensure the utmost safety. Again the electric blade technology also prevents accidents.
  • Multiple Positions: This model has 3 different positions and they are: dado, through, and not The machine is easily adjustable in these three positions with the help of the spreader or riving knife.
  • Tool-less System: To ease the whole measurement process, there is a tool-less modular blade guard system.
  • This tool offers a powder-coated finish for a longer lifespan.


  • Storage capacity is essentially large for storing all the accessories.
  • The portable feature makes it easy to use and also lets the users use it anywhere.
  • It gives the customers a money-back guarantee for a certain period of time. Great peace of mind indeed.
  • Makita with this model has brought revolution regarding safety features. Thus this machine is extremely safe to use no matter whether you are an expert user or a newbie.


  • The cast frame of the motor makes the machine less portable.
  • The aluminum table can get scratched.
  • Lacks dust collecting features.

Bottom Line

This model is extremely suitable for the job site or any workshop due to the consistent precise cuts and sturdy construction. Apart from the cons as in the absence of dust collecting feature and cast frame, contractor saws with this level of perfection within this price range are wise to invest in. And you can always trust Makita, no doubt about that.

Product-03: Best Portable Contractor Table Saw-Rockwell RK7241S

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If you are here to find the best contractor table saw for your woodcutting job, you must go through this Rockwell rk7241s Review as this product is packed with all the necessary features. This model ensures the most depth cut with its Laser features. The laser indicator gets adjusted to the blade tilt and makes the saw rugged enough to be extremely fit for the job site. Cuts are way more accurate as the laser indicator indicates the exact lining where the blade is supposed to make the cut on the material.

This machine flaunts a 15 amp motor that can spin the blade up to 4800 RPM. This machine keeps you absolutely free from depending on the sawhorses or the rollers. The Outfeed feature ensures a wonderful catch over the material thus the whole cutting process becomes very easy and smooth. Once you make sure that you have aligned the blade well, this tool will make cuts through some actual hard materials.

Rockwell RK7241S offers a wider rip capacity than any of the prevailing models in the market. And the wider cuts are ensured by the foldout 30″ rip fence. 4X 8 sheets of plywood can be cut very easily due to the added rip fence. The rip fence is not only wider but also capable of a deep cut of 3-9/16 inches. The rip fence is sturdy and stable enough to hold the wood in place while cutting.


  • Motor: 15 amp motor.
  • RPM: 4800
  • Laser Indicator: The laser indicator guides the users to a more exact and accurate cut every time.
  • Attachments: Miter, Rip fence, gauge, riving tools, pusher, blade wrenches, dust bags.
  • Storage System: The onboard storage system keeps all the accessories altogether.
  • Dust collection system: The oversized dust bag is capable of collecting huge amounts of dust thus there remains hardly any mess during an operation.
  • Portability: The integrated wheels make it possible to carry the saw anywhere. There are extended legs that can be used as pull handles.
  • Durability: The rails are constructed with steel instead of aluminum and this makes this product an ultimate durable one.


  • The dust collection system ensures easy maintenance.
  • The laser guide makes it user-friendly.
  • This machine is budget-friendly.


  • Some of the parts of this machine are made of plastic.


This product is an all in all product and everyone can have this one. The Foldout rip fence holds the material so well thus you don’t need to be an expert to work with it. Again the laser indicator is also a benediction for the newbies. Moreover, experts with these enhancing features can use this machine for professional purposes. Thus this one is a well-deserved investment.

Product-04: Craftsman Evolv 28461-Best Contractor Table Saw for Woodworking

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If you are a newbie and opting for a machine within a compact budget, this Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10 in. table saw 28461 reviews is something that can help you beyond your expectations. This Craftsman product comes in an incredible price range with all those magnificent commitments of the Craftsman brand. This compact model is extremely lightweight and has been hitting the top place of the users. Along with the guaranty of accurate cuts this Craftsman product is also sturdy enough to handle any sort of material.

This 10-inch contractor saw has a 15 amp motor as the expensive saws. The motor is powerful enough to cut through any hard material. This machine allows the adjustment of miter gauge to ensure corner and bevel cuts. Though the tool is compact it can ensure larger cuts as well. This saw is so versatile in its cutting options that trimming and edging is also possible with this machine.

There is a sheer tabletop that allows you to go for even cuts with the 5000 RPM speed. This table is combined with a push stick table mount to ensure the mess is well maintained. It comes with a steel stand that ensures the most comfortable working base. The magnificent guarding system aligns the blades with the stock well so that you may enjoy a perfect grip over the machine.


  • Motor: 15 amp.
  • RPM: 5000
  • Safety Features: There is an anti-kickback system that prevents any flying wood to hit users’ faces or any body part. It also has the traditional blade guard system. The operating switches are quite large.
  • Dust Collection: Though it does not have any dust collecting port the push stick table mount helps to maintain the mess.
  • Control: The fence is extremely good in quality and the miter gauge is well designed to put a solid grip over the applications.


  • Reliable safety features.
  • Stable during operation.
  • Precise cut.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • Sometimes vibrates.
  • Miter gauge does not maintain standard tracks.

Bottom Line:

This machine is an entry-level tool that is a must-have for all the navies. For heavy and job site applications, this may lack to an extent due to its compact size. But for newbies, this one is bang on and highly recommended.

Product-05: Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw Review

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Sawstop is probably the most successful brand when it comes to contractor saws and this brand is a source where one can invest blindly without any doubt. Thus the Sawstop CNS175- TGP36 has stolen a well-deserved place here. Though the brand is well known for an amazing collection of saws this particular model is our personal favorite for some obvious reasons. To know more about the hype of this product, you may go through the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Review.

One can never go wrong with this professional T- glide fence adjusted contractor table saw. The T- glide is basically the size of 36 inches and includes rails and extension tables. Quite an impressive deal. The carts and portable bases have ensured its mobility and the extension table creates enough working space to work with plywood sheets with perfect cuts every time.

This model comes with a super powerful motor of 4HP and this motor with the 10-inch standard blade or the 8-inch dado blades can perform a tremendous RPM. This machine focuses basically on one efficiency. It works extremely well, every cut will be your cut of satisfaction no matter whatever the applications are.


  • 4HP motor.
  • T-Glide Fence: This feature provides extended workspace, exact cut measurement, and smooth work experience.
  • Dust Collection System: The Dust Collection Blade Guard and the Dust Collection Port Adapter with the shrouds maintains the dust pretty well.
  • Portability: Integrated mobile base lets the saw to be transferred everywhere.
  • There are two cats of iron wings that ensure more defined cuts.
  • 1-year


  • Impressive dust collection feature.
  • Powerful and strong.
  • Great safety options.


  • Miter gauge quality is not up to the mark.

Bottom Line:

This product is extremely strong and super powerful thus capable of handling job site tasks. Again the safety features along with the dust collection features make this product a great deal to invest in. This is probably the best seller product in the present market for obviously some fair reasons. A highly recommended product indeed

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How to Choose The Best Contractor Table Saw

Selecting the best tool often becomes a bit tricky but some precautions and specific knowledge about a certain tool can really help you out. When you are up for investing in a contractor table saw, you must know about some properties that make a saw most effective and durable. Rather than just relying on the reviews get practical knowledge about the features that a saw must-have. Let’s put a glance over the things you need to consider before investing in the contractor table saw:

Saw Blade design:

No matter what sort of saw you buy the main thing that you need to consider is blade design. It is basically the heart of your tool. Thin steel blades are outdated and hard carbide blades have occupied the place. The old thin blades were only capable of chipping and bending but with the rise of demands, hard blades have created the buzz. Again one more thing one must consider is the laser cut plate on the blade surface. The laser-cut plate gives the ultimate safety and sharpness to the blades. To make sure a fair purchase one must know about the blade types that are available:

Rip Blades: If you need a perfect along wood grains, there will be no alternative to choosing the right table saw Rip Blades.

Combination Blades: The combination is favorable to all as these blades are quite versatile and can be conducted for multi-tasking along with ripping, cross-cutting, and metering.

Carbide Tripped BladesFor people who believe in durability must dig at these blades as they are extremely long-lasting due to the hardened finish on the surface.

Steel Blades: These blades are the old school ones and are probably the cheapest. They can cut the mainstream wood but loses their durability with time. Using hardwood accelerates their process of being dull.

Crosscut Blades: For cutting the woods these sorts of blades can be your role models.

Hallow Ground Blade: These blades ensure clean cuts on the acrylic type of material.

High-speed Steel Blades: These blades are the updated version of the steel blades and manufactured to have a prolonged lifespan.

These are the different types of blades that you may consult and choose the best-suited one according to your task requirement.


How your contractor saw will behave with the cutting material is basically determined by the motor power of your saw. Basically, the smaller contractor saw comes with a motor that is able to produce up to 2hp. These sorts of motors are capable of cutting thin sheets. But you may find more powerful motors on larger table saws and these motors can produce up to 3 to 5hp. These are basically the heavy saws that can perform the high-level cutting. One thing you must consider along with the mort is the voltage. The smaller table saws with 2hp are operated on 120Volt circuits and the larger ones are operated on 240Volt. Before you make your purchase just go through the motor and voltage feature. Now you may find basically two types of the motor in a contractor table saw and they are:

  • Belt Drive Motor: In this type, there is a belt that is basically used for transferring power from the motor to the blades. The belts are extremely durable and do not get affected by the sawdust. Basically, this sort of mort is installed in the high definition brands and they promise a durable belt.
  • Direct Drive Motor: Well, this type is quite simple as it transfers the power from the motor to the blades directly. No means are needed, the total emitted power is transferred to the blades from the motor.


The fence is such a feature that distinguishes the contractor saw from other random saws. The most common type of fence is the T square fence. This T square fence ensures robust installation and accurate cut. None of the rip cuts are possible without this fence type. The rip fence is such a feature that allows the material to go through the machine and gets the finest cuts. The fence enhances basically the functionality of saws. The flexibility and slides of the fence are very much important for safety. Some of the fences are flexible when they are in use and thus cause terrifying kickbacks by binding the saw blades with the wood.

Again if the fence is extremely difficult during the use it can equally cause safety issues along with frustration the user will find while using the machine. But the T style fence is as perfect as it has a heavy bar or sometimes square tube. The heavy bar or square tube is attached to the front space of the table saw and there also remains a dual-sided fence. This dual side fence can glide along with the top space of the table of your contractor saw. This sturdy manufacturing formula lets your contractor saw to be different from others and also minimizes the safety issues.

Meter Gauge:

Your saw’s miter gauge directly affects the angled cuts and crosscuts. If you intend to make the finest cross and angled cuts you have no alternative than to rely on the meter gauge. Well, meter gauge is basically a system that will guide to make angular cuts and will always ensure perfect and accurate cuts. A meter gauge should be firm and the angles must be sturdy while tightening the lock into place. The angles must be adjusted easily.

Basically, there are two different types of meter gauge slots and are The T slot and the Rectangular slot. T slots are rarely available on the contractor saw but in case you find a T slot saw, go for it. T slot gauge has a notch on each side of the glide and fits easily into different slots. On the contrary, the rectangular slot has just three sides. Rectangular style meter gauge fits into any of the T style meter gauge but not the T style fits the rectangular slots. Though T style meter gauge is the best it is merely your preference.


Whenever you are buying a contractor saw always keep in mind the tilt. As most of the fence during the cutting operation is positioned towards the right of the blades it is always safer to opt for left tilt saws. Right tilt models are widely available and it is always up to you whichever you choose. But from the expert opinion, the left tilt is safer.

Work Surface:

Worksurface or availability of space is a must for your own comfort while operating a contractor table saw. Always ensure the saw you may invest in must have a top-notch work surface thus working never gets frustrated. You can determine the work surface with your hands or can simply go through the trusted reviews. You must consider the space you can spare to install a contractor saw. Always buy a suitable size that can easily get fit into your space.

Dust Collection System:

No matter wherever you are working but the dust management system always comes in handy. Most of the people who tend to work on workshops do not pay much attention to this feature and later they regret it. Even if you are using the contractor saw in your workshop you must check the dust control feature otherwise you will end up wasting your time cleaning the dust here and there. Contractor saws with dust control features use a different mechanism to manage the dust that is executed from the cutting process.

While buying a contractor saw you may choose the tool which has a port on the back and the port must be attached to a vacuum. This can collect the dust that is produced through cutting. There is another type of dust control mechanism and that has a shroud. The shroud basically remains over the blade. The dust which is collected above the tool is redirected by the shroud. The contractor table saws can have any of the mechanisms but the best one usually comes with a combination of both the features. This way, the tools ensure the ultimate dust control. There is also a feature that redirects the dust to the main dust port of a table saw. A slanting chute works this way.

Woodworking Saw Accessories:

To enhance the basic performance of your contractor table saw, you may find a tool with some extra accessories. Different saws accessories are designed for different purposes and tasks to ensure the tool with the best accessories one must know about the accessories and their tasks. The extensions conclude:

  • Extension Table: Extension tables ensure extra surface, greater, and more excellent working experience. Extension tables make the whole process of cutting extremely comfortable and ensure support to the users.
  • Dado Sets: For your joinery and shelving nothing can be handier than dado sets. Dado sets make starlight slots and wide cuts even in a single pass. Thus dado sets are needed for more defined and effortless cutting.
  • Mobile Stand: In this busy world mobility is a must no matter whether it is about your saw or anything else. Thus a mobile stand should be your consideration as it can turn your contractor saw into a portable model.

Accuracy and Smooth Cutting:

A contractor table saw is a great investment and you invest your valuable money just in order to get the most perfect cuts. SO, the perfect and accurate cut is the fast and foremost feature that should be taken under consideration while looking for a contractor table saw. The cuts being accurate is not the only thing to consider, you must ensure every cut with zero effort. In short, the effortless and precise cut is the core aim to buy a contractor table saw. Thus while buying your saw make sure you get this quality in its best condition. You must invest in a tool that can cut any material effortlessly.

To ensure supreme cut all you have to check is the accuracy of the meter gauge. The accuracy of meter gauge leads to precision rip cuts, crosscuts, and bevel cuts as well. Another thing to consider is the power of the motor as it directly affects the cutting quality. First, you have to determine the material you may cut. On the basis of the material, one may opt for choosing the right motor power. The accuracy of cuts determines the quality of your contractor table saw thus look for the necessary features and meter gauge and rip fence features to ensure investing in the best products.

Sturdy Construction:

A table saw is aimed to perform sturdy tasks and thus it is very important for a contractor table saw to be strong enough. It must have a long life in order to serve users the most. Therefore, you must opt for a woodworking machine that won’t break in a short time. Rather than plastic tables, one should choose contractor saw with metal tables as they are more tend to last long. Cast iron or heavy gauge steel would probably be the best choice for you as they are basically very strong and run for the longest time limit. Aluminum models also deserve a try as they are mostly portable and quite light still sturdy and durable.

Safety Features:

Contractor saws are prone to cause many accidents as these are one of the most dangerous woodworking tools. Thus in recent years, these saw models have undergone many safety operations and as a result, these models have been improvised with many safety features. These features are extremely necessary to consider as safety always comes first. Go through the discussion below to check the basic safety features needed for your contractor table saw:

  • Paddle Style Large Switch: This switch ensures the use of your legs while your hands are in use. Thus you can turn off the machine with your lower portion of the body, your knee or leg while your hands are working.
  • Anti-kickback pawls: Anti-kickback pawls are the newest addition to the contractor table saws. It actually defends the kickback. It is placed on each side of the riving knife and when the wood glides, the pawls also rise with the wood by rising high. Pawls are basically spring-loaded pieces of metal that come with teeth. Pawls are small in size and the teeth along with the pawls actually helps the mechanism. The teeth protrude downward the table thus it may anytime damage the tabletop surface. Apart from the table surface damaging factor, this piece of safety feature is a must to defend against kickback which can be proven as one of the most dangerous accidents of a contractor table saw.
  • Riving Knife: This piece of metal is patterned to be set exactly behind the saw blade and comes with the same width as the saw blade. This prevents the wood to get pinched into the blade and kickback to the user. A riving knife should be smooth while in use. It may be lowered or raised automatically with the movement of the saw blade. This can be removed easily while the dado blade is on.
  • Blade Guard: The blade is also seen in many of the contractor tables saw models. Basically, the blade guards are removable. The blade guards cover the saw blade and normally single or dual piece made of plastic. It prevents accidental contact of a hand or any other part of your body. The blade guard is a great addition when it comes to safety concerns as it is very common to cut yourself while working with sharp blades. But blade guards need to be extremely well designed otherwise it may interrupt your flow of work. This way it may appear more digesting than beneficial. Always opt for a blade guard that is placed well to the blades and one shall never forget a quality blade guard to ensure ultimate safety.
  • Blade Brake: Blade brake is the evolutionary mechanism that has recently been introduced to the saw trade market. This amazing mechanism system allows the brake to be stopped immediately whenever it comes to contact with any body part. This system has claimed to prevent catastrophic mass injury instead of giving protection to the individual workers. This system is basically a gift of modern science and it is launched very recently thus only a handful of the machines have ensured to flaunt this system. Moreover, the blade brake system is as usual expensive thus budget can be a big question when it comes to affording the blade brake system. But it is always advised to ensure the safety fast, money can be compromised for this amazing safety feature.

What Makes a Contractor Table Saw The Best?

Contractor saws are probably the best when it comes to woodcutting tasks and even a researched study can prove its magnificence over any of the saw types. Let’s check the qualities that make a contractor saw irreplaceable:


Basically, saws are big machines and whenever you are handling a big machine you may always wish for a fast working machine with some necessary safety features. Thus the good news comes your way. As the contractor table saw is a fast working machine and the RPM is quite impressive. In general contractor table saw is attached to an electric motor and the motor raises the RPM dramatically high. As a result, the basic revolutions per minute is around 3000 to 5000. Though the RPM varies from model to model this is the most anticipated range. Impressive in a word.

Precision Cuts:

Contractor table saws are mostly known for their accurate cutting or work efficiency. If you are looking for a saw for exact cutting, contractor saws may appear as the best option. As the contractor saw the cone with a measurement tool, one can easily measure the material while cutting.  There is basically a ruler placed in between the side of the bench and the blade or the fence and the blade. This is the actual mechanism the leads the users to experience the best cuts. Contractor table saws have the ability to press the wood against the fence and this ability prevents frustration while using by ensuring straight cuts.

Safety Benefits:

Table saws need to ensure some additional safety features as they are considered to be one of the most dangerous woodcutting tools. Contractor table saws have been always considered as the best when it comes to safety features. Contractor table saws due to their belt are driven by an induction motor to ensure less resistance during the direct impact of the rotating blade and wood. But portable table saws and benchtop saws unusually don’t have such motors thus they use less powerful motors and lack the safety basics.


Contractor table saws are extremely durable and long-lasting. The usual heftier materials are used in their construction thus they ensure long-lasting, sturdy, and safe operation. Most of the contractor saws are made of cast iron which makes the saw strong enough to cut any material with ease.

Favorite of Hobbyists:

Contractor table saws are basically attached to tables with wheels and can be plugged into any standard electrical grid. This type of saw is very simplistic but extremely effective, ensures utmost user comfort. Again contractor saw doesn’t claim a huge amount while all the other saws claim a high amount of investment. Thus, for people who need a saw for domestic use, none can replace a contractor table saw.

How to Use a Contractor Table Saw?

Well, whenever you are handling a machine the first thing you need to know is the appropriate way to use the machine. As a contractor table saw is a complex machine thus it demands a well-researched handling approach. The next section will elaborate on the step by step guide of using a contractor table saw.

Step 1

You must get a clear concept about the important alignments of some parts to make the saw work actually well. The important placements are:

  • Miter gauge placement.
  • Rip fence placement.
  • Rip scale indicator.
  • Blade, table placement.
  • Blade bevel placement.

Step 2

Once all the placements are done you have to check the miter gauge and make sure the pointer is on zero.

Step 3

Now next up you have to check the bevel stops. The blades must not pass 54 degrees in one direction and another must be on 90 degrees.

Step 4

Once the bevel stop is angled and checked on 45 degrees, the next up is adjusting the rip scale indicator. This step is crucial as it determines the accuracy of your cut.

Step 5

After doing all the basics go for the other additional accessories that come with your saw. And you are good to go with your contractor table saw.

Safety Precaution of a Contractor table saw

Contractor table saws are extremely prone to accidents and records of safety hazards with this tool are so many. This safety precaution is a must whenever you are working with this machine.

  • Safety glasses, face shields, dust masks, and goggles should be in use while operating the saw but hand gloves must be avoided during operation.
  • Always go for non-slip footwear and loose-fitting clothing.
  • Applications must be dry and seasoned.
  • The position of the blade and rip fence should always be parallel to each other.
  • Always keep the blade guards.
  • Last, of all choose a machine that comes with all the basic and additional safety features.


Hold on for a second and go through the Best Contractor Table Saw reviews to analyze the basic features and a beneficial intro of the products. This way you may never invest in something that doesn’t suit your needs, following the reviews is always the greatest idea to make a fair choice. Thus through this review, you will surely get lucid knowledge about our top picked products and you may buy the products that match your needs.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Can contractor table saws make big injuries? ” answer-0=”Yes, they can. Insensitive usage and lack of safety features can actually cause serious injuries.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Are the blades reusable?” answer-1=”Well, yes. If the blades are not seriously damaged. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is it mandatory for the blades to be precise of 10” (or 8” dado stack)?” answer-2=”No, in case the blades are slightly larger or smaller, there are some adjustment options with the saw.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Can contractor table saws cut aluminum?” answer-3=”Yes, some sturdy machines can.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Why a riving knife is important?” answer-4=”It prevents kickback and enhances your ultimate safety. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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