Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Cars-2022

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Makita XWT08Z LXT Impact Wrench

When looking for the best cordless impact wrench for cars, always ensure to consider all the critical factors. The tool should be cordless and compact enough to fit in your car boot. You should be able to comfortably work with it to remove the car wheel nuts when replacing your tires.

Our review will look into five cordless impact wrenches that will come in handy for your vehicle. Out of these, we believe that Makita XWT08Z LXT carried the day. Its ½ inches anvil delivers enough torque to drive free even the hardest nuts. Do not get discouraged by its initial high cost, as it is a significant investment that will save you from unnecessary headaches.

Top 05 Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Cars Reviews and Buying Guide

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Product-01: Makita Cordless Impact Wrench Review (XWT08Z LXT)

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The Makita XWT08Z is among the best cordless impact wrench for automotive around. It delivers a Max Torque of 740 feet-pounds and a breakaway torque of 1,180 feet-pounds through its ½ inches anvil. The anvil has a friction ring to help you change the socket easily.

It comes with a switch to select between 3-speed power levels, namely 0- 900, 0- 1000, and 0- 1,800 revolutions per minute (RPM). These levels coincide with 0-1,800, 0- 2000, and 0- 2,200 impacts per minute (IPM) to offer precise control of the fastening task.

Additionally, you will love the combination of the brushless motor and the lithium-ion battery. It enhances the run-time and the much-needed power to your work. The brushless motor boost efficiency and durability since it eliminates the presence of friction parts.

You can comfortably work with this tool in a dark area with the help of its built-in dual LED lights.

Another thing is that all of these features are packed in a compact tool. It has an ergonomic design with a nose-to-tail length of 9 inches, weighs only 7.9 pounds, and has a soft handle to make your work comfortable.


  • Ergonomic design and compactness
  • Electric brake to enhance productivity
  • You can switch forward or reverse easily
  • Lightweight
  • High torque for heavy-duty applications


  • Some users may find this tool to be heavier than a few others in the industry.

Product-02: PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX 1 2 inch Cordless Impact Wrench Review

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When Porter-Cable Company decided to enter the scene of cordless impact wrench tools, they brought this tool. They engineered the device with mechanics and residential contractors in mind.

This impact wrench produces 330 feet-pounds maximum torque using a ½ inch hog ring anvil. Even if you are working on large fasteners, you can expect this tool to do the work quickly and easily, as it can make up to 1650 RPM. The speed is variable to ensure precision control. Its Impact per minute (IPM) is 0-2500.

Its 4.0 Ah 20V battery of the lithium-ion type offers maximum performance and long life. You can work even in darkness using its LED light. The tool also comes with a housing that can resist chemicals and ensure durability in harsh working conditions.

It’s amongst those impact wrench tools whose designers had ergonomic designs and compactness in mind. Its weight is just 6 pounds, and its nose-to-tail length is 9.9 inches. You can feel comfortable while holding its over-molded grip.

The impact wrench comes with a 3-year warranty, a period that is long enough to cover you in case of defaults.


  • Lightweight
  • Compactness
  • High impact rate and speed
  • Three years warranty


  • The tool is not as reliable as expected.

Product-03: Best DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench Review (DW059B)

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The Dewalt torque gun (impact wrench) will come in handy for your speed-critical and heavy-duty applications. It comes with a maximum torque of 300 feet-pounds, and an impressive speed of 1,650 RPM/2,600 IPM.

With its rocker switch design, you should be able to fasten your nuts easily. Like most of its counterparts in the industry, it’s comfortable to operate with, due to its soft grip. Its weight is 5.3 pounds (tool only) and measures about 10 inches in length.

We can also attest to its durable gear case and transmissions, which are all made from magnesium metal.

The tool doesn’t bring about kickbacks, as its heavy-duty mechanism provides an impact that focuses the torque to the fastener. Therefore, most purchasers have used this tool for diverse applications, such as large fixings, sub-frame bolts, lug nuts, driveshaft nuts, construction fixings, and over-torqued fixings.


  • Manufactured from durable aluminum and plastic materials
  • Its ergonomic design and compactness offer comfortable
  • Reduced kickback even at maximum operation torque
  • Excellent torque to deal with over-torqued and large fixings
  • High-performing battery
  • Out-perform some other products in similar features range.


  • The high torque motor makes it heavier than some other tools in the industry
  • The torque is not powerful enough in some instances. You may encounter some difficulties in a heavy-duty application
  • You may experience some problems in its on/off rocker switch
  • Some challenges in changing sockets may consume time due to socket retention (detent) pin.

Product-04: Milwaukee 2763-20 Impact Wrench

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Milwaukee 2763-20 is among the best cordless impact wrenches for cars. It offers up to a maximum fastening torque of 700 feet-pounds and up to a maximum nut-bursting torque of 1,100 feet- pounds. Its POWERSTATE brushless motors mean wearable components are not there.

The tool also comes with Redlink Plus intelligence, an innovative drive control feature that allows you to select between 2 fastening modes. If you believe the maximum torque of 100 feet-pounds will be enough, you will select Mode 1. Otherwise, if your application demands a torque as high as 700 feet- pounds, you will select Mode 2.

It is amongst those tools that have packaged their features in a compact design. It measures 2.5 by 9.2 by 8.1 inches and weighs 6.64 pounds. Its ergonomic design offers comfort to ensure you work on the fastener and not on your body.

Additionally, the device comes with a whopping 5-year warranty period. It is rare to get a manufacturer that offers a warranty that goes for more than three years.


  • A whopping 5-year warranty period
  • Ergonomic designs and comfortable to handle
  • High torques for heavy-duty work
  • Its brushless motor eliminates many wearable components


  • It’s expensive. However, you get value for your money
  • People have reported Mode 1 settings failing to deliver the exact torque of 100 feet- pounds

Product-05: Craftsman Cordless Impact Wrench Review (C3 19.2 volt 1/2″)

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The Craftsman C3 is another great cordless tool that will not tie you down with hoses and cords. The manufacture wanted car owners and mechanics to experience battery freedom while enjoying a high torque of 300 feet- pounds. The motor provides 0-2900 RPM and has a ½ inch square anvil that delivers up to a maximum of 3,000 impacts per minute. You can, therefore, drive the tightest nuts in heavy-duty applications.

It comes with a robust 4Ah XCP battery, a lithium-ion power store that guarantees 4x longer run-time than Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Additionally, the XCP technology will boost your torque by up to 20%. The tool comes with a multi-chemistry charger that will ensure you are back on your feet with a fully charged battery.

The tool and its batteries can operate normally under a wide range of harsh conditions, ranging from 5 to 160 degrees. It also has a LED light to enable you to continue working even when there is no sunlight. Comfort is another feature to consider in every impact wrench. These guys over-molded the grip with micro-texture materials to ensure smooth control of the equipment.


  • It is lightweight, weighing 2.2 pounds
  • Can operate well under a wide range of temperature
  • Has LED light for visibility in dark areas


  • Some buyers have experienced loud noise when working with it

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Features to Consider When Buying a Cordless Impact Wrench for Cars

  • Brand

The brand of the tool is an essential factor when it comes to deciding on the best cordless impact wrench for cars. If there are other cordless devices in your tool store, it is recommended to go for a cordless impact wrench that can use similar charges and battery packs as those other tools.

You should also take your time to compare the features of the different brands out there before settling down with one. You will get extra features from some high-end brands, such as adjustable torque settings, which eliminates the necessity for a manual torque wrench.

  • Comfort

Always avoid a tool that will quickly work your body into fatigue, instead of working on the fastener. You can work for long if your device has ergonomic designs, anti-vibration features, and over-molded grips.

If your jobs do not frequently require high torques, there is no need of going for an impact wrench that has big motors. The uncomfortable vibrations will make you worn out even for small tasks.

  • Durability

An excellent tool should last for a long time before saying goodbye or becoming useless. You should go for reputable brands that have been in the industry for a long. The durability of such tools have been tested and proven, and you can find a lot of reviews and information about them online.

Additionally, check for the material that went into manufacturing them. Robust plastic over-molds and all-metal gear housing constructions will go a long way towards saving the cost of replacement and maintenance.

If possible, avoid buying impact wrenches whose motors are not brushless. Such motors come with more moving components than their brushless counterparts, leading to increased breakdowns.

  • Torque

Enough torque is one of those critical features that set apart serious tools from jokers in the industry. The best battery-operated impact wrench for your cars should be able to break loose the tightest nut.

If the tool has adjustable settings to deliver different torques, you will enjoy its versatility. You can avoid overtightening by setting the tool to provide the torque that is not too much for the work at hand. That will also help preserve the life of your batteries.

How to Use a Cordless Impact Wrench For Cars?

When using an impact wrench to remove or fix your tires, always ensure you have an impact socket that suits that application. You can distinguish these sockets from the regular ones by the thicker walls and flat black appearance that results from their hardening process.

Therefore, all you need to use the tool is an impact socket that suits the drive on your device. In some cases, you may require a suitable spanner to hold the bolt in place while the impact wrench does its work.

It is good to know the power of your impact wrench tool to ensure it’s not more than the required amount for smaller fasteners. If the fastener is torque-sensitive, such as wheel nut, avoid relying too much on the tool. Instead, only use the tool to apply the final tension for such jobs.

Always put on safety glasses to protect your eyes in case any component fly off under pressure.

Additionally, you may want to put on gloves, especially if the handle is not firm and soft enough. It will save you from a lot of injuries and strains.

Schedule Maintenance of Cordless Impact Wrench for Cars Caring

1.   Only use correct bits or sockets

It is essential to use only those sockets that suit the work and tool at hand. if your sockets are wrong, the parts may break. Additionally, you or a person close to the job may end up getting injured.

2.   Regular inspection of the components

Make it a routine to check all components. Promptly repair the damaged ones. If a part of the wrench is irredeemable, arrange to replace it before embarking on your work.

Approach your supplier for genuine parts to avoid compromising with the quality of your tool. Is your device still within the warranty period? Make use of the warranty, provided the damage is covered in the document.

3.   Clean and lubricate your impact wrench

Remove dirt, debris and all other foreign materials from your tool. Dirt can result in jamming and misalignment of parts if left to accumulate over time. The results will be increased chances of damage to the impact wrench and accidents to the users.

Any moving part of your tool should remain lubricated always. While doing, always follow the instructions from the manufacturer as outlined in the operation manual. It is not advisable to use cleaners and lubricants that are not recommended.

4.   Avoid applying too much torque

As mentioned earlier, light applications and sockets will get damaged if the torque is excessive. Consequently, you will be forced to spend more money on replacing damaged parts. Additionally, extreme torque increases the chances of accidents.

5.   Protect your tool from elements

While many torques have improved protective features, you should take the initiative to protect them from elements such as chemicals, wetness, and sunny conditions. Always cover your tool using protective covers.

After every use, clean and store your tool in a cool, dry place away from elements and chemicals.


We all desire a tool that will quickly work wonders when our car wheels decide to misbehave in the middle of the journey. If your impact wrench device doesn’t do that, it’s time to go back to the stores. However, you should consider the features you need your tools to have before buying one. Having read this review, you now know which tool is suitable for you. Among the five tools we have covered in this article, we believe that Makita XWT08Z LXT the best cordless impact wrench for cars.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Which cordless impact wrench is the best?” answer-0=”Makita XWT08Z LXT is the best cordless impact wrench for cars.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How strong of an impact wrench do I need?” answer-1=”It depends on the type of wheel nuts that you need to loosen or tighten. Huge, thick and tight fasteners need a torque that is high enough to set them free. A weak bolt requires a torque that is only enough to work on it without causing injuries or damages.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Will impact wrench break bolts?” answer-2=”A high torque impact wrench can break bolts that are not strong enough to endure it. Therefore, it is good to go for those tools that will allow you to adjust the torque based on the application at hand. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Which is better DeWALT or Milwaukee?” answer-3=”Milwaukee carried the day because of its whopping warranty period and robust features. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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