Best Gas Powered Pole Saw Reviews & Buying Guide-(2022)

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Best Gas Powered Pole SawIt is agreeable that clean yards reveal the beauty and serenity of nature right outside your doorstep. Pruning of trees and shrubs is easier using a pole saw. The best gas powered pole saw should allow for effective reach across the object with minimal effort.

The choice of a gas-powered saw requires much consideration in terms of the length of both pole and blade, the weight of the saw, and the maintenance it requires. Remington RM2599 gas-powered saw is worth considering due to its convenient weight distribution mode, power, and pole reach of up to 12-feet high.

Top 05 Best Gas Powered Pole Saw Reviews and Buying Guide 

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Product-01: Poulan Pro PR28PS Pole Saw

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Salient Features:

  • Power: 28 cc 2 Stroke Engine Power
  • Bar size: 8 inches
  • Long reach: 3-foot extension facilitating a 12-foot reach
  • Weight: 14 pounds (6.3 Kilos)


This saw is ideal as it empowers you to undertake outdoor tasks with ease. The saw has a bar that is 8 inches long and a straight shaft, 3 feet in length that enables the saw to attain a 12-foot reach depending on the operator’s height. It also has a powerful 28cc, 2 stroke engine which is stated by an effortless pull.

Automated smart technology:

The quick starting of the saw is facilitated by the spring-assisted cord that is pulled. The saw also boasts of an automated stop switch which may be spontaneously altered to ON position for ease in powering up the machine.

Additional features:

The saw possesses a shoulder strap which is useful for support and allows for effortless maneuvers by the user. It also includes six optional attachments such as edging, blowing, brush cutting, pole sawing, hedge trimming, and cultivating instruments that convert the saw into a versatile tool suitable for numerous outdoor tasks.

The saw is equipped with a double-lined supply valve and an advanced regulator that enables satisfactory results. This coupled with the fast and non-complex reloading of the trimmer spool makes this saw highly sought after by professionals.

The saw is also easy to maintain as the air purge removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for ease in starting.


  • Automated and easy to start
  • High reach up to 12 feet
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Heavy 14 pounds (6.3 kilos)
  • Expensive

Product-02: Trimmer Plus PS720 Pole Saw

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Salient Features:

  • Power: 28cc 2 Stroke Engine Power
  • Long reach: 7-foot extension pole allowing for a 12-foot reach depending on the height of the user
  • Bar size: 8 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds (1.5 Kilos)


This far-reaching saw is an ideal outdoor tool that makes work easier by eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders while pruning tree branches. It has a 7-foot pole and saw with a 12-foot reach depending on the height of the user. The saw allows user flexibility as it has two extension sections that allow for two height options.


The trimmer can be turned into various units capable of performing a wide range of tasks by attaching the Trimmer Plus attachments which can be substituted for by Remington, Troy-Built, or Craftsman attachments. The saw, however, has a drawback in that it requires adjusting and correction of chain tension outside the box.


The saw is easy to maintain as it is fitted with an auto oiler that ensures the chain is always lubricated and provides for optimum cutting efficiency. The 8-inch saw is very handy and is capable of cutting logs of up to 16 inches in diameter. It is also relatively less noisy compared to other gas pole saws making it user friendly with less occupational noise hazard risk.


  • Lightweight 3.4 pounds (1.5 kilos)
  • Relatively less noisy
  • High reach up to 12 feet
  • Cheap


  • Not ready to use needs, out of the box adjustment.
  • The high amount of vibration

Product-03: Maxtra gas pole saw

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Salient Features:

  • Power: 42.7cc 2 Stroke engine power
  • Long reach: possibility to alter the pole’s length between 8.2-11.4 feet gives the ability to reach a height of 14-15 feet
  • Bar size: 10 inches
  • Weight: 58pounds (26.3 Kilos)

This saw is highly dependable and possesses some of the best features worth looking out for including the following:

Long reach:

This majestic heavy-duty saw is ideal for hardcore lumbering and pruning of trees. It has a 14-15 foot reach depending on the operator’s height with a pole that can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 feet. This ultimately eliminates the need for using a ladder to reach high normally unreachable branches.


The saw is very powerful owing to the fact that it is fitted with a forceful 2-stroke 42.7cc engine which produces enough power to cut through tree limbs of up to 7-9 inches. This makes it highly effective in the completion of tasks within a relatively short period of time.

The 2-cycle air-cooled engine is fitted with an Ignition flywheel magnetic system and a starting recoil starter with a spark plug. The engine uses unleaded fuel and is eco-friendly thus causes less pollution and does not inflict harm on the operator. This greatly reduces the occupational risks involved with the day to day work of the operator.


The saw may be easily converted to a variety of cutting tools such as a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and brush cutter. Other attachments can also be fixed as the need arises.


The manufactures provide a portable carry bag where the saw can be safely and cautiously placed for transportation and storage. This upgraded version of the Maxtra pole saw is cordless and battery-free eliminating the need of tugging on the cord and there’s no need to worry about batteries running low while working.

The saw has a shoulder strap that provides extra support and ease of maneuver by the operator. As a safety precaution, the saw also has additional securing screws on the chain cover that increase stability and prevent the chain saw from falling off while in use.


The saw’s ability to cut through thick branches quickly and efficiently compensates for its incredible heavyweight of 58 pounds (26.3 kilos)


  • Super powerful
  • Long reach up to 15 feet
  • Ease in connecting the extension pole


  • Heavy with a weight of 58 pounds (26.3 kilos)
  • Expensive

Product-04: Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw

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Salient Features:

  • Power: 25cc 2 Cycle gas engine Power
  • Long Reach: 7-foot extension pole allowing a reach of up to 12’ feet considering the operator’s height
  • Bar Size: 8” Inches
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds (6.3 Kilos)


This gas pole saw has outstanding performance with a 12-foot reach owing to the 7-foot extension pole and 8-inch bar chain. It has a powerful 25cc 2 cycle gas engine enabling it to perform difficult tasks, coupled with a quick start technology which makes pull starts easier hence it is a highly preferred tool.

Maintenance and convertibility:

The saw is easy to maintain as it has an auto oiler which makes sure the chain is always lubricated. The Remington RM25PS is also regarded as being a multipurpose tool as it accepts attachments to convert it into a hedge trimmer, blower, edger hence yard tasks are completed quickly and effectively.


  • Up to 12 feet reach
  • Powerful
  • Accepts multiple attachments


  • Heavy with a weight of 13.9 pounds (6.3 kilos)

Product-05: Poulan Pro PP258TP Pole Pruner

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Salient Features:

  • Power: 25cc 2 Cycle gas engine Power
  • Long reach: up to 12 feet with a 3-foot extension
  • Bar size: 8 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds (9 Kilos)


This saw is a good substitute for Remington RM25PS. It has an 8 inch saw bar with a 12-foot reach making it suitable for maintenance of tree limbs 6 inches in diameter or less. It has a powerful 25cc 2 stroke engine which comes in handy for the completion of tasks.

The saw is fitted with a spring assist surefire starting system which ensures quick and effortless pull starting. It is also attachable to all ProLink attachments turning it into a versatile tool.


  • The long reach of up to 12 feet
  • Powerful
  • Ease of use
  • Accepts attachments


  • Heavy 20 pounds (9 kilos)
  • The high amount of vibration

What to Look for When Buying a Gas-Operated Gas Pole Saw

Gas-powered pole saws are more powerful, have longer blades, and lightweight compared to electric and cordless pole saws. Gas pole saws are popular among professional trimmers and pruners due to the power they possess which comes in handy when working on many trees and branches of varying thickness.

The following are some of the things to consider when looking for  a gas-powered saw:


The power of the saw ought to be sufficient to be able to perform its task efficiently. Tough tasks require an equally powerful saw to ensure dependable performance. This is provided by the power of the engine, strength, and efficiency of the chain blade.


The weight of the saw is another factor to be considered before buying a pole saw. Lightweight pole saws are easy to use and do not exert a lot of pressure on the operator. They are also easy to maneuver to cut branched at different angles. Heavy saws, on the other hand, are quite cumbersome and delicate requiring much care when handling the machine to avoid injuries and may also cause fatigue.


Ease in maintenance should also be considered when making the choice on gas pole saws. Saws fitted with auto oilers require relatively low maintenance as the oilers ensure that the chain on the blade is always lubricated.

For long and intricate jobs, a gas-powered chain saw with a detachable chain head that can be replaced is preferred. Also, saws with adjustable pole length and attachments have a higher utility and are versatile as they can be used for different tasks such as hedge trimming, brush cutting, edging, and blowing.


The price of the saw is also put into major consideration when purchasing a pole saw. There are highly efficient, powerful, versatile, lightweight pole saws available at cost-effective prices depending on one’s need. It is important to consider a saw that is both cost-efficient and handy in completing desired tasks.

Why I Would Invest in a Gas-Powered Pole Saw

More power:

I may potentially invest in a gas-powered pole saw because it is generally more powerful compared to electric or cordless pole saws. Gas pole saws are also more efficient as they have relatively longer blades that enable them to cut through thick trees, branches, and shrubs easily.

Long reach:

The long extension pole of the saws makes them suitable for use to trim and prune high branches that would be rather unreachable without a ladder. This eliminated the need to go up and down ladders which requires caution in addition to handling a quite dangerous cutting tool.

Ease of use:

The gas-powered pole saws are also quite simple to operate and adjust as most are fitted with an easy pull start cord or button making the start process relatively easy. The attachment of various trimmer applications to convert the saw into different tools is also relatively easy and eradicates the need for having many different tools.


Gas-powered pole saws are also easily portable without the need to worry about restricting power supply and the need to tug cords around on the damp ground.

How to Use a Gas-Operated Pole Saw

  • Remove the saw from the portable carry bag and adjust the pole to the required length depending on the height of the tree or hedge anticipated. Then attach a suitable trimmer application as per the desired task, for example, a chain saw for cutting branched or a hedge trimmer to pruning hedges.
  • Turn on the saw and wait for a while for the saw to attain its maximum speed before starting to cut.
  • Get yourself into position so that you are able to cut branches from the opposite side and they fall safely. Ensure that you stand on solid ground that is not slippery and without small rocks around you.
  • Select a point a few inches away from the trunk and start cutting when the saw is at its maximum speed. Start cutting on one side of the trunk instead of cutting back and forth.
  • Keep in mind that the saw gives careful and thus requires utmost care and vigilance while cutting, not giving in to pressure, and letting gravity do the job.
  • Do not attempt to cut branches that are thicker than 9 inches thick.
  • Use ropes to reduce the speed of the falling branches.
  • Cut each of the branches into three or four cuts for ease during transportation.
  • Power down the saw and switch it off. Place it in the carry bag and store it safely away from children.

Cautions to be Taken While Trimming with a Gas Pole Saw

  • Before commencing on the cutting, you should ensure that the necessary safety gear and equipment are on, for example, wear a helmet to protect your head, gloves to ensure good grip and protection of your hands, long pants to protect yourself from falling debris, metal cap boots and goggles to protect your eyes.
  • You should clear the area around where you are intending to work and ensure no one comes close to avoid accidents. Children should stay at a distance from the yard as well.
  • Stand on the opposite side while cutting branches to avoid accidents.
  • Use ropes to reduce the speed of fallen branches.

Proper Maintenance of a Gas-Powered Pole Saw

There are steps that need to be followed to ensure the pole saw is well maintained and taken care of which in turn translates to it being operational for a long period of time. This involves the following:

  • Ensure the chain oil reservoir is filled with bar and chain oil before using the saw. This ensures the auto oiler has enough oil to lubricate the chain for optimal cutting results and chain efficiency.
  • Look for loose screws, nuts, and bolts and retighten them. This ensures the security and stability of the saw as a safety precaution to prevent the saw from falling off while in use.
  • Scan the pole saw for damaged or worn out parts before turning on the saw as a precautionary measure and also to ensure efficient working of the saw. After completing the task, the saw should be scanned again, and damaged parts if any be replaced to keep the saw in good working condition.
  • Ensure the pole saw blades are sharp and the chain’s tension is rightly set before using the saw. This serves to improve and maintain the efficiency of the saw.
  • In the event that you tightened the chain when using the saw, ensure that you loosen it after completing the task. This is because of the chain contracts as it cools which can damage the unit if it is too tightly fastened.
  • Whenever you sharpen or replace the chain, ensure that the oil bar rails are clean as well as the oil passages. This is done manually and helps keep the chain spinning freely.
  • After each use, the equipment should be cleaned using a damp cloth and then stored in a cool dry well-ventilated place.

Why Buy a Gas-Powered Pole Saw Instead of an Electric or Cordless One 

There are two major things that consider buying a pole saw, that are given below:

More power

A gas-powered pole saw because it is generally more powerful compared to electric or cordless pole saws. Gas pole saws are also more efficient as they have relatively longer blades that enable them to cut through thick trees, branches, and shrubs easily.

The gas-powered pole saw is more powerful than a cordless pole saw as cordless pole saws are dependent on batteries hence provide the lowest amount of power compared to any type of pole saw. Gas-powered pole saws provide the liberty to across large areas and cut down thicker branched due to their immense power.


Gas-powered saws are also more preferred as they have comfort features such as reduced vibration and rear-mounted engines that provide balance and equitable weight distribution.


by choosing the best gas powered pole saw, you would have the ability to prune the thickest trees and branches. With this in mind, it is essential to have the proper tools in order to efficiently and effectively complete pruning tasks.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Why gas-powered pole saws?” answer-0=”• They are powerful and robust. • They are easy to maintain. • They have a high reach of up to 12 feet. • Unrestricted power supply unlike electric or cordless pole saws. • Portable ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How do you use a gas pole saw for pruning trees?” answer-1=”• Clear a large work area and keep all people off the site. Also, clear the area of small rocks and take note of where such things as roots are which could cause you to trip and fall in case something goes wrong. • Plan on where to make the cut keeping in mind that you may need to do preliminary cuts beforehand to reduce the weight before the ultimate final cut. • Position the saw vertically and pause for a moment to control its weight, then reposition it to the branch to be cut with the weight of the saw resting on the branch. • Position yourself in such a way that the pole is at an angle while making the cut. This it may be done by lengthening the pole in order for it to be not directly up or down. This is done as a precautionary measure. • Begin cutting with a starting groove making the first strokes in a perpendicular direction in regards to the branch. The groove thus created guides the latter faster strokes. In the event that the saw slips in a different position or direction, stop to reposition it while gathering your energy before carrying on. • Once the saw is secured in the groove, increase the saw’s stroke speed and finish making the cut. Remember to keep your eye on the branch as it nears the falling point and be prepared to retreat when the need arises. • Clear the fallen limb out of the working area to prevent it from tripping you up as you work on the next branch. • Cut the branches into smaller pieces for ease in transportation • On completing the task power down and turn off the saw and pack it in the carry bag and store it accordingly. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Gas Pole Saw?” answer-2=”The benefits and drawbacks of a gas pole saw. The benefits include: • A gas pole saw is powerful • A gas pole saw is easy to maintain • A gas pole saw is not restricted in power supply • A gas pole saw has a high reach of up to 12 feet • A gas pole saw is portable • A gas pole saw is easy to operate The drawbacks include: • Some gas pole saws are heavy for example Maxtra gas pole saw. • Some gas pole saws have immense vibration, especially when starting and this may pose health risks to the operator. • Some heavy-duty pole saws are restricted for use on large trees due to their heavy nature and a learning curve hence can only be used by professionals. • Gas pole saws tend to be more expensive to purchase and keep running owing to the fact that they run on fuel. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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