Best Mobile Base For Table Saw (Review and Buying Guide 2022)

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Transporting different table saw from one place to another is quite easy when you use a mobile base. With the best mobile base for table saw, you will not only be in a position of transporting the bulky saws, but you will also be capable of moving workshop heavy items like a drill machine, miter saw, etc. The mobile base is capable of transporting all types of heavy machinery and home furniture that have a square or rectangular bottom surface.

Now question is that, what is the best mobile base for table saw? With the wide variety of mobile bases currently available in the market, it is very difficult to tell which best mobile base is perfect for your table saw. During our research period, we did find the Bora Portamate PM-3500 as a top mobile base in the market.  It is a very professional mobile base that can be used for both workshop, home and industrial purposes. It has a carrying capacity of 1500 pounds and its adjustability makes it a highly dependable mobile base which you can always rely on.

What Is The Best Mobile Base For Table Saw?

Here are some of the best mobile base for table saw:

1. Best Heavy Duty Mobile Base For Table Saw: Bora Portamate PM-3500-Industrial Strength Universal Rolling Mobile Base
2. Best Dewalt Table Saw Stand: DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DW7440RS)
3. Best Table Saw Stand With Wheels: Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000 for Power Tools by HTC
4. Best Universal Mobile Base For Table Saw: Bora Portamate Mobile Base Kit PM-1100 – Heavy Duty, Universal, Customizable.
5. Best Mobile Base For Cabinet Saw: Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base, Small

Top 05 Best Mobile Base for Table Saw Reviews

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1. Bora Portamenti PM-3500-Industrial Strength Mobile Base

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Are you in need of a professional-grade mobile base that you can always use for carrying a table saw? Then think of non-other than the Portamenti PM-3500.

This Bora mobile base comes with a carrying capacity of 1500 pounds and will never let you down. It is an adjustable mobile base that will allow you to carry almost all the types of bulky machines such as the planer, band saw, table saw, and so on.

It achieves its capability of carrying all types of machines since you can always adjust its size from 18.25 by 23.5 inches to 28 by 33.5 inches. That’s not all, with the support of an extra kit; you are in a position of extending the base to 33.5 by 44 inches. For sure, it is an excellent capacity for any floating base.

When you have a close look at the Bora Portamenti PM-3500, you will be pleased with it at first sight. It is made using 100% tubular steel and comprises extreme corner sockets.  The weights usually sit on the wheels. This mobile base comes with two oversized caster wheels and two normal wheels. They are all capable of sliding the huge weight with lots of ease without causing any damage to themselves.

The wheels are made of a rubber surface that helps in offering extra grip to the wheels to ensure it rolls on the floor with lots of ease. You will be in a position of getting two orange-colored stainless steel locks. They offer support to the mobile base enabling them to hold the ground to ensure it does not move an inch.


  • Has a carrying capacity of up to 1500 pounds
  • Comes with a rubberized rubber that helps in offering extra grip
  • It comes with two oversized caster wheels that make the base more stable
  • It is an adjustable base making it possible to carry all bulky machines types


  • Has welded corner pieces
  • Not that durable

2. DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DW7440RS)

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This best table saw stand is another great one which comes from Dewalt. The Dewalt DW7440RS is known to have an impressive design that stands out from all the other Dewalt available in the market. This mobile base features a site pro modular guarding system which helps in ensuring the saw maintains its sturdiness and that all the cuts are precise.

The Dewalt DW7440RS comes well equipped with an exclave telescoping fence that helps in delivering the required capacity rip without compromising the table saw portability. This best mobile table saw stand comes with an 8” rolling stand rugged wheel which helps in ensuring it can easily be moved around. It has a number of other convenience features that will play an integral part in making your work easier.

Although Dewalt DW7440RS looks like a great table saw mobile base, it does have a limited rip capacity. The level of convenience and speed are top-notch. For sure, you will have an excellent time when you work with this table saw mobile base.

Most of the product’s previous customers have lots of positive things to say about this table saw stand. However, when you invest in Dewalt DW7440RS, you will have to get some protection for your eardrums. No one would ever wish to end up with ear issues.


  • It is a very portable table saw thanks to its lightweight nature
  • Its onboard storage allows for easy access
  • Comes with a very powerful motor that helps in delivering great speed
  • Features Pinon and Rack fence that ensures smooth, fast, and easy adjustments


  • It has a small rip capacity making it unable to handle huge wood chunks
  • Very noisy in operation hence, can easily damage the ears

3. Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000

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Are you shopping for a top adjustable mobile base that is strong enough and capable of carrying all the different types of bulky machines?  Why not try the Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000?

This HTC2000 comes with a capacity of 500 pounds.  Hence, it never matters if it is your masonry equipment or woodworking tool that you want to carry, provided it weighs less than 500 pounds you can always carry it on the HTC2000.

This mobile base comes with pre-drilled holes on the body.  When you use the holes, you can easily transform its size from 12 by 12 inches to 36 by 36 inches. You can also change its shape to rectangular to enable it to carry machines that are rectangular shaped.  You can achieve this by expanding the mobile base of this HTC2000 to 20 by 52 inches.

Never be worried when you have a larger machine since you can always use the extension rail kit of the HTC K1218 to extend its surface area which is also the perfect HTC2000 part. It is never enough to have a strong frame for the mobile base when it comes to carrying a huge weight.

It is important that the mobile base comes with strong wheels that will enable it to slide the weight down. This mobile base comes with four round shaped wheels on every corner. Two of its wheels come with a lever lock that can be operated by the leg.


  • Comes with a universal mobile base
  • Capable of carrying the decent weight
  • Comes with a foot lever locking system
  • Has predrilled holes which make it possible to transform its size


  • Its pedal is made using plastic

4. Bora Portamenti PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base Kit

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For sure, anyone will always be in need of more room in their workshop and garage. This is one of the reasons why the Bora Portamenti PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base Kit was made. It is the real thing you need to help make your heavy machines like the table saw, drill presses, band saws, cabinets, etc. movable.

It is much easier to mount wheels on such items and move them to any place you want them to be. With a press of a lever on the foot, you can make it stable and ready to work. The Bora Portamenti PM-1100 is a universal mobile kit and has a base range of 14 by 14 to 31 by 31 inches.

It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs which makes it ideal for carrying anything in the shop or garage. It is well coated using a steel powder that is strong and durable. It also comes with a one year warranty period and comprises everything you need. It is low profile mobile solution which will raise your machine height by less than an inch to enable you to make all the woodworking machines movable.


  • It is an adjustable and universal mobile base
  • Its steel rail system can easily be adjusted
  • Comes with locking foot levers that make it easy to use
  • The base can easily be expanded
  • Comes with three hard rubber wheels which makes gliding easy


  • It is not that durable
  • Difficult to use especially if you are a novice

5. Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base

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I know you are definitely surprised by the inclusion of the Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base f in our list of the top five best mobile bases for table saw. This table saw mobile base  comprises outstanding features that most people are never aware of since it is not that popular in the market.

It is a perfect heavy-duty mobile base that you need to check as it suits heavy machines and made using rigid steel. It can also allow up to 700 pounds carrying weight. Since Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base has an adjustable feature, it is easy to adjust the carrying area which measures 19 by 20.5 inches to 29.5 /29.5 inches.

With the Shop Fox D2057A frame made from a thick welded steel tube, it is in a position of carrying heavy loads provided their dimension is perfect. It is possible to adjust the carrying area using two bolts of every attachment point.

When it comes to transporting the massive 700 pounds, this mobile base has four casters wheel.  Two of the wheels are fixed while the remaining two are swivel.

When it comes to offering stability, the mobile base features two footpads that are independent. The footpads are retractable which helps it in leveling the machine. Its base allows the user to make use of different shop base parts to help in increasing the capacity.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Made of sturdy construction
  • It is of a lower profile
  • Possible to adjust the carrying area


  • It lacks the lever locks
  • A bit difficult to use for people who are just starting off

How to Choose the Best Mobile Base for Table Saw (Buying Guide)

Despite the mobile base having a simple look, it is advisable that you always adhere to the buying guide in order to get the best product in the market. It is not all about the price but there are a number of important factors that will help you settle on a top mobile base for a table saw.

Below are some of the essential factors you need to consider when shopping for the best mobile base for a table saw in the market.

Base Capacity

Capacity is an essential concern when it comes to choosing a table saw


. All the mobile bases currently available in the market are known to have different capacity range. The capacity can vary from 300- 1500 pounds. However, most of the machine weights never cross the barrier of 1500 pounds. This means you never need a bulky mobile base that can carry more than 1500 pounds of weight.

Whenever you are in the market shopping for a top mobile base for a table saw, ensure you always remember that the price will increase with the base capacity.  Hence, only go for a base that can comfortably carry your items.

Construction Material

It is important that the mobile base material is robust since carrying bulky machines is one of the most important tasks for these devices.  The mobile base will at times be required to carry weights of up to 1500 pounds at times. It is therefore advisable that you shy off from buying the bases which are cheaply constructed.

In most cases, the Ispat and Iron are two strong materials that are great when it comes to different tough tools. Aluminum is another top metal that is capable of scratching your mind.

Mobile Base Wheels

For easy transportation of the weights, almost every mobile base comes with some sort of wheels. When it comes to carrying machines on it, the weight usually places some pressure on the wheels. This means that the wheels will have to be strong in order to withstand the massive weight.

It is always possible to get different materials used in making wheels for the mobile base or band saw mobile. However, the wheels that are made of hard plastic are desirable and common. In most cases, the best mobile base for the table saw normally come with futuristic wheels that feature a non-marring ball.

Lock System

Mobile bases normally have two different roles. The first role is to carry the weight while the second role is to offer support. In case you are not using the mobile base for carrying, you will be using it for offering support to the machines available on the ground.

When there is no lock system, you will be subjected to a difficult time trying to keep the machine stable on the ground. This makes the lock system one of the most important features that you should have to enable you to makes good use of the mobile base.


Whenever you are in the market for a top mobile base, you will always come across several of them which might confuse you. However, not all of the mobile bases have the same carrying capacity. Hence, you can never carry all the types of machines in any mobile base. There are some which are best suited for mobile bases for table saw while some are considered to be the best mobile bases for carrying the band saw.

In case you have settled on one, have you ever imagined what you will do when you have another heavy machine that you need to carry? Will you purchase another mobile base? It is therefore advisable for anyone to purchase a universal base that is capable of carrying most of the heavy machines in the market.


Despite the price being an important factor when shopping for the best mobile base in the market, it comes last in our list. This is because when you are up to a machine, your main priority should be the machine quality and not the price.

When the quality meets your demand, the cost of the mobile base will not be an important factor any more. However, before you settle on a particular base, you need to keep one important thing in mind. The price will always increase as the mobile base capacity increases.

It is important that we get to understand well what a mobile base is before we embark on how we can load a table saw on it. Just as the name suggests, that is what it is. It is a device that helps in transporting heavier and larger objects and tools to a much more convenient location in your garage, shop, or room with lots of ease. The mobile base will be of great rescue when you will be moving any tool as a table saw on a frequent basis.

It comes with four corner sockets with wheels or casters, four rail sides, and nuts. The three are the top main components. Without the three, it will be impossible for a mobile base to function. Sockets are normally attached with foot levers which help in screwing up or down the move or have the base it needs rest.  A rail can be pre-drilled to a regular space. There are times when the wheels come with lockers that are placed snugly whenever you are working on it.

The process of moving a table is never an easy task although it is never impossible.

Moving a stationary Table Saw

Most of the stationary stable saws weigh around 300 pounds. They are top-heavy large and plain awkward. However, the process of moving them will take some effort.

Below are ways to help you put a table saw on a mobile base.

Seek Help

In case there is a friend of yours who owes you a favor, this is the time you can call on him or her.  However, there are times when moving a table saw by yourself is possible especially when you are using a romp, moving dolly, mobile base and you will not need to get up or down the stairs. It never matters, having a spare hand will help in making the entire process move on smoothly.

There are simple tasks such as holding an open door whenever you are moving a table saw which can be very difficult when you do not have any form of help. One last thing you will ever want to happen is to have the table saw get damaged or the mobile base you will be using to help you move the table saw damaged. You can always avoid damage by putting some blankets, carpet, or cardboard in the mobile base top whenever you are moving the table saw.

It is also advisable that you wrap the pieces which you are taking off the table saw in the blanks or any protective cover.

Use Ratchet Straps

Ensure the entire table saw that you will be putting onto the mobile base is well strapped down and well secured to help prevent it from falling down when it is being moved. The ropes or the ratchet straps will help in securing the table saw to ensure it never bumps around or gets damaged or even fall off when it is being moved.

It is also important that you always lay the table saw upside down or on its side since the table saws are very heavy at the top. In case you decide to leave the table saw in an upright position, then it will be prone to tipping over when it is being moved.

Putting the Table Saw on a Truck

When you have decided to take a table saw apart, and then most likely together with the help of your friend, you will be in a position of lifting it onto the mobile base and drive it onto a truck where you can easily lift it onto the truck.

However, there are situations where you might not be in a position of lifting the table saw onto a truck. Here are some of the options you can consider using.

Loading ramp

When you are trying to put a table saw on a truck, there are chances you might want to use a loading ramp. Loading ramps can be of great help to have around when you want to move heavy items.

It is also possible that you can make your own loading ramp by use of plywood measures 2 by 4s or 1 by 6s together with some handful of hardware.


In case you are getting it difficult to lift a table saw high on a truck back, you can consider borrowing or renting a trailer. Trailers are known to be much lower to the ground when compared to a pickup track. They also come with ramps are capable of tilting to the ground. Ensure that you always strap the table saw onto the trailer.

Transporting a Portable Table Saw

The portable table saws which are also known as the job site table saws are usually designed to be moved with lots of ease. Most of them are known to weigh less or come with carts that enable them to be rolled onto the trailer or truck back.

When you do not have a mobile base available, you can always consider lifting the portable table saw with help from your partner since they are light enough.

However, the main trouble that comes with the table saws is that they are in most cases heavy.  In such a case, you might be forced to remove the table saw from the bases whenever you are moving it or have it laid on its side or in an upside-down position in case the design allows for that.

Ensure you always have the table saw strapped to the thing you will be using to haul it to ensure it never gets destroyed. In case you are in need of moving your table saw more often, you can consider investing in a ratchet strap since they will help in making the equipment you used in strapping simple.

Ensure you are very careful whenever you are planning to move your table saw on a mobile base.

Lever-Action vs. Foot Pedal vs. Screw-Down

The foot pedal of the Delta, Rockler, and Delta and the Lever action on Vega bases were considered to be among the easiest transition between the stationary and the mobile modes. The bases are a perfect choice for machines that get moved every time they are used. However, the screw-down which is usually found on the Shop Fox Models normally adjust automatically even on uneven floors. It is a great bother when you bend down to screw down each foot although this helps in making Shop Fox a great choice for the moves which are not frequent on uneven floors.


We do hope that the above best mobile base for a table saw review has helped you in narrowing down to your most preferable product.   Remember to use the buying guide to help you know the things to consider when analyzing every product before you settle on any. Shopping for the Best Mobile Base for Table Saw should not be a big issue after going through the guide.

The above guide will enable you to get the best product for the money you have. In fact, the process will be fun despite the review being a bit lengthy. Although recalling all the details will not be possible, the information is quite resourceful and detailed. In case you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate in getting in touch with us.

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What do you mean by the adjustable base?

Adjustable bases refer to universal bases that offer rails that are maneuverable to help in changing the base area. This ensures the base area fits the size of the tool or the machine which you intended to use.  Most of the mobile bases which are adjustable are capable of matching both the rectangular and square size machine bases.

What are the foot pedal and the corner pad?

The foot pedals refer to the foot levers which you can use to engage or disengage the lock. Whenever you are working, the lock will always remain engaged for secure work and it is important to disengage whenever you want to move.

It has a footswitch that is hinged on the pedal hanging down over the push button on the switch box. You can easily turn off the saw by bumping the pedal using your knee or foot. It is a mere short dwell which is located at the right spot that helps in pushing the button off.

It comes with a hole located at the top part that allows the normal finger to access the button and offer it some protection from the button being pushed.

It is important for one to invest in a proper corner pad that will help prevent the conditioned air from leaking out. Corner pad will help in preventing water and air leaks since it seals the exterior without using any tools.

How many types of mobile bases are there?

We have two main types of mobile bases. There is the customer base and the universal base.

The mobile bases are known to feature a fixed base for a specific machine while the universal base does change the base area with a varied machine base.

The custom base has been built well; it is well designed and expensive to fit on particular machines. Their strength comes from a tubular steel frame. They usually come ready to go right out from the package hence you will never have any hassle when it comes to assembling it.

The universal base is usually chosen by most people. Since the bases will be changing as your tools change, the universal base will always keep up with the shop evolution. It is capable of handling most of the shop tools.

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