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In simple word, a pipe wrench refers to a flexible spanner that is used for rotating and fitting lenient pipes of iron with a round surface. But is it enough to find out the best set of pipe wrench from the various categories? No, obviously not because before buying a pipe wrench one must be aware of the complete features and usability of the pipe wrench. Without having this knowledge any person can easily be deceived by those silver-tongued salesmen. So, do you want to buy the pipe wrench for your household use without being cheated? Then, this article is definitely for you that is going to present you with the detailed discussion of some of the pipe wrenches on the market, how to buy them, how to use pipe wrench properly, and so on. Therefore, read the article till the end.

However, all the wrenches do not meet the warranty requirement except one, which is the sixth one known as Tradespro 830914. This super quality wrench not only meets the qualities and features but also meets the warranty criteria. It offers the buyers a lifetime warranty policy, which is rare in the marketplace. At the same time, it demonstrates the durability confidently. So if you are looking for the  best one pipe wrench we would like to recommend you this Tradespro 830914 pipe wrench

What are the Best Pipe Wrenches?

This Goplus adaptable pipe wrench is madeof iron. It is suitable forfour types of measurements of pipes. This pipe wrench comes as a set of four.


  • Construction:This wrench’s handle is made of flexible iron. On the other hand, its head is constructed using artificial steel. This type of steel is not only solid but also tough for longer stability.
  • Multi-dimensions: This wrench has a multi-dimension facility like every other wrench, but its dimensions are unique that makes it different than other types of wrenches. Its full set contains four sizes. The sizes are 8″, 10″, 14″ and 18″ that are able to meet one’s numerous requirements.
  • Precise teeth: Teeth are undoubtedly the heart of jaws without which the wrenches are meaningless. Because of the precise construction, the teeth of the Goplus wrench are highly accurate. Therefore, it has the capability of gripping pipes steadily and tightly.
  • Spring Loaded Structure: The wrench has a spring loaded structure on its head that provides faster grip and discharge of jaw. This feature improves working competence saving a lot of time. Besides, its head being flat and sturdy, it can also be used as a hammer in time of necessity.
  • Plastic covered handle: The handle of the Goplus wrench is covered with plastic which makes it easier to hold and use.


  • The wrench’s grip being non-sticky, it can grasp and release any object very fast. This feature saves a lot of time and at the same time keeps the energy of the user.
  • As the handle is covered with plastic, it decreases the possibility of slipping off and hurting the hand.


  • The only limitation of this pipe wrench is that its smallest size is not as efficient as the other three sizes.

Bottom line

There is hardly any wrench set that offers so much comfort and quality like the Goplus heavy duty pipe wrench at such a cheap price. Considering the features, you should definitely try this pipe wrench.

Grizzly pipe wrench set is made with heavier cast iron which makes it highly durable as well as long-lasting. This wrench set is also suitable for four types of measurements of pipes. Moreover, this wrench set includes for pipe wrenches of different sizes.


  • Construction: This amazing pipe wrench set is made of heavy cast iron. Heavy cast iron is basically a blend of iron that contains at least two to four percent carbon. This carbon-containing feature demonstrates its robustness as carbon is one of the hardest substances in the world. On the other hand, the jaws are made of tough steel, which is less prone to rust, and more inclined to offer a firmer grip.
  • Standard dimensions: This wrench has a standard dimension which is suitable for any type of work. Its dimensions are 5.4 x 17.1 x 2.5 inches which are ideal for having a firmer grasp.
  • Less heavy: The weight of this pipe wrench is only 9.65 pounds. It means that the wrench is very lightweight, so it doesn’t make the users tired.
  • Warranty: The Grizzly wrench set offers the users a one-year warranty. So, even if you don’t like the wrench, you can replace it easily. 


  • The handle of this wrench is rubber plunged. Therefore, you can grasp it more tightly, and there is less possibility of slipping off hand.
  • Its overall functioning capabilities are smoother than most other wrench sets on the market. As a result, it saves both time and energy of the users.


  • Warranty will not be applicable if the wrench set is damaged by any direct or indirect mistreatment, carelessness, accident, modifications or an attempt of home repair.

Bottom line

The heavy cast iron body and rubber plunged handle make Grizzly wrench set unique than all other wrench sets on the market. I definitely think this wrench set will make your life a whole lot easier. 

TEKTON is another awesome company that produces outstanding pipe wrench sets for both amateurs and professionals.It is constructed with aluminum as the core material. Unlike the previous two, it comes as a set of three.


  • Construction material: This handy pipe wrench set is made of cast aluminum. Cast aluminum has several awesome advantages than other construction materials. Here are its advantages: cast aluminum makes the core of anything much harder, it can guard the product against being damaged by rust, and aluminum is slightly better than iron. Besides, the layer of aluminum is more permanent than that of other layers such as cast iron.
  • Floating jaw of hook: This wrench set has a floating jaw as a hook. This feature is unique in the sense that it can create a regular intensifying action that makes working in constricted spaces easier.


  • This TEKTON pipe wrench offers asatisfactory bite, therefore, the users never feel the necessity of any other tools while dealing with different sizes of pipes. It can grip both 1/2” and 3/4” pipes easily.


  • It is comparatively more expensive than other wrench sets on the market. However, the cast aluminum made body makes up for that!

Bottom line

Its construction material- the cast aluminum is the most attractive part of this wrench set. So, you can at least try it once to enjoy the advantages of cast aluminum.

The RIDGID 31100 aluminum pipe wrench is one of the best plumbing tools right now on the market. It has a lot of marvelous qualities that have placed it above than theother pipe wrenches.

Let’s take a deep look at its features:


  • Aluminum construction: This Ridgid pipe wrench is quite similar to the TEKTON one in respect of construction material, which is aluminum. It has already been discussed in the previous part how awesome aluminum is!Aluminum makes this pipe wrench robust, durable and even lightweight at the same time.Super light body: The most enthralling feature of this pipe wrench is that it is nearly 40 percent lighter than all other wrenches of the same size and dimensions. This feature has made it irresistible in the market as users never feel any tiredness while using it. Besides, being super light, users can control it more easily.


  • Being made of aluminum, it is capable of preventing rust automatically which increases its longevity.
  • As it is much lighter, it is more flexible. It means that users can easily move and screw it.
  • Ridgid pipe wrench saves money in the long run. As almost any types of work can be done with it, users do not need to buy other types of tools which save


  • If the handle had a layer of rubber or plastic, users may find it easier to hold it tighter.

Bottom line

The Ridgid 31100 pipe wrench comes with some excellent features which are rare in most other pipe wrench brands. If you are looking for a quality pipe wrench that can serve you for a long time, I would highly recommend this one.

This Ridgid 31020 pipe wrench may seem similar to the previously discussed Ridgid 31100, but it is not.This pipe wrench is made of iron, not aluminum. However, it also has some of the distinctive qualities and merits like the Ridgid 31100.

Let’s look at those qualities more closely:


  • Flexibility: Its construction material is ductile-iron, which is more enduring than most other materials. Being made of ductile- iron, its core is ‘graphite’ made that is not only harder but also flexible. As it is flexible, so there is less possibility of its’ crashing all on a sudden like other harder wrenches. At the same time, it can endure any tough work easily.
  • Stronger Grip:This pipe wrench comes with a floating artificial hook that allows the users to have a stronger grip so that the wrench might not slip off the hand.It saves a lot of time while working. Besides, this feature lets the users work more efficiently.
  • Self-cleaning capability: It also has an in-built self-cleaning thread like that of the previously discussed one. This special feature cleans the dirt stored in it automatically that saves the users’ time and energy of further cleaning. Moreover, this attachment guards the wrench against being jammed, which is very disturbing.
  • Colored handle: Its handle is colored, which is very helpful in reducing the chance of rust attack. Besides, the proportion of its length and width is standard that enables the users to work more efficiently.
  • Lightweight frame: The weight of this wrench is probably the least among those that have been discussed so far. Its weight is only 3.7 pounds.


  • As it is made of ductile-iron, it is more flexible. Thus it has less chance of getting broken. Moreover, it can survive the worst conditions comfortably.
  • Because of having a self-cleaning thread, there will hardly be any jam in this tool.
  • As it is very lightweight, users will undoubtedly feel much comfortable working with it.


  • Though it does not virtually have any limitation, yet from the opinions of a few users, it would be better if its teeth are a bit deeper.

Bottom line

Ridgid 31020 pipe wrench is excellent from the perspective of its lightweight, flexible and self-cleaning feature. Therefore, you should definitely give this pipe wrench a try!

Tradespro 830914 pipe wrench is irresistible in making any plumbing work not only a success but also a matter of comfort. The construction material of its handle is one of its most enthralling features. Also, it has an awesome warranty system.


  • Carbon steel construction: The head of this Tradespro wrench is made of carbon steel. Besides, the finishing is done with sandblasting. Firstly, the primary material, carbon steel is very good in the sense that it is both free from decay and hard enough not to be broken suddenly. Secondly, the sandblast finishing is beneficial for any product as it removes all sorts of dirt and rust making the wrench cleaner.
  • Malleable handle: The handle of this wrench is made of iron, which is not its specialty. Instead, the specialty is that the iron used is malleable means that the handle will not only be harder but also comfortable enough to hold for a long time.
  • Longer length: The overall length of this pipe wrench is 14’’, which is sufficient to make a wrench handier. It also helps the users to have a firmer grip.


  • The wrench offers a lifetime warranty, which is very rare in the marketplace. Moreover, this lifetime warranty also indicates the confidence of the manufacturer regarding its high-quality.
  • The flexibility of the handle is the most attractive feature of this pipe wrench. It makes working many times easier and faster.
  • The teeth of this pipe wrench are much deeper that offers you a fabulous grip of anything harder or softer.


  • It does not come as a set or package. So you need to buy different sized wrenches for different purposes.

Bottom line

Sandblast finishing,as well asthe malleable handle,make this pipe wrench simply irresistible. These might be a good reason for you to try out Tradespro 830914 pipe wrench.

The TEKTON 2386 pipe wrench has some super qualities and features including its construction material, jaw hook, jaw capacity, and so on. Here are the details:


  • Durable Construction: Cast iron is the main construction material of its body. Cast iron is capable of sustaining high temperature or heat; it can also sustain a lot of pressure. Besides, cast iron is very malleable instead of rigid that makes it highly durable. These are the basic qualities of this pipe wrench.
  • A Complete floating jaw hook: The hook jaw of this wrench is completely floating. This feature lets the wrench create a natural spinning at one specific point, and thus help the users work comfortably even in a congested place.
  • Deeper teeth: The teeth of this wrench are very deep, which can hold anything tightly without any chance of getting slipped.
  • Steel made hook: The hook is made of artificial and tough steel that assures the long time durability, and accurate working capability.


  • Its entire weight is only 5.7 pounds which hardly causes any tiredness.
  • The jaw capacity is really amazing.It can hold any sized pipe or object very easily.


  • The wrench does not come as a set, so users need to buy different sized wrenches for different types of works.

Bottom line

The jaw capacity and deeper teeth are the unique qualities that make this pipe wrench distinctive than the other ones. Therefore, I’ll definitely recommend this pipe wrench whether you are an amateur or professional.

Our Research

Why a pipe wrench and where to use?

A pipe wrench is basically used by both the plumbers and the common people for tightening anything. So, you can use a pipe wrench when you need to fix your water pipe or sewerage pipe to a wall. It is not necessary that the pipes are to be attached to the wall only using a pipe wrench. Instead, a pipe wrench can also be used to attach pipes together tightly. In simple words, you can use a pipe wrench when you are mending the plumbing of your house or office.

If you do not use a pipe wrench in carrying out this type of task, there is much possibility that the pipelines will be loosely attached to the wall. Also, pipe wrenches make plumbing works a lot easier and faster.

How To Choose The Pipe Wrench?

Choosing the pipe wrench is not an easy task. For choosing the perfect one you must need to know the following features of the best quality pipe wrenches.

  • Construction: The pipe wrench will be of high-quality construction. It can handle heavier tasks without any stickiness and it won’t cause fatigue to the user.
  • Width: The width or breadth of the pipe wrench will be wider enough so it won’t get slipped off hand.
  • Handle: The handle of the pipe wrench will be less heavy and smoother. It should be longer which offers the users more comfort.
  • Head: Its head will be tough enough to be used as a hammer. Besides, the shape of the head will be flat instead of curve.
  • Jaws: Jaws is the heart of a good pipe wrench. The more teeth it has, the more efficient it is. Besides, jaws will have enough space to lock anything bigger. Moreover, the jaws will have a good grip so that the locked object can be tightened well, and it will hardly lack any bite.
  • Heaviness: The entire body of the pipe wrench will not be as heavy as to cause tiredness to the users.
  • Warranty: It is an additional feature of any good pipe wrench. The reason is simple: the better the wrench is, the more confident its’ manufacturer is and thus offers more warranty.

So, these are the features of the pipe wrench that must be kept in mind, and considered before buying a pipe wrench.

Types of Pipe Wrench

Numerous types of pipe wrenches are available in the market, but it is not possible to discuss all of them here. Hence some of the common types of pipe wrenches are described below:

Offset: This type of pipe wrench is intended for pipes those are in constricted positions or angles. Two different forms of this wrench- heavy duty version and standard offset version are normally found on the market.

End pipe: It is basically used for the finishing bits that are closer to any wall or in a tighter position. This type of pipe wrench is best for working in aconfined space.

Strap: This wrench doesn’t have a typical head, rather it has an inflexible handle with strap. It can be attached to a pipe. This type is usually used for peculiarly formed pipes.

Straight: It is a more typical version of a wrench. Iron is normally used to produce it, and it has a jaw hook that usually has a thread for self-cleaning.

How To Use A Pipe Wrench?

  • Firstly, select the perfect size according to your job. Then hold the handle tight, and roll the nut that is just below the head so that jaws can be separated.
  • Make enough space between the jaws. Next, place your object in the intermediate space, and again roll the nut to shrink the jaws. Jaws must be brought closeenough so that they can hold the object tightly with their teeth.
  • When placing of the jaws is finished, it is time to hold the handle tightly again so that it may not get slipped off. Pull the handle to the direction you want, and keep pulling ceaselessly until you feel the object has been attached or tightened properly.
  • After that, roll the nut again to releasethe jaws from the object.

That’s how you use a pipe wrench!

Safety Tips For Using A Pipe Wrench

Here are some safety tips that you should follow when using a pipe wrench:

  • Safety glass must be put on so that any broken particle by the pressure of jaws cannot hit the eyes.
  • Select a pipe wrench that has enough length and width so that you are comfortable to work with it.
  • Never use a pipe wrench for bending or lifting a pipe. Instead, use it only for holding and turning a pipe.
  • A gap between the pipe and back side of the hook jaw must be kept.
  • Regular inspection for identifying and replacing any worn parts is necessary. For example, the self-cleaning thread should be replaced if necessary.
  • Always try to keep the teeth sharp and fresh for having a better result.
  • Never put pressure on the hook jaw, rather put as much pressure as possible on the heel jaw.
  • It is not to wise push the handle, rather the handle should be pulled.

These are some basic safety tips for using a pipe wrench. These not only ensure the user’s safety but also increase the longevity of a pipe wrench.


It is crystal clear that the selection of the pipe wrench is extremely important when working with plumbing. Therefore, a regular user must be aware of the features, pros, and cons of each type of pipe wrench to select for his or her job. Otherwise, the job will appear to be more difficult and may prove to be fruitless. Also, a user should be aware of all the safety tips when using a pipe wrench.

I have tried to describe everything that you need to know about pipe wrenches in this article. I hope it will help you to choose the high quality pipe wrench for your job.

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