Best Pole Saws Reviews || (2022- Buying Guide)

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Talking about power tools gives you the impression that we will be discussing so or the other kind of do-it-yourself thing. Well, that is not the case here, as we are here to converse more about the power tools in this post today. Yes, but we have to bring it up that pole saws are a great tool for DIYs. The reason being they are handy and come handy when you want to trim tree branches or simply clear your property off unwanted elements. Whereas, chainsaw is a complete tool for felling trees, on the other hand, the Best Pole Saw can prove to be your true friend for removing smaller rudiments. Read this post to know more about them.

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What We Recommend As The Best Pole Saw?

If you press us to reveal the names of our chosen pole saw according to us, then we have to name one. That could be hard, however, we have one in mind and it has to be Ryobi One+ 8 in pole saw for its magnanimous performance without consuming much of power.

The second choice would be Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless pole saw for the obvious reason, of being a cordless tool. It saves you a lot of messy clearings and more. Okay, now it is your turn, to tell us which one you like. No cheating here, you must share your experiences with the rest of the community through the comments section. You know sharing is caring!

Top 14 Best Pole Saws Review and Buying Guide

Below is a review of what is called the Best Pole Saw that we have collaborated for you under different sections. Feel free to read about them in details.

To make it simpler and clear to you, I have divided the review into four categories. They are:

  1. Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews
  2. Best Corded Pole Saw Reviews
  3. Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews
  4. Best Gas Powered Pole Saws Review

Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews

Salient Feature:

[amazon table=”5875″]

Product 01: Jameson Landscaper Pole Saw Review-03 Poles

[amazon box=”B0077S1ASO” template=”horizontal”]

Looking for an efficient landscaping tool? Well, this one from Jameson does not disappoint at all. The manufacturer has been in the business for years and has been making fabulous products. This tool has a sturdy finish and it is evident that it will last you for a very long time to come. You can now experience smooth trimming with this saw kit that includes 3 poles of different heights.  Want to know more about this Pole Saw? Read on!


  1. Versatile product: The saw kit has 3 poles that measure 6 feet so you can trim foliage at any height without difficulty. The head on the tool facilitate smooth movement through any dense foliage. The ferrules are made of Aluminum and have a spring lock system.
  2. Great accessories included: The device has a 16 inch Tri saw blade for quick trimming. The kit also includes three extension poles that can reach a height of 18 feet.
  3. Great finishing: The best part about this product is that it has a sturdy finishing which means it will last long.  The dimensions of the product are 6x 4x 72 inches. The shipping weight is 8 pounds and the item weight is 10 pounds.


  • Great finishing
  • Durable
  • Can help you perform trimming operations at various heights
  • The tool head can easily maneuver through very dense foliage
  • Easy maintenance and storage
  • Has an Aluminum ferrule that adds to the efficiency of the tool


  • The poles included with the kit seem a little smaller than what is advertised
  • Seems a bit heavier than the weight mentioned in the description

Bottom line:

There is no doubt that you should buy this product. If you take a look at all the aspects you will see that pros outweigh the cons; which is a clear indication that this is worth the money. This is readily available online and will be delivered to your door step. This product combines great quality and good functionality so it is a must buy for all landscaping enthusiasts.

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Product 02: Best Extendable Tree Pruner- Fiskars 7.9-12

[amazon box=”B00004TBMV” template=”horizontal”]

This is the most innovative landscaping tool in the market right now. Having outsold every other rival brand in the market this is anything but a disappointment. With this tool you can now cut branches difficult heights without using a ladder. Since this can reach difficult places you will no longer feel and strain in the back trying to reach a particular height. This device has a saw blade that measures 15 inches, this very useful to take down thick branches. Are you curious to know more interesting facts about this Pole Saw? Just keep reading and learn why this has become a household name.


  1. Superb Performance:  The manufacturer has been in the business for many years to come so you can be assured of buying a product that does the job really well. You can now prune branches that are a little high up. The best part is you no longer have to use a ladder or even bend down low to trim prickly shrubs.  The power drive gearing fuels he device with extra power for cutting.
  2. Smart Design: Since this is a rope free design you can have solid control over it with both hands. The dimension of the product is 95 x 3.5 x 4.8 inches and the weight is 4.34 pounds.
  3. Sturdy Finishing: The finishing of the product is quite impressive and as a customer you will have no regrets buying. The steel blade has a special coating and is very efficient.


  • The perfect product for cutting branches that are high up, so you do not have to use any ladder
  • The blade measures 15 inches and is ideal for cutting thick branches
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on this product
  • Very easy to use
  • Not pricey like other brands


  • The tool seems a bit heavy in real life
  • The product is a bit smaller than what is advertised but that is not a huge disadvantage

Bottom Line:

This product is well worth the money. In terms of performance it out performs any other brand in the market. So, from smart design to powerful performance this device has it all.

Product 03: Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw HAYAUCHI-Silky Professional

[amazon box=”B07KXY47W3″ template=”horizontal”]

This is the bestselling product in the market today, so if you are interested in indulging in landscaping you should put this on top of your list. In fact, most professional landscapers use this in their operation. The best part about this is that it boasts of vast improvements that the other brands lack. From great performance to smart designing this product has it all. The manufacturer has been in the business for many years now and all products are put through strict quality checks so you can be assured that you are purchasing a product worth your money.


  1. Scabbard:  The tip of the hook is well sharpened and is used to pull suckers and hangers which are stuck on the tree.
  2. Versatile Product: This can be used for residential and commercial properties. Perfect product for trees with nuts and fruits and can be used to trim palms.
  3. High Quality: The quality of the product is unquestionable. The finishing is top class and it is evident that the product will last for a very long time to come.


  • Perfect for professional landscaping artists
  • Very good quality
  • Can reach a height of 26 feet
  • Blade made of carbon steel and comes in thickness of 1.5 mm
  • You can perform activities like forestry, arborist, trimming and pruning with ease.
  • The best thing about this product is you will get a blade cover with it
  • The sales package includes 4 poles


  • The poles seem a little smaller than what is advertised but this is not a big problem
  • The saw also seems a bit heavy but this does not hamper the usage
  • Replacement blade not included

Bottom Line:

This is a must buy as the quality is very good and the performance is superb too. With this you can implement all those landscaping ideas you had in mind. This saw has already become a rage in every other household and customers have given it rave reviews on the website. You can buy this wonderful product online and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Best Corded Pole Saw Reviews

Salient Feature:

[amazon table=”5884″]

Product 04: Remington RM1025SPS-Best Electric Pole Saw for The Money

[amazon box=”B007HLJRNG” template=”horizontal”]

Is landscaping your passion? Well go full throttle with your dreams buy buying this electric pole saws combo. This is one fabulous piece of equipment that you should not miss out on. This runs on a powerful 8 amp motor that will let you cut off tree branches with ease. With its smart design and powerful performance this has become a favorite with people. This brand has outsold every other brand in the market and customers have given rave reviews about this.


  1. Versatile Product: You can switch from chainsaw to pole without using any other tool. All you have to do is get the pole out if you need to perform other cutting actions.
  2. Adjustable Poles: This trimmer can go up toan additional height of 10 feet with the help of an aluminum pole. The trimmer also has clamps that will keep the pole in position.
  3. Powerful Performance: The chainsaw works on a powerful 8 amp motor and it packs in a very powerful performance.


  • The device has an adjustable pole made of strong aluminum and it can go up to a height of 10 feet
  • The sales package contains a user manual, a detachable chainsaw and an aluminum pole
  • The chainsaw can be loosened if needed
  • You can detach the chainsaw quickly
  • Has lock clamps for extra security
  • The 8 amp motor is very powerful
  • Very reasonable price
  • The finishing is nice and sturdy
  • Readily available online
  • Heavy duty pole saw


  • Does not work too well while trimming trees that bear oranges but this is not a big problem
  • The packaging  needs to improve

Bottom Line:

Yes! This is worth spending money on. If you go through all the aspects of this chain saw you will see that the pluses outweigh the minor minuses by leaps and bounds. Just place an order with the online vendor and get it delivered at your door. As a customer you will not regret buying this wonderful gadget.

Product 05: Best Electric Pole Chainsaw Reviews-Sun Joe SWJ800E

[amazon box=”B009FT54CQ” template=”horizontal”]

Sun Joe is a reputed manufacturer that specializes in making outdoor products that reek of innovation. So, this electric pole saw is anything but a disappointment. This runs on electricity so all you have to do is flip a switch and it is ready for use. This is easy to operate so even a first timer will not struggle to use it. You should also know that the manufacturer has been in business for many years and puts each product through a series of quality tests before releasing them in the market. So, are you curious to know more about this Pole Saw? Well, keep reading to learn more astonishing facts about this chain saw.


  1. Powered by Electricity: The device runs on electricity and has a built in safety switch that will prevent a user from turning it on by mistake
  2. Accessories: The gadget comes with an Oregon bar that measures about 8 inches and an auto oiler that keeps the bar well lubricated at  all times.
  3. Good Finishing: The finishing of this product is top notch and you can expect it this to last for a very long time.
  4. Telescoping Pole: This comes with an adjustable pole which helps you reach out to a height of 15 feet.
  5. Multi-angle Head: The multi-angle head is just perfect for cutting down thin logs and limbs that are at a difficult height.


  • It has multi-angle head
  • Bar length is 15 feet
  • This pole saw works on a very powerful 6.5 amp motor
  • The oil tank capacity is 2.7 ounces
  • This product is approved by the CSA
  • The manufacturer offers a two years warranty


  • The Product seems to be a bit smaller than what is advertised
  • It is a bit heavier than what is mentioned in the description but this is not a problem at all

Bottom Line:

When you take a look at all the facts mentioned above you will realize that you are actually getting more than what you bargained for. Sun Joe has outsold every other rival brand by a huge margin. The customers have also left positive reviews for the brand. This is totally worth the money.

Product 06: Worx WG309 Electric Pole Chain Saw

[amazon box=”B00MN4YCFA” template=”horizontal”]

This pole saw is multifunctional and quite unique too. You can simply attach a 8 feet extended pole to get to difficult heights and the best part is you do not have to utilize a ladder in the process. Another noteworthy feature is that you do not have to use any special tool attach the pole to convert the chainsaw to pole saw. This one low maintenance device and should definitely consider buying it without hesitation. The saw also has a handle that can effective rotate and facilitate smooth pruning.


  1. Easy Use: This pole saw comes with an extension pole that measures 8 feet and with this pole you can reach difficult areas. The best part is you do not need to use any ladder for this.
  2. Very Efficient: You can get rid of the extension pole to use the saw as a chainsaw, this lets you indulge in different landscaping jobs. This pole saw works on a very powerful 8 amp motor. The efficiency of this device cuts down on fatigue.
  3. Good Finishing: The quality of the product is really good. All the parts of the gadget hold up really well and it is evident that this will last for many years to come.


  • Reliable brand
  • Superb finishing
  • Very durable
  • Has a chain with auto-tension mechanism Works on a power 8amp motor
  • The saw has an oil tank can accommodate 12ml of oil
  • No special installation needed and it is very easy to use
  • After sales service I also good


  • The machine seems a bit smaller than usual
  • The weight of the machine also feels a bit heavier

Bottom Line:

Do not deprive yourself of this wonderful gadget. If you go over all the aspects of the gadget then you will see that the pros out weight the cons by leaps and bounds. The manufacturer is known to make fabulous gadgets like these so you can be assured of getting your money’s worth. This device is super easy to use so even if you are a first timer you will not have problems using it.

Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews

Salient Feature:

[amazon table=”5887″]

Product 07: BLACK + DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw

[amazon box=”B00CBDNRJ0″ template=”horizontal”]

This is one innovative product in the market if powerful performance is what you are looking for. With this fabulous device you can achieve at least 100 cuts. The quality is so good that you can expect it to last for years together. The plus point is that it can be used with gardening tools of the same brand so you will not be limited to only a few gardening tasks. The power head in the device will permit good maneuverability specially while trying to reach difficult areas. The unit can be dismantled very easily. It would not be an exaggeration to call this the Best Pole Saw. Dying to know more about this fabulous gadget? Then simply keep reading.


  1. Included Items: In the sales package you will receive a cordless pole saw, a battery, battery charger, guard for the blade, oil bottle and a user manual.
  2. Good performance: The saw not only has an impressive appearance but it also packs in a powerful performance. As a user you can reach difficult heights for cutting without having to use a ladder. This means you will no longer feel any stress on your back.
  3. Durable: The product is put through several quality checks before it is released into the market. So, you are actually paying for a product that will last for a long time and above all it is very safe to use on a regular basis


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality and build
  • After sales services are great
  • Battery Powered
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty for two years
  • The device has a cutting bar that measures 8 inches and can make cuts of 6 inches in diameter
  • With ever charge you can achieve at least 100 cuts
  • Runs on a 20 volt lithium battery
  • You can reach up to a height of 14 feet


  • The weight of the device feels much more than what is mentioned in the description
  • The battery dies down faster than it should but this is only a minor problem

Bottom Line:

Well, if you have gone through all the aspects related to this device you will have noticed that it has more pluses than minuses. So, in other words if you decide to buy this you will be getting more than you could ever imagine. You can even checkout some reviews left behind by users and you will understand how well this product is doing the market. You can buy this product sitting at home through online vendors and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Product 08: Best Cordless Pole Chain Saw-Greenworks 8.5′

[amazon box=”B00AW72WR0″ template=”horizontal”]

So do you have a garden that you like to keep neat and clean? Well, with this neat tool that is now a possibility.  With is state of the art tool you can now trim hedges and cut of branches in your garden with ease. This wonderful device has been dubbed as the Best Pole Saw in the market. Even as a first time user this will give you no trouble. All you have to do is switch it on and you are good to go. When you go over the features of this pole saw you will realize that this product is much more than what you could ask for.


  1. Powerful battery: This is a huge improvement over the other models that are available in the market.
  2. Noiseless: This is one of the biggest USP of the pole saw is that it does not create too much of noise and so you will not annoy your neighbors while you are cutting the branches on the tree.
  3. Solid build: Unlike the other pole saws this one has a very strong build and will last for years.


  • Highly durable product
  • The finishing is top notch and it will last for a very long time to come
  • Good Brand value
  • After sales service is very impressive
  • Readily available online
  • The packaging is superb
  • Battery charger included in the sales package
  • Chain and bar length 8 inches and is good for smooth trimming
  • The product weighs 8 pounds
  • Has a tensioning system to adjust the chain
  • Has adjustable shaft made of aluminum that can extend for at least 8 feet


  • Seems a little heavier than 8 pounds
  • The extended shaft is a little less than what is advertised but this is not a huge problem at all

Bottom Line:

When you take into consideration the pros and con you will the former have outweighed the latter by leaps and bound. So, this is a sign that the product is worth buying as it it from a reputed manufacturer. After all, the manufacturer puts the product through a series of quality check before putting it out for sale. The company is also quick to offer refunds and replacements for any units that have production defects.

Product 09: Oregon PS250- 8 inch Cordless Pole Chain Saw

[amazon box=”B00IN2FCVY” template=”horizontal”]

Looking for an effective tool to trim the branches in your garden? Well, the good news is that with this cordless pole saw you can pretty much do a splendid job. Since this does not have a cord you can expect to achieve mobility with it. This tool has a shaft made of fiber glass which allows you to reach a height of 15 feet. It also has a gear reduction technology that can control the torque performance. With user friendly features and compact designing it would not be wrong to dub this gadget as the Best Pole Saw that is being sold in the market. The manufacturer guarantees on the quality that is offered and so you do not have to consider switching to another brand. Want to know more about this fabulous product? Read on!


  1. Branch Hook: This branch hook will permit you to remove the limbs very easily
  2. Adjustable Collar: With this adjustable collar you can expect to reach out to height of 10 feet easily.
  3. Mounted Motor: This is very helpful to reach out to difficult heights. This also brings the weight of the pole. Makes trimming and cutting a less tedious task.


  • Battery Powered and can achieve 325 cuts due to its long battery life.
  • Features an enhanced cell technology
  • The Mounted motor design facilitate reduced elevated weight and greater tool balance
  • The gear reduction technology permits better power transfer
  • Practically noiseless and the level of vibration is pretty low
  • Very easy to use as it does not need warm up, no pulling cords and you do not need to mix oil
  • This product is so safe that it can be used by first timers too


  • The fiber glass shaft is a bit smaller than what is advertised by the manufacturer but this is a very minor problem
  • The tool is slightly heavier than what is advertised.

Bottom Line:

When you take a look at the all the aspects of this tool you will see that the pros out-weight the cons by a huge margin. This simply indicates that his product is worth the money you decide to spend on it. The manufacture has been in the business for years and has received a lot of positive reviews for their products. So, you can expect to receive a product of the highest quality.

Product 10: Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt Cordless Pole Chain Saw

[amazon box=”B01GWF0L96″ template=”horizontal”]

This cordless pole saw is the finest product available today. Its compact design and high quality makes this a desirable item. Do you have trouble reaching high places to trim branches? With this device you can do it all without any problems. The entire pole saw is powered by a single ion battery. This has an automated oiler to facilitate better operation. The line motor makes it possible for you to carry out pruning in difficult spaces. This product is a hot favorite with people and has already been dubbed as the Best Pole Saw. Are you eager to learn more about this product? Simply read on.


  1. Complete product: With the accessories thrown in with the pole saw you can achieve a lot with it and you do not have to use other tools as substitutes
  2. Good quality: The manufacturer follows the industry standards and so the quality is unquestionable. You will not regret buying this tool.
  3. Dimensions: The weight of the saw is 7.4 pounds and the dimensions are 10.3 x 6.3 x 41


  • The instructions in the user manual are very easy to follow
  • The sales package includes blade cover, 18V pole, intermediate pole and a cutting pole
  • The packaging is fantastic
  • The quality of the product is outstanding and you can expect to use year after year
  • The company offers great after sales services
  • A customer can ask for prompt refunds or replacements in case the  unit has manufacturing defects


  • Battery and charger are not included in the sales package
  • The item seems a bit heavy than what is mentioned in the description but it will not hinder the usage of the unit

Bottom Line:

Yes! Do buy this unit as it is totally worth it. Trimming hedges and cutting off branches will no longer be a tedious task at all. The manufacturer has a reputation of making superior quality gardening tools and this gadget does not disappoint one bit. With good features and sleek design it is a pleasure to use this every now and then. You can also read the customer reviews to understand how good this is.

Best Gas Powered Pole Saws Review

Product 11: Best Gas Pole Saw for the money-Remington RM2599

[amazon box=”B00BJ2GUNE” template=”horizontal”]

This gas powered saws are very easy to operate as specially designed to help cut branches and limbs without having to use a ladder. The pole saw runs on a 25cc engine and it packs in a powerful performance. This has an auto oiler that ensures the chain stays well lubricated. The manufacturer not only offers products of good quality but also offers a warranty that is valid for 24 months.  This device is typically very durable and you can expect this to last for a long time to come. Are you curious to know more about this Pole Saw? Then keep reading and be fascinated with its features and


  1. Physical Attributes: The design of the tool is very compact and its dimensions are 38 x 10.8 x 12. The product weighs about 17.5 pounds.
  2. Power Engine: The engine is a 25 cc gas engine  that packs in a very powerful performance
  3. Easy to Use:  This tool is very compatible with other attachments so you can indulge in cutting branches that are hard to reach.
  4. Favorable Warranty: The manufacturer offers a warranty that is valid for 24 months.


  • Very easy to use and this is designed to cut through the branches and limbs
  • The quality is really good and you can expect this tool to last for a very long time
  • Runs on a very powerful engine
  • The extension pole will permit user to reach up to height of 12 feet
  • Superb packaging
  • The unit comes with a user manual that has all the instructions arranged systematically. There are also instructions that help you deal with issues of the tool.
  • This tool has an auto oiler which will make sure that the chain is always well lubricated
  • Readily available online
  • The company will offer full refund or replacement for those units that have manufacturing defects.


  • The product seems a bit smaller than what is advertised
  • It is also a bit heavier than what is mentioned in the description

Bottom Line:

Yes, this product is worth every penny you decide to pay. This is the thought that will go through your mind when you see that the pros have outweighed the cons by a huge margin. So if you like to keep your garden clean and beautiful then do not hesitate in buying this product.

Product 12: TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain

[amazon box=”B0007MGCSU” template=”horizontal”]

This tool is ideal to indulge in trimming and pruning hedges and tress in your garden. The good thing about the tool is that it is compatible with a host of different attachments. So, it is evident that with this gadget you can achieve quite a bit. The extended pole can help you reach to a height of 12 feet. The bar length is 8 inches and it has an oiler which is automated and keeps the chain properly lubricated. The manufacturer has been in business for a very long time and so you can be rest assured that you are buying a product of good quality.


  1. Versatile Product: This tool can be combined with other accessories to cut branches and trim hedges. If you are   a first timer you will not have trouble using this toll at all. The sales package includes a user manual that explains how to use this gadget.
  2. Favorable Warranty: The company offers a warranty for 24 months
  3. Expansion Poles: The device comes with different extension poles which facilitate better operation


  • Great brand value
  • Fabulous finishing and you can be rest assured that this will last for years
  • This is an ideal product for activities like trimming and pruning
  • Has a auto oiler for optimum lubrication
  • The manufacturer provides a warranty that is valid for 24 months
  • The tool comes with 2 extended poles with different height options
  • You can reach up to a height of 12 feet
  • Readily available on line and will be delivered to your doorstep


  • This is a bit heavy than what is mentioned in the description
  • The extension poles seem a bit smaller than what is advertised

Bottom Line:

This is one product that is worth the money you spend on it as it comes from a manufacturer who has a reputation for making such top class products. Before they are released into the market for sale these products go through a series of quality checks. This tool is a perfect example of smart design meets sophisticated technology.

Product 13: Poulan Pro PP258TP 25cc Pole Pruner

[amazon box=”B00EEAD68U” template=”horizontal”]

Are you on the lookout for a good tool that will help you indulge in pruning without any hesitation? Well, this pole pruner does more than a splendid job. Made by a reputed manufacturer that puts all its products through strict quality checks you can be rest assured of buying something that is of superior quality. Packed with built in safety switch this pole pruner packs in a powerful performance. So, it is not a surprise that this has been dubbed as the Best Pole Saw. Do you want to know more about this fabulous product? Simply read on.


  1. User friendly: The good thing about this pruner is that it is very easy to use and can be used by new users. The product comes with a comprehensive user manual that helps in understanding the product.
  2. Physical attributes: The pruner is not bulky when it comes to the design and its dimensions are 11x 11.5 and 96 inches. The weight of the item is 20 pounds. The finishing is very sturdy.
  3. Easy maintenance: The thing that makes this product great is  its low maintenance.


  • Readily available online and can be delivered to your doorstep
  • As a powerful dual stroke engine of 25cc capacity
  • The pole pruner can reach up to a height of 12 feet
  • The spring assist makes sure that the pruner starts up easily
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to use
  • Packaging is perfect
  • Great after sales services
  • Very good finishing and will  last for a long time


  • The pruner is a bit small than what is advertised
  • The weight seems a bit more than what is written n the description but this does not affect the performance.

Bottom Line:

There is no reason to discourage your-self from buying this product. Not only is the toll designed well but it actually performs better. If you go through the above mentioned facts you will never feel the need to look for other brands. This product has outsold every other brand in the market and also received 5 star ratings from customers.

Product 14: Gas Powered Pole Saw Review, Maxtra-42.7CC

[amazon box=”B00EY5NB3U” template=”horizontal”]

Are you on the lookout for a pole saw that is efficient and of good quality? Well, try this gas powered saw and you will not be disappointed in the least. The quality is undeniably superior over the other brands in the market. It would not be an exaggeration to dub this gas powered saw as the Best Pole Saw in the market right now. Do you want to know more about this product? Then simply read on.


  1. High Performance Engine:  The engine is a quick start model which makes it very easy to use. Secondly it has a dual stroke engine of 42.7cc which packs in a powerful performance.
  2. Carry Bag: This best part about buying this product, the carry bag provided in the sales package ensures that the product will be safe at all times. This also makes it easier for the saw to be carried around.
  3. Handle bar with strong grip: The grip on the handle bar prevents the pole from slipping from your hands while using it.
  4. Sturdy Shoulder Straps: The shoulder straps are designed very carefully to reduce fatigue and to cut down the vibration while you are using the pole saw.


  • Since this is cordless it gives the users a great deal of mobility
  • The 42.7cc dual stroke engine is very powerful and is practically noiseless
  • Very easy to use
  • The sales package includes a comprehensive manual with instructions neatly laid down
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty for at least a year
  • As a user you can seek full refunds or replacements
  • The build of the gadget is very strong and  it is evident that it will last for a very long time
  • Good brand value


  • The pole saw seems a little smaller than what is advertised but this a minor problem
  • It is a bit heavier than what is declared but this does not hamper the functioning of the product.

Bottom Line:

This product is definitely worth buying as you may have already read that the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. In other words you are getting more than your money’s worth. The manufacturer has been in the business for many years and has received countless positive reviews on their products. So, as a customer you will have no regrets about buying this pole saw.

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Why a Pole Saw?

We just cannot emphasize the importance of a pole saw at your house. A chainsaw quite apparently makes it easy to cut down trees and big boughs, but a pole saw is more manageable tool. You can use it for quick cuttings and removals that make your life easy. Here is more on it:

  • It is more efficient for gardening as well and maneuvering what are known as “tight spots”
  • These are light in weight in comparison to a chainsaw
  • Hence, easy to use as well
  • Are highly portable because of this
  • In case, you plan to use the pole saw frequently, then look for a machine that is equipped with automatic oiler, this will keep the chain smooth and lubricated
  • It is a versatile power tool that can be used to cut down branches, separate fallen ones, prune and even as a hedge trimmer

How To Choose The Best Pole Saw?

Going through all the different kinds of pole saws in the market can leave you confused. However if you have a systematic approach to things you can take the confusion out easily. Just do not rush the process of buying one. Here are some fabulous points that you can consider before you go out and buy a pole saw.

  1. Power:Always pay attention to the power of the saw try to go one that has a dual stroke engine as it can provide really powerful performance. For this you can consider buying the ones that are operated by batteries as they perform well and most importantly they are noiseless.
  2. Working weight: Ideally pole saws do not weight too much, do not buy pole saws that are too heavy as they take away the mobility. Buy something that is lightweight and not fragile.
  3. Cutting capacity:There are certain battery powered models that can give more than 300 cuts a day in a single charge due to battery life. You should consider buying some of these.
  4. Length:Buy a pole saw that can give you a reach of 15 feet to cut branches. Typically good pole saws come with different extension poles and you should consider purchasing them.
  5. Budget:Always finalize a budget before you head out to buy a pole saw as this will help you narrow down on your choices. Do keep a look out for sales as some premium brands offer heavy discounts on their products.
  6. Warranty:Any manufacturer who makes these products will offer at least 12 months of warranty.

Types Of Pole Saw

People are now doing their house hold work on their own and that also includes gardening. There are various tools available to make the process a lot easier and a pole saw is one such instrument. The market is flooded with manufacturers making these wonderful tools and before you go outand buy them you should know the different kinds of pole saws that are available in the market.

The Various Types of Pole Saws In The Market

These saws are found in different s-izes and different configurations. They are made to be used differently. So you have to figure out which one is good for you before you go out and buy one. Here are the different types of pole saws.

  1. Pole Saws That Are Powered By Gas

Amongst all the different types of pole saws available in the market these are the most common types and are readily purchased by people for their easy usage. These are typically very powerful and tend to last longer than the other types. If you are a person who indulges in a lot of landscaping then this is ideal for you. The only thing is these saws maybe a bit heavy and they can be really loud too. On the brighter side they deliver power packed performance when it comes to cutting down trees. These pole saws have a very strong build so you can expect them to last for a very long time and they are totally worth every penny you spend on them.

  1. Pole Saws That Run On Electricity

These saws need to be plugged in if they are to be used and sometimes that can be a difficulty if you are expecting a bit more mobility with is device. If you plan to use this outside you will have taken along a good extension cord which also depends on the number of hours you decide to spend using it. Typically these are best for small indoor projects and are not very noisy. These are readily available online and you can have them delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Pole Saws That Work On Batteries

These pole saws are very similar to gas powered saws in terms of portability but these run on batteries. These are best for properties that are large. These run Ni-cad or lithium-ion batteries. Typically these have a very powerful motor and you can expect to cut small logs, tree limbs and dense undergrowth. The batter needs to get charged to the maximum limit if you want good performance. If your usage extends for stretch hours you will need to buy another battery as back up. These are made by various manufacturers and are a popular choice of the public simply because it is portable and is also durable which also means this will last you for a long time to come.

So, these are the three broad categories of pole saws that you can choose from. Before buying you should a bit of research on the different brands.

Corded Pole Saw Vs Gas Powered Pole Saws Vs Cordless Pole Saw

Corded Pole Saw Gas Powered Pole Saws Cordless Pole Saw
Needs To be plugged in Works on Gas No need to plug in as it is powered by battery
Moderately noisy Very noisy Low noise levels
Corded electric pole saws are very cost effective They require a lot of maintenance These do not require too much of maintenance
Corded electric pole saws are very user friendly devices. Gas ones are quite difficult to operate Moderately easy to use
Works without oil so you do not have to worry about cleaning a mess These emit a lot of fumes and  the gas level needs to be monitored very frequently These operate on battery so there is no need to use oil and they are relatively  environment friendly
Ideal for indoor trimming jobs Perfect for heavy trimming jobs Can be used anywhere as they do not have to be plugged in to a power source

Chain Saw Vs Pole Saw

Chain Saws

Pole saws

Chain saws are more portable to carry around. Not all saws are portable
Chain saws are very powerful and are ideal for big projects like cutting down trees and pruning. The usage for pole saws depends on the kind that is selected. They are available in different power capacities.
These are powered by multiple sources of power like electricity, hydraulic power and compressed air. These are typically powered by gas, electricity and batteries.
The chain saws usually have cutting chains. The chains have really sharp blades on them. These saws have poles with blades attached to the head. These poles can be combined with other cutting tools as well.
Chainsaws are really heavy and ideal products for first timers Pole saws are very easy to use on a daily basis and can be used by first timers without facing any problems
Chainsaws require a lot of maintenance on a regular basis and it can be costly. Not all pole saws require a lot of maintenance and are comparatively easy to maintain.
You need to use a ladder while operating this to reach high places You do not need a ladder to reach high places with this. The extension poles help out quite a bit.

How To Use Pole Saw?

Albeit, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while using a pole saw! For starters, you must think about safety first and keep children away from your work area. In fact, you must not allow them to touch the device as well. Likewise, pets are another priority and you must keep them at a safe distance too. We have penned down a few more things that you can do while using with a pole saw, like:

  • Clear a bigger area for working with your saw, because you know branches will be falling and twigs spluttering, this could be the best precaution
  • You must position yourself first and make yourself comfortable before the operation
  • Then position the pole saw, vertically, then reposition it for the cut, find your grip and comfort level
  • Take control and start cutting
  • Clear the area after your work to keep it neat

Factor Of Concern

Finally, we have reached the point where we get to discuss what factors you should look into before buying the Best Pole Saw. To tell you the truth, it is pretty simple, as there is not much to think about. Read this section carefully to find all the answers.

  • Budget

– This defines it all and you must stick to you, especially if you are a beginner. There are a lot to choose from and rest assured, you will certainly find one within your budget.

  • Requirement

– Make a sensible purchase and buy what is necessary. You could be a DIYer or a homeowner, your choices may be different and so are the requirements.

  • Weight

– We would suggest you to go for a lightweight device. The one that is easy to pick-up, cut through and hold on to.

  • Length

–It must be a minimum of 8 to 12 feet in length, as this will make it safe for use. This way you will be able to reach high branches while trimming with ease.

  • Accessories

–You may need quite a lot, while there are others that need minimalist accessories from their pole saws.Either ways, you must read the description before investing in it. Just do it.

Schedule Maintenance of Pole Saw

If you keep your tool maintained, it will serve you better. This is true of anything that you may own. So, we give the most trusted of preserving your tool:

Daily Maintenance

  • Scrutinize all nuts, bolts and wires are working fine
  • There is no leakage, no dripping of oil
  • Check the chain for any potential damage
  • After using it clean it and store it in a bag

Weekly Maintenance

  • Clean and also analyze the spark plug
  • Okay, run a check on the cord as well
  • Watch out for damp of any kind
  • In case, you find metal burrs, feel free to file them away

Monthly Maintenance

  • Always look for cracks in the pole saw
  • If needed you must replace the spark plug once a while
  • Unclog the filters and even switch them as per your need

Required Tools For Maintenance The Pole Saw

Now, this could be a tricky thing but we recommend you to buy only things that you think will be useful for you while looking for the Best Pole Saws. We have shortlisted a few for you:

  • File Angle Plate–You may need to file the chain with this tool.
  • Filing Kit–That may include file gauge, round file and flat tile in the minimum.
  • Chainsaw Files –This makes your cutting sharp and efficient.
  • Filing Guides–Keeps the file at the right depth and angle to make it easy to work with.
  • Chainsaw Pull Cord–This is the starting cord that gets it moving and you must keep it under control.
  • No-Spill Gas Cans – These come with a nozzle to ensure oil does not drip over. So, no more wastage!
  • Chain Sharpening Kit–As the name suggests, it makes sure that the chain cuts proficiently. Most kits include round file, depth gauge, filing guide and flat file.

Pole Saw Safety

We have mentioned a few of the safety precautions in the paragraphs above, baring them, we would like you to:

  • Wear long clothes, but avoid loose ones
  • Most importantly, you must keep others safe while working
  • You may get tired while working, it is best not to work anymore and take a break, never work with power tools when under you are fatigue
  • Take weather conditions into account while working (like if it is raining outside)
  • Always store it in a cool, dry and safe place, where no one but you can find it


To be honest, we like all the pole saws that we mentioned in this post. These are literally the Best Pole Saws that you can come across. There is nothing more convenient than a pole saw at hand. You can use it whenever you like and owing to their being lightweight in nature, anyone can utilize them. Owning a power tool could be a good idea, especially because of the rising costs of arborist services. Indeed, tree services cost a fortune these days, so investing in a pole saw (one time) and use it for years. Now, that surely sounds like it, doesn’t it?


1. Do I have to be careful while working with pole saws?

Oh, yes you have and if possible, mark your work territory.Also, make sure that children and pets stay out of reach of this area.

2. Do the pole saws come with chains?

Mostly do, you may have to find it out on your own, as manufactures differ and so the products.

3.Where to buy?

You can buy these from any online retailer or even from a hardware store. However, buying it online will help you buy the product you need to.Plus, you can expect to get a lot of untimely discount as well.

4. How can I learn operating these machines?

It is very easy these as there are tons of videos that can be of assistance.You can even find a few videos on the manufacture’s official website too.Of course, then there is the old fashioned way that of reading the manual!

5.What about the oil?

You may have to use different oil than your regular motor oil because the chain needs a higher tack. This is something again, that you need to find from your manufacturer

6.Where can I find replacement parts?

You may contact the manufacturer for this and find out how they sell the replacement parts. They may ask you to go down to an authorized agent or will send you replacements directly.

7. Can I extend the warranty?

Again, you must find the right by contacting the manufacturer for more.

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