Best Portable Band Saw Reviews and Buying Guide-2022

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Best Portable Band SawA portable band saw will enable you to make the perfect cut without risking tearing the hard pieces and dense woods apart. However, identifying the best portable band saw in the market has been made difficult due to the wide variety of different models and brands in the market.

After a series of in-depth research, we did rank the DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw as the best overall portable band saw in the market. This band saw comes with a 10 Amp motor and has a variable speed control which ensures you are able to get versatility, great performance, and durability. It is capable of withstanding difficult jobs which enable you to make quick cuts without having to bog down.

Top 5 Best Portable Band Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

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Product-01: DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw

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The DEWALT is well known by most of its customers and is one of the biggest brands in the market which packages its products well and puts lots of emphasis on safety.

Actually, DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw is among the safest band saws in the market.

This band saw comes enclosed in a well-built plastic casting.  The casing comes with an extra room in which people can always use to help in storing other tools. Since power is an important feature in any band saw, the DEWALT DWM120K has a 10 Amp power which helps in ensuring you can complete some of the hardest tasks in the market.

Its blade capacity is of top class and has a depth of up to 5 inches.  The cutting options can be rectangular or round. It has a steel shroud that can easily be serviceable and has a rubber bumper that ensures safe and secure working without risking any form of damage.

In case you will be working on an area that is poorly lit, you need not worry as it comes with fitted LED lights.  The LED lights come with a cutting line for precision. This helps in ensuring the cuts are well perfected. There are handlers at the front of this tool and a position bale which ensures steady holding.


  • Has a very powerful motor
  • Comes with deep capacity cutting blades
  • There is a rubber bumper which ensures shifting of the tool is limited
  • It comes with hooks for easy handling of the tool
  • There are LED lights with lights for precision cutting


  • There are some which come packed in a box instead of a plastic casing
  • The packing is very cheap

Product-02: Milwaukee 2429-21XC Band saw

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Are you in need of a lightweight and powerful portable band saw that will allow you to cut through materials having thin diameters with lots of ease and can work well on the overhead cutting projects? Then think of nonother than the Milwaukee 2429-21XC Band saw.

With this band saw, you are assured of getting over 150 cuts in a single battery charge it comes along with. It also has a very powerful motor that can easily cut a4/3 inch within seconds. It does have a dual latching guard and low vibrations making this saw perfect for one-hand use.

With a measurement of 12 inches and weighing below 7 pounds, it is considered to be among the top band saws which you can comfortably use on tight spaces since it will help in reducing fatigue.  It comes with an LED light that helps in outlining the cut line thereby giving its user a quick and precise cut. The tension adjustment of the blade ensures there is adjustable blade tracking.

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC Band saw is compatible with M12 batteries and has a carrying case, a battery, and two saw blades.


  • Quite affordable saw having a variable speed trigger
  • Very silent making smooth cuts
  • Has a hard and nice plastic case
  • Have LED lights that help in showing you where to cut


  • Not suitable for people who are left-handed
  • Its 45-degree reference line cut can easily throw you

Product-03: Makita XBP02Z Portable Band Saw

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The Makita XBP02Z is among the best Portable Band Saws in the market which will offer you great cutting power at your job site. This saw comes with a motor having a pretty high torque and it is of a compact design. The saw can cut a wide range of items like metals. It comes with an 18V battery that can quickly be charged in time.

This Makita XBP02Z also comes with a variable having six settings that offer you a no-load speed ranging from 275-530 ft in 60 seconds for metal cuts that are fast. It comes with an adjustable foot that is capable of helping you protect any material you might be working on and offers you the support you need to make precise cuts.

This band saw is of ergonomic shape which helps in ensuring it fits onto your hand well and helps in reducing fatigue on the user. It comes with an LED light that helps in lighting up the entire work area which helps in improving work efficiency. This is an excellent tool that is great when it is used for metal fabrication, plumbing, installation, metal building, electrical and HVAC. It comes with a removable hook and a rubber bumper that helps in ensuring durability.


  • An excellent tool for cutting dense materials
  • Has perfect speed options and a great amount of power
  • Perfect heavy duty with great performance
  • It is lightweight when compared to other band saws in the market
  • Comes with good battery life and easy blade changes


  • Not that durable
  • Comes with a button which keeps on running hence no need of holding the trigger

Product-04: Bosch Bare BSH180B Band Saw

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The Bosch Bare BSH180B Band Saw stands out among the wide variety of portable band saws in the market.

To start with, the Bosch Bare BSH180B Band Saw is considered to be among the lightest portable band saws.  It is also one of the most compact band saws in the market. In case you are in need of precise and perfect cutting, then you have to consider none other than this Bosch Bare BSH180B Band Saw.

It comes with LED lighting which is well aligned to the line of cutting. In the case of a limited view, it can act well as a source of light. Since it is one of the most compact tools in the market, It is among the lightest portable band saws weighing 60% lighter than most of the other band saws. In the case of a limited view, the LED lighting will act as a source of light.

The blades of this saw come with a cutting capacity of 3 inches. Its portability uniqueness makes it among the best portable band saws you can work with on tight spaces and angles.  However, the charger and battery of this band saw are separately sold. The base of this band saw is made of aluminum which helps in reducing the chances of rusting.

This saw also comes with electric protection on the cell that helps in ensuring the battery is well protected from any risks like overheating, deep discharge, or overloading. In case you are a man or class, then this band saw will be the most ideal for you.


  • Comes with deep cutting blades
  • Has LED lighting which ensures precise cutting
  • The base is made of aluminum to help reduce rusting
  • Has an electric cell protection feature


  • Difficult to mount the blades
  • Quite expensive

Product-05: Milwaukee, 6238 Band Saw

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The Milwaukee 6238 Band Saw is among the most popular and well known portable band saws in the market despite coming in at position five in our list. One thing you can be guaranteed from this saw is a great performance.

This band saw is available in both metallic and plastic materials. The plastic saw is meant for light cutting tasks as the band made from metallic suits difficult tasks. However, the plastic Milwaukee, 6238 Band Saw is capable of performing hard work thanks to the top quality and durable material that was used in making it. Using it is very easy and novice users will never go through a difficult time trying to understand it.

One area the manufacturers of this band saw never failed is on the design of this band saw. It comprises of an 11 Amp power motor. This makes it possible to produce the best performance. It is also light in weight making it very easy to move around with. It adheres to all the safety measures and comes equipped with a gear clutch which will help in ensuring the user has control over the speed with ease.

The base of this tool is made using adjustable lock-free with its blades capable of cutting up to five inches deep.


  • It is cordless making it easy to move around with
  • It is very easy to use a band saw
  • Comes with deep cutting capacity blades
  • Comprises of gear clutches for safety
  • Has a very powerful motor


  • Its idler wheel moves a lot leading to wobbling of blades
  • It is not that durable

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Buying Guide

The wide variety of portable band saws in the market has made it difficult for buyers to identify which product is the best in the market. In this section, we will be looking at some of the most important factors you need to put in mind when in the market for the best portable band saw.

  • Comfort

In anything you do, comfort is an important factor.  Go for a portable band saw that is of ergonomic design which you can feel very comfortable whenever you are holding. It is advisable that you go for lightweight saws that come with padded handles that help in reducing fatigue making it easier for you to cut well.

  • Durability

Despite a lightweight band saw is easy to carry and handle, there are cases where the durability of the saws are sacrificed to make them lighter. No one would be interested in buying a band saw only for it to malfunction after a few weeks. It can be very expensive for you in the long term despite them having a lower initial cost.

When considering the band saw durability, it is important that you have a keen look at the blades. How long the blades will be able to last. Also, check if the motor is strong for the blade types you will be using.

  • Versatility

One of the important things that you need to put in mind when shopping for a band saw in the market is its capability of taking on different metals and woods. You need to be sure that the saw you are investing in is capable of handling different tasks Always go for portable band saws that are capable of cutting anything from the strong metals to any type of wood.

Versatility means that the band saw needs to be very precise in its cutting.  Since cutting is the only job, you need to ensure the saw you go for is able to produce precise cuts and very smooth edges.

  • Vertical or Horizontal Band saw

In most cases, the portable band saw was created to carry out horizontal cutting. There are a number of saws that are well equipped with a clamp attachment which offers you better stability and more cutting convenience.  Using this attachment, you will be in a position f using the saw in a vertical position. There are kits that come with a very portable stand that are convenient and useful at the job site.

  • Power

The amount of power a band saw has is one of the main factors you need to consider whenever you are shopping for the best portable band saw in the market. The more power a motor produces, the easier and much faster you will be in a position of making cuts.

The process of making cuts can be very effortless when a band saw has a very strong and powerful motor. This is of great benefit when it comes to cutting the hard pieces of wood. In case a motor is not powerful enough, you will find yourself struggling a lot.

  • Cutting Capacity

There are buyers who never consider the cutting capacity of a band saw whenever they are in the market shopping for one.  Cutting capacity refers to how large a workpiece the portable band saw will be capable of handling. Most of the band saws in the market are adjustable hence; you can always raise or lower the blade making it possible to accommodate the wood size you are cutting.

Why Use a Portable Band Saw?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider using the portable band saw. Here are some of the main reasons why you need to use a portable band saw.

You can always use it on a stationary object: 

With the portable band saw; you will not have to carry heavy objects just to work on them. You can instead move the saw itself.

Makes work very easy:

Despite the band saws being great tools when it comes to ripping, cutting and sawing, there are times when they are not that fast. There are times when it will take lots of time to move the massive logs not mentioning the manpower. However, carrying a portable band saw will help in cutting the time into half since you will not have to spend time pulling objects to where you want to cut them in.

Produces less noise and creates few sparks:

There are places where it is impossible to use open flame or tools which can easily lead to a fire. In such places, the portable band saws are considered the best option since they always create fewer sparks when compared to other cutting tools. This tool is also perfect to be used in places where noise is a problem. This saw produces less noise when compared to other types of tools that are used by woodworkers.

Changing cutting direction is easy:

One of the main features is perfectly cutting the cutting curves. Handling the tool is very easy and the operator can easily switch direction with lots of ease. It comes with switches and knobs which will make it possible for one to change the direction and speed safely.

Controlling and managing the saw is easy:

This will entirely depend on the manufacturer, brand, and model. There are versions of the portable band saws which are more difficult and heavier to manage and control. This is because of the extra weight the battery offers.

How did a Portable Band saw Works?

Most of the blades which are meant for the portable band saws are usually made in the shape of the band or ring. The band will rotate continually on the wheel which enables it creates a smooth cutting motion.  It can easily cut straight lines or can quickly change direction creating curves.

Schedule Maintenance of Portable Band Saw

Carrying out scheduled maintenance practices will help in enhancing the cutting performance of the band saw and helping it to attain its optimum life expectancy since it will reduce the frequency of having to replace breakable and dull blades. Any band saw the machine that is well maintained will always perform well. Here are some of the scheduled maintenance you need to perform on your portable band saw.

  • Always check the wheels of the band at every blade change
  • Ensure you monitor the band wheel bearing after every six months
  • Inspect the tension of the blade whenever you are changing the blade. Ensure they are in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Monitor the blade tracking whenever you are about to remove the blade.
  • Conduct day to day inspection on the monitor and blade tracking
  • Check the level of oil transmission and replace any defective bearings


Portable band saws are a great addition to any toolbox. One of the best things about these saws is that they are very easy to use and getting the hang of them is quite easy even if you are a novice user.

They are also a perfect tool for any professional and devoted individual who is in need of cutting thick metal and wood pieces without worrying about fatigue, lack of power, or expensive equipment.  There are expensive portable band saws in the market and there are some which are also very cheap.  Use the buyers guide above to enable you to narrow down to the best portable band saw that will suit your needs.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the best portable band saw?” answer-0=”There are several portable band saws in the market. However, the best portable band saws are the ones that can effectively enable you to perform the task at hand without you having to go above your intended budget expenditure.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What to use a portable band saw for?” answer-1=” Band saws refer to saws that are usually used for the structural steel in most of the metal fabrication stores. They are most commonly used for the bar stock in most of the machine shops. They are available in vertical and horizontal styles for different uses.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Can a portable band saw cut wood?” answer-2=”Despite being in a position of cutting wood using a portable band saw, the portable band saws are usually used where using plasma torch or saw cutting is not easy.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Are band saws dangerous?” answer-3=”Band saws are considered to be among the safest woodworking machinery currently available in the market. They are however still dangerous since they can cause serious injuries when not handled well.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Can a band saw cut metal?” answer-4=”The band saws are not that great when it comes to cutting the thin metal sheets. It is suggested that any metal that needs to be cut should be much thicker than the depth of the 3 bands saw teeth blade. They are however considered to be perfect when it comes to cutting the thin-walled profiles like angle and box.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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