Best Saw For Pinewood Derby Car Reviews – (2022)

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Best Saw for Pinewood Derby Car

In making any of the Derby car nothing can replace the importance and presence of saws. Saws are no doubt the main craftsman in making any derby car. The Best Saw for Pinewood Derby Car would cut the best blocks of your car parts.

So, what is the best saw for pinewood derby car? The market is flooded with brands that claim to manufacture saws but as per our expert team and their subtle research the best saw in the market would be WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work light, 10″. This saw is the most affordable product yet keeps its promise of providing a luxurious user experience.

What Are The Best Saw For Pinewood Derby Car?

Here Are Some Of The Best Saw For Pinewood Derby Car:

1. Best Saw To Cut Pinewood Derby Car: WEN 3962 – Band Saw For Pinewood Derby
2. Best Tool To Cut Pinewood Derby Car: JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Band Saw Kit For Pre Cut Derby Cars
3. Best Hand Saw For Pinewood Derby Car: Revell Pinewood Derby Tool kit Carving Set

Top 03 Best Saw For Pinewood Derby Car Buying Guide

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1. Best Saw To Cut Pinewood Derby Car : WEN 3962 – Band Saw For Pinewood Derby

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  • Brand & Size:

The most budget-friendly saw with the high-end features and robust construction. Wen is known for its gigantic saws and the 10 inch Wen saw is one of the best among the line. This saw is monstrous enough to cut through any components.

The best usage of this fine item would be on wood houses. It works perfectly for the pinewood derby car parts as it masters in wood cutting. The saw has been on the top of customer choices for its amazing cutting crafts. It can cut in curves along with the straight cuts.

  • Power:

This saw outdoes all the old school manual models when it comes to performance and efficiency with its sturdy motor. The 3.5 amp motor makes precision cuts every time. It can cut 6 inches deep and around 9¾ wide cuts every time with consistent excellence. The performance gets more perfect with 72 inches blades from 1/8 to 1/2 inches for both intense and superficial cuts.

  • Safety:

This is probably the safest saw with the most versatile cutting options. The heavyweight construction along with the adjusted table declines kickbacks thus there is less chance of any unwanted accidents. The user experience gets super comfortable with the onboard measuring system.

  • Speed & Additional Facility:

Speed versatility is another vital feature. It offers a dual-speed system to choose between for the customers’ convenience between 1520 or 2620 RPM. Thus one can determine the speed on his own accord and his demands. This feature undoubtedly gets added points.

This saw comes with some additional attachments as well. It comes with a 3-in-1 dust port, a 3/8-inch blade, a work light, a miter gauge, and a fence. An exciting deal indeed. The work table can bevel up to 45 degrees and is made of cast aluminum. The robust material makes the work table supremely sturdy.


  • 5 amp motor to cut through anything
  • Resaw capacity: Capable of cutting 6 inches deep and 9¾ wide every time with utmost perfection
  • Two-speed options: 1520 or 2620 FPM
  • It comes with a supremely sturdy 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch work table.
  • It performs with 72 inches of work blades.
  • 2 years warranty
  • The 3 in one dust port allows to adjust different dimensions of dust collection hose sizes and offers utmost cleanliness


  • The work table makes the saw safe while using
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable and can be used for a long run
  • Multipurpose usage: Butcher shop, workshops and wood house


  • Adjusting the attachments sometimes becomes a bit hectic.

2. Best Tool To Cut Pinewood Derby Car: JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Band Saw Kit For Pre Cut Derby Cars

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  • Brand & Size:

This JET saw is the best one in the market. JET has been famous for its powerful woodcutting tools for a long time and has the most magnificent lune of saws to compete with any rivals. These deluxe saws are extremely luxurious and pay off your investment. This particular model from JET is known for its powerful performance, precision cuts, cast iron frame, double speed options, and perfect size cuts. It has also 15″x15″ large work table

  • Power:

The motor is powerful enough to cut anything and works perfectly for pinewood cutting. The motor is of 1.25 Horsepower and can cut the thickest woods with the finest efficiency. It can cut12 inch deep and 13.5 wide every time with utmost competency.

  • Safety:

Safety is the most important factor while working with saws. And this model excels in the safety feature. The upper and lower Ball Bearing Guides decline friction and enhances the blade life. Moreover, the blade tracking window lets the user know about the position of the blade.

  • Speed & Additional Facility:

The cast iron lets the saw cut even the resawing jobs and other toughest surface cut without any hassle. The double option speed limit of 1500/3000 RPM with the poly V belt lets the user determine the speed as per the surface. The speed feature along with the cast iron frame makes every attempt a successful and safe attempt.

It comes with a table to provide extreme flexibility. The table can swivel 45 degrees to the left and 10 degrees to the left. The table ensures flexibility and makes the cutting process sturdy. The package comes with a saw base, table, trunnion, and an instruction manual.


  • 25 HP motor for powerful cutting
  • 12 inch deep and 13.5-inch wide cutting
  • Cast iron frame for the toughest surface cutting
  • Double Speed Option: 1500/3000 SFPM, Poly V belt for precision cutting
  • Comes with a 15X15-inches table
  • Blade tracking window for safety


  • Extremely safe while using
  • Capable of the biggest cuts
  • Excellent work efficiency
  • Flexible and durable
  • Comes with attachments


  • Pretty expensive

3. Best Hand Saw For Pinewood Derby Car: Revell Pinewood Derby Tool kit Carving Set

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  • The ability of Precision & Complex Cut:

This product is the best in manual saws and can make intricate cuts. As it is manual, users can direct the cuts as per their desired designs. This manual set may be a bit tricky to handle but it gives the most precision cuts. Woodcutting was never this much of satisfying before the launch of this product.

When it comes to cutting efficiency nothing can beat this coping saw. The motorized saws are easier to work with but they cannot give different types of cuts. All the automatic saws are installed with some basic cuts. But the coping saw is capable of performing the most difficult cuts on any surface.

  • Size:

This product comes with a varied range of blades to ensure different types of cuts. Whether to have intersections or to have complex cuts, the blades are capable of handling all. It comes with a 4 way rasp so that you can give a perfect shape to your derby car. Moreover, the fine blades of 25 inches and 19 inches and the medium blade of 15 inches work perfectly to cut accurate woodblocks.

  • Safety & Additional Facility:

It comes with a blade handle or frame in U shape that ensures the utmost flexibility while cutting. The frame has clips on the ends to hold the blade and makes the cutting process sturdier. The sturdy frame and different blades are good enough to perform perfect turning cuts.

Lastly, this product opens the ways of wood cutting in any shape the user wants thus it promises utmost versatility. Moreover, it does not need any electric connections thus can be carried to the remotes place. Though it has some safety issues sincere usage can decline any unwanted accidents. The woodcutters have loved this product from the very beginning as it liberals the cuts.


  • Comes with a 4-way rasp to have the perfect blocks for derby cars
  • The U shaped frame or handle ensures sturdy usage
  • Manual
  • It comes with fine blades of 19 and 25 inches and a medium blade of 15 inches.
  • The package includes hacksaw blades as well.
  • Capable of cutting the most different shapes.


  • Manual thus can be controlled as per the user
  • Does not limit the cutting designs
  • Extremely handy in size and can be carried anywhere
  • Budget-friendly


  • Has safety issues

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Why we use Band Saw and Coping Saw to Build Your Pinewood Derby Car?

For any sort of woodcutting, Band saw and Coping saw comes out to be the best. A coping saw is used for pinewood cutting for derby cars as it is an expert to cut the curved or uneven cuts. Coping saws are inexpensive and handy to use and mostly these saws are experts in the most precision cutting.

Band Saw works perfectly to rip smaller wood parts from any large parts. Again it is great for resawing small parts. Band saws are automatic thus easy to use and ensure perfect block cutting effortlessly.

How to Use a Saw to Build Your Pinewood Derby Car?

Making a Fancy pinewood Derby car of your own is just a step away. Go through the simple steps and you are all set to make one for yourself.

Step 1: Get the Essentials

  • Pinewood
  • nails
  • Wheels
  • Kits ( Band or Coping Saw)

Step 2: Sketch Your Preferred Design

Take a paper and sketch the car of your desired design. If you are a pro in cutting the wood you can draw fancy designs.

Step 3: Cut the blocks

If you are experienced enough, you can cut the blocks with the saw kits on your own or you can simply ask an experienced person to cut the blocks for you. Remember, the more precise your cuts are, the fancier your car will look.

Step 4: Sand and Paint the Car

You must sand the car for the paint to last long. Once you are done with sanding, you may paint the car as per your chosen color with a brush or you can simply use spray paints.

Step 5: Adjust the wheels and Measure the Weight

You may adjust the wheel via the nails with a hammer. Now measure your car it must weigh 5oz (141g.)


The accuracy of cuts and the shape of the car depend solely on one tool and that is the saw. You must do justice with your investment, be tricky and pick up the Best Saw for Pinewood Derby Car following our guideline.

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