Best Saw to Cut 2×4 Reviews and Buying Guide-2022

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Best Saw to Cut 2x4 Reviews

Most people do consider circular saws to be a very important tool. They can use these saws for a number of projects and are perfect tools for professional tasks. In case you have never used a circular saw before, you can never know which the best saw to cut 2×4 is.

So, which one is the best saw to cut 2×4? In case you are interested in a top best saw for cutting 2×4, then you have to go for the TACKLIFE Circular Saw. Just as its name suggests, this case comes with a metal blade that enables one to get straight and precise cuts. It also comes with a dust blower which helps in removing debris that can get into the blades way. 


Top 03 Best Saw for Cutting 2×4 Reviews

In this guide, we have compiled reviews of the top three circular saws currently available in the market.

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What Are The Best Saw To Cut 2×4?

Here’s a list of the best saw to cut 2×4 we found on the market:

1. Best Saw For Cutting Wood Straight: TACKLIFE Circular Saw With Metal Handle.
2. Best 4 1/2 Circular Saw: WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw
3. Best Electric Saw For Cutting Wood: DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular Saw Review

1. Best Saw For Cutting Wood Straight: TACKLIFE Circular Saw With Metal Handle.

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Most of the TACKLIFE Circular Saw have given it favorable reviews praising its precision cuts and features of this pocket-friendly saw. For you to understand its true value, below are some of its important features.


  • Motor:

The TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle comes with a 5.8 amp motor that helps it deliver 3500 RPM speed. However, this is not the fastest spinning blade currently available in the market but it is enough for precise and easy cuts.

Considering its amp, this circular saw is far from being among the most powerful motors in the market. The saw also comes with enough power that enables it to run the blade through different materials like metals, wood, tiles, and plastics.

  • Lightweight Build:

The TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle weighs 8.25 pounds when it is fully assembled. This makes it have a completely lightweight build meaning it will never cramp up the arms after a few strokes on any type of material.  Most people are known to prefer circular saws of lightweight build due to their ease in maneuverability, portability, and practicality.

However, the TACKLIFE Circular Saw is not the most lightweight circular saw currently available in the market although it helps in preventing fatigue and will never get caught when cutting thick materials.

  • Sawing Performance:

Whenever you are shopping for a budget-friendly circular saw in the market, one thing you need to consider is its capability of producing cuts on different materials. You don’t have to worry about anything when using the TACKLIFE Circular Saw.

This saw offers up to 35000 RPM precise cuts regardless of the material density you will be working on. This enables it to work wonders on metal sheets and tiles.

  • Blades:

The TACKLIFE Circular Saw Kit comes with a total of 6 blades. It also comes with an Allen wrench which helps in detaching and reattaching the blades. The process is very simple and takes a very short time.

The blades have been built for cutting plastics and wood. It comes with a 60th tool blade that can work well on metal sheets.


  • Comes with a total of six blades
  • Has a laser guide which ensures the cuts are accurate
  • It is mini in size making it easier to travel with
  • Comes with a double safety switch
  • The grip is made using rubber


  • Does not have enough power
  • There is no blade that can cut the metals

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2. Best 4 1/2 Circular Saw: WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw

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The relatively new Worx brand is still not that popular in the market. However, it has already managed to make some great impact on its users. The Worx WX429L Worxsaw is one of their most popular products in the market.

This circular saw is known to give great solutions to people who need the tool to help them in handling lightweight tasks at their homes. Right from trimming off the small tree branches to pallets cutting, his saw is perfect for different working conditions.


  •  Versatile:

The Worx WX429L Worxsaw is well fitted with a 4 ½ inch blade that comprises 24 teeth. The blade comes with a cutting capacity of 1 11/16 inch which is at 90 degrees with the 45 degrees cutting depth being at 1 1/8 inches.

Working on the long panel cuts is not possible due to the size of the blades. In case you have plans of making accurate and long cuts, you might be forced to get a higher capacity saw. However, in case you will be planning to conduct some overhead tasks in tight regions, then the Worx WX429L Worxsaw is a perfect tool for you.

This saw is in a position of cutting the 2 by 4 inches in a single pass. This saw comes with a pretty thin blade and it is lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver. This will result in high cutting performance and speed. The blade’s left-sided design offers you an excellent visibility cut line.

  • Bevel Cutting Capacity:

Just like any other type of full-sized saw, the Worx WX429L Worxsaw can be used in making angled cuts.  With a bevel capacity of 0-45 degrees, and an easy to understand guide, you can easily adjust the angle in regard to your application.  This circular saw is fast and easy to use thanks to its cutting depth adjustment and bevel angle.

The package comprises a user guide, vacuum adapter, Allen Key, and a carbide wood blade. Its adjustable guide edge ensures it is much easier for one to achieve a straight line as the inbuilt vacuum port ensures the cleanup is more efficient and comfortable.

  • Power Source:

The Worx WX429L Worxsaw is a complete corded electric machine that you can always plug into any power outlet offering you a no-load speed and can make a total of 35000 revolutions in a single minute.

This saw draws 4.0 amps and is a perfect circular saw for DIY users. It comes with a long power cord which enables you to move without any problem.


  • The cutting is very accurate
  • Comes with a vacuum port
  • Easy to adjust the depth of cut
  • Has a bevel setting of between 0 to 45 degrees
  • Comes with a perfect placement for safety trigger


  • It is not of the best quality
  • Not that durable

3. Best Electric Saw For Cutting Wood: DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular Saw Review

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For sure, DEWALT is an excellent option not just because it comes from a brand that is trusted but because the reviews always speak for themselves. One of its top products is the DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular saw.

This saw is well known for its durability, lightweight, and corded nature. It consists of features that most of the saws of higher prices have.


  • Corded electric:

The DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular saw is electrically corded. It means that the user will always be tied down by the power cords and the only method they can use in extending the movement range is by use of a top-quality extension cord.

Tools that are electrically coded are known to have more power compared to their cordless counterparts.

  • Cutting Depth and Blade Size:

Most of the circular saws that are electrically corded do have larger blades when compared to their cordless counterparts. The DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular saw does have a 7-1/4-inch blade that is carbide tipped.

This blade is of an average size hence, you should never expect any deep and supper cutting. The blade is capable of reaching a depth of 2-9/16 inches when it is at 90 degrees.

  • Motor Speed and Power: 

The DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular saw uses a 15.0 amp motor. This motor ensures the saw is capable of getting to speeds of 5,100 RPM. For sure, you will be amazed by how this circular saw having a large blade could go beyond the 4000 RPM. But with DEWALT, always expect unique and extraordinary things.

  • Dust Blower:

The DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch DWE575SB Circular saw comprises a forward-facing dust blower. Whenever you will be sawing ceramic or wood tiles, the dust blower will always send continuous gust that will help do away with all the dust and chips.

This will provide you with an excellent view of what will be taking place. It is an excellent feature that is not available in most of the circular saw models currently available in the market.


  • This saw is lightweight which help in reducing fatigue when being used
  • Comes with an adjustable bevel, electric brake, and a dust blower
  • The lower guard is very sturdy and durable
  • Quite affordable
  • It is or agronomical design


  • It lacks a safety switch
  • Its blade wobbles a lot

Which Saw is Right for You to Cut 2×4?

In case you have been on a job site, you can easily tell what features the right saw to cut 2×4 should have. Here are some of the top features the right saws for cutting 2×4 need to have.



The initial impression of users saw is through the balance, the grip feels and eases in adjustments.  The right saw to cut 2×4 should have a rubber surface on its rear handle that will ensure grip.

 Depth Adjustments:


The right circular saws need to be easy to set the depth adjustment. In most cases, the depth scales are usually off. It is therefore important that you always check the depth adjustment before you purchase any circular saw. 

Bevel Angle:


It is easy to set the bevel angle with saws that have marks after every one degree.  Circular saws that have definitive pointers that are closer to the degree marks will help in reducing parallax which will in turn increase precision setting. 

Trigger Safety:

The right saw to cut 2×4 should have triggered safety which is easy to reach using your thumb. Never go for saws which will force you to first reposition your thumb so that you can get a good grip.


Heavy saws will always feel heavy. However, a saw with a great balance will always offset the strain that comes with handling any heavy saw. Go for lightweight saws that will enable you to cut 2×4 without any problem.

Advantage of The Circular Saw to Cut 2×4

 The circular saws to Saws to Cut 2×4 can also be referred to as the toothed metallic disc and are mainly used for cutting. This saw is used in slicing concrete structures or wooden blocks that are difficult to cut. This is also great when you are interested in a clean and safe cut. Such a saw with a diamond is important when it comes to concrete cutting. 

Benefits of Circular Saw for Cutting 2×4

  • Compared to other best tool for cutting 2×4 that easily get stuck deep inside the materials, the Circular Saws to Cut 2×4 are completely different. This saw never strike into materials. One just has to unplug the saw and have its place in the right position.
  • The Circular Saws to Cut 2×4 also offers a straight and precise cut which other tools cannot offer
  • The blades of the Circular Saws to Cut 2×4 are important when it comes to angle cutting and deep concrete cutting.

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 How to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw?

Whenever cutting the 2×4, most people do it manually or use a jigsaw. Although it is okay to use these options, it is a bit slow.

Using a circular saw will instead be much faster especially if you can tolerate its loud noise and power.  In this section, we will be offering you a step by step guide on how to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw.

Before you embark on cutting the 2×4, it is important that you ensure the saw and blade are all in good condition. Any form of damage can lead to poor cuts which will completely ruin the lumber.

  • Setting Blade:

Never assume that you can always set the saw blade as deep as you wish.  When a blade is set deeper than it should be, there will be lots of safety issues. First, there are high chances that the saw will get stuck when cutting. This can lead to kicking back.

The deeper the blade, the more it will get exposed. For sure, you will need to expose very little of the blade while you still have enough to enable you to get the right cut.

To choose the right plug, you will first have to unplug the saw and completely retract the guard lade. Hold it against 2×4. Slowly adjust the depth of the blade until it gets to a quarter-inch below the 2×4.  Tighten the blade when it is at the right depth.

  • Supporting The Wood:

Most of the novices are known to support the wood on both ends. This is a great mistake that should be avoided. Although it tends to provide more security at first, it can lead to lots of problems when you come to the end of the cut.

When you are just about to complete the cut, the board can easily bend downwards which can make the circular saw bucking as it cuts. This will mean one can easily lose control over it.

It is advisable that you instead support the wood from one end.

This will help in ensuring that the end of the piece which has been cut off will fall away from the wood. This can be best achieved by resting 2×4 on the sawhorse.

  • Straight Cutting:

The 2×4 thickness together with the increased speed that is offered by the saw can make it quite difficult to maintain a straight line. However, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure the cut is straight.

The basic carpentry technique is the first thing that applies to all jobs. Immediately the blade starts veering off the middle, it is advisable that you stop the cutting.

Switch off the saw and let the blade stop rotating. Thereafter, you can remove the saw and have the direction realigned. Never make the mistake of bringing the saw back to the straight line. However, it is not that easy when compared to having the line re-sighted and starting all over again.


In case you are interested in saving money but investing in the best saw to cut 2×4, then your best option should be the TACKLIFE circular saw. This saw comprises several features that are available in high-end saws in the market although it is available at a relatively lower price. The TACKLIFE circular saw has lots of torque, an anti-slip handle, and a great warranty period.

The TACKLIFE circular saw will cost an average of $50 which is difficult to beat with the features and quality it comes with. There are several circular saws in the market but TACKLIFE circular saw beats them all if you are in need of a saw that will offer you the best value for your money.

In case the price is not an issue, you can go for the WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw. Happy Shopping!

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