Best Scroll Saw Under 200 (Review and Buying Guide – 2022)

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shop series RK315 scroll saw

Scroll saws are a wood worker’s best friend. These saws provide various options when it comes to cutting wood. The best scroll saw under 200 ought to allow you to cut complex curves and joints with the highest level of accuracy possible.

The choice of scroll saw may be a difficult one considering the high number of different brands available on the market. The Shop fox W1713 scroll saw is definitely worth considering. It boasts of such features as lack of vibration, ease in the change of blades, high power, and up to 2 inches of cutting thickness.

What Are The Best Scroll Saw Under 200?

Here are some of the best scroll saw under 200:

1. Best Shopseries Scroll Saw Reviews: ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control
2. Best Wen Scroll Saw Reviews: WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw
3. Best Bucktool Scroll Saw Reviews: BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Pin or Pinless
4. Best Rikon Scroll Saw Reviews: Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw With Lamp, 16-Inch
5. Best Shop Fox Scroll Saw Reviews: Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Top 05 Best Scroll Saw Under 200 Reviews and Buying Guide

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1. Best Shopseries Scroll Saw: ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

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Salient Features: 

Power: 1.2-Amp
Table size : 16 inches
Throat size :  16 inches
Weight:  27 pounds (12.2 kilos)
Bevel adjustment :  0 to 45 degrees

Performance and power:

The ShopSeries RK7315 is fitted with an electric motor of a capacity of 1.2 amps which provides ample power for the accomplishment of various wood works such as fabricating complex cuts and patterns.

The ability to regulate the saw’s speed as well as its ¾ inch stoke ensures the acquisition of well precise cuts. The sloping of the working surface at a 45-degree angle also enhances the accuracy of the saw.

Cutting capacity:

This best cheap scroll saw is also fitted with dual 5-inch tungsten blades having a depth of about 16 inches that allows the capacity to cut different thicknesses of materials at different angles. The convenience of this best scroll saw under $150 is increased by the on-board re-position which counters damage and loss of blades.


  • Guarded blade ensures the safety of the user
  • Inbuilt blower prevents the accumulation of dust
  • High level of accuracy.


  • Heavy: 27.1 pounds
  • High amount of noise and vibration
  • Only tilts leftwards


2. Best Wen Scroll Saw: WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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Salient Features:

Power: 120 volts
Table size : 16 x 11 inches
Throat size :  16 inches
Weight:  25.9 pounds (11.7 kilos)
Bevel adjustment :  0 to 45 degrees

Design and cutting capacity:

This best worm drive saw under 200 has a unique architecture that allows for the alignment of 2 blades at standard and 90-degree positions enabling a maximum space between edges of both blade and fence. The 3921 scroll saw also accepts pinned and unpinned blades with a 16-inch throat size that is able to cut through 2-inch thick wood.

The 16 x 11 inch wide table slopes and bevels up to 45 degrees leftwards suitable for making inclined or slanted cuts


The saw allows you to regulate the pace and rate of cutting from 400 to 1600 strokes a minute.

Additional features:

The saw is fitted with a blower and a flashlight which serve to improve visibility while working to ensure accuracy and efficient completion of work without straining.


  • Accepts 2-way alignment of blades
  • Speed may be adjusted
  • In-built blower prevents dust accumulation
  • Replaceable blades


  • Heavy 25.9 pounds ( 11.7 kilos)
  • Only tilts leftwards

3. Best Bucktool Scroll Saw: BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Pin or Pinless Blade with Pedal Switch Cast Iron Work Table

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This remarkable saw possesses a great deal of features that accords it superiority over other saws and makes it highly sought after by professional craftsmen.

Salient Features:

Power: 1.2-AMP DC motor
Table size : 16 x 9 inches
Throat size :  16 inches
Weight:  34.5 pounds (15.6 kilos)
Bevel adjustment :  0 to 45 degrees


The saw offers a remarkably steady performance with minimum noise as provided for by the 1.2-Amp DC motor. The fitted LED light works well to provide good illumination without reflection for clear visibility while working.

Switch design:

The saw is fitted with a foot-operated switch which allows the saw to be turned on or off on a pedal. This allows the user’s hands to be free to conveniently adjust the wood or change the blades during the working process.

Blade replacement:

This saw possesses features that make it easy to change and replace blades. The edge panel and adaptable blade bearer ensure quick and uncomplicated procedure for changing blades. The saw holds 3 blades: two pinned blades and one unpinned blade.

Working surface:

The 16 x 9 inch cast iron slab bevels and slopes leftwards up to 45 degrees and this allows one to efficiently make inclined cuts. The throat is 16 inches deep and allows one to make cuts through the two-inch thick wood.


  • Replaceable blades
  • Foot pedal switch
  • LED light source with no reflection
  • The iron cast table can be tilted between 0-45 degrees


  • Heavy: 34.5 pounds (15.6 kilos)
  • Only tilts leftwards


4. Best Rikon Scroll Saw: Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw With Lamp, 16-Inch

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This saw is ideal for craftsmen looking to achieve finely detailed crafts. It has outstanding features making it one of the best saws available in the market.

Salient Features:

Power: 120 volts (1.2-Amp DC motor)
Table size : 10-1/6 x 16-1/4 inches
Throat size :  15-3/4 inches
Weight:  30 pounds( 13.6 kilos)
Bevel adjustment :  0 to 45 degrees

Performance and power:

The saw is generally powerful having a 120-volt capacity and a 1.2 Amp DC motor fitted. This enables it to generate enough force to cut through 2-inch thick wood on the 15 ¾ inch deep throat.


The saw’s speed and rate of operation may be adjusted accordingly depending on the nature of a given task. The speed of the blade with a size of 5 inches can be altered between 550-1650 strokes in sixty seconds.

Working area:

The saw possesses a broad slab measuring 10-1/6 x 16-1/4 inches is capable of tilting 0-45 degrees towards the left.

Additional features:

The best price scroll saw is fitted with a lamp that is convenient for the provision of illumination and possibility of clarity of vision while working. It also contains a port for a flexible shaft that transmits rotary motion between the blades. The best budget scroll saw also has a cast iron base that improves its stability.


  • Has a broad working surface which may be tilted
  • Has an LED light that improves illumination
  • Easy to change the blades
  • Speed may be adjusted


  • Heavy: 30 pounds (13.6 kilos)
  • Only tilts leftwards

5. Best Shop Fox Scroll Saw: Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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This is the best beginner scroll saw that allows you to carve out different patterns effortlessly. Among its features are the following:

Salient Features:

Power: 1.2-Amp motor
Table size : 16 x 11 inches
Throat size :  16 inches
Weight:  37.5 pounds (17 kilos)
Bevel adjustment :  0 to 45 degrees

Power and speed:

This tool is fitted with a 1.2-Ampere electric motor and a voltage of 120 volts that enables it to generate enough force to cut through both hard and softwoods of varying thickness, up to 2 inches. The rate and speed of cutting vary from 550-1700 strokes in sixty seconds.

Table size and cutting capacity:

The saw has a broad table that allows a 16 inch limit on the width of the object to be cut. The table may also be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees allowing you to carve out various patterns. The blade has a stroke of about ¾ inches that enables it to cut through a thickness of 2 inches.

Additional features:

The saw comes with a dust bag that comes in handy in the prevention of accumulation of sawdust on the machine and also helps in keeping the workshop clean. The saw also accepts pinned or unpinned blades with added adaptors that make a change of blades simpler.

The working lamp provides additional lighting for better illumination and clarity of vision while working.


  • Speed may be varied at 550-1700 strokes per minute
  • LED light, dust blower, and bag


  • The high amount of vibration
  • Changing of blades may prove to be a challenge
  • Only tilts leftwards

What is Meant by a Scroll Saw and Who Needs It?

The tool used by craftsmen and woodworkers to make different complex patterned cuts on wood or metal is a scroll saw. This valuable eradicates the barriers that were previously there in terms of creativity, versatility, and flexibility in craftsmanship involving wood.

The scroll saw is more accurate and is capable of curving out finer details as compared to the power jigsaw. It is also more efficient and convenient to use as compared to the fretsaw which is purely manual.

Scroll saws have tables or working surfaces that may be tilted and this comes in handy in making angled and inclined cuts. The ability to regulate the speed with which the saw operates accords the user an upper hand in determining the nature and complexity of cuts to be made.

The scroll saw is mostly used by carpenters, woodworkers, and other craftsmen involved in the creative design and production of creative wood patterns. These patterns and carvings are then incorporated into furniture, doors, indoor and outdoor decorations etcetera.

How to Choose The Best Scroll Saw Under $200 (Buying Guide):

  • Speed

The speed and rate of working in a scroll saw is measured depending on the number of strokes per minute. The speed of saws varies in different brands and models with the lowest speed being 400 strokes a minute while the fastest being 2500 strokes a minute.

Most saws have a system that enables the user to regulate the speed depending on the nature of their work and their need which is also determined by the type of material being worked on. The highly adaptable saws have a wide range of speeds to choose from.

The speed which one uses is determined by the material they are working on and the amount of control they require. A slow speed is generally preferred while working on thin woods and soft plastics. High speeds are applicable to thick woods.

  • Blade (pinned or unpinned)

There are various types of blades compatible with scroll saws whose choice depends on the desired task and nature of the material being worked on. Unpinned (plain ended) blades enable one to make intricate and accurate cuts.

On the other hand, pin ended blades are mostly used for cutting thick wood, paying little attention to detail.

In addition to this, various saws have different mechanisms for the regulation of tension on the blade. It is important to choose one that has simple mechanisms for adjustment of the tension for convenience while working.

  • Depth of cut

Scroll saws with large size of the throat are capable of cutting through thicker pieces of wood. For example, a 20-inch throat size scroll saw cuts thicker through thicker pieces of wood as compared to a 16 inch sized throat. 16-inch deep throat is capable of cutting through 2 inches thick wood.

  • Throat length

A scroll saw with a large throat depth accords one the liberty to cut through a greater variety of thickness of different materials. A 20 inch throat depth allows one to cut through a greater thickness compared to a saw with 16 inches depth that cuts through up to 2 inches thick wood.

  • Table type and tilt

Most models of scroll saws have an iron cast slab or table that provides the working surface where the work is supported. Broad tables offer the much-needed support for heavy and light jobs alike.

Scroll saws mostly possess a table that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees leftward. This feature comes in handy in generating patterns and designs having inclined and slanted cuts.

  • Ease of use

The working experience is more pleasurable when the saw at hand is simple and uncomplicated in terms of understanding its mechanisms of work. The simplicity in handling the saw is enhanced by it having clearly labeled buttons and controls for easy maneuvers while working.

The said control buttons ought to be easily accessible within close proximity to the arm and blade of the saw where the user’s hands are usually positioned while working.

One should also take into consideration the ease with which the blades can be changed. This is especially so when one is using different materials that require frequent change of blades.

  • Vibration and noise

The best saws that are mostly preferred produce minimal vibration and noise. This is because noise and vibration may cause a health risk to the user with continual use of the saw. This is one of the major occupational hazards involved in using saws that produce great amounts of vibration.


In conclusion, by choosing the best scroll saw under 200, you are able to liberally generate creatively curved out and cut patterns without restrictions. This versatile tool allows artisans and craftsmen to actualize their visions and translate them into unique and valuable artifacts.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Which is the best scroll saw for beginners?” answer-0=”Dremel Moto-Saw a) Cost and performance The ideal scroll saw for beginners should include features such as being dense and closely united capable of performing light tasks with ease. This is in addition to being affordable. With this in mind, the Dremel Moto-Saw is highly recommended for beginners. b) Ease in use The scroll saw is easy to use and does not have much of a learning curve compared to other scroll saws. It has varied settings for speed that allows the user to easily control the motion in cutting. It is also considerably less noisy and can therefore be used at home without causing much discomfort. c) Type of blades This saw is also fitted with pin ended blades which are much easier to change and replace as the need arises. This however has a down side to it in that it limits the variety of cuts that can be made and is mostly compatible with simple less intricate jobs. d) Portability The saw is also highly portable as is light in weight and can be used in a handheld position and can therefore be used anywhere without restrictions. e) Drawbacks Another drawback is that the saw lacks a ripping fence which works as a guide in ensuring precise and even cuts are made. This can be overcome by tracing the desired shape on the wood and being keen to follow it as a guide in making the cuts. It is also possible to buy a separate ripping fence and simply attach it to the saw. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is a scroll saw worth it?” answer-1=”A scroll saw is a valuable tool for woodworkers and craftsmen enabling them to cut out intricate designs with much ease. The various models of the saws possess features that make the scroll saw an indispensable tool in workshops. Replaceable blades The saw’s blade can be detached and directed towards a drilled starting hole enabling one to make cuts interiorly. This feature also allows the blades to be removed and replaced in the event of a break. The blades fitted on scroll saws are also superior to those in band saws, as they have more width and teeth and are thus capable of curving out more complex shapes and patterns. Table tilt, light and speed Most models of scroll saws are fitted with a cast iron table that is capable of being tilted from 0 to 45 degrees allowing one to make cuts at an angle. The saws also have an LED light attached for improved illumination and clarity of vision while working. Most saws have systems that enable the user to regulate the speed with which the saw runs for enhanced control and ability to easily manipulate the motion and material while working. The stability of the saws is also quite high as they have iron bases that provide ample support and help damping vibrations. Safety Scroll saws are relatively safer than other tools such as the table saw due to the reduced contact between the user’s finger and the blade thus the risk of injury is significantly reduced. These features contribute to the worthiness of the scroll saw as a workman’s tool. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Should I get a scroll saw or a band saw?” answer-2=”Both these saws are used in woodworks and for generally different purposes. The choice on which of the two to pick largely depends on the nature of work to be done and level of complexity required in the cuts to be made. These tools differ in such ways as: Goal The goal of a scroll saw with its fine blades is to enable you to make complex highly detailed cuts suitable for the particular project at hand. Whereas the band saw is mainly used in slicing dense objects with less precision and is therefore mainly used professionally and commercially. Thickness of material to be cut Scroll saws are not well suited for cutting through thick pieces of wood as they are fitted with fragile blades and can cut through up to 2 inches of thickness. On the other hand, band saws can easily cut through dense material of between 6 to 30 inches in thickness. Cost The cost of acquiring a scroll saw is cheaper as compared to a band saw and scroll saws are thus more preferable by both professionals and handymen. The more expensive band saws are more applicable for heavy commercial use by professions. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What can I use a scroll saw for?” answer-3=”A scroll saw is used for carving out delicate and complex patterns. It comes in handy, especially when making circular and curved cuts with much detail as the user is able to manipulate the material easily while working.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”What thickness of wood can be cut using a scroll saw?” answer-4=”A scroll saw is able to cut through wood of thickness measuring up to 2 inches. This is because the saws have very delicate blades with a size of ¼ inches thick and 8 inches in length.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Does a scroll saw cut on the up or down stroke?” answer-5=”Scrolls saws fitted with the reverse tooth blades cut in the up-stoke. This provides reduced tear and facilitates cleaning out of the dust and decreases the buildup that normally occurs under the material being worked on as the blade exits the wood on downstroke with regular tooth blades. ” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”What materials can a scroll saw cut?” answer-6=”Scroll saws are capable of cutting through various materials. These include: Plywood: Plywood comes in a variety of thickness and nature as it may be from soft wood or hard wood. Scroll saws have the ability to cut through thicknesses ranging from 1/16 inches to 2 inches. Plastic: Scroll saws can cut through plastic of thickness ranging from 1/16 to ¾ inches. It is advisable not to attempt to cut very thick plastic to prevent the saw from jamming in the process. Metals: Scroll saws have also been found to cut through metals such as aluminum, brass, coppers, steel, and coins. It is advisable to use thin metals. This is because metals cause wearing out of the blades. ” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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