Dewalt DCF787 Review 2022 | Everything You Need to Know

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Need a device that has to fight into tight spaces, drive in screws, and tighten nuts? Does it need to be lightweight, compact, and portable so you can get your screwing and fastening work everywhere? Look no further, the solution to all your problems is here in the form of the one and only
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rel=”nofollow”>DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver. If you are a homemaker, a work from home dad, a professional woodworker or carpenter, or even a repair person needing to get some basic jobs done, you must own the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver.

The Dewalt dcf787 review is testament enough to make the purchase of the Cordless Impact Driver without second thoughts. People who prefer price to quality should go through the Dewalt dcf787 review. They are quite transparent in the feedback and talk unbiasedly. Nonetheless, the quality of the DEWALT DC787 Cordless Impact Driver is over the charts. The ease of usage, the flexibility and the handling of it make it one of the most powerful devices in the Impact Driver industry. The product not only makes working on woodwork and other carpentry easier but also accomplishes the task faster without much effort from your end. Let us dig deeper into this product.

What Makes The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver is Best? 

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dewalt dcf787 impact driver review & Salent Feature:

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If you are making a one-time investment in the purchase of a Cordless Impact Driver Kit, it is imperative that you get the best of the machinery out there for your use, since you won’t be making repeated purchases of the same. Thus, it is advised to purchase the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver. The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver consists of a 1/4th hex shaft that helps perform your fastening activities better. It also consists of a 20-volt MAX battery that makes the device very powerful to use. This also reduces fuel consumption, ensures there is less emission so that you end up saving the natural resources, and creates better and pollution-free surroundings. 


When making a large, one-time purchase for grunt work and heavy needs, it is always better to see the exact specifications of the product to verify if it actually matches your needs and comfort. The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver comes with the following specifications:

  • A 5.5 inches front-to-back sleek design
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing only 2.8lbs
  • Onboard lighting for enhanced visibility with a 20-second delay after trigger release
  • Fits into tight and congested areas
  • One-handed usage and loading with a ¼ inch hex chuck.
  • Brushless motor
  • Increased runtime of 57 percent more than a brush motor
  • Ergonomic design to fit your hand
  • Better control and balance of driver kit
  • 0 Ampere battery over 1.5 Ampere
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Now let us look at some of the features of the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver.

DeWalt 787 Impact Driver Review & Features:

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  1. Fits into small and tight areas:
    The size of the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit is light and compact. This makes it easier for the device to fit in tiny places. Carpentry works such as the fastening of shafts, screwing and bolting can be done easily with this sleek device. The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver weighs only 2.8lbs.
  2. Easy To See:
    The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver is fitted with onboard lights that make it easy with a 20-second delay after pressing the trigger upon release. The light cast ensures that there is no shadow and helps see the tiny nooks and corners of your work area quite easily.
  3. Easy to Load with One Hand:
    The  DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit comes with such a sleek design and body ergonomics that it is easy to carry, lift and even operate with just one hand. The hex chuck that is only 1/4th of an inch helps in driving in 1-inch bits. You can either pull up the chuck sleeve and insert the 1-inch bits or just slide the bits inside the chuck.
  4. Increase in Average Runtime:
    The average runtime of the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver is 57 percent due to its brushless motor than when compared to a brush motor. This gives it larger battery life, thus making it very easy to use for prolonged outdoor activities.
  5. The perfect combination of balance and control of the device:
    The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver is designed in such a way that it is easy to balance the device with one or two hands, even in tight situations, such as crouching low to fit a screw or hanging from a tree to insert a shaft and other such dexterous activities.
  6. Long Period of Warranty:
    The warranty of DEWALT DCF787  Cordless Impact Driver is for 3 full years. Any minor hassle or replacement part needed can be easily solved within these 3 years period. The device is also easy to service and maintain. The device comes with a battery as well as a charger.
  7. High RPM and Torque:
    You can see the rotational speed of the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver reach up to 2800 rotations per minute. The torque can go as high as up to 1500 inch lbs. The speed can also help drive self-drilling screws into 12 gauge steel, quite easily.

Pros : 

  • Easy to use and handle
    The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit is easy to use and handle. The sleek design and ergonomics help in balancing the device handily and with ease.

    It is quite easy to use this device even in situations like tiny crevices, stooping areas, and tiny corners and nooks.
  • Less Power Consumption
    The Brushless motor that makes up the critical design of the DEWALT DCF787  Cordless Impact Driver helps in increasing the runtime by 57% when compared to a brush motor. This helps in consuming less power and running for a longer time, making it optimal for long outdoor usage and work.
  • Less Noise
    The brushless motor device also saves energy by creating less sound. The sleek design and the ease of the rotation of the motor help in producing lesser sound when compared to any average design. This makes it one of the most efficient Cordless Impact Driver Kit in the market.
  • Budget-Friendly
    Despite the price of DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit is slightly on the higher side, this device makes for a great one-time investment that runs for a long time even in constant usage.


  • Frankly, there is no con in using such a high, premium quality device. One can say that the only con of using the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit is its high selling price. Nevertheless, if you are interested in making a one-time heavy investment, this is the product of choice to purchase.

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How to Use The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver 

The device is not very difficult to use.

  • You have to charge the device for 2 hours before using it.
  • Take the device to the place and insert the 1 inch bit into the hex shaft.
  • Turn on the device and place your finger on the trigger
  • At the right spot, release the trigger, the motor starts running, and the fastening work occurs.
  • Release your finger off the trigger to stop the activity.
  • The onboarding lights help in seeing the activity even in dark areas without casting a shadow. They turn on automatically upon pressing the trigger.

Maintaining The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver  

It is not too difficult to maintain the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver Kit.

  • Use standard lubricating oil inside the impact bit and chuck. Make sure that the impact bits are completely open before inserting the lubricating oil. This ensures damage to the device due to friction
  • Tighten and loosen the chuck alternatively to ensure that the lubricant has set across the entire device evenly.
  • You can also apply oil to the outside of the device in such a way that the impact bit and the outer surface remain lubricated while handling the device.

Safety Precautions while Using The DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver  

  • Ensure that the chuck and impact bit is far away from your face and other body parts.
  • Wear all the necessary equipment before handling this device.
  • Always ensure that the device is in the OFF state when not in use.
  • Ensure that there is always another person with you while handling this device. This makes it easier during emergencies and can help work in shifts.


Generally, the DEWALT DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver is one powerful device to use for all your carpentry needs and deeds. If you are still considering purchasing this, do not hesitate and make the best carpentry purchase of your life.

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  1. Will 2.0 batteries work on it?
    Yes, they will work on it.
  2. Is it strong enough to remove wheel nuts and car parts?
    It is very easy to use it to remove your car parts and makes the job 99 percent easier.
  3. Can this device hold drill bits?
    No, it can only hold impact bits.

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