DEWALT DCK283D2 Review-The Best Cordless Drill Combo Kit.

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In your house, you need to do many tasks for which you require various tools like a saw, wrenches, or drills, etc. A drilling machine is an essential tool that must be in your tool kit. Do you want to purchase the best drill? There is so much variety for you in the market. You can also search on the internet, where you will find a lot of options. Maybe you will confuse and feel difficult to choose the perfect drill among all. We are here to solve your problem by giving a Dewalt dck283d2 review. It is a powerful and fantastic drill which will be helpful for your household tasks.

Presenting Dewalt DCK283D2 Review

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There a lot of qualities that make this drill best and beneficial for you.

  • Ease of use

The features of Dewalt dck283d2 are fascinating and unusual enough to provide you with the quality work you want. It is not a sophisticated tool; you can easily and conveniently use it.

  • Long-lasting battery

How irritating is this that you have started work at your home or you are doing your task at a construction site where electric supply is not so consistent? Don’t you think you need a reliable tool, which you can use confidently? Dewalt dck283d2 is an ideal drill for you in this context.

  • Cordless

You can easily use it at your home without any fear of hurting your children from touching unprotected wires as it is a cordless drill.

  • Durable

It is a lightweight but durable tool. You can use it anywhere, and it will not damage soon.


Specifications of Cordless Drill Combo Set-DCK283D2

  • Motor

The brushless motor of this drill’s run time is 57% more than any brushed-motor tool.

  • Impact driver

Sometimes, it looks difficult to remove bolts and nuts from automobiles, and you may think it requires complex tools. The Dewalt dck283d2 makes it easy for you due to its capacity of working on 180cm/lbs. bolts. Its DCF887 provides excellent work without any crack that your client will surely like. Even, you can use it on less speed while it works very fast on high speed and gives precise work.

  • Drill driver

In carpentry or construction work, a drill is extensively needed. A worker has to be ready for any job. Many times, there is a need for drilling a rough and hard surface. If you use a low-quality tool, it will ruin your all efforts.

It’s essential to use an extraordinary tool and believe me Dewalt dck283d2 will be helpful for you for any work. Through its recapitulate hammer drilling, it facilitates you in the best way. You can even work faster on a sturdy surface.

  • Battery capacity

If you want a tool for which you do not need to worry about battery, then it is the best option for you. It is distracting if your battery stops working during your work, but it is not a situation for Dewalt dck283d2. It has a 2Ah battery which can be used for two weeks. Isn’t it so satisfying?

Now, you will want to use this super, reliable tool so that you can accomplish your work without any hindrance. Due to its long-lasting battery, it will increase your productivity.

  • LED light

It happens many times that you have to do your work lately. What will you do if you have a cordless and long-lasting battery tool but having no arrangement of light? You can do your work with full visibility through its brightened LED light. You can efficiently manage it on your own.

  • Brushless motor

It contains a brushless motor which is more advantageous than a brushed motor. The most important quality of this motor is that it is durable and less noisy which is very calming. It has DCD791 20V MAX* XR Lithium-Ion Compact brushless ½ Inch for drill driver and DCF887 20V MAX* XR Lithium-Ion Brushless ¼ inch impact driver. It is the uniqueness of this tool.

  • Battery voltage

Its battery voltage without any workload is 20 volts while it usually is 18 volts.

  • Weight and length

The Dewalt dck283d2 compact driver weighs only 3.4 pounds, and the impact driver’s weight is 2 pounds. The drill driver’s length is 6.9 inches, and the impact driver’s length is 5.3 inches.

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Accessories of DEWALT DCK283D2

It has many accessories provided with it.

  • Contractor bag
  • Charger
  • Belt hooks.

In-depth features of DEWALT DCK283D2

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The Dewalt dck283d2 is a fantastic drill machine that has both drill drivers and impact drivers. It is with a brushless motor that gives more precise work. It is a lightweight but compact machine with all its rare features. It is both an impact driver and a drill driver. You can use it without any reluctance and difficulty. It requires one charge and lasts for two weeks. It is perfect for household work as well as commercial use.


  • It is a lightweight drill machine having a compact design. Its lightweight helps you to work on those areas which are tight for a substantial and extensive tool. The main thing is that its small size doesn’t affect its power and workability. The big projects and long working hours make you tired but if you use this light drill, you will not feel any burden. That’s why your productivity will be enhanced with high-quality. This quality makes it suitable for everyone because it fits in small hands too.
  • The Dewalt dck283d2 has a brushless motor that is popular for its more efficiency than a motor having brushes. This motor works smoothly and plays a vital role in the tool’s long life.
  • It contains an LED light which facilitates you to work in the night. It is only for your convenience. You can attain accuracy and good-quality, even in darkness. The light will turn off if you don’t use it for 20minutes.
  • The tool comes with a battery charge gauge. It shows the amount of charging so that you can decide to start your work immediately or after charging. This feature also saves your time and effort.
  • The tool package also has belt hooks in the case if you don’t want to carry the contractor bag. You can hang the drill with your belt. You don’t need to take an extra burden. Moreover, you are always ready to do your work.
  • The Dewalt dck283d2 is a versatile tool with all its impressive features. It is suitable not only for home improvement experts and DIYs but also equally useful for carpenters, contractors, and engineers.
  • If you have purchased the kit, and are not satisfied, the good news is that you can get a full refund in the case of 90 days return. If you decide to keep it, then you have a 3-years warranty. The company also offers you a 1-year free service. Isn’t it so good?
  • Its small size and lightweight doesn’t mean it lacks some essential. It is a compact design with advanced features.
  • The Dewalt dck283d2 is a durable drill.
  • It is effortless to manage and use due to its small size.
  • Its lithium-ion battery is 2Ah which is quite enough to use for a most extended period. You don’t need to worry that it will stop during your work.
  • It has a combination of drill driver and impact driver.
  • The Dewalt dck283d2 is a cordless tool that gives you a considerable edge while you are working.
  • It provides you exquisite work at high speed so that you can do your job quickly.
  • Mostly this type of tool produces noise, but you must appreciate it because it is noiseless.
  • Its cleaning is so easy due to its brushless motor.
  • It is at a very reasonable price.


It is a handy tool, but it doesn’t mean it has not any drawbacks.

  • The tool vibrates a little when you use it.
  • It comes with a heavy bag that is challenging to carry.

Maintenance of Best Cordless Drill Combo Kit-DEWALT DCK283D2

Every machine requires maintenance for its long life, so it is not an exception. You have to maintain it by taking proper care of the tool. As it is a brushless motor, so it doesn’t need so much cleaning. But you can’t leave it as it is after the use. You must clean it after every use. It takes a little time for its cleaning. You also maintain its parts time by time and take it to the specialist if any part is worn-out. Its proper maintenance enhances the tool’s life span. If you don’t manage it properly, you will definitely lose it, and your money will be wasted.

Safety Precautions while Using DEWALT DCK283D2

Like every machine and tool, it also demands some safety measures to be adopted during its use. Drilling machines are considered the most dangerous tool of all.

  • Don’t try to adjust it when it is operating.
  • Never clean its parts with your hands. Always use a brush for this purpose.
  • You avoid to wear loose clothing and hanging jewelry.
  • Try to use gloves during working with the Dewalt dck283d2.
  • You should not keep any tool on the drilling table.
  • Wearing safety glasses is crucial during the use of Dewalt dck283d2.
  • If there is a need to change drilling bits, first you have to turn off the machine. It’s better to unplug the power cord too.
  • Through chuck, drill holds its place. It is necessary to make sure that the chuck is tight. If you don’t do it, the loose chuck is so harmful to you and the surrounding people.
  • Every task needs a separate drill bit. You must use the right drill bit. Otherwise, it will create problems in handling, and more force will be required.
  • Make sure that the floor upon which you are working is not slippery because you can imagine how much it is risky if you slip and fall on the drill machine.
  • When the machine is not in use, you must remove the chuck’s key.
  • Chuck guard must be in its position.
  • If you observe any fault in it, you must fix it before using it. A faulty tool can be hazardous for you.
  • If you want to talk to someone or clean the machine or want to do anything, you must turn-off the Dewalt dck283d2.
  • The size of the drill bit must be accurate.
  • Don’t allow a person to use the tool, who is unfamiliar with its operations.


Tool kits that provide high-quality at reasonable prices attain more popularity among the masses. If you go to the market, you will get a lot of options, but obviously, everyone wants those type of tools that have worth for money.

This Dewalt dck283d2 review article shows that it is a convenient drill machine with many advantageous features and specifications. Due to these features, everyone needs this tool and enjoy its benefits after buying it. We recommend you to purchase this tool kit.

It is a lightweight machine, so it is very comfortable to carry and use. Being lightweight doesn’t mean it is a delicate tool kit. It is durable enough to use it over an extended period. Due to the LED light on it, you can use it in darkness.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is the separate purchase of a drill and impact driver possible?” answer-0=”Yes, it is possible to buy both things separately. But we suggest you purchase the combo of drill and impact driver so that you can take benefits of additional features.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is this lightweight tool kit durable?” answer-1=”Don’t worry; the product is durable enough that you can use it freely. Moreover, a durable bag is provided with this to protect the tools.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is it suitable for everyone?” answer-2=”Yes, the Dewalt dck283d2 is a product for everyone. From a DIY to a commercial expert, everyone can use it because it is elementary to use.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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