Dewalt dw716 Review – (2022) #Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

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Do you think the cutting of larger boards and trim molding with 100% accuracy is difficult?  Are you searching for a miter saw that is perfect for these tasks and also easy to carry and handle? Then, Dewalt dw716 is your thing. The company Dewalt offers a vast range of Saws for woodwork, but the model dw7 16 is suitable for accuracy in molding and making furniture. It is the best choice for carpenters, professional woodworkers, and DIYs. No doubt, it is frequently used in carpentry, but home improvement experts also use it for their projects. Heavy workload and semi-professional conditions are also supported by this powerful tool. This Dewalt dw716 review article helps you to understand its specifications, uses, benefits and working. After reading this, you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Why Dewalt dw716 is the best?

The first quality, which makes it the best that it is helpful for both the professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Whether you want to use it in construction or home improvement, you can use it. Anybody can understand its working easily and manage it conveniently. The second thing due to which we can consider it the best is its affordability. It is available at reasonable prices, and you will find it very easily. It has a positive image in the market. You can check its good reviews before making a purchase. The last but not the least important feature to make it the best is its 3-years warranty, so you don’t have any need to worry about it. It is a corded saw so that you can use it conveniently within a workspace with an electricity supply.

Presenting Dewalt dw716 Review

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It’s a product of the company Dewalt with a model number of DW716. It comes with a lot of technical specifications.

  • Power and durability:

The power of Dewalt dw716 is 15 amp, and motor rpm is 3800 that makes it durable enough and, you can use it without any fear of breakage and damage.

  • Miter detent plate:

It has an adjustable stainless steel detent plate having 14 positive stops. Due to this feature, it can cut with 100% accuracy and its productivity is enhanced too. The miter plate capability is 0-50 degrees.

  • Miter detent override:

This feature offers you the facility to stop overruled miter so that you can adjust it according to your requirements. Due to this, the saw doesn’t slip into the miter detent.

  • Easier bevel cuts:

Long-sized fences are present in this that is helpful in 6 5/8 inches vertically nested crown molding and 6 ½ base molding against these fences. Its maximum cutting length is 6 inches and the thickness is 6 ½ inches. Due to this, the fence itself is strengthened and provides durability for long-term use.

  • Crosscut capacity:

At 90°crosscut capacity, the dimensional lumbar is 2*8 and 2*6 at 45°.

  • Double bevel design:

Due to double bevel design, saw bevels to both right and left 0-48 degrees. The positive stops are also there at 0, 33.9, 45, and 48 degrees. It helps the user to turn over the saw instead of the material. It also makes this saw versatile for many tasks.

  • Electric brakes:

Dewalt dw716 has electric brakes that not only improve safety but also make it possible to get more accuracy.

  • Carbide blade:

Its carbide blade works for a more extended period because it is resistant to abrasion and erosion. Its diameter is 12 inches.

  • Gearbox:

The gearbox of Dewalt dw716 is designed in such a way that it supports vertical cutting capacity. It consists of a 16-inches motor and an arbor of one inch.

  • Ultimate cutting accuracy:

The presence of gearbox and belt-drive design helps to increase vertical cutting capacity. Moreover, the miter system and fences are also helpful for achieving full efficiency.

  • Weight:

Dewalt dw716 is a middleweight saw of 44 pounds. Its weight makes it possible to carry and handle the saw comfortably. It has a built-in handle through which it is effortless to bring it with you. This feature increases its portability.

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Some accessories are also available with this to enhance its benefits.

  1. Dust bag
  2. Blade wrench

In-depth features:

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Dewalt dw716 is a perfect saw for large-sized boards and molding and works with exact accuracy too. Due to its power, it is considered a durable and powerful electric saw. Its miter stainless steel plate helps provide flawless cutting according to your requirements. It also assures that saw can do its work correctly and in an appropriate manner and the thing to be cut, can’t slip beneath the saw. Its fences make the bevel cut easy without any pressure and hindrance. Crosscut capacity and dual bevel are its significant and most helpful features which not only provide accuracy but also create ease in the cutting process.

Safety is critical in the cutting procedure so that you can’t cut your fingers or hand, so electric blades are provided to assure your safety. It is lovely thinking behind the presence of these brakes. The company has given carbide blades in it so that you don’t have any need to change these more often. These blades are made of such material which has the high- capacity to bear wear and tear. Some essential thing is also included with the package such as; dust bag and blade wrench so that you can get benefit from these things. You can easily manage the saw with the help of these accessories.

Vertical cutting is also a requirement in the cutting process. It is necessary that the saw also provide exact vertical cutting as per measurements. To assure accuracy, a gearbox is there to support vertical cutting. Its weight is also a remarkable feature of Dewalt dw716, which is 44 pounds. It is not an excess weight for a saw like this. You can easily carry it with you anywhere. The handles are also provided to facilitate you while carrying it. Dewalt believes in customer satisfaction and benefits, so a warranty of 3-years is given with dw716 as well as 1-year free service. The cleanliness is also vital for its long-term use. You have to clean this properly after the application.


As the latest model of Dewalt Company, dw716 has many advantages.

  • The dw716 can cut through an 8-inch board in just one pass due to its excellent cross-cutting capabilities. It is also possible to cut through a 10inches board if you remove the back part of its fence. It is really a very beneficial feature because due to it, you can easily do large crosscuts.
  • If you want to use this saw for miter cuts, you will also love its capabilities. Due to its high capacity, it is advantageous for custom cutting. It also proves itself adaptable for any project because it is flexible according to the need of any task.
  • Dewalt dw716 is ideal for trip molding of various types. The motor is placed up high and at its back. Due to this, the motor works at increasing cutting capacity. If you want to do many baseboards at a time, its vertical baseboard capacity of 6-1/2 inches tall allows you to do this on multiple baseboards.
  • The saw also supports crown molding very well. The basic trims of door casings and window frames, etc. are the two minutes game for it.
  • Its miter ranges of 50 degrees on both sides are the above industry standard. It makes Dewalt dw716 more versatile.
  • The set-up of the miter gauge is so fast and its usage is also straightforward. Its metal detents adjust very quickly to standard angles and make any cut very easy and prompt.
  • Due to its dual bevel feature, you can bend the saw on both the right and left sides. Its maximum bevel is 48 degrees so that you can use it for more customized cuts.
  • It is a very beneficial tool, but its price is affordable. Anyone can easily purchase it. It keeps no burden on your pocket.
  • It also provides a 3-years warranty.
  • The company has given full attention to the safety of the worker. It’s very little chance to cut your fingers or hand while using it.


As nothing perfect in this world, so dw716 has some tiny drawbacks.

  • It comes with a dustbag, but its performance is no so good. For collecting dust appropriately, you have to attach a shop-vac to the dust port. If you use it for a house job, then you don’t need to worry about it, but if you use it at the commercial level, collecting dust is considered important work.
  • It requires proper cleaning. If you don’t clean it after using it, it will not last for a longer period.
  • Its manual doesn’t look better regarding quality.

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How to use Dewalt dw716

The procedure of its usage is very simple, and anyone can use it easily.

There are four types of dw716 miter saw cuts.

  1. Crosscut
  2. Miter cut
  3. Bevel cut
  4. Compound cut

First of all, you have to adjust the miter gauge, bevel gauge or both according to the cut you want. Now, draw a line on the board after measurements. The line will be helpful for you to place the thickness of the blade. You must take accurate measurements to draw the line; otherwise, you can’t cut the final piece to the required sizes.

Starting your tool:

Once you draw a line, you will hold the left side of the board with your left hand. Now, get down the safety mechanism with your right hand. Start the saw by pressing the blade trigger. You have to do this in an upright position. Starting the saw by touching the blade to the wood is not an appropriate way.

Allow the blade to do its work:

When the blade runs at full speed, push it through the wood. Do not do it hard because it doesn’t require much effort. Let’s do the blade its work.

Here is your cut:

When the blade has done its work, leave the trigger but don’t raise the blade. Wait for stopping it and raise the blade from the wood and here is your perfect cut.

That’s all for using Dewalt dw716 from start to end.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Its cleanliness is critical after every use. If you don’t clean it, the blade of this saw will become dull or can be hung anytime during your work. You must take proper care of its maintenance. If you examine any problem with the blade, you should change it promptly before any loss to this saw.

Which Safety Precautions to be Adopted?

As it is an electric tool and its blade is very sharp, so you should be careful while using dw716. You should adopt some safety precautions, which is essential to avoid any physical loss.

  • Always use an appropriate saw for every task.
  • You should use safety glass while using dw716.
  • You should avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry because the possibility is there to get caught in the saw.
  • Always use a clean and sharp blade.
  • Pay full attention during the cutting process.
  • When you have done the cutting, old the saw down until the blade stops.
  • Use both hands while cutting. One hand should be used for holding the saw and the other hands for pressing the wood, to be cut, in place.
  • Maintain a distance between your hands and saw.


It is clearly shown from this “Dewalt dw716 review” that it is a constructive saw having many useful specifications and benefits. If you are looking for an ideal electric saw, you must go for dw716 for better performance.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the main difference between Dewalt dw716 and dw715?” answer-0=”Dw716 is the latest version of dw 715. The main difference between them is the presence of dual bevel in dw716. Due to double bevel, dw716 adjusts the angles in a perfect way, so achieving the accurate and definite cut is possible.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”When there will be a need to change the blade of dw716?” answer-1=”When you feel that the blade is not so sharp and doesn’t work smoothly, then it is the time to change the blade.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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