DeWalt DWS780 Review – (2022)

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This DeWalt DWS 780 review will answer two very simple questions: Is it really the best sliding miter saw in the market? Does it really live up to the hype?

The DWS780 has a very large cutting capacity. And you can take advantage of the full capacity because it is a sliding compound miter saw. The double bevel also means you can cut bevels without flipping over your lumber.

Amateurs and professionals alike will enjoy this DeWalt miter saw. It works well in larger builds such as roofing or deck building, and it also performs well in detailed projects with precise compound angles such as chairs and tables.

Presenting DeWalt DWS780 Review and Buying Guide

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Technical Specification:

  • Double-bevel sliding compound miter saw, to reach all the compound-angled cuts you could possibly want.
  • Powerful 15-amp motor, with speed cuts of up to 3,800 RPM.
  • The dual-rail sliding system, which provides extra stability during crosscutting.

In-Depth Feature:

The exclusive XPS alignment system that shows you where the blade will cut the lumber, as well as the blade kerf and how much material will be removed.

The system is a simple LED light positioned directly above the blade. As you approach the blade to the lumber, the blade shadow becomes more focused until it is the exact width and location.

The kerf shadow is so bright that it can be seen under the sunlight. The system also works on every type of cut, miter, or bevel you set the saw.


  • Great cutting capacity: at a 90-degree angle the maximum depth is 4.3 inches and the maximum width is 12 inches; you can even cut a 4×8 beam at 45 degrees.
  • Double bevel: 60 degrees on the left and 50 degrees on the right.
  • Cut accuracy: due to the XPS lighting system and the robust construction.
  • Great dust collection: up to 75% of all the dust coming off the blade, according to DeWalt.
  • High customer satisfaction.


  • Big size: which is to be expected, given its big cut capacity.
  • Heavy: 56 lbs. but there is a handle on the top of the unit and two hand grooves at both sides.
  • High price.

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How to Use Double-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw-DWS780

While many miter saws require adjustment and re-calibration even when arriving from the factory, this DeWalt is very accurate out of the box. The operation is straightforward. The knobs, levels, and adjustments are all easy to access and comfortable for frequent use.

As soon as you turn it on, you will see the motor is pretty quiet, especially when you consider how strong it is. It also has a brief soft start action.

You will also see the kerf shadow line cast by the XPS system, so you will know exactly on which side of the cut line you need to be. You will also see how much material will be removed from the lumber, which is the main difference in comparison to the laser systems existing in other miter saws.

The extra light is also very welcome when your workspace has limited lighting.

Crosscutting is a breeze. There is an exclusive back fence feature, which expands the crosscut capacity to an impressive 16 inches. That means you can cut full-sized wall shelves in a single pass.

The miter cutting capacity is also impressive. You can cut a 4×8 beam at 45 degrees in a single pass. If you need to do framing work or build a deck in the near future, you should definitely consider this DeWalt miter saw. It will pay for itself on its first workday.

Other than the usual 22.5 or 45 degrees, this unit also comes with 10 positive stops for multiple angles. In short, this feature alone allows repeated cuts using the same angles.

If you are considering this saw for a trim project, you should know this saw can cut baseboards as tall as 6-3/4 inches, and crown molding as wide as 7-1/2 inches. The XPS Cutline feature, exclusive of this miter saw, also helps you cut perfect trim cuts.

You can also set up the DWS780 with a 33.9-degree bevel and a 31.6-degree miter and cut moldings into a 90-degree joint. There is also a 45-degree override feature that lets you adjust your bevel slightly past in either direction.

There is also a depth-adjustment system, which is a screw and a wingnut to create a depth stop in your groove cuts. However, if you plan on using this depth stop, be aware that the blade might not cut all the way to the fence. You can solve this easily by using a spacer behind your workpiece.

This saw folds very narrowly when setting to the 60-degree right position, which is a good storage option if you plan on carrying it to your job sites in a tighter work truck or trailer.

Changing the blade is easy, all you have to do is to loosen a couple of bolts and you are ready to remove the blade.

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Schedule Maintenance of 12 in. Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt is a trustworthy brand with a full-service network throughout the nation. This saw has a three-year, limited warranty. Spare parts are always easy to find and readily available, should you ever face an issue.

While the overall accuracy of this miter saw is good, you are better off cleaning and oiling regularly the slides to ensure a smooth operation.

The dust collection bag provided with the saw is small when you consider the size of the saw. You will end up wither emptying it out frequently or hooking your saw directly to a dust collection system.

Safety Precautions of Sliding Miter Saw

This DeWalt miter saw has a good dust management system. The cutting area is kept clean throughout the cut, so you can work safely. You can increase the dust collection capacity by hooking the saw to your dust collection system.

The blade is kept covered at all times, and it is only exposed during the cutting operation. The cover is automatic and gives a robust feeling.

The base is very well-built and stable. Place the saw on a flat surface and it will stay there, which is always welcome when you are trying to balance heavier lumber and trying to get a square cut.

There is also a workpiece clamp to hold the material steady during the clamp. That helps to stabilize the material during the cut. If it moves and binds against the spinning blade, that could cause miter saw kickback.

You can avoid miter saw kickback by using drier wood and sharp blades. All the bevel and miter settings should be holding tightly too.

Finally, a good habit you should keep operating any miter saw is to wait until the blade is no longer spinning before raising it. The DWS780 has an electric brake that is activated when you release the trigger.

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This DeWalt DWS780 review couldn’t be complete without judging the saw’s value for money.

If you need a higher cutting capacity along with cut precision, this is the miter saw that will gives you the best of both worlds.

The DWS780 can stand any heavy work you throw at it. The exclusive XPS lighting and the robust construction also ensure precision cuts for many years to come.

If you like to do things yourself and are currently considering a larger flooring, siding, or trimming job at your home, this saw is worth its weight in gold and will pay for itself in your first larger renovation by saving your time and your patience.

Upgrade the blade to a higher tooth count and you will have accurate cuts with a great finish, ideal for trim and cabinet work.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What Is The Warranty For The DeWalt DWS780?” answer-0=”You are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can service your miter saw for free during the first year, and you are also covered for three years against faulty parts and manufacturing defects.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Is The Difference Between The DWS779 and the DWS780?” answer-1=”The DWS780 is the substitute of the DWS 779, and the only difference between the two is that the DWS779 lacks the blade alignment marking – called XPS Cutline positioning system. While you could simplify this feature and call it a bright LED light, what it does is to cast a shadow of the miter saw blade over your lumber. The result is that you see a shadow showing the exact blade kerf, so you know where the blade will cut and how much material will be removed. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What Blade Comes With The DeWalt DWS780?” answer-2=”This Dewalt miter saw comes with a carbide blade with 60 teeth and 12 inches. It is good enough as a first blade and for general construction, however, you would be better off with a 90-tooth blade for finer and smoother finishes.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What Is The Diameter Of The Dust Collection Duct?” answer-3=”The outside duct diameter measures 1-1/2 inch. The inside diameter of the duct measures 1-3/8 inch, so it can fit a 1-1/4 inch hose.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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