Dewalt DWS779 Review – (2022)

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Are you looking for good-quality woodcutting equipment? Do you need a tree trimming tool for your lawn? If so, consider buying investing in a top-rated miter saw. The good news is you’ll find hundreds of cutting devices out there. However, the bad thing is most of them are useless. You need a tool that can live up to your expectations in all respects. This is where the Dewalt DWS779 comes into the picture.  Many users have bought this cutting-edge tool and are happy with their purchase. If you’re still skeptical, read this Dewalt DWS779 review and make a smart decision accordingly.

If you’ve ever bought a cutting saw before and had a bad experience, you may think that the model might be another useless piece. However, that’s just not the case. Contrary to your assumptions, the DWS779 is made with the latest technology. It has been tested and tried before making available for the public. Plus, the astonishing features and pros listed below make the model a clear winner.

Presenting Dewalt DWS779 Review and Buying Guide

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When it boils down to a high-quality, compact miller saw, Dewalt is the way to go. You don’t need to be bothered about the build quality when you choose this brand because it works as advertised. The DWS779 is an ideal solution for professionals as well as hobbyists. While DIY enthusiasts love the ease of usage, professionals appreciate the smooth operation and high precision. In a nutshell, this miller saw is an all-rounder with tons of features.

As far as the design is concerned, it’s relatively standard and conventional. The blade could tilt in both directions, ensuring precision cuts without the need to adjust or calibrate anything. Additionally, the back fence design lets you cut up to 2×12 woods at 45 degrees and 2×16 at 90 degrees. The powerful motor (15 amperes) doesn’t vibrate much and the setup is straightforward.

The model integrates the cutline blade positioning system that offers an adjustment-free cut line indication for higher accuracy and better visibility. Above all, the dust collection system is super-efficient. It can capture over 75 percent of the dust generated during the cutting task.

The machine comes with a handy dust bag to collect dust. Mounting the bag is easy. Within minutes, you could get started with the device without worrying about dust getting scattered here and there. Still, you can’t collect all the dust in the bag. The tool needs some assembly, but the handy manual is well-drafted and comprehensive. You shouldn’t face any problem when putting the machine together.


  • Grip

Most users don’t pay attention to the grip of the cutting equipment. Consequently, many of these individuals feel uneasy to use the device. Some folks end up with less than the desired results. To get efficient and effective cutting results, you ought to have a perfect grip and the DWS779 lives up to this parameter in all respects.

  • Safety

Handling a cutting device can be risky. You may run into safety issues when cutting trees and logs with a sharp machine. However, DWS779 embodies effective safety measures. As such, any chances of injuries and accidents are rooted out. Just scan an honest Dewalt DWS779 review to ensure this fact.

  • Comfort

Comfort is paramount when cutting trees and logs. If a cutting machine isn’t comfortable, you may not be able to carry out the cutting task for a long time. You could feel tired and may give up. To do away with this problem, the DWS779 presents enhanced comfort. As such, cutting wood and/or trimming tree branches become effortless.

  • Durable

Most of the cutting tools sustain damages quickly. However, the DWS779 is made out of durable materials. It can stand the test of time and usage without posing issues. As such, you may use the machine for a long time without needing a replacement.

  • Portable

Woodcutting professionals have to wander everywhere to take up cutting projects. For that, they need to accompany their toolkit. If the cutting equipment is heavy, it can take a toll on the woodcutting professional. To do away with this problem, the makers of DWS779 have presented a compact device, ensuring ease of transportation from one place to another.


  • Easy to clean

Most heavy-duty cutting machines warrant a lot of attention and constant cleaning. The DWS779, on the flip side, is easy to clean. You don’t need any special cleaning solution. With a simple cloth dipped in a home cleaning solution, you can wipe out dirt and dust from this miter saw.

  • Affordable

Most of the wood cutting machines come with a higher price tag. However, the DWS779 is priced in the economical range. As such, even an average earning guy can own this premium device for cutting trees or wood.

  • Easy to use

Certain cutting tools come with complex controls. Many users just don’t understand how to use such controls. The DWS779, on the flip side, is easy to use. Even a person who hasn’t used a cutting device could cut trees and logs with this handy machine. A quick peek at any Dewalt DWS779 review will testify how handy and easy the device is.

  • Accuracy

The market is literally flooded with cutting devices. However, most of these tools are inefficient and inaccurate. You may end up creating a mess by using such devices. The DWS779, however, renders efficiency as well as accuracy. Without investing too much time, you can cut down logs or trim down shrubs and tree branches efficiently and accurately as desired.

  • Warranty

Many cutting saws wear out quickly, especially when used too often. In such situations, you need to expend money on repairs. While minor repairs are okay, you may wish to cover yourself against major damages due to defects in the machine. This is where the product’s warranty comes in handy. The DWS779 is backed by a 3-year limited warranty. If anything goes wrong within this time frame, you can contact the vendor and have your issues addressed without paying a single dime.


  • Heavy

The only downside of the product is it’s a bit heavy. New users face difficulties in finding the right grip while holding the heavyweight. However, you can get rid of this issue by getting used to the product. Once you gain some hands-on experience with the device, you can cut down trees and logs like a breeze. Other than this minor con, the tool makes a great choice for trimming and cutting chores. Any unbiased Dewalt DWS779 review should testify this point.

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How to Use Sliding Miter Saw-Dewalt DWS779

Using this miter saw is easy. Firstly, assemble the machine. If you aren’t handy with assembling, read the instruction manual carefully to put the equipment together.

When everything is ready, make sure that the blade guard is in place. See to it that your hands are dry for a perfect grip. Now hold the device and start the cutting process gently. Keep the pressure of your body on the saw to keep it intact during the cutting process. When the cutting process is over, turn off the machine.

Schedule Maintenance of Dewalt DWS779 Light Kit

Any machine, whether small or big, needs some kind of maintenance. However, too much maintenance can dent your wallet. The DWS779 outsmarts its counterparts in this respect. The device needs minimal maintenance. Without expending too much, you can retain the sheen and shine of the equipment. Yet, you should carry out maintenance regularly. As a general rule, overhaul the machine once a month for better results.

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Safety Precautions

This miter saw encompasses standard safety features. A transparent blade guard lets you supervise and control cuts. Don’t remove the blade guard when cutting; otherwise, you may incur severe injuries. Some folks take off the blade guard for increased productivity and speed. However, it isn’t worth the risk. So, don’t do it.

Bottom Line

Buying a top-quality cutting tool is imperative to ensure seamless, effortless cutting. Although you’ve varied options, the DWS779 is the best tool. Plus, the above Dewalt DWS779 review makes it clear why this equipment is a favored choice of many people. Durability, affordability, perfect grip, ease of usage, warranty, etc. are some of the perks that make this device perfect for cutting chores. Just be sure you add the product to your shopping cart through Amazon to save more.

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What is the weight of the equipment?

Ans: 56 pounds

What are its dimensions?

Ans: 2x23x18.5 inches

What is the power source?

Ans: Corded electric

What are the package components?

Ans: Miter saw, blade wrench, carbide blade, and user manual

Is there any warranty?

Yes; 3-year limited warranty

What is the maximum cutting thickness?

Ans: 6.75 inches

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