Easy Steps to Clean Your Aquarium

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Fish tanks or aquariums have long been used to decorate our homes, offices, and various buildings. They infuse fresh air in your workplace, so not only are they beautiful to look at but they have benefits as well. That said, buying an aquarium and placing it in the building is not enough. It should be sparkling and clean.

If not cared for, the glass walls will begin to be covered by algae making it terrible to look at. The water needs to be filtered daily and cleaned at regular intervals. Cleaning the aquarium not only makes it look fresh; it also keeps the fish healthy, which is also our priority.

Easy Steps to Clean Your Aquarium

It often feels like cleaning an aquarium is work that only a professional can do. But you don’t need to call a pro yet. You can follow some simple steps given below and keep your aquarium sparkling just like it is brand new:

Prepare the supplies needed:

A gravel vacuum, a scrapper (magnetic cleaner), a clean towel of a face cloth, aquarium salts, and a new filter are great tools, but these supplies are not direly necessary. But if available, the task becomes much straightforward.

Unplug all electrical equipment:

Before starting the cleaning, be sure to unplug all the electronic equipment in the aquarium, including the water filter, thermostat heater, and air system. Take all the equipment out and clean those properly. Replace the filters in a water filtration system, remove any unwanted stuff from the equipment to make them squeaky clean. This can prolong their lifetime.

Take everything out of the tank:

First of all, remove your fish from the tank and place them in a temporary bowl or something. Now remove the water from the tank, even the gravel present at the bottom, using a gravel vacuum if available.

Scrape the walls and floor:

Use the scraper to remove any algae present on the walls or the floor completely until not a speck remains. Rinse the tank with clean water and wipe the walls with a clean towel. You can also try to clean the gravel and, if it is possible, then replace it.

Use a glass cleaner:

We have another very cool idea for you. Buy a simple glass cleaner like electronic glass cleaner, magnetic glass cleaner, or sponge glass cleaner. If you have no time to do the cleaning, you can simply use an automatic aquarium glass cleaner like Robosnail to make things much easier. Plus, it stores the cleaning technique in the memory so, it will simply follow the same steps every time without your help.

Replace the water:

Now fill the tank with clean and fresh water. Depending upon the habitat of your fish, use aquarium salts to adjust water salinity.

Put in the cleaned electronic equipment:

After thoroughly cleaning the tank, place the cleaned electronic equipment into the water and turn them on to let the environment homogenize before putting the fish back in.

Return the fish to the aquarium:

After the water temperature reaches optimum value return the fish to the aquarium and cover it up again and voilà the aquarium is clean and sparkly like its new

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