Famous Types of Antique Mirror for Luxury Homes

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The kind of aesthetics you’ll get by using an antique mirror for your home décor is incomparable. This type of mirror speaks elegance and pure class. And guess what! It comes in different types and ranges that will suit your small budget. For some décor experts, using antique mirrors is a must – and why not? This mirror is capable of changing the looks of your space instantly, giving your home décor of vintage appearance and an ambiance to die for.

Why antique mirror instead of an ordinary mirror?

The funny question right? I thought so too. The benefits of using antique mirrors for your space is countless. With antique mirrors, you’re giving your house a rare vintage look – you cannot get this result by using ordinary mirrors. some might argue about the price of antique mirrors being more expensive than an ordinary mirror – but the truth is, antique mirrors will add more value to your home and will be more beneficial to you in the long run. To further prove my point; here are a few reasons why antique mirrors will serve you better than ordinary mirrors.

Reflects style:


Some houses are built to tell a historic story or built to represent something historic. Even in this current age and time, people still build vintage houses and buy vintage cars. Both the exterior and interior of this kind of house has to be vintage – and what better way to give your interior a vintage touch than an antique mirror. An antique mirror will help you reflect style in your décor and give your home a chic vintage look.



Ordinary mirrors can add beauty to your living space but it is not to be compared with antique mirrors in terms of aesthetics. Talk about elegance, talk about brightness, and value – an antique mirror is always a better pick to ordinary mirrors. Seriously, you’ll be doing your home a lot of good by incorporating antique mirrors in its design.



Antique mirrors are incredibly versatile – there isn’t just one place where it can be used exclusively. It looks great almost anywhere in the house and can instantly enhance any space. Antique mirrors can also be incorporated in furniture and placed anywhere in the house.

Increase the value of your home:


Antique mirrors will give your home a rare look. With this type of mirror, your house price just went up in the market. Your antique mirror feature might be the only reason why a buyer will want to buy the house because it is a thing of impeccable beauty.

Famous types and styles of antique mirrors

If you’re looking to add a historic touch to your home décor, then antique mirrors are the way to go. Some people think that antique mirrors are only seen in billionaire’s houses and not for common people. That is obviously not true, antique mirrors are quite affordable and available for everyone. An antique mirror comes in different sizes, shapes, and types – I am sure you’d find one that suits your pocket. Let’s take a look at the different types and styles of this mirror.

Rococo mirrors:


The rococo style of the antique mirror is usually rectangular in shape, most of them come with asymmetrical moldings in gilded gold. It can also come in an oval shape with a flat bottom. One way to know a rococo-style mirror is that they always feature decorative paintings on the back of the mirror.

French mirrors:


These mirrors are very affordable and less lavish in terms of molding. They often have simple looks and are geometric. The French mirrors are commonly placed above the chimney, thus, they are always designed to match the design of the chimney. This mirror features columns, paneling, and hand beveled designs.

Gothic mirrors:


This church-window style mirror was widely used in the 12th to 16th centuries. It features carvings or ornament scrolling with pointed arches at the top. The Gothic style mirror is popular for its oval frames made of oak or walnut.  The Gothic mirror style made a comeback in the 19th century, but this time, it was popularized as Victorian Gothic style.

Baroque mirrors:


This mirror always features silver or gold gilding with intricate moldings. Although the carvings on baroque mirrors are not as elaborate as that of Gothic mirrors. Baroque mirror carvings can include flowers, leaves, angels, and fruits. Some framed baroque mirrors can

Final thoughts

Whether to use antique mirrors or not for your home décor shouldn’t be a debate but a necessity. And since it is quite affordable then you don’t have any excuse not to give your home the aesthetic look it deserves.

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