Glass Stair Railing in Curved Style: A Unique Interior Design

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With the necessity to cope up with modern interior, most of the people look for an elegant stair railing system. Curved style glass railing is a unique style that can satisfy all. It can surely bring the required luxury look to your home interior. Glass railings easily highlight spotless architectural lines, simple aesthetic, and open space. People love how glass can facilitate the light flow at home and ensure a modern texture.

Most of the time, the curved stairs connect the two important parts of a building. But it is not an easy way to construct this type of staircase. It needs to fulfill some legal requirements to make the building open for the public. This curved modern style can bring risk factors if you do not maintain the specifications.

Top Specifications of Curved Glass Stair Railings

●        Safety Glass Railings


The outer edges of the glass railings are polished. These are from laminated safety glass. For safety purpose, there is tempered safety glass in two layers. The layer thickness is 10 mm with a pre-tensioned glass pane of tempered glass. For ensuring the durability, the lamination process is the best for joining the panes. To meet the standard of inspection, you can cast the spiralled railing panes in the stringer pockets on each side of the stair configuration with a casting complex

The self-sustaining, restrained built-in stair railings for the curve stairs on the topper floor run straight across the gallery and you can cast in the frame of the ceiling. The fastening technique creates a look that seems like the glass railing jut out easily from your floor. You will board all the glass railings at the top by the round tabetic handrails.

●        Legal Authorization


The building authorities will follow the verification process for strength verifications. Also, there should be the verification for “arithmetical vibration resistance” of the curved stairs. For the use of coiled glass panes and the inner curved diameter, particularly, you require to acquire your own approval for your glass railing system.

●        Glass in architecture


In modern architecture, people use glass materials as a creative element in an increasing amount. In stair building, very often people construct treads and railings glass. Glass provides a transparent impression and light.  So, you need to take high challenges for the glass constructions. You can follow the previous decades’ experience to develop a sophisticated technology for working with curved glass railings perfectly.

For the staircase and railing, you will get several combinations. According to your home ambience, you will have to select your preferred one. Some top styles are the following.

Glass Staircase Vs Wooden Staircase

There are some pros and cons to both types of staircases. First, we will consider the glass staircase.

Glass Staircase


If you are thinking to set up the glass staircase, you must know about the functionalities of it. Also, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of it so that you can make a perfect decision for your home.

Here are the advantages are:

  • Aesthetic- You will always get the glass staircases as a magazine features. That is for its super stylish look that satisfies the modern requirements with sophistication. These are so elegant to meet the aesthetic desire. You can get these as a customized suit that suits your home decor.
  • Designs- You can get it in various designs and decorations. These are in many different textures, like frosted, transparent, opaque, smooth, etc. Color variation is also available.
  • Lighting- Ceiling chandelier installation will reflect plenty of light off the staircase. If you set up floor LED lights in the stair steps, these will give a beautiful glow.
  • Opens up Space- You can use Glass staircases to separate areas without troublemaking the design flow. The glass reflects light and allows it to pass throughout the house. It works well if you have a plan for an open house.
  • Easy Maintenance- Glass staircases are comparatively easy to clean. You can do a quick clean just by a mop and glass cleaner or warm water. You will get a new look every time without any damage.

There are some disadvantages as well. However, you can overlook those when you are getting a lot of advantages.

  • Gets Crack

Although these are from reinforced glass to maintain safety, those could crack by dropping any heavy object. It can create a problem if you try to carry any large furniture through it. You will have to replace the full set if it gets any crack. That can be costly.

  • Slippery

A glass staircase is not always ideal for homes with kids or old people. Sometimes this can be slippery, especially just after cleaning.  It can occur due to slippery conditions.

The wooden staircase will maintain a traditional look to your home décor. These are stable enough and less chance to damage. However, Wood is such material that is prone to rotting. So, it needs a regular repaint.

Metal Framed Vs Wooden Framed Curved Glass Stair Railings


Glass stair railing with a metal frame carries a luxury look. Some other advantages are,

  • Lightweight, flexible and convenient to work with
  • You can use the metal with different shapes and styles to create a modern clean appearance.
  • It needs minimum maintenance
  • The metal frame is durable
  • These frames are recyclable, so you can consider it as an eco-friendly material.

Sometimes, the metal frame cannot support a large weight. For that, this can get a crack. The replacement can be costly in that case.

On the other hand, Wood is strong enough to tolerate the weight. There is no chance for a crack. These also can be stylish and elegant. However, you need to consider your living place and treat the wooden railings to ensure the element condition. Wood needs more maintenance than any other material.

Which Combination to Choose For Your Interior?
Every material consists of some pros and some cons. You need to choose one, which is perfectly fit for your requirements. Considering all factors, metal-framed curved glass stair railing can meet most of the modern interior decoration requirements.


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