Highlighting an Anchor Piece in Your Living Room

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Highlighting an Anchor Piece in Your Living Room

For beautiful interior design, you need furnishings that come together to create a cohesive effect. One way to do this is to start with an anchor piece and build your home décor around it. Here are some ways you can combine pieces to make a living room you’ll love.

Choose Your Anchor Piece

Start by choosing an anchor piece. This should be a distinctive item. It could be something with vivid color, a unique form, or large size. One of the best choices is a large sectional. A sectional adds visual weight, and it would nearly always be the anchor piece if you choose to have one. You can take a sectional like the Tambo Pewter Sectional and use that as the centerpiece of your room. Then, everything else can highlight that sectional and bring out its beauty.

 Bring in Accent Colors

Accent colors bring more life and brightness to your home décor. You might wonder if the way they contrast with your anchor piece detracts from its central role in your interior. However, the opposite is true. If you use accent colors that coordinate with the color of the main piece, those colors make the primary piece seem even more substantial. You can bring in accent colors by adding throw pillows, artwork, a colorful rug, an accent chair, green plants, or decorative items like vases. Just be sure not to have so many different colors that the room looks busy and chaotic. Usually, it’s best to stick to one or two accent colors. 

Add Occasional Tables

Occasional tables are handy items to have. They give you a surface to set down a book or a beverage. But these items are more than just practical objects. They can also add to your home décor and bring out the style of your anchor piece. So, when you choose end tables, coffee tables, and cocktail tables, keep your main piece in mind. Avoid occasional furniture that is so unusual that it steals the show. Instead, choose tables that carry through the same design themes as your anchor. Finding such pieces online at a store like 1StopBedrooms is a great way to breeze through this part of your home decorating task. 

Brighten It Up with Lighting

Perhaps the best way to highlight that anchor once you have it in your living room is to shine a light on it. SFGate recommends installing lighting over or around the primary piece in your interior design scheme. If you don’t want to permanently install fixtures in your ceiling or walls, you can opt for a tall floor lamp. One that angles over the top of the sectional could give your room a unique look while putting the focus squarely on the anchor where it belongs.

Add a touch of throw pillows 

It would be best to have some fun with throw pillows. You can try out a monochromatic decorating bit to your anchor. A blend of neoclassical style and modern contemporary look is a definitive style. It will create a grand opulence display and make the living space more approachable.  

Use of hefty textile 

You can decide to use textiles in a living space to highlight an anchor piece. Adding ceiling-to-floor drapes on every window adds drama to space. It also creates a touch that’s consistent throughout the living space. You can also try adding a Persian rug to add weight as well as detail, which will unite the already existing colors in a room. One can also go for jute rugs that come in bright or natural colors. It will add warmth as well as a delight to the room, thus enabling one to stay more relaxed and comfortable. High-Pile rug assists in softening the room’s floor, thus drawing in attention as a significant focal point. 

Have a focal point 

Each room needs a central place where one can rest their eyes each time. Once you have your anchor piece, you need to strategize and place in in a focal position. It will enable you to ground your living space and add a definitive function. You ought to select an item or area that comes out naturally. It will draw each person’s attention once they set foot into your space.  

Soften your living space 

As you go for a unique anchor piece, you need to have an inviting room. You can select anchor accessories that add warmth and coziness to space. You can try out soft blankets over the couch’s arm or sheepskin throw, and you can also find an oversized pillow. You can look for items that add glow to your space, thus add on to the comfortable living. 

Select bold wallpapers 

Having wallpaper at your home is one of the many trends that keeps on giving. You can for a classic anchor wallpaper that can allow you to do anything as your style changes over time. Choose wallpaper with a bold contrast that can blend seamlessly with contemporary furniture styles as well as antique pieces. 

Add artwork 

You can choose unique, customized artwork to be your anchor piece and build around it. Modern, vintage, classic, or contemporary art, among others, add a bold statement to a minimalist living space. You can use art that occupies less space yet speaks volumes and transforms the room’s aesthetic value. 

Mix and match various patterns 

Adding spice to your living space is what brings life to a room. You can try out perfectly mismatched patterns as your anchor pieces in a living room. It’s an excellent, unique, and bold move, especially if you aren’t ready to work with the entire rainbow colors. Get a chance to use mix and match patterns that brings the whole room’s look together, thus creating harmony in a living room.

Designing a living room with an anchor piece as the central theme is as easy as it is fun. You’ll not only have a good time putting together the room of your dreams, but you’ll also enjoy the results when the process is complete.


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