How To Repair Rusted Car Body In Home With Few Steps?

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Your favorite car looks doomed when you see after getting rusted. The brown rust on your card body can make you sad. To solve this problem you should know how to repair the rusted car body. This is the most needed technique because one day you have to face this problem.

This is not a major issue for you if you can prevent it. The body of a car is unstable even after the chemical makeup. But rust is a common and natural problem. You may need to care about the rust as a professional.

Repairing a rusted car body is a process that you should understand first.

How To Repair Rusted Car Body In Home With Few Steps


Steps To Repair Rusted Car Body Like A Pro

According to, Rust is that kind of problem that can badly damage what you like most. Your car can be the victim of this problem. Various types of rust can damage the body. Surface rust, scale rust or penetrating rust can play a bad role to get you into trouble.

Knowing the behavior of the rust will help you to handle this problem perfectly. Here are the mechanical tips that not only help you to understand this problem, but also the way to know how to repair a rusted car body like a pro.


Tools Required To Repair Rusted Car Body

Repairing Rusted Car Body is not possible without selecting a few basic tools. Most of the tools are available in every auto parts store. Let’s check out all the tools required for repairing the rusted car body.

  • Dust Mask
  • 50 mm wide masking tape
  • Black Nitrile gloves
  • Wax and grease remover
  • Cans of etch primer
  • Masking plastic
  • Sandpaper (400, 120 & 40 grit)
  • Auto body filler
  • Wire Wheel
  • Sanding block
  • Angle grinder
  • Body filler applicator
  • Rust converter
  • Spray paint
  • Rust converter

When you follow all the steps to repair the rusted body of your car, then the process will be easy to complete.

Get your car ready

Not every area of your vehicle body is rusted. So, find out the specific area of the vehicle that is rusted badly. Knowing the actual condition is the answer to how you are going to treat it. If the body or the rusted spot makes holes, then you should prepare to replace the metal sheet. It’s the only way to fix the hole.

Take a new metal piece and weld it to the affected area. For this, you need a mechanical welding machine. One more thing you should get and that is the paint code for your car. After the repair, you have to repaint the spot. You cannot paint the body with another color. The exact color is the solution to make the body spotless.

There is a paint code around the driver’s side door frame. This code is mentioned by the car manufacturing company. Now get the necessary item near the shop. In the store, you will find the car wash soap. Use it to wash the rust spot of the body. Take a sponge and rub it on the car body. Clear all the debris and dirt from the spot.

Take clean water and rinse the spot perfectly. If its need, you can wash the whole body of the car to identify the new rust spot. Now take a tape and cover the area that you don’t want to sand or spray with color. For this, you have to use the painter’s tape.

Sanding the area of the rust

Wear protective gloves and try to scrape away the blistered paint. You also need to do the same process for the rust chunks. For this use a metal or plastic scraper. To make the sanding easier remove the rust as much as you can. To remove the rust you also need to use 40 grit sandpaper.

This is one of the roughest sandpapers for this job. It can remove hard scale rust as well. Use more sandpaper if needed. When you see the bare metal then you should stop sanding. Now take the 120 grit sandpaper. It is needed to feather the edge.

It helps to remove the rough edge of the paint. It reduces the transition with the paint to the metal. To get better finish 220 grit sandpaper also a better choice to sand. It’s time to use the liquid rust inhibitor. It does not let new rust take place.

Apply the primer

Take cold water and wash the area. Ensure that there is no more debris and dirt is there. Let the spot dry perfectly. If you are in a hurry, then use a towel to make the drying process faster. Before you paint you need to apply the automotive primer. To use it, take the spray and hold it at least 12 inches away from the body.

Spray the body from left to right direction. This is the perfect way to apply it. Don’t make the paint thicker by applying it in one place. Shake it to ensure the even distribution of the paint.Let the spot dry perfectly. It will need at least 20 minutes to dry. But the time can vary according to the size of the painted area.

You can also apply this method once again if needed. Another thing you should consider to get the best result. If the spot is in an easy-to-see place, then you can use 2000 grit sandpaper. It will ensure the better and glossy finish of your work.

Paint the spot

It’s time to complete your job. This process is much similar to using a primer. Take the can or gun for the paint. Hold it almost 12 inches away to start spraying. Start spraying from left to right side. Paint usually takes time to dry. This base code needed almost one hour to dry perfectly.

Without drying this base coat you cannot apply the second layer of the coat. Now you need to add a new layer of the coat. This layer should be applied with spray cans. This is needed to give the spot a glossy shine.

If you are not satisfied with the finish then apply wet sand to get an excellent finish. Your job is done for now. Now take off the painter’s tape that you used to cover the other area of the car body.

Final Words

Your car is not secured from the rust. It can easily damage the body in many ways. But the sad news is it responds quickly to further damage if you don’t take necessary steps. Don’t wait too long to solve this problem. Remember this rust can go deeper even make a hole in the body of the car.

Most of the rust starts to grow from the inside of the panel. If you don’t want to be a sufferer of this problem, then follow the instruction I’ve discussed earlier in this article. It will help you to repair the rust problem of your favorite car.

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