How to Use An Impact Wrench?

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If you get an opportunity to open the toolbox of a mechanic no matter in what field he or she is, there is one tool that commonly seen among many others and that is impact wrench. Especially an auto mechanic or a construction worker extensively use of this kind of tool. Besides, there are some other technical fields where an impact wrench comes in use.

A cordless impact wrench is a kind of extremely powerful tool that is generally used to loosen lug nuts from different vehicles or it also can be applied in any high-torque condition. Though it has different names like, torque gun, rattle gun, air wrench, etc. but it is nothing but a socket wrench that is mainly made to generate high torque to turn objects like rotary fasteners applying minimum exertion by you. It has a rotator mass that stores energy that suddenly releases to the output shaft.


The Types of Impact Wrench

There are two types of impact wrench- the electric impact wrench and the air impact wrench. Though their functions are quite similar the latter one produces a lot more force comparing to the first one. The electric impact wrench is mainly used for domestic purposes to loosen nuts and bolts more easily than a manual wrench. On the other hand, the air impact wrench can be used precisely for car repairing jobs where you need more torque to remove the bolts on car wheels to replace the tires.

Now it is time to know the ways of using these two types of impact wrenches so that you can handle any of them properly when it requires.

Electric Impact Wrench

To know how to use this tool you have to follow the manual that comes with the tool. The necessary instructions are given here that helps you know the function well. Here the steps to be followed.

Taking Safety Measure

Before using this tool you have to take some precautions to protect yourself from any unwanted accident. Because while using this kind of wrench there would be a chance of slipping away the tool out of your hand, or broken sharp metal pieces may fly off from the surface of the wrench leaving you wounded quite easily. Therefore, before beginning, you should put on protective glasses and gloves for your safety.

Choose A Socket

The impact wrench that you have bought may come with a set of sockets that are used to loosen the bolts and nuts. Choose and attach the deep socket that can snugly fit over the bolt.

Loosen The Nut

Now set the socket over the nut and maintain a strong grip on your tool, hold the wrench firmly, and finally pull the trigger of the wrench. At once a high torque comes in action and allows the wrench to loosen the nut.

Remove The Nut

The high torque from the impact wrench helps the nut to spin clockwise so that you can remove the loosen nut from the bolt. In this way, you may remove all the nuts, and then you can pull out bolts easily by hand. Not only removing but you can fix or tighten the nuts using this impact wrench following similar steps.

Finally, when your job is over, you should turn off the power and store it in a dry and safe place so that you can use it for a longer period without any hassle.

Air Impact Wrench

Same as the previous one here also you should follow the instructions in steps from the manual that comes with the tool. This certainly helps you to relate with the names of different parts of the wrench so that you can understand the function properly. Here you go.

Assemble The Fittings

All the necessary fittings come separately with this type of impact wrench. Therefore before using this tool you need to assemble all the fittings properly. Such as, you have to connect the rubber-made air hose with the compressor tightly from both ends so that you can get proper pressure that you require. Besides, you have to check the hose to find out any holes on it that may reduce the pressure. Once it is done, check the air pressure to see if it is enough for your job.

Start The Wrench

After this now you have to pull the trigger of your tool, if you find the wrench start rotating, it means your machine is ready for service.

Select The Speed

The air impact wrench is equipped with a speed setting to control so that you can adjust the speed as per your job. So, you can turn the dial to select the speed before starting the wrench.

Loosen and Remove The Nut

Same as the previous one here also you need to attach the deep socket over the nut properly and hold the wrench tightly. Now pull the trigger and allow the nut to come off. The bolt will be removed easily using your hand. In this way, you may remove all the nuts one after another if required. Not only that here you can also tighten the nut using the same steps.

Finally, it doesn’t require saying to detach the hose from the compressor and wrench and store the tool in a dry and safe place once your job is over, as you know how essential it is to keep the impact wrench for a longer run. Moreover, the air impact wrench requires lubrication at regular intervals to get prolonged life, and also it can make its performance better.

Some Vital Tips

  1. Before buying an impact wrench you should keep in mind for which purpose you want to use it.
  2. Never use an ordinary socket as it may damage early.
  3. Don’t over-tightened nuts as strip the threads.
  4. Avoid cross-threading to keep the nuts in a better state.
  5. You can check outMostPicker to get a lot of tips about motor vehicles.

Final Verdict

Perfection and quickness these two things are always given priority while performing a job. That we expect from a tool. The impact wrench on doubt is such a tool that works to provide these two things for your satisfaction. Go, get it.

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