The A – Z Guide Of Torque Wrench Safety.

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Are you frequently using a torque wrench for home improvements? Do you want to keep torque wrench safety? A torque wrench can be an extremely effective tool if you know how to use this precision tool correctly. You need to be especially careful when handling this tool. It is because the tool functions on an extremely powerful twisting motion to exert high force. When applied to a work-piece, a torque wrench is capable of delivering brute power.  A torque wrench is great for securing fasteners due to its brute clamping ability. With a torque wrench, you will surely increase efficiency with a number of domestic projects.

If you like to handle all your domestic projects, a torque will offer great benefits and efficiency to your work. It isn’t hard to use a torque wrench, but you have to maintain a couple of safety rules.

In this article, I discussed how to keep torque wrench safe:

  1. Check the Torque Wrench before Use 

Before each use, you have to be sure that each component of the torque wrench is functioning properly. Each of the components of the torque wrench should be in place securely. Before use, exercising your torque wrench is a good idea.

Exercising your torque wrench should be done at least 3 times at a full-scale level. After exercising your torque wrench, you will be able to determine whether movable components of the torque wrench are operating in the right direction.

#Takeaway: exercise your torque wrench to have the tool ready for higher efficiency when working.

  1. Handling Properly for Keep Torque Wrench Safety 

Proper handling is a prerequisite in using any tool. Proper handling also ensures personal safety. Maintain a firm grasp in the middle of the handle. Do not grip the hoses or any other connections.

A torque wrench is designed for hands-free usage. However, you may need to hold the handle occasionally to regulate when working. Maintain a safe distance from the boot or reaction bar. Keep a steady position when you approach the final torque.

#Takeaway: handling the torque properly is the first step to applying a torque wrench onto a workpiece.

  1. Right Sockets Use for Keep Torque Wrench Safety

Your sockets should be in functional condition. Cracked sockets that show signs of wear and tear should not be used. Sockets sizes should be the appropriate ones to handle the nuts as well. Sockets that are too small or large will ultimately hinder your work progress.

Maintain a safe distance from sockets when applying the torque wrench. This practice will make sure you remain safe even if the sockets malfunction and break.

  1. Calibration

Your torque wrench should be calibrated within the specific range. If you exceed the calibration range, you may increase the risk of endangering yourself. Furthermore, it may damage your tool.

#Takeaway: maintain a regular calibration schedule to keep torque wrench safety.

Keep your torque wrench safe

Bottom Line

Following proper safety instructions will increase your efficiency with a torque wrench. In this article, I discussed simple rules that will ensure your safety and longevity of your torque wrench.

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