The Ultimate Guide to Proper Use of a Torque Wrench.

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This article is made for those who are searching how to Proper Use of a Torque Wrench. A torque wrench is usually an exceptional tool that you use for repairing motorcycle, auto or equipment assembly. Basically, it is used to tighten the nuts and bolts. Any torque wrench requires a steady and firm hand. Once calibrated, the wrench delivers torque or twisting force so you can fasten a nut or bolt with lesser effort and more precision. Every tool that does the job of fixing something comes with a method of using it. And since wrench is a tool, it too has a method so you can tighten the bolt in the proper way. And for this, you need to know how to Proper Use of a Torque Wrench.


Step by step Guideline about Proper Use of a Torque Wrench.

These are the steps that you need to follow:

Step One: Purchase one

Buy a torque wrench that is calibrated.

You will find four types of torque wrenches: click adjustable, beam, digital electronic, and dial gauge. The main differences between the types are how easily they can be adjusted and how they are read.

Step two: Set The Torque

Here we show you by using info-graph, how to set required torque in torque wrench with three steps

Proper Use of a Torque Wrench.

Step three: Before using the tool

Make sure that you are using clean, undamaged, and dry bolts and nuts. The torque will not work properly on damaged threads. Besides, it might also pose problems including fastener removal if you don’t torque properly. Moreover, do not oil the threads beforehand. It decreases friction and increases the load on the bolt.

Step four: Use a Torque Wrench

Proper Use of a Dial Torque Wrench:

  • Tighten the bolts on the threads using the wrench till they get tightened.
  • Hold the handle of the torque wrench. Grip the handle so it’s centered on the pivot. You should make sure that neither end of the handles touches the bar, for accuracy.
  • Get into a comfortable position by placing the end of the torque wrench where you can read the beam straightly. Do not look at it at an angle.
  • Then, tighten it clockwise until it reaches the recommended torque.

Proper Use of a Click Adjustable Torque Wrench

  • Tighten the bolts on the threads using the wrench till they get tightened.
  • Adjust the wrench accordingly: All you have to do is loosen the adjustable dial. Afterward, keep on turning the handle till it does not reach the preset torque value, and then tighten the dial.
  • Put the tip on the fastener with the handle on the left side.
  • Repeat turning it till you don’t hear another click so that you can make sure that you have reached the recommended value.
  • Turn the tool for tightening the fasteners like the way we have recommended.
  • Reset the torque wrench to zero after you’re done. It will lessen the pressure on the internal spring plus will keep it calibrated.

Final Verdict

By proper use of a torque wrench, the right way does every complicated job easily. Once you get the hold of it, it will no more be a difficult job to accurate tightens the bolts on autos. And we hope you will be able to use your torque wrench properly once you follow the steps. Remember; do not over tighten the bolts as it will cause nothing but a disaster.

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