Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw Review #(2022-Reviews)

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Ryobi sliding miter is one of the favorite woodworking devices used for creating bevels at any angle efficiently and accurately. The machine is useful for making cuts on window casings, crown molding, picture frames, and cuts that cannot depend on the regular saw. Going through Ryobi sliding miter saw review,  in-depth is essential for more highlights on its improvement and in making an informed purchasing decision.

Every DIYer, contractor, or handyman with the sliding miter saw stands a greater chance of bettering cutting experience. Overall, Ryobi 10 Amp 7 1/4 Sliding Mitre Saw is our best sliding miter saw due to its powerful and smooth cutting services. Accordingly, they are pocket friendly and can carry out woodworking tasks more efficiently and with speed.

What are the Top 03 Best Ryobi sliding miter saw? The following 03 Ryobi sliding miter saw has been tested and rated by professional woodworker:

Top 3 Best Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw Review

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Our research on the best sliding miter is complex and has taken a length of a period in finding the right tool for our customers. The central focus of this research is not only the affordability cost but also the blade, portability, and the combined cutting edge technology features, as seen in other tools on the market.

Are you still experiencing challenges of choosing the best sliding miter saw? Our purchasing guide will help you with the main factors to consider when before making the appropriate decision. Accordingly, our frequently asked questions can help in reducing the cost incurred by customers in inquiring about the manufacturers. The following is a review of the best three Ryobi sliding miter saws to help customers find the right device that suits their needs and budget.

Product-01: Ryobi 10 Amp 71/4 Sliding Miter Saw

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Ryobi 10 Amp 71/4 sliding miter saw is one of the best equipment that you need to purchase in your workplace Due to its outstanding features. The model makes angled cut up to 45 degrees. Additionally, it has a miter detent override, bypassing miter detent index points with a simple motion. Notably, the sliding miter saw comes with a three-year limited warranty of quality working, reducing wear and tear cases.

The Ryobi sliding miter saw has miter stops at crown molding angles 015, 22.5, 31.6,45 degrees in both right and left side, ensuring faster-cut settings. Moreover, the sliding miter saw miters 47 degrees right and left, accommodating varied cutting. Accordingly, the Contains cut miter detention over that provides quick action level bypass.


For accuracy, the Ryobi sliding miter saw comes with a miter scale ensuring accurate table alignment. Accordingly, the Ryobi 19amp miter saw Contains an LED cutline indicator, which illuminates the working space making it easier to make cuts. Additionally, it comes with work light projects cut line to illuminate the materials for increased accuracy while the Led light aligns the cutting area with the blade.

User friendly

The Ryobi sliding miter saw comes with a sharp edge that ensures clean, fast, and cross-cutting while using less effort. Additionally, the model has a quick action level giving the ability to lock in any angle, allowing users to become precision craftsmen. Accordingly, the device comes with a horizontal D handle that ensures improved comfort to the users providing long-term working without fatigue.

 You don’t have to stress yourself about the dirt produced since the model Comes with a dust bag that helps keep your working area clean. Furthermore, the spindle locks ensure easy changing of blades.


Safety is a significant aspect that describes a quality product. Notably, the model

 It comes with an Electric Brake stops blade, which stops the blades faster, ensuring the user’s safety. Accordingly, the LED cutline indicators illuminate cutting material, improving accuracy and visibility while protecting the user from injuries.


Warranty talks about a product’s durability and quality to the fullest. Additionally, it describes the company’s reliability. The product comes with a three-year warranty that ensures customers receive compensation for any damages occurring within the transaction process.


The model comes with a Lightweight of 39.7, making it portable and perfect for Diy jobs around your home. Additionally, the Ryobi sliding miter saw’s two carrying handles ensure convenience while moving to varied working areas.


  • Easy to use the sliding miter saw.
  • Lightweight ensures convent movement to various work areas.
  • The miter saw is highly portable.
  • The horizontal D handle increases users’ comfortability.
  • The dust collected creates a pleasant working environment.
  • A heavy-duty 19 amp Ryobi sliding saw.


  • It is difficult to make small cuts in wood since it uses high power.

Product-02: TSS102L Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw

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TSS102L Ryobi miter saw is the next model, a preferable choice for DIYers, hobbyists, and professionals. It comes with a lightweight ensuring easy movement from one place to another. Notably, the model is known for its lower-end options, lower price, and significant box storage availability. Additionally, the product comes with a dust bag, which ensures a clean working environment.

Moreover, it constitutes 2 table extensions, holds down clamp blade adjustment Allen wrench, and 24 tooth carbide blade. The Ryobi sliding miter saw is a compact tool with exciting features that make its operation smooth. Furthermore, its quality materials and warranty will guarantee you a long life service of function.


Ryobi sliding miter saw comes with a laser system for speed and accuracy. Notably, the laser guide is their exact line system of the Ryobi miter saw. Additionally, this helps you in lining up for the next cut quickly. Moreover, if the laser has the correct setup, the tool makes the exact cut right where you need it. Therefore, this makes the miter saw one of the accurate saws when making cuts.

Comfortable handle

The handle of a tool is an essential determinant of your job output. The TSS102L miter saw has a comfortable grip that ensures improved comfortability. Additionally, this handle helps in larger jobs, significantly when cutting for an extended period. Furthermore, it has a powerful 15 amp motor that facilitates cutting through hardwoods and thick woods.

Dust port

The device has a dust collection included. Accordingly, the Ryobi sliding saw comes with a 1-1/4 dust port connected to a central dust evacuation system. Therefore this is a big deal for woodworkers and hobbyists. Accordingly, keeping dust down is crucial for our lungs and avoids the mess of trucking much dust into the house. Furthermore, the dust port will guarantee your tool a long-lasting life.

Cutting and capacity features

Since Ryobi TSS102L is a compound miter saw, you can cut miter or bevel angles. Notably, this makes the saw a versatile one that can cut multiple angles for baseboard, door casing, trim work, and crown molding. Accordingly, with this miter saw, you can make miter adjustments in both directions up to 50-degree angles. Additionally, it goes over 45 degrees, meaning that the miter saw provides the extended cutting capability.


  • Ryobi TSS102L is a powerful tool that offers smooth cutting.
  • It is a cheap miter saw.
  • It makes accurate cuts making your cutting perfect.
  • The machine is user friendly.
  • Comes with easy to read angles.
  • It has a comfortable handle that reduces user fatigue during operation.


  • The dust collection bag might not be perfect for your projects.

Product-03: Ryobi TSS120L 12” 15amp Sliding Miter Saw

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Ryobi TSS120 sliding miter is among the best sliding miters in the market that you need to purchase. It comes with outstanding features for performance enhancement. Additionally, it constitutes a fixed dust port that provides connectivity to the dust collection system, thus optimizing dust collection efficiency for slide and plunge cuts.

 Furthermore, the model ensures user’s safety using the electric brakes, which stop the blade immediately. Notably, the sliding miter saw has a comfortable handle that allows users to work for long periods without fatigue. The Ryobi sliding miter comes with a carbide-tipped blade that ensures smooth cutting featuring the best value of cut capacity in the market. Notably, the model is one of the most powerful miter saws mostly preferred for handling big jobs.

Internally powered

Power is a critical element of any tool as it defines a tool’s performance. The TSS120L miter saw comes internally powered, therefore, saving users from purchasing external batteries as no batteries are required. Accordingly, this makes the miter saw one of the most potent miter saws in the market. Moreover, the power in the saw makes it the best choice when cutting large pieces of lumber. Let’s not forget the arm too; the tool comes with a sliding component that enables the blade to move forth and back to cut much more significant pieces of wood.


TSS120L sliding miter saw comes with electric brakes that stop the blade quickly for added safety. Notably, it is always advisable to work with tools that guarantee security or yourself and your project. Additionally, the device has a sliding miter fence that supports more comprehensive materials and fast adjustment for bevel cuts.

Has a D-handle

The handle of any tool is an essential factor in determining the progress of the job. TSS120L comes with a d-shaped handle for the benefit of users. Notably, with a d-shaped handle, the user will be comfortable to work for an extended period comfortably. Additionally, the handle reduces fatigue to the user, thus improving comfortability in his project.

An exact adjustable line laser alignment system

The product comes with an adjustable exact line laser for providing an accurate line guide for cutting. Accordingly, the system offers precise cuts on your woodworking projects. Moreover, it comes with extended miter ranges from 45degrees from left to 50degrees right that accommodates a wide variety of cuts. The product has a machined cast-in miter scale that ensures accurate table alignment.


  • It is powerful due since it comes with a 15 amp motor
  • The device is preferable in prominent jobs.
  • Its handles are comfortable to ensure long term work.
  • Comes with an extension for more comfortable handling longboard cuts.
  • TSS120l miter saw has an electric blade that ensures the user’s safety.


  • The miter saw is much more expensive than other Ryobi miter saws.

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Buying Guide

When you are purchasing a sliding miter saw, there are a few things to consider. Top-quality tools can serve different functionalities, but before buying, it is necessary to figure out the model that can suit your requirements better. Indeed, many sliding saws may seem to be similar, but their modification enables them to perform different functions.

Therefore, people must choose a machine that will be best for them in meeting their needs. Not every individual want a tool that is above average since some only need to make precise cuts. For the perfect selection, this guide will provide you with unique features to consider in making the right decision.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Sliding Saw


Power is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing a sliding saw.  If the machine has a less powerful motor, it is likely to fail, making the users not to achieve much from their operations. Having a more powerful device with an average of 15-amps is crucial for high performance and outcome increment.

Besides, you need to acquire a device with a less powerful motor if you are dealing with light projects to avoid incurring large expenses. Most importantly, buy a sliding saw that your pocket can easily accommodate and is sufficiently robust in suiting your needs

Blade Size

The size of a blade is another essential thing to consider before buying any woodworking saw. Manufacturers design saws to accept one blade size only, which leaves many people sticking with the available size blade. You need to check the instruction manual of the saw to confirm the blade size before purchasing to avoid operation inconveniences.

 Accordingly, paying attention to the blade size when selecting your best tool is vital since sliding saws can only use one size. Although machines with more giant blades can cut significantly faster and can make deeper cuts, they comparatively break easily and occupy large storage space. Therefore, since the difference in terms of size is not that huge, you need to purchase a device with its blade perfectly designed.


Accuracy is the next important aspect of consideration when purchasing a sliding machine from the market. Individuals require a varying amount of accuracy, depending on the task they are planning to operate with the tool. Despite more accurate means tending to be more costly, it is always essential to choose a more specific device. This is important, depending on the type of project you are handling.

Portability and durability

The sliding saws with lightweight construction are more portable, and they can even come with carrying handles. However, purchasing lighter models may not be significant since they are they have a short period of wear and tear. Choosing between durability and portability is crucial according to the tasks you are planning to perform using the model. Every individual demand durable saws as they come with the cost of portability.

 However, they are more massive and pricey, which is a big challenge if you are operating on a budget. Accordingly, it is challenging for people to find a sliding saw that is super durable if they will be using the device once in a blue moon. But you should select a more durable and expensive tool if you are going to utilize it daily to save your cash in the long run.

Cutting Ability

The ability to cut is the next critical aspect to take into consideration if you need a top-performing model. If you are on the market, choose a working saw with positive stops that can help you make precise cuts at various angles. Accordingly, a miter saw with more positive visits not only produces correct amounts but also it can lock firmly.

A quality machine that locks into position helps to ensure that the cutting material and the saw does not move. Notably, it would help if you chose a working saw with the ability to tilt to both left and right during the operation. Accordingly, purchasing a higher quality saw gives the most choices, and spending in a quality tool can save individuals too many headaches.

How To Use Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw

Create a guide

Create an individual guide by clamping a thin piece of material to the fence of your sliding miter saw. Once in position, bring down the saw straight through the manual, indicating where the blade can land.


It would help if you familiarized yourself with the sliding miter saw before using it. Practice making different types of cuts like the one you are planning to use on the scrap wood material.

Use the sliding in making cuts

Put your cutting wood on the miter table and pull the saw forward before the trigger until it is beyond the working place. Lift the blade while allowing the saw to reach its highest speed. Lower the blade to your wood as you slide the saw backward towards the fence.

Make cleaner cuts

Choose a blade with the highest tooth count in making cleaner cuts. Blades that contain higher tooth count tend to cut slower than those with lower tooth count.


  • Are Ryobi miter saws any good?

Yes. They have dust controls that maintain precisions through perfect solid construction. The bevels and management of the Ryobi miter saw are very strong with simple to read incremental adjustments.

  • Is it worth getting a sliding miter saw?

Yes. It is worth it if you know that you are going to utilize it, but if not sure, a miter saw might not be necessary.

  • What is the advantage of having a sliding miter saw?

They are highly versatile with the ability to cut through complete pieces of wood. Additionally, they allow blade movement both in the forward and backward directions during the operation, thus leading to more length cuts.

  • Do you push or pull a sliding miter saw?

The sliding miter saw comes with the push stroke design. Pulling the device through the cut leads to a climb cut, making the blade rise out of the cutting wood and chase after the user.

  • How big of a miter saw do I need?

You need a miter saw with a length of 10-inches if you are working on many projects regularly. However, for simple tasks such as simple pieces of materials, you require a miter saw of 12- inches.

  • What size board will a 10-inch sliding miter saw cut?

A sliding miter saw with 10-inches can make a right angle cut of 5.5 inches complete board. It can also cut through a 2 x 4 board at an angle of 45 degrees.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best device from the three Ryobi sliding miter saw reviews can be a perfect decision by many users. They are unique tools used in woodworking operations to ensure fine trim cuts. We recommend Ryobi 10 Amp 7 1/4 Sliding Mitre Saw to our customers since they are powerful enough and affordable for most materials. Accordingly, it features a laser system used for making accurate cuts.

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