Striking Ways to Decorate your Home with Full Wall Mirrors

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Mirrors have become part of many homes. For a long time, mirrors have been mostly used as a grooming tool. While that is the case, some people believe that mirrors can bring good luck to their homes; hence, fengshui too believe so. They are also believed to bring energy into your space. That is not all what mirrors provide, they have been very instrumental in-home décor.


Where full wall mirrors are ideally used at home

A full wall mirror placed in different locations in your home can make a significant impact on your home décor. Here are some of the areas where full wall mirrors can be used in your home.

  1. Bathroom


A full length mirror in the bathroom will make your grooming process effortless. This is where you get to shave, put clips in your hair, apply makeup, and even assess whether or not your shoes go well with your dress. That’s the functional side of it.

Full length mirrors in your bathroom can also give it a facelift. They enhance aesthetics, making your bathroom look more beautiful, spacious, and brighter. They also serve a great job of bringing attention to your precious bathroom hardware.

  1. On Gallery wall


You can ground your blank gallery wall with a mirror, which will serve significantly as a centerpiece. You can use framed gallery wall mirrors to bring out the personality in your home. Some homeowners prefer using mirrors on their gallery walls instead of other crafts like artwork. You can incorporate smaller mirrors alongside full length mirrors for a complete display or gallery look. If you want more of both worlds, you can use both art or pictures and full length mirrors for your gallery walls.

  1. Bedroom


There are many ways you can play with full-length mirrors in your bedroom. To make your room look bigger, you can place it opposite your door. It will reflect the hallway making your room more spacious. You can also use the full length mirror to create a stand-in window, i.e. if you place it opposite your window. By reflecting the outside it can bring nature into your room.

If strategically positioned, it will be very instrumental in increasing the brightness of your room.

How full wall mirrors make a difference in home décor?

There are several ways in which full length mirrors can spice up your home décor.

  1. By increasing brightness


Due to their reflective properties, mirrors can reflect natural light, and that which is coming from lighting fixtures, increasing the overall brightness in your room. This makes them suitable for bedrooms, the living room, and dining room.

  1. Illusion of Space


Mirrors can make a small room look bigger. If you have a small bedroom, placing a full length mirror opposite the windows or adjacent to your door can instantly make your room appear more spacious. The same case applies when used in the living or dining area.

Most bathrooms do not have a lot of space. Including a mirror in this area can make things appear less cramped.

  1. Aesthetics


A full length mirror can also directly be a piece of home décor. You can play with many beautiful and interesting shapes to create mirrors. Also, you can use frames that blend in with the hardware in your home. For instance, if your doorknobs are golden, you can use a golden frame. Some homeowners paint the frames to match the color palettes of their homes. Mosaiced and beaded frames can also be ornamental, and serve as a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

  1. Be a focal point


With a mirror strategically positioned in the hallway, staircase, or bathroom, you can draw attention from any imperfections that may exist. This is mainly because they draw attention.

Full length LED backlit mirrors for bathroom


You can go all the way with a home décor by installing LED full length mirrors in your bathroom. They provide soft light that casts no shadow, making the grooming process enjoyable for you. More so, if you have limited space, especially between the ceiling and the floor, they can be a lifesaver. Bulbs and other lighting fixtures hanging from the roof can eat up a lot of space. LED mirrors to ensure that you have adequate lighting in your bathroom while at the same time taking minimal space.

They also bring subtle ambiance in your bathroom, making you enjoy every minute you spend there.

Full length mirrors have many home décor benefits. They can be placed anywhere in your house, which is the bedroom, bathroom, and even the gallery wall. They can make a difference to your décor by creating an illusion of space, increasing brightness, being the focal point, and serving as an ornamental piece.




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