The Five Factors That You Should Know About Chainsaw.

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If you don’t know what chainsaw is, don’t try watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Evil Dead for there are some secrets you shouldn’t know about chain saw. You will get a long list of movies based on chainsaw. Don’t even try using it the same way as in most of the movies it is presented a ‘gruesomeweapon’.

In real it’s the most popular mechanical saw. It’s a powerdriven cutting tool with set of teeth fix on a chain which rotates around the blade. It’s a multipurpose saw used for pruning, bucking, limbing and feeling as well.

It was not like that, the chainsaw was specially designed for operating timber. Actually chainsaw was first used in 1800s as an instrument for medical purposes.

Factor-1: If you ever want to own a chainsaw there are some factors to consider.There are many options available but the basic chain saw that you will come across is Gas powered chainsaw, corded electric chainsaw, battery powered chainsaw and manual chainsaw.

Buying a chainsaw for the first time? Don’t take it too easy, after all working with a machine with sharp teeth’s hazardous. It’s always recommended to read the manual first to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Factor-2: If you go for Gas powered chainsaw, as the name suggest, it’s powered by petrol. Whether you are a professional or an occasional user, gas powered chainsaw is popular among both. Before, you need to fill it with oil/fuel. It has 2 cycle engines which work with mixture of oil and gasoline. Oil is required for lubricating the internal parts while gasoline is used for combustion. Working with gas power chainsaw require time to time refueling, it’s more noisy with vibration and heavy as well.

Factor-3: Corded electric saw are usually smaller with a plug-in, power-cord attached and works with electricity.As it has no engine so no fuel is needed. Power source is needed for the cord to plug in to start working with a corded electric chainsaws which make it immobile unless there is a portable generator.

Factor-4: Battery-powered chainsaws are similar to cordless chainsaws. They are the new generation of chainsaws that are powered by rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered chainsaws don’t work with direct power cords. So, you must charge the batteries before you start working. Since they don’t require cord or fueling, working with battery-powered chainsaws can be quite challenging. The best battery powered chainsaws can last for about an hour. Therefore, for long continuous working sessions, make sure you have more than one battery.

This chainsaw can be cheaper in the long run, since it requires no fuel and less maintenance. Battery-powered chainsaws are quieter than the gas-powered ones. Working with this chainsaw can be quite fun and easy since you can easily communicate with the people around you. This chainsaw is suitable for smaller and lighter tasks like cutting, pruning, and trimming small trees.

Factor-5: Manual chainsaws doesn’t need any fuel or electricity for cutting or any work nor does any company supply it. It’s made manually by the users by joining the required materials.

It can be pretty tiresome and require a lot of effort and doesn’t making any noise. The working depends totally on your stamina and strength as you have to deal it manually without any engine, cord or motor. Manual chain saws are not very common these days as people go for easier and advance technologies.

Manual or hand powered chainsaws are portable and are cheaper than other chain saws.

Other factors that you need to consider buying a chainsaw especially when you are inexperienced like opting for small size chain saw as it will be much safer to use. Other than this, battery powered and corded electric chainsaws are also best. As compared to other models corded electric chain saw are much cheaper.

When starting a chain saw there are two ways like place it on the plain place like ground or between your legs.

Make sure the chain brake is engaged, push the handle forward, look for the choke is closed and that the start switch is on. Start practicing at waist level and refrain from cutting too close to the ground. Use sides of the saw for cutting and for cutting downward use the bottom of the bar.

Make it a habit to check the saw completely like the chain tension adjustment, inspecting the bar and air filters. Make it clean and if necessary replace it. Follow the directions for mixing fuel. Last but not the least, turn the saw off before any making any checks and adjustments.

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