The Trend of Magnetic Glass Boards Vs Traditional Board

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GLASS BOARDS are fast becoming the best alternative to traditional boards. They are made from tempered glass of the highest quality that makes cleaning a walk in a park. They are made to last for decades before you consider any replacement while traditional boards, on the other hand, lasts for just a few years. Looking at glass boards, they seem like the zenith of stylish home design. However, you can take it a notch higher with magnetic glass boards.

The shifting trend from traditional style boards to next-generation magnetic glass boards


The application of magnetic boards is so versatile they can be greatly utilized at homes, in your office, and classrooms.

Compartmentalization and Organization


Perhaps you need to turn your large office space into smaller units. You don’t have to sponsor enormous financial remodeling projects anymore. Dry-erase boards are perfect for such spaces where you might need to scribble down your thoughts and notes on your glass. Glass room dividers are a perfect and creative solution to almost all your space problems. The ability to scribble down erasable ideas on your wall will, as a matter of fact, project a hardworking persona to your business associates.



Having some privacy in your home can prove a daunting task, especially when you’re not aware there are inexpensive ways with magnetic boards. Magnetic glass boards in various colors like blue or brown will offer you some privacy.



Unlike your traditional boards that either come in white or black, the magnetic glass types come in various colors and sizes from frosted, clear, black, and white. Additionally, you can further customize your magnetic glass with family insignia and office logos.



Before I started using magnetic boards, my documents found solace on the top of my refrigerator. Each time I opened the fridge to get something; I would always scamper to pick scattered pieces of papers and documents. Staying organized and top of your game will require a clear dry erase board – keeping everything in one piece. The magnetic components make the work of the organization an interesting one.

Wipes Clean


You see, having to clean your board every week can add more stress to your already stressed life and busy schedule. Dry-erase boards perfectly wipe clean along with all your worries of staining normally associated with traditional boards.



You no longer have to pay lip service to go green. A dry-erase board is an eco-friendly alternative in a world where our daily activities slowly kill our planet. Made with recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly and with the least waste pollution.



Saving the best for last. Magnetic glasses can last for decades before any replacement is necessary. Traditional boards can easily get damaged with moisture and sunlight.

Colors and sizes of magnetic glass boards


With the various uses and application of magnetic glass boards, you would think it should perhaps be available in all colors known to man. That is not the case, however, as these boards are quite limited in color.

Although they are transparent, notable colors you can get in the market include White, Black, Light Green, Light Blue, and Peach. This in a way, limits your choice to just a few above. Except for back painting glass which often produces a beautiful result when done professionally.

Clear dry erase boards come in rectangular and square shapes. However, at Fab Glass and Mirror, you can get a custom cut magnetic GLASS BOARD to fit your décor and style. And the thickness too is 3/16″ (5mm), and custom thickness.

Floating Glass Vs Standoff Scrapers


You would think that with my experience with clear dry erase boards, I would know what’s perfect between floating and standoff design of boards. Perhaps a little about both would make you decide on what’s best for your design needs.

Floating Glass board


Floating GLASS BOARDS are a fashion statement in any home. It is no surprise most homeowners looking to upgrade from traditional boards opt for floating boards. In its majestic beauty, it floats off the floor held in place by concealed backers that help protect the panels.

They are available in various shapes and sizes to enhance the look of any space. With custom sizes also available if you prefer something unconventionally beautiful. Positioned perfectly, the floating glass types are a relief when you’re hard at work or working on a project. You see, if you tilt towards the minimalist lifestyle, then you’re definitely a floating glass person. Made for lightweight glass that is simple yet elegant in design.

Added to its uniqueness is the z-clip component which gives your board added beauty and gives you the freedom to do as you please with your floating glass while retaining its elegance.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to slave for hours cleaning them as they do not retain dirt like traditional boards. A clean cloth with a glass cleaner will do a perfect job.

Standoff Scrapers


If you don’t like floating boards, then you’ll like standoff scrappers. Recommended for large and heavy boards, standoff scrapers are made with pins that provide the necessary grip to keep your glass secured. These pins have caps that ensure your board is firmly installed. But you see, overtightening these pins could end up achieving the opposite by breaking the glass.

Standoff scrapers also come in various sizes with the perfect finish to suit your style. And Fab Glass makes it even more interesting. When you purchase a large magnetic GLASS BOARD, you are entitled to a complete hardware kit involving everything you’ll need from your acrylic to customized metal design.

So, you see, the question of whether a floating or standoff scrapper solely depends on your design needs. Minimalist design enthusiasts should, however, consider floating types as they offer more room in your space.

Why is it called a clear dry erase board?

Isn’t it obvious? Magnetic GLASS BOARD earns its nickname “clear dry erase board” due to the fact that it’s easy to clean and maintain. I bet you were expecting to hear something about a special chemical that earns it the famous name. Sorry to disappoint you.

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