Best Torque Wrench Tester Review and Buying Guide-2022

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Are you looking for the best torque wrench testers? Do you have the correct and effective tool to test your torque wrench? When working with torque tools, you can’t but rely on the precision of those tools all the time. There is no alternative to finding the precision of torque when managing controlled screw tightening. To achieve reliable screw connections, you have to have controlled screw tightening at the right torque. With reliable screw, connections come with maximum safety. You may have pre-set torque to work on. So, in order to achieve effective tightening at the pre-set torque, you have to be equipped with effective tools. That’s where you need to apply a torque wrench tester.

What Is The Best Torque Wrench Tester?

Here are some of the best torque wrench tester:

1. Best Torque Testers: Huanyu HP-100 Digital Torque Meter Torsion Meter Screw Driver Wrench Measure Tester With Calibration Certificate
2. Best Digital Torque Tester: AWS ILTT-250F Inline Digital Torque Tester for Quick Tool Verification, Range 25-250 Lb-ft, Drive Size 1/2 in
3. Best Torque Wrench Tester: AWS TT-QC-250i-3/8 Digital Torque Tester AWS-QC, Range 25-250 Lb-in, Drive Size 3/8″

Reviews of Torque Wrench Tester for Torque Wrench Testing

There is a wide range of tools available to carry out measuring torque tools, torque wrench multipliers, planet gear wrenches, and test equipment. Listed below in this article are the tools special for carrying out torque measurements:

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1. Best Torque Testers: Huanyu HP-100 Digital Torque Meter Torsion Meter Screw Driver Wrench Measure Tester With Calibration Certificate

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Specifications :

Peak hold function: The best digital torque wrench tester has a peak hold function through which this tester check maximum and minimum input value and compare them with an alarm set value.

Security automatic charge control: It contains a security automated charge control system whose purpose is to remain the batteries safe for an extended period of usage. The current can’t be reversed, and the battery doesn’t overcharge.

Mechanical buttons: Reliable and long-lasting mechanical switches are given so that you can conveniently manage all the operations.

Material: This tester is made up of metal; that’s why it is considered as a durable product.

Weight: The product weighs 7.89 pounds.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this torque wrench tester is 14.6*12.4*4.8inches.

Charging time: It takes 8 hours for full battery charging, and after that, you can use it 96 hours.

Battery life: Its battery life is 500 times.

In-depth features:

  1. The switching between Kgf.Cm and, Nm is possible in this tester.
  2. You can test and check many tools with this device.
  3. Mechanical buttons control its functions.
  4. It can’t be break easily due to its metal material.
  5. It is a light-weight product with a security automatic charge control system and peak hold function.


  • It is a durable product due to the metal construction.
  • It is a long-lasting tester, and the chance of breakage and damage is less.
  • Huanyu HP-100 Digital Wrench Tester is very lightweight, so it is straightforward to use and handle.
  • It helps you to check and compare minimum and maximum values with a set value.
  • Its batteries are secure even for long term use.
  • It has a unique feature to prevent overcharging of batteries by blocking reverse current.
  • Its security automatic charge control prevents the batteries from damage as the result of overvoltage.
  • It contains mechanical buttons instead of regular buttons.
  • It is effortless to handle and manage its functions due to the presence of the mechanical buttons. This feature is handy and beneficial for users.
  • It is a standard sized product, so it is straightforward to carry it with you and transportation from one place to another is also convenient.
  • Due to its lightweight, you can’t get fatigued while using it.
  • It is one of the best torque wrench testers because it gives a rating that is near to correct.
  • Other than the built-in battery, there is a power adapter with it too.
  • You don’t face any problem to find it because it is readily available in the market.
  • It comes with an instruction manual so that you can quickly learn how to use it.
  • A certificate of calibration is also provided with this tester.
  • This product is at a very reasonable price so that everyone can afford it.
  • This Huanyu HP-100 torque wrench tester is suitable for numerous torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, electric screwdrivers, correcting electric screwdrivers, pneumatic size screwdrivers, and pneumatic screwdrivers.


  • It is best to use in the tightening direction but not at a loosening torque.
  • Its certificate of calibration is in the Chinese language.

2. Best Digital Torque Tester: AWS ILTT-250F Inline Digital Torque Tester for Quick Tool Verification, Range 25-250 Lb-ft, Drive Size 1/2 in

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The torque tester is a versatile one. It can transform any non-impacting tool into a full-fledged analyzing and measuring system. All you have to do is connect the tester to the square drive, include a socket, and test counter-clockwise or clockwise torque.

The torque tester can be implemented in measuring many other in-line torque measuring tasks. You can custom build your drive size with spines. The key-ways and other design features make your application suitable.

With NiMH rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy up to 8-10 hours of continuous use.

The torque tester comes with an easy-to-use menu, which allows you to adjust parameters according to your task. This works in either automatic modes of operation or one button.

Main Features:

  • Calibration range: Full scale 10-100%, bi-directional.
  • Accuracy: ±1% of indicated.
  • Resolution: 4 active digits.
  • Overload Protection: 200% full scale bi-directional.
  • Operating Modes: Track, Peak, 1st peak.
  • Memory: Data storage up to 999 readings.
  • Data output: RS-232
  • Alarm limits: Panel mounted LED for visual alarm limits.
  • Power: Internal NiMH battery, 9V charger.
  • Operating temperature: 32-1200F (0-500C)
  • Warranty: 1 year.


  • Great build quality
  • Affordable
  • Multiple selectable units
  • NiMH rechargeable units


  • Not suitable for use with Impact Tools

3. Best Torque Wrench Tester: AWS TT-QC-250i-3/8 Digital Torque Tester AWS-QC, Range 25-250 Lb-in, Drive Size 3/8″

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Overview: This is one of the smallest, lightest, and lowest cost torque wrench testers built to date. The tool is effective for verifying your equipment quickly right at your workstation. Since it’s small and light, you can carry it around anywhere.

You can use the tool alongside any meteorology grade tester.

Build: The tool comes with a unique rotating display. The tool is versatile too. You can use it in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Switching between inline tool checking and pistol has been easier with this ideal tool.

Functionality: The TT-QC Tool torque wrench tester takes just seconds to test parameters and functions in either automatic modes or one-button operation mechanism.

Main Features:

  • Comes with eight selectable units:, Lb.ft, Nm, KgfCm, Kgfm
  • Features 3 modes of operation: Peak, Track, and 1st Peak
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing.
  • Range: 25-250 lb.ft.
  • Drive size: ½”
  • Item weight: 3 pounds.


  • Table mounted tester easy to handle.
  • Torque Wrench Tester to be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • It takes just seconds to change test parameters.
  • The special feature is Sign Lock, Peak Blanking, and Auto Clear.


  • There are no cons observed.

4. Best Torque Wrench Calibration Tool: Mophorn Digital Torque Meter HP-100 Wrench Measure Tester Screw Driver +-0.005 Precision Portable LCD Digital Torque Tester Torsion Meter Tester Testing Instrument Torque Meter (HP-100)

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Why is Need for The Torque Wrench Tester?

A torque wrench tester is necessary to test or calibrate a torque wrench. The following are the reasons for using a torque wrench tester.


If you want to ensure that your torque wrench is providing accurate and frequent results, you have to use a tester to calibrate and test its performance.

Usage frequency:

If you use torque wrench more often, so testing or calibration is essential and it is done through torque wrench testers.


If the temperature is too cold or hot for a torque wrench, then the internal mechanism is affected. At this time, use of a torque wrench tester becomes crucial.

How to Use Torque Wrench Tester?

  • Set the talk units and operation mode.
  • Target talk is adjusted in 40 Newton Meters.
  • Adjust the percentage of tolerance limit.
  • Through true check plus calculation, you can know if the wrench is between the limits. An orange green LED shows a low limit and a red LED shows a high limit.
  • After it, the wrench is adjusted to the required torque and locks it there. Now, your tester is ready to use.
  • To start the testing process, you have to connect it to the square drive.
  • Now operate it and note the talk reading when the wrench clicks.
  • You have to examine the color of the LED to check the tolerance limit.

Safety and Precaution During Use

  • It would help if you cleaned and vacant the working area so that nothing can become a hindrance while you use the torque wrench tester.
  • You should point the driver into the torque meter and avoid moving it in any other direction.
  • If you examine any issue in functionality, then don’t move further. You have to stop the process immediately.
  • You should also remove any dandling things like jewelry, muffler, and scarfs, etc.
  • The use of security glasses is a must.
  • It would be best if you didn’t use gloves while using the tester so that you can maintain a proper grip to this tool.
  • You must avoid increasing the maximum torque level specified in the instruction manual.
  • NiMH batteries should be used. Never go for any other kind of battery.
  • After taking measurements, you must consider that the tester is switched off.
  • Don’t put so much weight on it.
  • Take proper care while using it.
  • Clean it after every use.
  • You should prevent it from water, oil or any liquid.
  • Store it at a place where no dust, dirt, and hot air exist.

Final Verdict

To measure torque with accuracy, you need the most effective tools available on the market. In this article, I discussed the best torque wrench testers you can purchase at affordable prices


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How often do you need to calibrate a torque wrench?” answer-0=”You must calibrate your torque wrench every 5000cycles or once in a year.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much does it cost to calibrate a torque wrench?” answer-1=”The cost for calibrating a torque wrench can vary from $25 to $200.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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