Types of Frameless Mirrors Ideal for Beauty Salons

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Fun, creative and a quirky accessory, frameless mirrors for beauty salons are the ultimate adornments every salon needs. After all, how can a salon beautify others when it is not the epitome of beauty on its own? So, if you want to experiment with your salons interior and notch up a classic tinge with a modern twist, look no further and install frameless glass mirrors. Want to explore fun ways to kick up the salon-game? Keep reading because this is nothing you have imagined!

Why Frameless Mirrors for Beauty Salons?

Who doesn’t love classy Interior


Believe it or not, frameless mirrors for beauty salons are like jeans- timeless, classic and staple. They exhibit your taste in interior and modern architecture while making any space look more regal. Fancy this! You install frameless glass mirrors accentuated with earthy toned walls and minimalistic interior. Sounds contemporary and original, right? Fellas! It is important to have an originality and a sense of your personal taste in your salon. And you bet, there is no more efficient way than glass mirrors.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain


Their use is advisable because glass mirrors are a suitable investment. They do not cost you a fortune and most certainly do not require heavy maintenance costs. Without a shadow of a doubt, they do not even require extensive cleaning. Salons are business-hubs that are usually full of clients. Amidst a chaotic time period, all you need to do is grab a piece of cloth and an effective glass cleaner to make your mirror look afresh. That isn’t too much to ask for? Right?

If not at a salon, where else?


Come on! We all accept salons as one place where you cannot resist looking at yourself in the mirror. So, why not make it worthwhile? Whether its post makeovers or haircuts, each client needs to be satisfied by looking at themselves in the mirror. Imagine going to a salon where the mirror is below average, and you do not enjoy the experience because of it. No one wants this kind of misery in their lives! So, turn on your A-plan and hook clients to your salon by providing them with frameless mirrors to relish the services you provide them.

Illusionary but Majestic


Trust us, glass mirrors have the ability to create the illusion of space like nothing else. They can make any space look bigger and better. This is especially useful in salons where space falls short no matter how big the salon is. So, while these mirrors may be illusionary, they will help you create a majestic ambiance at your salon that will fetch you a clientage you will cherish.

Here are the types of Frameless Mirrors are Available for Beauty Salons?


  • Mirrors with LED backlights


No mirrors can do justice to salons like mirrors with LED lights. These lights can brighten up the ambiance as well as each client’s mood as they get to see their makeover in the mirror. Pinky promise, it can raise up your productivity at the salon by a marked difference.


  • Oval mirrors


Another great kind of salon mirror is an oval shaped one. It can add an oomph to your salon by simply creating a sophisticated and fuss-free look. Perhaps, an addition of oval mirrors with some flower vases close to it is a win-win. Oval mirrors are also very easy to hang around and look best when frameless. You might need a spectacular hook for the oval mirror, but do not fret because modern hooks are almost invisible.


  • Full length vertical mirrors


All the men and women who visit the salon often must know the importance of full-length mirrors. Especially, the hair section is incomplete without full-length mirrors for the hairdresser and the client to see how the look is turning out. Haircut without mirrors is a tough prick and most certainly not a desirable one. Don’t you want to have a glimpse or two while your hair is being chopped off? We know you are nodding in agreement!

Which Type and Design is best for Your Salon?


Ideally, a combination of a frameless mirror with LED backlights and full-length mirrors is top-notch. This is because a salon has multiple sections in it. The makeup section must have a mirror with LED backlights to accentuate the craft of the artist and for the client to see and get satisfied by the work done.

Similarly, full-length mirrors are vital in the hair section where it is essential to have a constant look at what is going on with the hair. Imagine ending up with hair you could never imagine. Yikes! So, having an outlook and guiding the hair maestro simultaneously about what you want is integral.

So, bring on a flavor of both in your salon and witness a dream come true!

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