UEI dl479 Reviews-Top Rated RMS HVAC/R Clamp Meter – 2022

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Are you involved in some HVAC or industrial maintenance work? If yes, you may need a clamp meter for your work. Although you have multiple choices to buy clamp meters, you need a top rated tool that will ease your work in the best possible manner. This is where the DL479, AC600A true RMS HVAC/R clamp on meter comes in handy to help out. Many people have bought it and are happy with their purchase. A quick scan of UEI dl479 reviews will let you know how satisfied end users are with this tool. For a more comprehensive explanation, take a look at the below review.

Presenting The UEI dl479 Reviews and Buying

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The UEI dl479 includes everything that you may expect in a professional-grade clamp meter at an affordable price. You can use this TRMS meter for measuring AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency/duty cycle, diode test, and temperature. All functions come in a durable pack that includes a work light, easy to read backlit display, test lead storage, 2 AAAbatteries, and an over-molded grip. It features an exceptional balance between your hand grip and the way it performs the job. The overall product dimensions are 3.5 * 1.8 * 8.8 inches.

Technical specification: 

Part/Model number DL479
UPC 053533507447
Brand name UEI Test Instruments
EAN 0053533507447
Item Weight 1.2 Pounds
Measurement Accuracy 1
Measurement System US
UNSPSC Code 41103417


Product Features:

  • Sleek design:

The DL479 has a strong, sleek design, which acts as a USP of the product. With its smooth design, the item is able to draw the attention of any user at first glance. Aside from visual appeal, the body of the machine is strong enough to sustain constant usage in workplaces.

  • Lightweight:

Although the tool comes with many appealing additions, it is light in weight. As such, holding the tool is no longer an issue, especially when you are taking readings of multiple devices that warrant adequate time. With an ideal grip, the machine fits perfectly in all sorts of working environments, and this is revealed by many UEI dl479 reviews.

  • Measurement capabilities:

The item is able to measure a range of devices in HVAC and other industrial maintenance fields. You can record time-specific temperature (highs as well as lows), start capacitors, measure flame safeguard current and lots more. To take measurements, you must fully insert test leads. When measuring high voltage, you should disconnect the power source before you make lead test connections. Finally, connect the test leads to the meter and then to the circuit, and reapply power to display readings.

  • Max/min push button:

It is meant to cycle through the present and recorded values. To use the button, press the button for entering max/min mode. You can alternate between the minimum and maximum readings by pressing the button repeatedly. To return to live readings, you need to press and hold the button.

  • Range and time stamp push button:

It lets you switch the meter from auto to manual ranging. The button also initiates the time stamp function if you use it in conjunction with the max/min button. All you should do is press repeatedly to switch through manual and auto-ranging modes.

  • Input jacks:

You can find common, multi-function jacks used for various purposes. For example, the multi-function input port is primarily used to measure DC or AC volts. However, you can also measure continuity, resistance-capacitance, and diode.

  • Battery covers:

A sleek battery cover is another addition to this lovely measuring tool. It lets you easy access to replace batteries. The battery cover has latches for a quick, convenient opening for removing and inserting batteries. This also protects the batteries from outside damages.

  • CE conformity and RoHS compliant:

Most of the clamp meters in the market pose certain risks when using. Often users experience shocks while checking the reading. Also, some tools give inaccurate readings. However, the UEI dl479 is RoHS compliant and conforms to CE. It includes some of the best features giving the right balance and safety to users. The readings are highly accurate without errors. Just check some UEI dl479 reviews to find out what users have to say about this cutting edge tool.

  • Magnets mount:

One of the biggest reasons why UEI dl479 is preferred by professionals is it includes a magnet in the back. This provides accurate readings on the meter. Such a feature is not present in most measurement tools. Whether you use it occasionally or daily, you can rest assured that the readings are free of errors. Also, it prevents the tool from malfunctioning, especially if you use it constantly.

  • Display:

A high contrast display allows you to read the measurements easily. It communicates range, function and value information to the user. All the user has to do is take a look at the display to get the readings.

  • Clamp:

The clamp is used for measuring inductive AC current. It opens to 32 mm. Note that the clamp uses a very high tension to close the jaw when in operation. So be mindful of your fingers or objects getting pinched in the base when the jaw closes.

  • Audible continuity:

You can hear the continuity buzz to find out whether the work is going on correctly or not. In case you do not hear the sound, you may have to adjust the settings and connections. Aside from the sound buzz, the continuity option has a red light that keeps on flashing every once in a while. So if you work in a noisy environment, you can look at the light and ensure that everything is going on perfectly.

  • Conductor alignment marks:

It is used to help the visual alignment of the conductor while measuring inductive amperage. You can get the greatest accuracy by centering the conductor inside the clamp at the intersection of these marks. With a simple adjustment, you are all set to get perfect readings of devices with this handy feature.

  • Warranty:

The DL479 is warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from your date of purchase. This lets you get certain parts replaced and serviced as covered by the warranty. However, the warranty covers normal usage and doesn’t cover any damage that might occur during shipment or failure resulting from accident, misuse, tampering and improper maintenance.

Also, consequential damage resulting from failed batteries is not covered. However, you can call the company for damages specified in the warranty. In case anything goes wrong with the item, you can have it fixed without paying anything.


This handy clamp-on meter presents a series of benefits to any user, and this is supported by many UEI dl479 reviews. Whether it is usage or warranty, you get to enjoy a lot of advantages. Some of the popular ones are detailed below.

  • Durability:

The TRMS meter comes with higher durability. Due to its strong build, the product can stand the testing of time and weather for a longer time period. You can use the clamp meter for constant usage without worrying about wear and tear. However, the tool should be used in accordance with the manual to avoid unwanted and unusual damage.

  • Affordability:

The best thing about the product is it comes with a smaller price tag. There is no need to invest too much to enjoy the amazing features of this handy tool. Even an average person can afford the cost of this highly-rated item.

  • Longevity:

The unit is capable of withstanding regular wear and tear. Since it is ideally meant for industrial work, you can employ the tool for constant checking and measurement of devices. Without presenting any major issues, the unit will work uninterruptedly. If you stick to the instruction manual, you can definitely increase and enjoy the longevity of the tool with proper usage.

  • Ease of usage:

Although the unit comes with some astonishing features, it is pretty easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional to understand its usage. However, you should get handy with its features so that you can use them easily without any problem.

  • Cleaning and upkeep:

Obviously, cleaning the machine is necessary to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris in its corners that could affect the functionality of the unit. However, you don’t have to expend too much on cleaning. A simple damp piece of cloth is enough to wipe out any dirt and dust from the tool.

  • Maintenance:

Of course, you have to be careful when using any machine to enjoy its functionality. One of the biggest concerns associated with clamp meters is maintenance. You need to pay attention to minute details to keep the meter in good working condition. However, this is not the case with UEI dl479. With little care, you can increase the longevity of the tool and use it for many years.

  • User manual:

While the unit is fairly easy to use, some people may observe problems when using the machine for the first time. To overcome this problem, the machine comes with a manual. You can check the user instructions to get handy with this amazing reading tool. Whether you are an amateur or professional, the instruction manual is designed in such a way that it caters to the needs of all levels of users.

  • Safety:

Safety is paramount in any field, and this is applicable to clamp-on meters too. The DL479 includes some of the best safety features that are hard to find in many other machines. Also, you get warning signs whenever you run the risk of damaging the tool or injuring yourself. By adhering to safety measures, you can carry out your work without injuries or damages.


The only downside reported by some users is the stoppage of continuity of the meter in some cases. However, those issues were dealt with by the manufacturer and fixed on time. Other than that there are no cons, and this is why the product seems to be a perfect option for most of people.

Who Can Use This Unit?

The unit is meant for individuals and professionals of all levels. You don’t have to be trained to use this handy tool. Even a layman can use the clamp meter for taking readings of HVAC devices. In case you have any problem with its usage, you can refer to the user manual and resolve your issues.

However, professionals involved in HVAC work benefit more with this clamp-on meter. Reading accuracy and ease of usage for constant work are the key reasons for the popularity of this unit. With so many striking features, there is no reason why this tool is a preferred choice of HVAC experts.

Why We Use UEI DL479?

The plain, simple answer to why anyone may use this tool is readings of HVAC appliances. There are many such tools in the market. So what makes DL479 so special? Why should you use it for taking HVAC or other readings?

First of all, the machine is pretty easy to use. Even an average person can understand its usage and take readings effortlessly. Secondly, the machine provides accurate readings under all circumstances. With a strong and durable built, this pocket-friendly machine is handy to fit the work and budget of all types of users.

How to Use UEI DL479?

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Using the tool is a breeze. Any person can measure flame safeguard current or motor inrush current by following simple instructions in the manual. You don’t have to be a pro to use this handy unit. However, the DL479 is widely used for professional work in industrial maintenance and HVAC field.

Professionals use the DL479 for recording time-stamped temperature lows and highs, measuring run/start capacitors or performing general electrical troubleshooting by following commands and buttons on the tool. Its convenient size, ergonomic controls, and well-built design add comfort, speed, and flexibility to measurement tasks. If you encounter any issues, you can check the manual and carry out your work.

Bottom Line:

The above discussion makes it pretty clear that the DL479, AC600A true RMS HVAC/R clamp-on meter is an extremely hand tool to anyone engaged in HVAC work. Amazing features, durability, affordable pricing, ease of usage, positive UEI dl479 reviews are some of the highlighting reasons why someone should invest in this product. This is why many professionals prefer this tool over others. If you are serious about owning a top-rated clamp meter for carrying out your HVAC work, get the UEI dl479 and you will never repent on your decision.

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