What Are An Air Compressor And Its Function?

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The air compressor as a power tool is a real necessity, especially in garages, as it uses to facilitates easiness various maintenance jobs for cars such as bolts, drilling, gluing, sanding, painting, etc. It is a device comprised of a piston and a cylinder that increases the air pressure to use different instruments to work on automobiles. Compressors are useful around the house to inflate your child’s football, to powered the sprayer to spray the timber yard. It can even be used to provide pressure to your washer to carry out serious cleaning at home mostly at home garages and commercial garages. Note that you should not use the pressure washer on yourself, others even on pets.

The characteristics of domestic/home garage compressors are different from that of a commercial garage. You don’t need to have much energy at home garage as you need in a commercial garage. The compressor must be capable of meeting all the objectives of the garage without exaggerating functionality. When searching for the best air compressors to buy, you need to examine the various features and capabilities you need. It is always a good idea to purchase one with more features and capabilities. If you buy a smaller one with less attribute, you might get fixed for an activity.

What Are An Air Compressor And Its Function



Numbers of air compressors available in the market today and it is a tedious task to identify and choose the best among them that will suit your needs. The purpose of buying an air compressor is the first-factor one needs to be considered followed by an individual budget which contributes primarily to one’s preference. And if you are looking for the best air compressor to choose, there are factors apart from the purpose and the budget. These factors will be discussed below:

 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

Aside from the first two factors mentioned above the next thing to check is the CFM. These are the cubic feet per minute and this is the speed at which the compressor will be able to provide the air you need. The higher the CFM, the more the compressor will be able to do at a time. If you use an instrument that uses more air than the compressor can generate for a certain period, this means that you will have to wait at least a few minutes to allow the compressor to restock when it is too low. You will probably want to compare the CFM of any compressor you are considering with the tools you are trying to use. 

Tank size

Most air compressor tanks are range from 1 gallon to 6 gallons, which determine the air range a compressor can hold ‘more or less.’ The more air it can hold, the more you will be able to do without recharging. If you want to work for an extended period every time, then the large tank compressor may be a better option. But if you’re going to be using it for small projects or short projects, you’ll likely get a smaller tank. 

The volume

The Identification of the compressor decibels running will help to provide the accurate loud rate of the machine. You don’t want something too loud, because it will limit usage time (and the time you want to use). Remember that an increase of ten decibels is a double increase in volume/loudness. 70 decibels is twice as loud as that of 60 decibels. This will surely have an impact when using the device. 

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

PSI is the maximum pressure that the compressor can produce. It is advisable that you to make sure that your compressor can produce more than the minimum required for your most demanding instrument/uses. Furthermore, a higher density PSI compressor can work as if it had a slightly larger tank than a low compressor with less PSI. 


If you only work at home and usually in a specific area, you don’t need something portable. You may be able to leave a larger unit in the same location and still stay there. However, It is essential to know how much the unit weighs and its shape. The little weigh and compactable it is, the easier it will be to transport it. If it is wide or shaped, you will have more difficulty moving it, when necessary.

 Easy Maintenance

Choosing oil-free compressor for portable models to avoids occasional discomfort during oil changes. However, it will be necessary to regularly release the compressor to prevent water vapor from attracting and causing it.


Air compressors are generally not well protected. There is a need to provide something around it to keep the tools safe. The common is Roll-bars. Some have complete cases that can be used to protect the machine. The amount of protection depends on the size of the tools. But overall there is a need to provide level protection for the engine. That way, if the machine hits something, you don’t have to worry about the damage. And providing many different protection options is a good idea.


Now that the crucial technicalities are all settled, the responsibility to choose the best air compressor falls on your shoulders. It is always good to exceed your expectations when it comes to buying great tools. But with this kind of information by your side, buying a stable and efficient appliance that will last for years isn’t undemanding. And if that is not enough, I would advise you ask a local shop owner some technical questions to get the right model.

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